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3rd March 2008


Recent DVD additions to the Incoming database include Ang Lee's controversial Lust, Caution; the first series of Dexter; another Auf Wiedersehen, Pet box set; and a couple of BBC comedy shows making their DVD debut: In Sickness and In Health and Roman's Empire.

Lots of other entries have had additional information added to them, including the South Park - The Complete Sixth Season set and the Mitchell and Webb Look - Series 2 disc.

Amazon has the 1981 adaptation of Stig of the Dump listed, from 2 Entertain, but I think this is more likely to be the much more recent BBC version.


Titan Books is also releasing a compilation of Indiana Jones comic strips in the Indiana Jones Omnibus - Volume One, which will hit shelves on March the 21st.

The new book will feature the stories Fate of Atlantis, Thunder in the Orient, and Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold, reprinted in full colour. The 352-page paperback has an RRP of 19.99. are selling it for 13.19 here.

Titan Books is also releasing a deluxe hardback edition of Batman - The Killing Joke (by writer Alan Moore and artist Brian Bolland), on April the 25th.

The book's interpretation of the Joker was recently cited by Batman - The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan as a major influence. The new edition will feature digitally re-coloured artwork, and a bonus black-and-white story by Bolland.

RRP for the new edition is 11.99. currently has it listed for 7.91 here.

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