ARCHIVED NEWS - 7th TO 13th JUNE 2004

10th June

The second season of Fox's cult teen drama Roswell will be released on August the 9th. 

The set will feature a  thirty-minute making of... documentary, Here With Me; and four other featurettes: A Little Something Extra For The Fans; The Art of Composing Roswell; The Shiri and Majandra Show and a storyboard featurette. Three episodes will feature commentary tracks on three episodes: Ask Not (by Executive Producer Ron Moore), A Roswell Christmas Carol (by Executive Producer / writer Jason Katims and Director Patrick Norris) and Cry Your Name (by Ron Moore).

The episodes will be presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. RRP for the set is £39.99.

Optimum Releasing will release David Cronenberg's 1991 adaptation of William Burroughs' Naked Lunch on DVD on July 26th. Bonus features are To Be Confirmed, but look likely to include the on-set South Bank Show documentary Naked Making Lunch, an interview with producer Jeremy Thomas and a Cronenberg commentary. RRP for the disc is £19.99.

It doesn't rival the two-disc Region 1 version from Criterion, which also features the South Bank Show documentary, and a commentary track (by Cronenberg and star Peter Weller). Optimum's PR company has confirmed that the R2 commentary is by Cronenberg alone, so it should be different from the one on the R1 disc. The Jeremy Thomas interview may also be exclusive to Optimum's version.

Warner Home Video are releasing a collection of four action-packed 70s martial arts movies on August the 2nd, including the first UK release of the oddball Hammer horror / kung-fu hybrid Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.

The collection is, however, headlined by a new two-disc version of Enter The Dragon (by my count the third time Warner has bitten this particular cherry). The disc will feature a commentary by the film's producer, Paul Heller, a new 30th anniversary documentary, Blood and Steel: The Making of Enter The Dragon (30m), Bruce Lee - In His Own Words (19m); an interview gallery with Bruce's wife, Linda; an original 1973 featurette; Backyard Workout With Bruce footage; four trailers, seven TV spots; and two documentaries: Curse of the Dragon, examining Lee's legacy (83m) and John Little's acclaimed biography Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey, which features a reconstruction of Lee's version of The Game of Death (100m). The film will be presented in 2.40:1 ratio, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, with an RRP of £19.99.

The collection also features bare-bones versions of the two Tamara Dobson Cleopatra Jones movies, 1973's Cleopatra Jones and its 1975 sequel Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold, and Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires. All will be presented in 2.4:1 widescreen format, with mono audio. Although Warner's Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires DVD won't include the Seven Brothers Meet Dracula variant, or the reproduction of the narrated soundtrack, (which are on the US Anchor Bay disc), it's likely that Warner's transfer will be a improvement.

Tartan have Battle Royale II: Requiem lined up for release on 23rd August. No details of the extras were released. (If, indeed, there are any - expect Tartan to issue numerous versions eventually, anyway). The company also announced that their John Holmes biopic Wonderland will now be released on September the 27th. are now listing a couple of titles that haven't been announced yet - the highly-anticipated Goodfellas Special Edition, for October the 25th, and a new Special Edition version of Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, on November 1st. A box set of Hitchcock titles was announced this week in the US, featuring seven currently-unreleased titles (virtually completing the director's canon): Foreign Correspondent, I Confess, Mr and Mrs Smith, Stage Fright, Suspicion, Dial M For Murder and The Wrong Man. The set will also contain the existing North By Northwest disc. RRP for the set is a very reasonable $100. They'll also be available separately for $19.97 each (the two-disc Strangers... is $27). It's likely that a similar package will be released in the UK.

5th June 2004

Universal will release the Ben Stiller / Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy Along Came Polly on July the 12th.

The disc will feature outtakes (4m); a featurette about the ferret used in the film, Rodolfo Goes to Hollywood; a commentary by director John Hamburg; original opening (1m, with optional commentary); deleted scenes (6m, with optional commentary); Making of... featurette (10m) and the theatrical teaser trailer.

No technical details were released, so it's not known if the Region 2 disc will have a DTS track, like the Region 1 version. Running times of the bonus materials have been taken from the US version: the UK version may differ. RRP is £19.99.

Warner Home Video has released the sleeve art for The Magnet DVD, which is due on July the 12th, with an RRP of £12.99. So. Err. Here it is!

4th June 2004

Lots of news for you Gerry Anderson fans today, starting with a look at the the two Thunderbirds digipack box sets coming from Carlton in July. Fans should also check out the report on the Supercar - Full Boost Vertical documentary, below, which has been updated with the latest version of the sleeve art.

Details of Warner Home Video's five-disc Cary Grant - The Signature Collection box set have been clarified, and some further information has been verified at the BBFC. The set is due to be released today, with an RRP of £39.99.

The set features four films. Two of them, North By Northwest and Arsenic and Old Lace, have been released before, and the discs in the set appear to be the same as the old versions. The other two films, Michael Curtiz's Cole Porter biopic Night and Day and submarine drama Destination Tokyo, have not been available in the UK before. The fifth disc features an eighty-seven minute documentary, Cary Grant: A Class Apart. The contents of the movie disc's are as follows:

North By Northwest features an audio commentary from screenwriter Ernest Lehman; a documentary - Destination Hitchcock: The Making of North By Northwest (39 mins); Production stills gallery; TV spot; and a trailer.

Destination Tokyo features a Warner Brothers short film, entitled Gem of the Ocean, along with theatrical trailers for Destination Tokyo, Arsenic And Old Lace, Night And Day, North By Northwest.

Night And Day features two Warner Brothers shorts, one from 1944 entitled Musical Movieland, and one from 1946 called Desi Arnaz And His Orchestra; along with a 1946 Looney Tunes cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, entitled The Big Snooze.

Arsenic And Old Lace just features the theatrical trailer.

A better bet is the Region 1 Cary Grant Signature Collection box set, which was released last week. It contains the two new titles from the R2 box, plus, instead of North by Northwest and Arsenic and Old Lace, Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer and My Favourite Wife. It's RRP is $49.99.

Here's a look at the sleeve images for the new R2 titles.


There are two new competitions for you to enter today, where you could win a copy of the Alias - The Complete Second Season set, or a copy of The X-Files - The Complete Ninth Season set. Both titles are released today. Click on the banners above, or here for The X-Files competition, or here for the Alias competition.

Here's Ceri's invaluable weekly report of all the news that's been ferreted out from the retailers and other unofficial sources...

Hi everyone, I’m back again with this week’s news of the changes to the Incoming and Offers pages…

Let’s start with film titles and arguably the most anticipated release of the year…

Play has put up The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Collector's Box Set from Entertainment in Video for the 22nd of November. This is the set that includes the four-disc Extended Cut of the film, over two discs, together with two discs of special features; along with the a further disc of bonus material; a booklet and a collectable character statute (which is so far listed as TBC). Presumably the standard four disc Extended Cut set will be out the same day, but (at the time of writing) Play so far haven’t listed it. The Collector's Box Set has a listed RRP of £49.99. The standard four disc Extended Cut set has previously had an RRP of £34.99.

The poor remake of Dawn of the Dead (also from Entertainment in Video) is being listed for September the 6th, with an RRP of £19.99. No word of the content yet.

Sanctuary’s release of the Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant film Charade, which was due today, has been put back until next week.

Cary Grant’s 1946 film I Was a Male War Bride, which was directed by Howard Hawks and starred Ann Sheridan, is listed from Optimum Home Entertainment for July the 19th. Its RRP is £15.99.

Optimum will also release Oliver Stone’s documentary from last year covering his meeting with Fidel Castro, entitled Comandante. The BBFC have just cleared Oliver Stone at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2003 for the release which runs to 16m 49s. It has a date of June the 28th with an RRP of £19.99.

The 1967 film Two for the Road, directed by Stanley Donen and starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney, is lined-up by Twentieth Century Fox for the 19th of July at £15.99.

Choices Direct have put up the special features for the Backbeat – Special Edition from Universal. Some of which we know already from BBFC clearances, but the Choices list includes a commentary with director Iain Softley; interviews with Softley and actor Ian Hart; stills gallery; director's essay; casting sessions footage and deleted scenes. Not a bad package for an RRP of £15.99. It has a date of July the 12th.

Anchor Bay have the Italian sci-fi film Contamination in preparation for the 26th of July, which stars Ian McCulloch (enjoying his purple patch in schlocky Italian cinema following the success of Survivors in that country). Originally released in 1980 (in the wake of Ridley Scott’s Alien) the special features listed include Alien Arrives on Earth: an interview with director Luigi Cozzi; a Behind the Scenes documentary; theatrical trailer; poster and stills gallery; a Graphic novel, accessible via DVD-ROM; Film notes; Biographies; and Conceptual drawings. The release has an RRP of £14.99.

Just cleared by the BBFC for Odyssey Video is the 1983 American TV movie version of Phantom of the Opera, starring Maximilian Schell, Jane Seymour, Michael York, Jeremy Kemp, and Diana Quick. It’s listed as running to 95m 4s, which is four minutes longer than the previous releases, from Channel 5 Video and Braveworld - now there’s a blast from the past! - back in 1987.

A lot of the retailers are now showing that the July the 26th release of The Monkees’ Head is in NTSC.

And, finally for the films, a couple of delays for titles which were listed for today…

Carlton’s new special edition version of Escape to Athena has been delayed until next week. Their new special edition version of The Eagle has Landed is still listed for today.

The new special edition version of Disney’s Pocahontas, which was being listed for today, has been put back to January the 31st next year.

Paramount’s The Ten Commandments - Special Edition now has a release date of August the 2nd.

What’s New Pussycat? From MGM is listed for September the 20th.

Right, now the TV releases! There's been some particularly-juicy US titles announced this week, and there's some great news for fans of Gerry Anderson's series Supercar

Roobarb’s DVD Forum member Stephen La Riviere is putting together a documentary on Anderson’s 60s series Supercar. The documentary, entitled Full Boost Vertical!: The Supercar Story, runs to ninety minutes, and features interviews on the making of the show with Graydon Gould (the voice of Mike Mercury), David Graham (who provided voices for Doctor Beaker and Mitch), together with Directors David Elliott, Des Saunders, Bill Harris and Alan Pattillo, Camera Operator Julien Lugrin, Art Director Bob Bell, Original Company Director Arthur Provis, Puppeteers Mary Turner and Roger Woodburn, Director of Photography John Read, Writers Martin and Hugh Woodhouse, Model Maker Bill James, sculptor John Blundall, Sound Recordists John and Jean Taylor, focus puller Alan Perry and A.P. Films’ Head of Merchandising Keith Shackleton.

The documentary also features Mary Turner, David Elliott, Roger Woodburn and John Read also revisiting the old A.P. Films studio to share their memories of working on the show, and the studio is recreated via a 3D Computer Graphic walkthrough showing how it would’ve looked at the time Supercar was being produced. The documentary also includes rare archive photographs and clips including newly-discovered behind the scenes footage.

The full list of special features is: title sequences in French and Spanish; 3D CGI A.P. Films Studios walkthrough with optional narration by director Alan Pattillo; Supercar in Colour! – specially colourised footage from the series, which gives you a chance to see what the series might have looked like had it been made in colour; Flight of Fancy - a forty-five minute 1960s audio adventure reproduced from the original Mini LP; Sabotage: a National Benzol Promotion Flexidisc adventure; photo gallery with newly discovered behind the scenes and colour stills; twelve-page colour booklet.

The release is encoded as Region 0. The original plan was to launch the documentary at the FAB TV convention on July the 10th, but since the convention has had to be postponed the DVD is now being planned for a release on July the 21st. It will be available in two versions - a PAL version from UK mail order shop 10th Planet, and an NTSC version from US mail order shop FAB Gear.

Here are direct links if you are interested:

PAL version at 10th Planet for £19.99

NTSC version at FAB Gear for $39.95

Stephen has kindly allowed us to offer you an exclusive look at a behind the scenes photo from the series which has never been published! Click here to see it.

Stephen is also involved in putting together the special features on Revelation’s new complete box set of Anderson’s show from the 1980s, Terrahawks. The ten-disc set includes the nine discs which have aready been released, with the brand new special features on the tenth disc running to around 2 hours.

Stephen has kindly passed on the full list of t herehese features (as the listings on the retailers are missing some). They are: Revisiting the Future: voice artists Denise Bryer, Jeremy Hitchen, Ben Stevens and Anne Ridler recall their time on the show (35m); a Graphics featurette in which Kevin Davies discusses his work on Terrahawks, including previously-unseen footage (30m); a Special Effects featurette - Steve Begg is interviewed, with previously-unseen photographs and footage; Puppets - an interview with Richard Gregory, puppet maker; the US end credits, which have never used seen in the UK; the unused UK opening credits - an aborted version of the titles taken from the only known surviving VHS copy; Unseen Footage: which includes the original Stay on this Channel opening; and Gerryhawks – the puppet spoof featuring Gerry Anderson, Christopher Burr and Bob Bell which was made by Kevin Davies and other Terrahawks crew.

If any of you bought Revelation’s earlier issues of the DVDs you will have noticed the prints that were used were fairly battered. At the time these were the only prints thought to exist, but Stephen managed to find better quality ones. Unfortunately, Revelation has decided not to re-author the discs using these new prints (presumably as they feel the cost would be too prohibitive). It’s a shame, but Stephen has put together an excellent set of special features. The set has a date of the 5th of July with an RRP of £69.99. Amazon appears to have the cheapest pre-order price at £52.49 – click here!

Warner Home Video is lining up five box sets for October and November. Series 3 of ER is showing for the 11th of October, with an RRP of £44.99. A week later on the 18th sees Curb Your Enthusiasm - Series 2, at £34.99, and The O.C. – Series 1 (which had a recent airing within the UK courtesy of Channel 4 and E4), at £59.99. November the 8th sees The Sopranos - Complete Series 5, also with an RRP of £59.99 and a week later, on the 15th of November, is Babylon 5 - The Complete Series 5 for £54.99, which brings the series to a close.

Also added today are the two Twentieth Century Fox box sets of Steven Bochco’s courtroom drama series Murder One – Series 1 (for September the 6th) and Millennium – Series 2 (for September the 27th) Both sets have an RRP of £39.99.

Four featurettes have been cleared at the BBFC for Twentieth Century Fox’s next round of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collection releases. These are profiles of the character each volume is dedicated to – the Cordelia one runs to 13m 51s, the Dawn one is 13m 14s, the one on Giles is 11m 57s and Xander’s one is 11m 51s. Each volume has an RRP of £12.99, and they are all due on August the 16th.

There’s some more information available on BBC Worldwide’s releases…

The much anticipated release of The Office - The Christmas Specials is now being listed with a date of October 25th and an RRP of £19.99. The pilot for the series, entitled The Boss (which runs to 19m24s) has already been cleared by the BBFC and will presumably be included.

The magazine TV Zone is listing November the 8th for Series V of Red Dwarf (although it hasn’t appeared on the retailers yet). The BBFC has, however, begun to clear extras for the release as they are showing The SFX of Red Dwarf V, which runs to 30m46s. It will probably be at the same RRP as the previously releases - £19.99.

Also listed as cleared by the BBFC is a promo reel from BBC Worldwide for their releases in the last quarter of this year. Interesting titles not known about already include: Himalaya with Michael Palin (his new travelogue programme, scheduled to be broadcast in the autumn), the reappearance of the Top of the Pops – 40th Anniversary release (I wonder if this is a sign it’s going to make it this time!) and Only Fools and Horses – Sleepless in Peckham (the last special), which is being combined with a BOGOF offer for the releases of the series, along with a few other titles destined for broadcast in the corporation’s autumn schedules . The full listing (presented with timings in hours: minutes: seconds) is:

00:02:31 | BBC WORLDWIDE - AUTUMN 2004



00:01:55 | RED DWARF - SERIES V






00:03:08 | PRIDE



00:01:58 | SPACE ODYSSEY

00:01:33 | UNTITLED



00:01:16 | BRITAIN

00:02:44 | THE NAGS HEAD

This promo reel will probably used on a giveaway disc with a newspaper or magazine later in the year.

There are also some extras cleared as well from already-known titles.

Bottom – Series 2 has had some Dangerous Brothers material cleared. This runs to 4m 58s (although this was cleared last year!) and (last week) a Fluff outtakes compilation from Series 2 was cleared, running to 28m 39s. The release has a date of August the 30th and an RRP of £15.99.

Two of the already-listed special features for The Forsyte Saga box set have also been cleared. The Interviews & Behind the scenes piece, which features on-set interviews (taken from an edition of Late Night Line-Up transmitted on July the 4th 1967) runs to 25m 13s. Another item, just entitled Late Night Line-Up and running to 29m 25s, has been cleared as well. As there are two other Late Night Line-Up pieces included in the set it’s not possible to tell which one it is with fuller information.

The box set has an RRP of £69.99 and is due on August the 23rd.

Thanks to David Piper-Balston for posting that Choices Direct have put up the extras for the Jonathan Creek – Series 3 and 4 box set. These are video profiles of stars Alan Davies, Julia Sawalha and creator / writer David Renwick; a featurette entitled An Anatomy of a Scene; out-takes; and deleted scenes. The set has a date of August the 2nd and an RRP of £39.99

BBC Worldwide’s release of the memorable 1981 sci-fi serial The Nightmare Man has been put back to the 7th of February next year.

Following Julian’s report last week of Spooks – Series 2 on August the 30th from Contender, TV Zone are also listing a  Spooks – Series 1 & 2 box set for November the 15th. It has an RRP of £59.99.

A set combining Series 3 and 4 of Last of the Summer Wine from Universal Playback is being lined up for July the 26th, with an RRP of £24.99. It seems that Playback may have revised their RRPs, as originally these BBC Comedy double disc releases were set at £29.99 (as was Last of the Summer Wine – Series 1 & 2), but their recent releases have been at the lower price, which is good news!

News of the special features for Network’s release of Press Gang - Series 2 have been posted on the excellent Mausoleum Club forum. These will be audio commentaries with Stephen Moffat and Julia Sawalha, on the episodes Breakfast At Czar's, At Last A Dragon, Yesterday's News, The Big Finish?; a previously-unaired Making of… documentary; gag reel; Series Two trailers; PDFs of the scripts to At Last a Dragon and Something Terrible parts one and two; a PDF of the original series treatment; a PDF of Jim Sangster's Press Gang episode guide for both series one and two; a PDF of the first issue of Stephen O'Brien's sought-after and out-of-print Press gang fanzine Breakfast at Czars; PDFs of some original Junior Gazette covers; and a PDF contemporary series one fanzine review. All of which make it sound a very juicy release! It has a date of the 28th of June with an RRP of £19.99. For those of you that are interested in the release Benson’s World are currently offering it at £12.99 – click here! Thanks to Ed Parsons for supplying the details of which episodes have the commentaries.

Network’s complete series box set of Ever Decreasing Circles has again been put back, this time to the 14th of June.

Thanks to Analogueman for letting me know that the three-part George Cole interview, which I reported last week as cleared by the BBFC, isn’t all destined for Clearvision’s Minder - Series 8 release. They are to be included, one at a time, on each of the remaining series releases. The Series 8 release will just feature the first part, Memories of Minder – The Early Years, together with (as listed on the ClearVision website) a Complete Guide to Series 8 and trailers for Series 9. The box set has an RRP of £39.99 and the individual volumes at £12.99.

The original version of The Wombles, featuring the fabulous Bernard Cribbins on narration duty, has appeared for July the 12th from Universal. There is no information as to what the actual content of the release is, but it has an RRP of £5.99.

Sanctuary’s release of The Tribe – Series 2 has again missed it’s date (it was due today), so it’s back in the In The Pipeline section.

That’s it for Incoming, now the changes to the Offers page…

For Amazon this week I’ve added Lovejoy – Series 2 at £22.49 (£7.50 off), the new A Nightmare on Elm Street – 1-6 box set at £29.99 (£10.00 off), the three Star Trek – The Original Series box sets at £58.99 (£26.00 off), The X-Files – Season 9 box set (out today) at £55.99 (£24.00 off), and the aforementioned Terrahawks – The Complete Box Set at £52.49.

There was mini-update to the Offers page mid week to include some new titles from Benson’s World, so I’ll go over them now. There’s a new Cinema Club Sale featuring Agatha Christie`s Partners In Crime at £18.99, The Beiderbecke Collection at £15.99, A Bit Of A Do - Series 1 and 2 at £18.99, Flambards at £18.99, Lillie at £18.99, Maigret - Series 1 and 2 at £18.99, Mapp and Lucia at £17.99 and The New Statesman - Series 1-4 at £17.99. A Midsomer Murders and Reilly - Ace of Spies Sale, with titles at £9.99 each and a The Brittas Empire promotion, with Series 1-3 at £9.99 and the forthcoming Series 4 at £13.99. Some more Acorn titles at good prices – Cribb – Part 1, A Horseman Riding By – Part 1, Love for Lydia – Part 3 and When The Boat Comes In: Series 3 – Parts 2 & 3 all at £12.99 (£7.00 off);  The Good Life – Series 3,  Rumpole of the Bailey – Series 7 and  To the Manor Born – Series 3 all at £16.99 (£8.00 off). Cinema Club’s Band of Gold – Series 1 and Brass – Series 1 at £13.99 each (£6.00 off). Network’s Dick Turpin – Series 2,  Press Gang – Series 2 and Soldier Soldier – Series 2 all at £12.99 (£8.00 off).BBC Worldwide’s The Sherlock Holmes Collection at £17.99 (£7.00 off) and Smiley’s People at £11.99 (£4.00 off). The Timeslip box set at £22.45 (£7.50 off). And finally, a few films – the Backbeat and Blazing Saddles special editions at £11.99 (£4.00 off), the original version of Night of the Living Dead from Oracle Home Entertainment at £2.99 (£10.00 off) and the new  Roman Polanski Box Set (featuring Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown and The Tenant) at £16.99 (£8.00 off).

Thanks to Nick Beck for posting that Choices Direct have the Stardust/That’ll Be The Day double bill at £5.99. They also have the Steptoe & Son and The Sweeney double bills at the same price. I’ve also added the BBC Radio Collection’s Douglas Adams at the BBC compilation, which is due in October, as since this has been listed the RRP has been revised to £15.99 and Choices haven’t changed it yet – they have a pre-order price of £11.04. have the excellent I, Claudius box set at the fantastic price of £17.99 (£27.00 off!) and one of the Flash Gordon chapter serial box sets – Space Soldiers – at £7.99, which is half price.

HMV are running a new TV DVD box set sale which includes MASH Seasons 1-3 at £19.99 each, NYPD Blue Seasons 1 & 2 at £24.99 each, Dark Angel Season 1 & 2 at £29.99 each and the Dune Mini Series at £19.99.

I’ve added whole load of new titles for The highlights of which are the three film Beverley Hills Collection at £12.99 (£17.00 off), the special edition versions of the first four Star Trek films at £6.99 each (£18.00 off) and C.S.I. – Crime Scene Investigation: Series 2 – Parts 1 and 2 at £16.99 each (£23.00 off). They also have the two parts of Series 1 at that price as well, but they’re cheaper at Play (see below)! For the complete list of what I’ve added – click here!

Play has revised some of its sales, so some of their bargains have gone, but new ones have been added. Now in their Brilliant Box Sets Sale are the Stargate SG 1 – Season 1-5 box sets at £29.99 each, and their TV Favourites Sale has the CSI – Crime Scene Investigation – Series 1 Parts 1 & 2 at £14.99 each.

Thanks to Matt West for letting me know that Play have the Soundtrack CD of Doctor Who – The Enemy of the World at £6.99, this led me to find that they have a 20% on Doctor Who audios promotion running at the moment, which as well as old titles also includes forthcoming ones. Highlights include The Daleks' Master Plan (CD version, as opposed to the MP3 CD version) at £17.99, The Wheel in Space at £9.99, Fury From The Deep at £10.99, Tales from the Tardis: Volume 1 at £13.99, Tales from the Tardis: Volume 2 at £15.99, The Power of the Daleks at £9.99, The Evil of the Daleks at £13.49, Doctor Who at the BBC: Volume 2 at £10.99, The Cyber Tin at £23.99 and The Crusade at £10.99.

Finally, Ezydvd have put up the Seinfeld – Series 1 & 2 box set and the Series 3 box set, both of which at $AU70.86 (currently working out at £26.54). They are both due on Wednesday the 20th of October, which is apparently a few weeks before the US releases. Caution is advised, in case the Australian sets do not feature the same bonus materials as the US discs.

And that’s all folks!


Previous News entries can viewed here.


Released 12th July 2004.



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