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Here's your chance to win a limited edition box set containing the first season of Irwin Allen's beloved 60s fantasy series Land of the Giants, courtesy of Revelation!


The Complete Series One

It’s 1983 and sub-orbital spaceship the Spindrift is en route from Los Angeles to London. Mid-flight, the craft is drawn into a terrifying space storm, forcing it to crash on a strange planet, where everyone and everything is twelve times its size on Earth.

In 26 episodes of action and adventure, created by sci-fi visionary Irwin Allen, Captain Steve Burton and his crew and passengers are forced to fight for survival on a hostile planet where ‘little people’ are hunted down, whilst they attempt to repair their inoperable spaceship and return to Earth.

Featuring an early appearance by Ron Howard!

Special Features: Unaired Version Of The Pilot Episode, Gary Conway Interview, Don Marshall Interview, Presentation Reel, Special Effects Shots.

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Which of these disaster movies was directed by Irwin Allen?

a)  The Swarm

b)  Meteor

c)  Earthquake

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ZM Competition - Land of the Giants

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This competition closes on the 11th of April 2011.


















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