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2nd February 2007


I've added a page comparing the new Universal (UK) release of The Thing From Another World with Warner Home Video's R1 edition. It also features a few menu screens from the new edition. You can find them here. Be warned, though - the screengrabs have been resized, but aren't compressed, so the page may take a while to load!

If you haven't bought a copy of the film yet, and want to get it, then the R2 version is only preferable if you want the commentary, and won't feel too upset about the cropping. If you have the R1 version, it's only worth getting the R2 version for the John Carpenter commentary.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release Terry Pratchett's Hogfather on DVD on April the 9th.

The three-hour mini-series, which aired on Sky over Christmas, stars David Jason, Ian Richardson, Marc Warren and Tony Robinson.

It will be presented in 16:9 format, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. The disc will have optional English subtitles.

Bonus features include a Making of... documentary (48m); deleted scenes; pod-casts; a stills gallery; and a TV spot. There'll also be a Limited Collector's Edition, which will feature a "special note to Pratchett fans". The regular two-disc edition has an RRP of 19.99. The Collector's Edition has an RRP of 24.99 or 27.99 (the press release mentions both).

Metrodome will release Clawed - The Legend of The Sasquatch on DVD on March the 5th.

The disc will feature a Making of... featurette; a trailer and Sasquatch Facts. No technical details were available. The RRP is 15.99.

Icon Home Entertainment has announced three titles for March: Trust The Man, The Notorious Bettie Page and Down in the Valley.

The romantic comedy Trust The Man, which stars David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup, will be presented with 5.1 audio. No other technical details were announced. The disc is due on March the 5th.

Down In The Valley, which is about the off-kilter relationship between a charismatic cowboy (Edward Norton) and an aimless teenager (Evan Rachel Wood), is due on March the 5th. The film also features The Green Mile's David Morse, as the teenager's father.

The disc will be in 16:9 format, with 5.1 audio and English HoH subtitles. The disc will include a theatrical trailer (No! Stop! You're spoiling us!) No other technical details were announced.

March the 19th will see the release of The Notorious Bettie Page, the biopic about the iconographic 50s pin-up, which stars Gretchen Mol. The film also features Lili Taylor, Jared Harris and David Strathairn. It was directed by American Psycho's Mary Harron.

The film will be presented in widescreen format, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. No other technical details were announced.

The disc will have a commentary track (featuring Mary Hannon, writer Guinevere Turner and Gretchen Mol); a short film, Presenting Bettie Page (2m); cast interviews; and a theatrical trailer.

The "cast interviews" might turn out to be the a fifteen-minute promotional featurette, An Inside Look at the Pin-Up Queen of the Universe, which is on the US disc.

BBC DVD will release This Life +10 on DVD on February the 25th. The disc will apparently be devoid of any bonus features. No technical details were available. The RRP is 15.99.

Metrodome will release Super Mario Bros on DVD on March the 5th. The disc will feature a trailer (whoop-de-doo!) No technical details were announced. The RRP is 12.99.

Here are some pack-shots!


Universal have arranged a tour to promote the release of Hot Fuzz, which will see director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost visiting various HMV stores over the next week or so. There will be free tickets for the first twenty people in the queue, for special screenings later that evening. The venues...

HMV Glasgow, Argyle Street - Monday 5 Feb at 5pm
HMV Newcastle, Northumberland Street - Tuesday 6 Feb at 5pm
HMV Manchester, 90 Market Street - Wednesday 7 Feb at 5pm
HMV Birmingham, High Street - Thursday 8 Feb at 5pm
HMV Bristol, 114 The Mall, Cribbs Causeway - Friday 9 Feb at 5pm

Terry Gilliam is signing copies of the two-disc  Tideland DVD at the Shaftesbury Avenue, London branch of Forbidden Planet tomorrow (Saturday the 3rd of February), between 1 and 2pm.

If you'd like to order a signed copy, ring 020 7803 1900. The store is offering copies for three pounds off the RRP (i.e.: for 16.99).

29th January 2007


I've received check discs for Cinema Club's The Six Wives of Henry VIII set.

There appears to have been some changes to the line-up of bonus features since the press release (quoted last week) was issued.

The 2003 drama The Other Boleyn Girl is present and correct, but there's no sign of What If...? - The Reformation. Instead there are two other offerings: Days That Shook The World - Execution of Ann Boleyn, a 2004 half-hour docu-drama from BBC Scotland, and Six Faces of Royalty - Roy Strong At The Tower of London, a fifteen-minute item made by the BBC in 1973.

Amazon are still offering this 35 set for only 17.99 - extremely good value for the equivalent of seven feature films!

A selection of menu screens from this release can be found here.

Second Sight will release the 1981 BBC adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde on DVD on March the 19th. It will be the first time it's been available on home video since a rare BBC Video VHS release in 1985.

The TV movie stars David Hemmings in the title roles, supported by Ian Bannen, Diana Dors, Toyah Wilcox, Clive Swift and Leo McKern. It was directed by Alastair Reid, produced by Jonathan Powell, and adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel by Gerald Savory ( a couple of years after adapting Bram Stoker's Dracula for the BBC, as Count Dracula). For a bare-bones disc, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde has a rather off-putting RRP of 19.99.

Second Sight has a good track record of releasing telefantasy. Previous releases include The Tripods, Children of the Stones, the Chocky series and Moonbase 3. The release of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde disc coincides with the screening of an updated six-part BBC version of the story, starring James Nesbitt, written by Coupling's Steven Moffatt.

Warner Home Video will release Christopher Nolan's acclaimed film The Prestige on March the 12th.

The film will be presented in widescreen format, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. The disc will contain a Director's Notebook featurette and trailer (but apparently not the gallery that's on the US edition). The RRP is 17.99.

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