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23rd January 2007


Cinema Club will release the 1970 BBC series The Six Wives of Henry VIII on DVD on February the 26th.

The four-disc box set will feature all six feature-length episodes of the series, which starred Emmy award-winner Keith Michell as Henry VIII, and Annette Crosbie, Dorothy Tutin, Anne Stallybrass, Elvi Hale, Angela Pleasence and Rosalie Crutchley as his wives.

Bonus features include the 2003 BBC play The Other Boleyn Girl, which focuses attention on Anne Boleyn's sister, Mary (played by Natascha McElhone), and What If...? - The Reformation, a 2000 BBC programme where leading historians examine what might have happened if Henry VIII had been granted a divorce by the Pope. RRP for the set is 34.99. Amazon currently have it available for pre-order for 17.99 - click here.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release the 1970 cult favourite Beyond the Valley of the Dolls on DVD as part of their Cinema Reserve range. 

Russ Meyer's film, the story of an all-girl rock band headed for the bright lights of Hollywood, will be presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic format. Bonus features include an introduction by John Lazar (2m); five featurettes: Above, Beneath and Beyond The Valley (30m), Look Up At The Bottom - The Music of... (12m), Sex, Drugs, Music and Murder: Signs of the Time, Baby! (8m); The Best of Beyond (12m); Casey and Roxanne - The Love Scene (4m); Z-Man's Far Out Party Favours ("a collection of Dolls treats"); two screen tests (Michael Blodgett and Cynthia Myers (4m) and Harrison Page and Marcia McBroom (3m)); three trailers and six stills galleries. This appears to be substantially less than the R1 version, which seems to have more screen tests, and two commentary tracks (a cast commentary and one by scriptwriter Roger Ebert). The RRP is 17.99.

Universal have clarified what's going on with the Tremors and The Thing From Another World DVD releases (see below).

The Thing From Another World was going to be a single-disc release, but has been expanded to a two-disc set, with a new RRP of 15.99. (This means that some of the etailers are currently under-pricing it based on the old RRP!) Disc one will feature the original 1951 film, with John Carpenter commentary, and a colorized version of the film. Disc two will feature a re-mastered version of the film. (Why didn't they simply combine the re-mastered version of the film and the Carpenter commentary - who knows!?)

A double-bill featuring the "re-mastered" The Thing From Another World and Carpenter's 1982 remake will be released later this year (probably in April). This will contain the re-mastered version of the 1951 film, but not the Carpenter commentary.

These are the extras on the Tremors - Attack Pack discs:

Tremors - Making of Tremors featurette; trailers (including Tremors II); production notes; cast and filmmakers' biographies

Tremors 2: Aftershocks - Tremors and Tremors 2: Aftershocks trailers

Tremors 3: Back To Perfection - Spotlight On Location; theatrical trailer; production notes; cast and filmmakers biographies

22nd January 2007


Universal Pictures will release a box set containing the four Tremors movies on March the 5th, the Tremors Attack Pack. No technical details were announced, and the press release did not mention whether or not the bonus features from the standalone Tremors disc would be included. The set has an RRP of 19.99.

Christian Nyby's classic 1951 science fiction film The Thing From Another World will be released by Universal Pictures on March the 19th.

The UK version will feature several bonus items that aren't on the US edition (from Warner Home Video), including an exclusive commentary track by the director of the 1982 remake, John Carpenter, and a - spit - colorized version of the movie. No technical details were announced. It will be a two-disc set, with an RRP of 15.99. This seems to contradict the etailers' listings - most of them have it with an RRP of 9.99 (making it available for pre-order for as little as 6.99 - at HMV, for example). But, the etailers are generally listing it as a single-disc. Some are listing a Thing From Another World / The Thing double set, which does fit more with the press release (especially the bit about the John Carpenter commentary, since The Thing does have a commentary by the director). The sleeve (below) supports the idea that The Thing From Another World is a two disc set (no mention of The Thing), and that it will indeed feature a Carpenter commentary! Typical Universal Pictures confusion, I'm afraid...

Behold. Sleeve art!


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