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17th August 2007


Full press release details for Babylon 5 - Lost Tales and Supernatural - Series 2 - Part 2 have been added to the Incoming database.

Second Sight will release two classic Karloff and Lugosi Universal horror movies on DVD on October the 29th: The Raven and The Black Cat. The discs have a frankly extortionate RRP of £15.99 each.

Film4 will release twenty-five films on DVD on September the 17th.

They are initially being promoted at budget prices, to celebrate Channel 4's 25th anniversary.

Three of the films will have bonus features: Rita, Sue and Bob Too will have a twenty-five minute documentary on director Alan Clarke; Wish You Were Here features a new interview with director David Leland; and Secrets and Lies has an introduction by director Mike Leigh, and a twenty-five minute short film, A Sense of History, starring Jim Broadbent.

One film in the collection, P’Tang Yang Kipperbang, is making its DVD debut.

The films being released are:

RRP £19.99 Campaign Price £9.99

Touching The Void

Motorcycle Diaries

Wish You Were Here

Secrets and Lies

P’tang, Yang, Kipperbang

Rita, Sue and Bob Too

RRP £15.99 Campaign Price £7.99

Brassed Off

East Is East

The Madness of King George

Fever Pitch

Howard’s End

Dance with a Stranger

The Filth and the Fury

Buena Vista Social Club


Hilary and Jackie

The Warrior

RRP £15.99 Campaign Price £6.99

Bhaji on the Beach

Charlotte Gray

Dancer in the Dark

House of Mirth

She’ll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas

Velvet Goldmine

Beautiful Thing

The Low Down

Note that September the 17th is the correct date - they were originally announced as being due on the 24th. No technical details were announced.

13th August 2007


Warner Home Video has announced that they will be releasing a re-mastered 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition version of John Boorman's classic 1972 action movie Deliverance on September the 17th (a day before the Region 1 release).

The film will be presented in anamorphic 2.40:1 format, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

The disc will feature a commentary track by Boorman and several featurettes: The Beginning (a look at the novel, and its adaptation as a film); The Journey (production); Betraying the River (focussed on "one of the most controversial and ground-breaking sequences in film history"); Delivered (a retrospective look at the film and its impact); The Dangerous World of Deliverance (behind-the-scenes documentary); and a theatrical trailer.

The RRP is £12.99. Blu-ray and HD DVD versions will be released in the US on September the 18th.

2 Entertain will release eight episodes of Aardman Animation's Shaun The Sheep on DVD on September the 17th. The disc will also feature "extras", and has an RRP of £12.99.

Tartan has changed the release dates for a number of their titles, including their forthcoming Blu-ray titles, Black Book and Oldboy (again). You can find details using the Incoming database.

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