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10th March 2008


Many titles have been added to our forthcoming releases database, Incoming, this week, and many others have had additional information or links added to them.

This includes Paul Haggis' acclaimed military-themed drama In The Valley of Elah (on DVD and Blu-ray); two European horror movies from Momentum, The Backwoods (which stars Gary Oldman and Dead Man's Shoes' Paddy Considine) and Abandoned; the final film in Dario Argento's Three Mothers trilogy, The Mother of Tears; Robert Altman's Vietnam drama Streamers; and a slasher movie which is a personal favourite, the original Danish version of Nightwatch.

TV titles include Pipkins - Series 3, Spitting Image - Series 2, Crown Court - Volume 4, the acclaimed documentary series Seven Up, and two more volumes of Armchair Thriller (Dying Day and The Victim), from Network; the third series of Weeds and the fourth season of Navy NCIS, from Lionsgate; and a box set of both seasons of BBC comedy Love Soup.

Incidentally, has Dexter - Series 1 listed at a lower RRP than several of the other etailers who are listing it, making their price of £17.99 considerably better than most.

Thanks, as always, to the Incoming team: Barry, Ben, Ceri and Graves for updating the database.


Titan Books will release a collection of the UK-written Transformers comic strips, as Transformers: Eye of the Storm, on April the 25th.

The 264-page book will feature strips written by Simon Furman, with art by Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior and Josť Delbo. Transformers: Eye of the Storm has an RRP of £9.99.

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