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30th March 2008


Many titles have been added to our forthcoming releases database, Incoming, this week, and many others have had additional information or links added to them.

This includes a host of Film Four re-releases, due on May the 12th; Special Edition versions of Trainspotting and Shallow Grave; complete collections of The Herbs and Parsley The Lion, The Wombles, Superted and Paddington; more children's TV nostalgia with an Animal Magic disc; several more Midsomer Murders sets; vampire movie franchise spin-off Blade The Series; the third seasons of American Dad and Prison Break; the second series of Criminal Minds; and the first season of scandal magazine drama series Dirt.

Details of Warner Home Video's Special Edition of Lindsay Anderson's O Lucky Man and the BBC's From Larkrise To Candleford DVD box set  have also been added to the database.

Somewhat unexpected, but very welcome indeed, is a DVD release of G.F. Newman's controversial 1978 BBC police drama series Law And Order, due next week.

Thanks again to the Incoming team: Barry, Ben, Ceri and Graves for updating the database.

Listings for the Doctor Who - The Complete Fourth Series box set have appeared at several etailers (with a release date of November the 3rd). This is the series that starts on BBC One on Saturday, featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate. You may have seen the trailers!

Bonus materials for the Doctor Who - The Brain of Morbius DVD were certificated at the BBFC last month. These are...

32:04:01 Getting A Head

06:08:11 Designs on Karn

01:40:10 Easter Egg 1

01:10:15 A Letter to Robert Holmes (Easter Egg 2)

02:20:19 Sketch Gallery

02:11:19 The Brain of Morbius - Set Tour

04:33:23 The Brain of Morbius - Photo Gallery

01:14:05 Doctor Who - Coming Soon To DVD...

The numbers are durations, in minutes, seconds and frames.

Additionally, Part One of the story was certificated twice by the BBFC (a week apart), suggesting that the version of the episode that exists without music will also be featured on the disc, which now has a tentative release date of June the 2nd.

The 'Coming Soon To DVD' trailer is for the 1977 Tom Baker story The Invisible Enemy (which introduced metal mutt K9) and the 1981 spin-off adventure K9 and Company (which starred Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith)

A ten-minute clip promoting the forthcoming DVD release of Absolutely: Everything! box set can be found here. Warning: features gratuitous Jo Brand.

The DVD release of Bandit Queen has been moved back because the film is getting a theatrical re-release at London's Ritzy Picturehouse, from April 25th. The DVD will now be released on May the 5th.

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