by Matthew Lee © 2005


Originally Broadcast: September 2nd November 25th, 1990

Transmission Times: 7:45pm to 8:35pm

Episode 1: 

Written by Mervyn Haisman

NB: Series Six opens three months after the end of Series Five.

At the local Tarrant churchyard, Vanessa anxiously awaits the arrival of Jack ahead of the christening of Leo and Abby’s son, Thomas Leo, named in memory of Tom Howard, who died three months earlier having drowned in the Bay of Biscay whilst bringing the J class boat back to the Mermaid Yard. Six months has passed since Abby’s accident, from which she has now fully recovered. Bill arrives at the church to reveal he has been unable to locate Jack, who has taken the Pelican out onto the harbour as he ruminates on Tom’s passing, which has hit him particularly hard. He is met by Ken Masters, whom he encounters whilst test-running the trailer-sailor. He reveals to Jack that he has returned to Tarrant, fighting-fit and ready to regain control of Leisurecruise. They discuss Tom’s death and its affect on Jan, and their conversation eventually turns to the original designs for the trailer-sailor, now christened Skua, which Ken asks if Jack has retained. When he asks Jack to extend his congratulations to the proud father, Leo, Jack realises that he has missed the christening.

At the Urquharts, amidst the post-christened celebrations, Leo finds a tearful Jan has broken down after overhearing a conversation about Tom. Avril is the first to leave, keen to avoid spending any further time in the proximity of Charles, who, along with Gerald, is brimming over with grandfatherly pride. They discuss which school Leo has put his son’s name down for as Jack unexpectedly arrives, still wearing the tracksuit from his jaunt on Pelican. Vanessa is decidedly unimpressed and, later, she stresses the point that Leo needs his support following Tom’s death, and would have appreciated his attendance at the christening. When he refers to their forthcoming marriage, Vanessa coyly asks whether that means he has now decided to sell the Yard to Charles Frere. At Leisurecruise, Laura finds the Skua moored at the jetty and realizes that Ken has returned. When she arrives at the office, she finds him rifling through the paperwork in her office and discovering that she has changed the combination on the safe. She claims to have burnt his desk and replaced the décor as she firmly makes her mark on her company. He claims that she will be unseated before long, but Laura shakes off his idle threats. Later that evening, Leo wakes in the middle of the night following a nightmare regarding his father’s death, and he is comforted by Abby.

At House Of Howard (renamed from HowardBrooke), Sir John Stevens meets with Jan to discuss her financial status following James Brooke’s departure. He reveals that James borrowed a further fifty-thousand pounds from the bank before abandoning her, and he informs her that she is liable as the company was sole guarantor. Jan is shocked, and voices her concerns that all her profits will be absorbed in paying off the interest. Sir John proposes that she replace James with a new design partner so as to consolidate and expand, but she is reluctant to trust anyone again. Leo pays a visit to the Mermaid Yard, witnessed by Jack and Bill, who consider the strange atmosphere which has descended over the Yard in Tom’s absence. When Jack meets Leo in the office, he finds him examining his father’s design plans. They discuss Ken’s request for the trailer-sailor design plans and speculate over his future plans. Jack allows Leo to take his father’s original designs with him, and extends an offer of some to talk to should he need it.

Charles and Gerald meet with Ken, who makes a renewed offer to sell his Relton Marine shareholding to Charles, who is somewhat baffled as to why Ken is making the offer, as his shares were already exchanged prior to the affairs of recent events. He reveals that after selling the shares, he reacquired a further four percent holding, and claims that he can offer them to Charles in exchange for his assistance in regaining Leisurecruise. When Ken leaves, Charles considers using him at a later date and turns their attention to Jack Rolfe. Abby reveals to Kate that he has been forced to turn down three job offers in order to care for baby Thomas; Kate offers to become the child’s nanny so that Abby can further her photographic career. Ken pays a visit to Vanessa and Jack at the Mermaid Yard, touting the Tarrant Boat Show he intends to stage for a captive sailing market, at which Orkadian could be displayed and at which he intends to launch the trailer-sailor. In order for the venture to be successful, he wants Vanessa to publicise the event, and he offers Jack four free moorings in exchange for her help.

At Relton Marine, Avril meets with Senor Cadona in furtherance to the successful conclusion of a refit deal on an old schooner. He requests estimates and a firm completion date within twenty-four hours before business can proceed. She later discusses potentially handing the work over to Jack, who would be particularly keen to undertake the task. Jack and Vanessa return from The Jolly Sailor to find Charles waiting for him at the Mermaid Office. Whilst he voices his appreciation that a decision regarding the sale could not be made during the mourning period over Tom, both he and Vanessa present him with a joint ultimatum: he has forty-eight hours to make a decision. He reacts defiantly to the offer, and the meeting ends badly, but Vanessa assures him he will have his decision on time.

Ken takes Avril out for a day’s sailing on Skua; the latter is impressed with how responsive the vessel is, and she recognises the sales potential. Ken proposes Relton should manufacture and distribute the boat, and identifies it as the key to their mutual prosperity. Avril agrees to consider the offer as they return to dry land. They are, however, unaware that Laura has witnessed the test-sail, and is determined to secure the rights to the vessel herself. They later discuss the Tarrant Boat Show, at which he offers Avril four free berths. When she asks if Laura has been invited to attend, he implies she would not be interested. Jack arrives on the scene at the conclusion of their meeting, and when they return to the Relton offices to discuss Vanessa’s ultimatum, she casually allows his gaze to fall over the design specifications for the 1925 schooner Xanadu, which Jack immediately enthuses over; Avril reveals that the vessel requires a half-million pound refit, and demands that the Mermaid Yard should be commissioned to execute the work. She tells him the vessel is moored in Gibraltar and is being prepared for the journey to Tarrant. Gerald and Leo return to the Urquharts after a long day to find that Kate is looking after baby Thomas, who reveals that Abby is dining with a publisher ahead of a job offer.

At the Yacht Club, Ken finds Jan dining on her own and insists on joining her. He tries to defend himself regarding the James Brooke situation, and admits that he behaved badly. He implies that if there is any justice in the world, he has already got his comeuppance, and inveigles his way into her good books once again. They briefly discuss Tom’s tragic death, and when she presses him as to where he has been for the last six months, he admits he attended a retreat to recover from his downfall. Jack has an angry meeting with Vanessa, Avril, Leo and Sir John Stevens at Relton, during which the Xanadu refit is discussed; Avril will only award the Mermaid Yard the commission if Jack does not sell the Yard, and whilst Jack is reluctantly to agree, he finds himself boxed into a corner.

When Laura visits the Relton site, she finds Ken has established a portacabin with the placque Ken Masters Enterprises proudly advertising his new business enterprise. She pays Ken a visit inside, remarking upon his new downmarket image and the Tarrant Boat Show, which she likens to a car-boot sale. She reveals she controls not only her own share in the company, but Vicky’s as well, and that she will be a formidable opponent should he attempt an aggressive take-over. Whilst he has retained his minority share in the company, Laura is keen to acquire this from his as well, for a consideration. Leaving the office, she hands over the plans and specifications for the Skua, which she glibly remarks should sell well for him.

Sir John proposes that the Mermaid Yard should sell to Relton Marine, thereby becoming a Relton subsidiary in which he would receive a financial settlement, a shareholding in the company, a sizeable salary and a seat on the Relton Board, as opposed to the simple cash offer made by Frere. Gerald is uneasy that Frere has great plans for his grandson Thomas that he hasn’t discussed with either Abby or Leo, particularly after he overhears a discussion Charles has with a school in which he offers a healthy donation in exchange for a place for Thomas. When Jack agrees to the Relton offer, Avril appoints Leo to oversee affairs at the Yard to ensure that delivering and construction dates are adhered to. Vanessa and Bill are relieved that he has finally made a decision, and when he refers to having to admit to the sale to Charles, Avril is only too happy to contact him herself; Charles is furious that Relton have secured the Mermaid Yard, and he has a tense conversation with Gerald regarding his intention to seize control of Relton in order to further the marina plans.

Ken, having hired local girl Jenny Richards to demonstrate the Skua for Avril, is impressed with her handling of the vessel. She agrees to a ten-a-month deal, with larger orders depending upon the successful launch of the craft. At the end of the demonstration, Ken hires Jenny as a sales demonstrator for the boat show, with a potential future in his company. Laura pays Jan a surprise visit at House Of Howard, the latter of whom is particularly unfriendly towards her. They exchange a variety of snipes as Laura proposes a partnership, as she is keen to diversify her business interests. When she implies that James’ sudden departure may have had more to do with the fact that they were unsuited rather than her own involvement, Jan furiously ejects her from the office. As she leaves, she happily lets slip that James is now in San Francisco, with a beautiful young girlfriend. Leo discusses his liaison role with Bill and Jack at the Mermaid Yard, in which he lays down the ground rules of their new working relationship.

At the Tarrant Boat Show, Jack and Vanessa promote Barracuda whilst Bill wins over potential buyers for Orkadian; Leo promotes Relton’s yachts whilst Jenny Richards enjoys discussing the virtues of Skua; Laura arrives at the completion of the first day to witness Ken securing a great number of orders. As he sugfgests to Avril that production will need to be increased, she hands Ken a crate of champagne and reveals that Leisurecruise own the rights to the trailer-sailor, and that he has just boosted her profits. Ken is lost for words.

With Lee Crawford (Signor Cadorna) and Terry Coates (The Vicar).


Episode 2: 

Written by Mervyn Haisman

Ken pursues a furious Avril back to Relton Marine, desperate to explain what has just taken place at the Tarrant Boat Show. Meanwhile, Jack and Leo salvage the crate of champagne from the water, where Ken had hurtled it after reacting wildly to Laura’s claims of ownership. Ken desperately tries to reassure Avril that Laura has no rights to the Skua, and when Avril reveals intends to sue Ken for breach of contract, and Ken expresses concerns that his sales orders will now be under threat. He claims he paid for the development of the trailer-sailor with his own money, not Leisurecruise’s, and that Jack can confirm it. Avril reveals that he must acquire the proof of their deal is at an end.

At House Of Howard, Jan is experiencing difficulties in establishing a boutique in Gibraltar. She reveals to Kate that Lynnette is delivering a boat in Tangiers and intends to meet up with her in Gibraltar. She receives a visit from Sir John Stevens, who presents her with a market survey made by her nephew with regard to the company’s viability ahead of the bank’s forthcoming board meeting. He suggests that further outlets are the key to her continuing survival, leaving her with food for though. Gerald and Charles discuss Avril’s acquisition of the Mermaid Yard and the fact that it will further her support amidst Relton shareholders. Charles claims he intends to start a run on the share price by utilising Ken Masters to further their own ends.

Ken discusses his share holding in her company, and expresses his desire to become a full partner in House Of Howard. When Jan declines the offer, he presents her with a proposal to buy out his stake for one-hundred-thousand pounds. He reveals he needs the money to further his own plans, and Jan asks if she can discuss it when she returns from Gibraltar. He leaves Jan to meet with Jack and Vanessa at the Mermaid Yard. He asks Jack for the receipt for his payment on the trailer-sailor, and asks him to present it at the Tarrant Boat Show. Jack is concerned, and when Vanessa presses him, he indicates it is complicated. Later, he reveals that Ken paid him in cash, he didn’t provide him with a receipt and the money was not recorded in the Yard’s books. Vanessa is shocked when Jack intends to put it right now, and voices her concerns that Relton are now assessing the financial records in advance of the sale of the Yard. Laura issues Relton with an injunction to prevent the marketing and sales of the trailer-sailor, over which she claims ownership. She implies that Avril should take a summons out against Ken, and proudly boasts that her lawyers hold all the proof of ownership she requires, despite Avril’s misgivings. Charles and Laura liaise over their business interests.

Laura wants Ken’s Leisurecruise shares and Frere is still gunning for Relton. They agree to help each other in any way they can, squeezing Ken dry (financially speaking) until he has no other choice but to bend to their demands. Abby and Kate examine a photograph she took at the Tarrant Boat Show, and Abby is concerned that a man captured in the picture resembles Orrin, coincidentally taken shortly before she received a recorded delivery of her divorce papers from him. Leo tries to persuade Avril to develop a small cruiser from one of Tom Howard’s designs, but Relton is overstretched. She insists that Xanadu should be his highest priority.

Jan travels to Gibraltar to open a new boutique and meets her daughter, Lynne. She tries to persuade Lynne to come home to Tarrant, but she declines. However, Lynne does interest Jan in a scheme to market a new perfume range that her late husband, Claude Dupont, had developed along with a chemist called Henri. Ken reacts angrily to Jack’s revelation that he cannot issue him with a receipt for payment. He voices Laura’s threat to his enterprise, and threatens Jack unless he can present positive proof of his ownership of Skua as soon as possible. Later, he is forced to endure pressure from Leo with regard to the forthcoming refit for the Xanadu, which has been delayed as there is no crew to man the vessel, and bad weather is preventing the journey. Jack is determined to sort out the situation. Orrin arrives back in Tarrant and invites Abby for a meal. He tells her that his parents have split up and that their son, William, is now being looked after by his mother. This reassures Abby, who feels that he is in good hands. Leo convinces Laura to manufacture the boat, a small class luxury cruiser based on his father’s designs, with Relton distribution. Their meeting ends abruptly when Ken storms into her office, angrily rejecting the injunction he has issued to Relton and telling her to back off. Laura agrees on the provision that he sells her his shares in Leisurecruise, and when he asks for fifty percent above the asking price, she counters the offer by claiming if he offers her his Relton shares as well, she will pay five percent over the odds.

Avril meets with Jack to discuss angry correspondence she has received from Gibraltar with regard to the Xanadu, revealing his telephone call has resulted in the crew she had tentatively arranged going on strike. He tells her everything is in hand, but refuses to provide any further details at present. He confirms to Avril that Ken commissioned the development of Skua independently, but she has her reservations as to Laura’s threat to the deal. Over dinner, Abby and Orrin discuss Tom Howard’s death, her accident, babies William and Thomas and the fall-out from the Hudson’s marriage break-up and their divorce negotiations. Orrin reveals he intends to set up in business in Tarrant. Returning home, Abby and Leo argue over Orrin’s reappearance. Abby protests that Orrin is the father of her first son, and that she can’t just ignore that fact. Leo storms out.

Gerald discusses a business centre, hotel development and marina project in Southampton which may be ripe for seizure, and presents the proposal to Charles. The previous financier, Sir George, wishes to sell the enterprise for seventeen-and-a-half million, but Charles only wants to spend sixteen million for the venture. They also discuss Ken’s shares and the return to Tarrant of Orrin. Meanwhile, Orrin meets with Ken at the Relton site, the former making an offer to buy his shares in the enterprise so as to finance the latter’s new enterprise. Ken rejects the offer, proudly boasting he will have reacquired his company by the end of the year. However, they do find time to discuss other matters, such as hiring Jenny Richards on a permanent basis after Orrin reveals that she is the talk of New York after a cross-Atlantic voyage (Tarrant to New York and Tarrant in one bout).

Prior to taking a jaunt on Skua, Ken is met on the jetty by Gerald, who expresses Charles’ interest in securing his Relton shares; Ken reveals that the timing might not have been right for them before, but it is not exactly right now: he has sold the shares, but will not disclose to whom. Avril meets with Leo and Laura to discuss the possible construction of the new cruiser, and whilst they eventually hammer out the finer points of the deal together, Avril warns him to keep on top of the deal as Laura is a potentially dangerous business partner. Leaving the Yacht Club, Charles meets Laura and they discuss the new Relton deal, intimating the deal may be of use to both of them. Jack reveals to Bill and Leo that he has arranged for the three of them to join three crew he has hired in Gibraltar to man the Xanadu back to Tarrant, and despite Bill’s reservations Leo is keen to take part. They make a joint decision not to tell Vanessa, Abby or Bill’s wife of their planned venture.

In Gibraltar, Jan takes some convincing from Lynnette to accept a commission to exploit the perfumery formula she has at her disposal, and she again puts pressure on her daughter to return to Tarrant to lend her support to the venture. On an afternoon’s sailing jaunt, Jack lets slip that he has arranged to sail the Xanadu back from Gibraltar himself, with Leo and Bill as crew. It is a potentially dangerous journey in such an old boat, and Vanessa is furious, exclaiming “Jack Rolfe, you are a bloody fool!”.

NB: Nigel Davenport receives an on-screen credit as Sir Edward Frere in this episode, but he does not appear in the episode.



Episode 3: 

Written by Raymond Thompson

Sir Edward Frere returns unexpectedly to Tarrant, arriving at Highfield amidst much pomp and ceremony with his staff greeting his arrival. At the Mermaid Yard, preparations are underway for Jack, Bill and Leo’s voyage on Xanadu. When Jack arrives at the site, Bill warns him that Vanessa is waiting for him in the office, and she is in a foul mood. Whilst Jack is eagerly looking forward to the opportunity, and assuages her concerns that he knows his way around a boat, despite her concerns regarding Tom and Klaus’ seamanship. Jan and Kate discuss her recent trip to Gibraltar, and her meeting with Lynne. They also discuss her reservations at her son’s intention to join the crew of Xanadu, and despite Kate’s assurances, Jan remains concerned for her son’s safety on the voyage. Jan leaves for a meeting with the bank to discuss the perfumery venture.

Abby and Leo argue over Thomas. She feels Leo is being selfish leaving her to cope with the baby while he is away in Gibraltar. She tells him that she has a career too. He tells her that, as Kate is now acting as nanny, there is nothing to stop Abby pursuing her career. Orrin has bought Ken’s Relton shares and asks Laura to take him on as a junior partner at Leisurecruise. Laura is impressed by his close relationship with Sir Edward and, feeling he may be of use to her, agrees to take him on. Jan approaches Sir John for a loan to develop a perfume and cosmetic subsidiary for the House Of Howard. Sir John informs her that the only way that the bank could get involved is through a joint venture and that would mean the bank putting in a financial watchdog to oversee the project. He assures her that Jan would retain complete control, with the bank only taking a minority share in the venture. He advises her to give the proposal serious consideration.

Ken is furious to find that Avril has closed his office at Relton. She tells him that until he sorts out the ownership of the trailer-sailer with Laura they can’t do business. She confirms that despite the fact Jack has confirmed Ken’s claims, without positive proof a venture between Relton and himself would lay them open to legal consequences. Charles hears from Sir John that Sir Edward Frere has returned unexpectedly to Tarrant. Frere and Gerald speculate uneasily on the reason behind his return, and Gerald enquires as to whether or not Polly has accompanied him. Jan is surprised when Sir Edward pays her a visit at the House Of Howard. Leo and Abby patch things up ahead of his journey to Gibraltar, during which they discuss whether or not their relationship has a future. Orrin leaves his meeting with Laura at Leisurecruise, crossing paths with Ken on his way to meet with her. He is suspicious of what may have taken place, and later confronts her with it. Struggling to keep his business afloat, he tries to negotiate with Laura, who suggests a pay-off for the rights on the boat in order to avoid a costly legal wrangle. Ken refuses to exchange Leisurecruise shares for the rights, and their meeting ends in a protracted stalemate.

At the Frere Holdings PLC marina development site, Charles and Gerald endeavour to return the project to its original schedule after delays with the architects. Whilst there, he receives a call from Laura, who wants to urgently discuss the developing situation with him. They make a dinner engagement, with Charles speculating as to her motives. At Relton, Ken meets again with Avril to reveal he will either negotiate a settlement with Laura or proceed without her acquiescence. Avril tells him she does not want to jeopardise any future business relationship with Laura by proceeding with the trailer-sailor without her cooperation, but Ken impresses upon her the necessity to start production on the vessel as soon as possible. Returning home, Jan and Kate discuss her dinner engagement with Sir Edward, and consider his unexpected return to Tarrant. Abby confides in Gerald that her relationship with Leo is coming under increasing strain. Gerald is concerned that Orrin’s return to Tarrant hasn’t helped.

At Tarrant Yacht Club, Sir John Stevens meets with his nephew, Robert Hastings, to discuss his recent meeting with Sir Edward Frere, who offered to retain his services but to whom he declined, citing a conflict of interest. Over a drink, Sir John presents his nephew with an assignment at the House Of Howard, whereupon he wants him to become the company’s new financial adviser in an ongoing position. In Gibraltar, Jack, Leo and Bill prepare to sail the Xanadu. Having collected supplies ahead of the voyage, Jack telephones Vanessa at the Mermaid Yard to advise her that everything is going according to plan.

At Highfield, Sir Edward and Jan discuss Tom’s death, and his sudden reappearance in the area. He explains the circumstances surrounding his hasty departure (citing urgent business commitments concerning Polly and the Hudsons), and when Jan presses him as to how long he intends to remain in Tarrant, he intimates he has a few personal matters to attend to. He also reveals that Polly has recently opened her twelfth boutique on the West Coast of America, and they discuss the personal sacrifices they have all had to make in the pursuit of success in business. Jan informs him that she has cultivated the support of Sir John Stevens to further her expansion plans, and she asks his advice with regard to his nephew, Robert, whom Sir Edward considers to be an ambitious young warm with whom she should treat with caution.

Charles and Laura enjoy dinner together, and afterwards she proposes that she wishes to consolidate and strengthen Leisurecruise by joining forces with him to take over the Mediterranean-based Poelma Corporation, which she considers has lost its way of late and is vulnerable to attack. She highlights the problems which may be facing Relton should the company experience difficulties, particularly in light of the amount of business they intend to conduct together, which arouses Charles’ interest, as it would place the company ideally within his grasp. Abby meets with Orrin to discuss his investment in Leisurecruise and his association with Laura Wilde. She is concerned with Orrin’s business affairs, but he turns the conversation around to the fact that his father may use William as leverage against him in the future. Whilst he raises the issue of obtaining custody, he is shocked that Abby appears to have given up hope on securing William from the Hudsons; she believes that he is best served living with Orrin’s mother. During their conversation, they are drawn closer together, and in Leo’s absence they exchange a kiss, which she immediately regrets.

The following morning, at Relton’s site Ken meets with Jenny Richards to discuss the part she can play in the future prosperity of his business. He implies that their association can be mutually beneficial, that she can assist him in improving sales of the trailer-sailor in exchange for his providing support, sponsorship and potential publicity for any future round the world sailing venture she intends to undertake. Jan meets Robert Hastings at the House Of Howard. She takes an instant dislike to his curt, probing business manner, and his dismissive attitude towards the fact that she has dispensed with designers and now undertakes this work independently. He presents her with queries arising from the marketing concept outlined in her business plan, which he considers totally inadequate. He advises her that unless they undertake a thorough re-assessment of her plans, she may need to seek financial support from another bank.

Leo, Bill and Jack have set sail on the Xanadu, and the craft is handling beautifully. Clear skies and calm weather appear to bode well for the voyage ahead, but when Jack checks the shipping forecast he learns that there are gale warnings being issued for the Bay of Biscay, with force ten gales anticipated. Charles and Gerald discuss Laura’s proposed negotiations for the Poelma Corporation, and Orrin’s investment in Leisurecruise and share-holding in Relton Marine. They also discuss Robert Hudson, and his surprise invitation from Sir Edward to attend a function at Highfield. Gerald advises Charles not to be unduly concerned about the invitation, but Charles is far from convinced. At Highfield, Sir Edward and Sir John enjoy a day watching horses being put through their paces whilst he tries to re-cultivate their friendship after the affair at the bank. Edward reveals that he has a serious problem for which he requires Sir John’s help. Caught in a fierce storm in the Bay of Biscay, Leo is swept overboard from the Xanada in a repeat of the accident which claimed Tom’s life. As the fierce winds separate him from the vessel, Bill and Jack frantically try to keep the craft afloat whilst a rescue line is thrown out to him. However, it appears as though they are too far apart.


Episode 4

Written by Raymond Thompson

Xanadu sails into Tarrant, having emerged from the stormy encounter in the Bay of Biscay with Jack and Bill managing to rescue Leo from the sea. They are greeted by Abby on board another vessel, with her taking photographs of their return. Leo asks Jack not to let anyone know of their mishap in the Bay, which he reluctantly agrees to. At Relton, Vanessa finds Ken in Avril’s office, rifling through paperwork; he excuses himself, claiming he is retrieving a production order for the trailer-sailor, but she is far from convinced. At Leisurecruise, Orrin is settling in and making an instant impression. He has rearranged the office, and implies that Ken may pose a problem for the company when he becomes aware that he has joined the company. He also receives a call from Sir Edward Frere, which he excuses away as a personal call but she has her suspicions.

Xanada arrives at the Mermaid Yard to a rousing reception committee, and the vessel boasts a surprise crew member – Lynne – who has come back to work out what she wants to do with her life. Jan and Kate are overjoyed that she has come home, as Vanessa is to see Jack. Charles Frere speculates on the reason for his father’s return to Tarrant. He suspects a plot involving Orrin and Laura, who has suggested a Frere Holdings-Leisurecruise alliance. Sir John gives nothing away. All is due to be revealed at a garden party Sir Edward has planned. They assess the Nielson Holdings (Sir Edward’s company) share price, and Charles warns Gerald ahead of a meeting with Laura to gain further information as to any hidden motives. Jan, excited by her daughter’s unexpected return, misses an important business meeting staged by Robert Hastings.

Ken and Jenny discuss the future of his latest business enterprise, and their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Sir John Stevens, whom Ken wishes to cultivate for working capital of one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand pounds. Sir John suggests using his Leisurecruise shares as collateral, but he does not wish to lay them open to threat. He confirms that he has resolved the rights issue with Laura, but Sir John identifies that his launch of the trailer-sailor is experienced far too many delays. He reveals his colleagues at the bank do not share his optimistic outlook for the future. Returning home with Lynne, Jan receives an irate telephone call from Robert, and she is suddenly reminded of the meeting. Laura and Orrin discuss their first moves in partnership, and speculate as to their association with Relton Marine. They discuss his share-holding at Relton and how best to turn it to their mutual advantage. Laura presses Orrin on the subject of Sir Edward, whom Orrin reveals he enjoys a good relationship with. They part company as Gerald arrives for his meeting with Laura, a somewhat uncomfortable affair after the end of their relationship.

Charles takes Sir John on a tour of the construction stage of the first phase marina and leisure complex development, and the implications of not having acquired the Mermaid Yard to further the development. Charles questions where his interests lie, and enquires as to whether or not Sir Edward’s presence in Tarrant will pose his development a problem. Sir John reveals that whilst he knows why his father has returned, he is retaining his confidence ahead of the function at which Sir Edward will make an announcement. Avril leaves an urgent message with Jenny for Ken to contact her at his earliest convenience. She later has an unexpected meeting with Orrin, in place of Laura, at which he reveals that he now works with her at Leisurecruise. They briefly discuss progress on the luxury cruiser, and he also explores the working relationship between Leisurecruise and Relton Marine, and his own personal relationship with the company.

Ken pays Sir Edward a visit at Highfield, whereupon they discuss his downfall at the hands of Laura Wilde and his aspirations to reacquire his company. He proposes cultivating a relationship with Eckhardt Sahn, and suggests that Sir Edward persuades him to convince Sahn and the Mediterranean Poelma Corporation to furnish him with an advanced payment for orders to extricate him from his financial problems. When he implies that both Sahn and Sir Edward owe him a favour, Sir Edward is placed in an uncomfortable situation. Ken refers to his connections in the Fraud Squad, and implies that more names and information could be leaked in the future unless he acquires the support he needs to further is deal.

Laura and Gerald endure an angry exchange arising from Orrin’s appointment and the end of their previous relationship. Whilst Laura tries to reinforce her determination to pursue the Mediterranean deal with Charles, she is aware that she hurt Gerald badly and tries to make amends. Laura reveals that she withdrew from the relationship for fear of being hurt (as she has been in the past), but Gerald is sceptical. He agrees to present her business proposition to Charles, and their meeting ends on an awkward note. Jan and Robert have lunch at the Yacht Club, whereupon he takes her to task by Robert, who is adamant about protecting the bank’s interests. He expresses his concerns as to her commitment, and she reacts defensively. Orrin visits Abby to further discuss the situation with William, threatening that his father could make life difficult for both of them unless their join forces.

Avril angrily confronts Ken over the fact that a letter marked private and confidential was opened in her absence, and that Ken miraculously acquired a photocopy of the official clearance by the solicitors with regard to the trailer-sailor. She also confronts him regarding the sale of his Relton shares to Orrin Hudson, and insists that he disclose all future deals with him. She also reveals that he has bought into Leisurecruise. Charles tears Gerald off a strip for his encounter with Laura, during which he discusses his personal feelings for her more so than the business matters. He warns Gerald they need to remain one step ahead of her at all times in order not to become another of her victims. Laura reveals to Orrin that Ken is negotiating with the Poelma Corporation, and that Sir Edward and Charles also appear to have strong connections with the company. She asks Orrin to make a request to Sir Edward to arrange a meeting with one of their representatives as soon as possible.

Depressed and with no room to move, Ken invites Jenny for a drink, gets drunk and makes a pass at her, which she deftly rebuffs. Leo is suspicious of Abby’s meetings with Orrin, though she insists Orrin means nothing to her and that her only interest is the custody of her son William. They have yet another row regarding his attempts to renew their relationship, and Leo challenges her to deny an interest in her former husband. Jack is obsessed with the Xanadu refit and Vanessa finds it hard to have a serious talk with him. Finally, she corners him over a candlelit dinner and says that if his offer of marriage is still open the answer is “Yes”. Jan confides in Kate that she may have made a big mistake allowing Robert into the business. But she’s heartened when Lynne decides to stay on and help her set up the cosmetics subsidiary.

Charles meets with Sir Edward the following morning, ahead of the forthcoming reception at Highfield. His father makes a strong and final plea for them to combine Nielson and Frere Holdings to create a powerful empire, but Charles definitively rejects the offer. He has no interest in reuniting with his father, and despite Sir Edward’s assurances that the offer will remain open, Charles remains unswayed. Sir Edward implies his son may live to regret the decision. Hungover, Ken arrives at work and makes his apologies for his ham-fisted pass at Jenny. She tells him he has nothing to apologise for, and she renews his enthusiasm for regaining his previous status.

At the Highfield garden party, with practically half of Tarrant’s high society, and some of its lesser members, in attendance, Sir Edward announces that he has recently married Polly Urquhart and that he has returned to Highfield for the last time – as he only has a short time to live.

With Mia Ritchie (Thomas).

Episode 5: 

Written by Tom Needham

A handsome, mysterious stranger, David Relton, arrives in Tarrant. Jan and Kate have a disagreement regarding Jan’s intent to visit Sir Edward, but she is nevertheless determined to meet with him and make her peace with him. Ken endeavours to contact Sir Edward, but is met with short shrift and excuses that he is indisposed. Charles, Gerald and Sir John are also being kept at a distance from Sir Edward, and despite their discussions concerning his ailing health, Charles is determined to discuss business rather than his father’s health. Gerald highlights the direct and indirect consequences of his illness on him personally and professionally, and Charles furiously denies his father’s state will have any bearing on matters.

Sir John reveals he had asked Sir Edward to present a cup at a forthcoming polo match he intends to participate in, and Charles revels in believing his father will be presenting it to him. Jan meets with Sir Edward, whereupon they discuss any possible treatment for his illness (during which he reveals the doctors have diagnosed that a common cold could easily kill him at this stage). Sir Edward indicates that he would prefer to die in his own way, enjoying and savouring his last moments rather than affording a victory to the doctors. Whilst she is sympathetic towards Edward and his current plight, she is later surprised and angered when he tries to get her to admit that she made a mistake in rejecting his proposal of marriage. Jack informs Avril that Vanessa has accepted his proposal, but their celebrations are short-lived as their attention turns to the completion of the Leisurecruise commission, which must be on time and within budget. Avril expresses her concerns regarding the Mermaid Yard’s falling behind in the schedules for refitting Xanadu as well, and they clash over different business practices: she accuses him of living in the past, and he angrily denies dragging his feet in order to complete commissions.

Sir Edward later asks Sir John Stevens to witness an amendment to his will. Gerald advises that the first stage of the marina development requires acceleration, and Charles negotiates the largest loan Frere Holdings has ever applied for with Sir John’s assistance. Orrin clashes with Avril over the Mermaid Yard’s delays, accusing her of placing such an important commission in the hands of an old man and a boy. Abby discusses Polly’s marriage to Sir Edward with Leo, and whilst he is far from sympathetic, Abby is concerned, even more so when she receives an unexpected visit from the man himself. He discusses Polly’s motives and asks for her understanding regarding the marriage. When she expresses a desire to take a photograph of him holding Thomas, he is far from pleased. He nevertheless reluctantly agrees to take part, and when Abby reveals that the baby is suffering from a cold, he realises that he is in a heightened state of danger.

Outside Leisurecruise, David Relton warmly witnesses Laura’s arrival before setting off for a polo match. Jan meets with Kate at House Of Howard, whereupon she furiously recounts her meeting with Sir Edward, in which he implied she had made a mistake in ending their affair and once again offering her Highfield Estate. She expresses her fears that he may strike against in it as a last vindictive blow against her. Whilst Kate organises a “Welcome Home” party for Lynne, Jan expresses her doubts about the huge financial commitment she has taken on to her daughter. Lynne comes up with an idea for the cosmetics range which she later presents to both herself and Robert, with whom she is engaged in a lunch appointment. She proposes to develop a range of cosmetics specifically for outdoors and sports, which will be both attractive and protective. Jan is enthusiastic, but as usual Robert is very cautious.

Avril angrily clashes with Leo after her meeting with Orrin, insisting the Leisurecruise commission must be completed on time. Laura later convenes with Orrin to discuss his delight at stirring up the situation at Relton and the Mermaid Yard. When Kate arrives at the Yard to invite Vanessa and Jack to a celebratory dinner, Jack returns from his meeting with Avril in a foul mood. He also has an angry exchange with Leo later in the day when he visits the Yard to retrieve more of Tom’s design plans. When he leaves, Vanessa discusses the meeting with Avril and tries to calm him down. Her efforts fall on deaf ears when he claims she knows nothing about raising a family, and she should keep out of his disagreement with her. Ahead of his polo match, David Relton takes a stroll around Relton’s premises, reminiscing over old times. Jenny returns to Ken Masters Enterprises, buoyed by the sales of the trailer-sailor but rapidly deflated when Ken insists that his pursuit of a large distribution deal over trivial sales.

Sir Edward visits Charles at Frere Holdings, where he endeavours to mend fences. His attempt at a final reconciliation is rebuffed by his son, who will not accept his apology. He claims his father never knew or understood him, as he was palmed off from nanny to nanny and only hauled out to be displayed before his business contacts as he grew up. He recalls disowning his father whilst at school, and angrily reflects on the fact that all he could ever do was throw money at both himself and his mother: all they wanted was his time. Concluding their meeting by declaring that the apology has come too late, and to accept is would be an act of betrayal against his mother, Charles concurs that he has enjoyed a waging war on the business front against a considerable adversary, his father, and the pair raise a toast to that at least. Disguising the fact that he is in considerable pain, Sir Edward raises a further toast to his son, ruminating that he will miss the chance to finally beat him when he is gone.

Whilst the Howard family home plays host to Lynne’s party, there is an ironic counterpoint as Sir Edward stalks the rooms of his enormous, empty home. At the party, Jack bemoans the current state of affairs to Kate, who recommends that he should retire, highlighting the positives of Leo and Avril’s business acumen, and at a loss to describe how he has upset Vanessa. Lynne and Jenny exchange sailing stories before Jan presents her daughter with a cake in the shape and colours of the Flying Fish, renamed Lynne Howard. Kate delivers an impassioned speech, expressing her happiness at her grand-daughter’s return, and at the forthcoming nuptials between Jack and Vanessa; Jack reflects on Tom’s passing, and raises a toast in his memory. Later, Vanessa asks Jan to design her wedding dress. Meanwhile, Sir Edward loads a video cassette into a camera and records his Last Will and Testament.

At the Yacht Club the following morning, Laura reveals to Orrin that they have been invited to attend the polo match, courtesy of a friend of hers serving on the board of Sir John Stevens’ bank; she reveals the details of the multi-million pound loan application Charles has made with the bank, and voices a rumour she has heard that Sir John perjured himself in court to extricate both himself and Gerald from the fraud proceedings, and she is intent on ensuring the bank is made aware of the fact. Sir Edward and Sir John enjoy a game of chess before the polo match, over which they discuss his plans through a series of chess-related metaphors. At the end of their game, he asks his nurse and Sir John to witness his signature on the revised version of his will. Sir John asks if he is up to his old tricks again, and Sir Edward remains evasive. At the polo match, David Relton participates against against Charles Frere’s team, and sweeps Laura off her feet with his charm and gallantry. She allows him to “carry her colours” on his polo mallet as he takes part, and although she is unaware of his identity, she is decidedly intrigued.

Furious at being kept at arm’s length, Ken Masters, engages in a vituperative row with Sir Edward over the Poelma Corporation distribution deal, during which he issues further threats regarding filing information with the Fraud Squad. They engage in a brief struggle, during which Sir Edward suffers a fatal seizure and collapses outside Highfield. Charles and Sir John watch the polo match with increasing interest, but their passion for the sport is interrupted when, at the peak of the competition (during which he pays particular attention to David Relton’s performance), his nephew requests an urgent discussion with him. At Highfield, Ken remains at the scene as the doctor emerges from Sir Edward’s room having been unsuccessful in reviving the ailing tycoon. Ken is more concerned that he may be implicated in the death than for Sir Edward’s present condition. When Charles is called to the secretary’s tent to receive and urgent message, Sir Edward’s absence from the awards ceremony seems all the more significant.

Ken rifles through the paperwork in Sir Edward’s study in search of material concerning the Poelma deal, but is disturbed by Charles’ sudden arrival; the businessman demands an explanation for Ken’s presence. Jack is surprised when Vanessa is sent a huge bunch if flowers. The mysterious stranger arrives and announces to Vanessa that he’s “come back”. Vanessa is stunned. Jack is confused and jealous. Later, Charles calls on Abby at the Urquharts to reveal that Sir Edward has died. Abby is stunned, and when she asks if Polly has returned to be by his side, Charles reveals she has remained in Paris on business. Abby resigns herself to the fact that it is all over now, Charles expresses his belief that he doubts that very much.

With Richard Heffer (David Relton) and James Atkinson (Thomas).

Episode 6

Written by Tom Needham

Sir Edward Frere’s funeral is attended by all those whom his personal and professional life touched over the years, apart from Charles, who refused to pay his father unjustified last respects. As the funeral procession ventures outside the church, Charles ruminates on the passing of his father in the grounds of the Highfield estate. His passing has clearly affected him, but he is remaining solitudinal. At the airport, Gerald, awaiting the arrival of Polly for the reception after the funeral, receives news that she has sent her lawyer, Sir Josh Gainsford, to represent her rather than attend in person.

The mysterious stranger is revealed to be Vanessa’s brother, David. He has made a fortune in South America and returned to Tarrant on a whim. Vanessa is wary of this “black sheep” (whom she still feels bitter towards over his quick sale of Relton Marine), but he woos the rest of Tarrant with his easy charm. She demands to know why, after twenty-five years, he has returned to Tarrant. He claims to have sold his company for a ridiculous sum and has returned from South America to weigh up his options for the future. As the coffin is laid to rest, Abby places flowers at the graveside. Gerald arrives in time for the conclusion of the bible reading, which is briefly interrupted as Ken receives a mobile telephone call, which somewhat breaks the solemnity of the event.

Jack and Bill discuss David’s unexpected return as they finalise the fixtures and fittings on Xanadu. Returning to the Yard office, he accepts an invitation to dinner from David, much to Vanessa’s chagrin, as he was expected to meet with the Vicar to discuss their forthcoming marriage. At the reception after Sir Edward’s funeral, Abby and Gerald are annoyed that Polly has sent her lawyer to represent her. Lynne and Jan discuss who will inherit Highfield, and Ken later reveals that the call he received hinted at his “resurrection”. Robert expresses his concerns regarding the rumours about his uncle, Sir John, which have surfaced at the bank. Ken implies that Orrin will need to watch his back in future, as he may soon have both Laura and himself as powerful enemies. Abby is repelled by the sight of the “vultures” gathering for the spoils of the tycoon’s empire.

Laura and David Relton enjoy a pre-lunch drink at Tarrant Yacht Club, over which they shamelessly flirt with one another. David reveals he is keen to acquire a fifty-foot luxury cruiser from Leisurecruise for one of his Mediterranean contacts, and he proposes calling upon her services to achieve this end. Gerald meets with Charles after the funeral and reception, and he expresses his view that he should have attended, in order to forgive the dead man. Charles, disconsolate, reveals for the first time in his life he doesn’t know what to think and feel, whereas in the past he was also so self-assured and confidence; he is uncertain whether to feel angry, relieved, bitter, guilty or a sense of loss. Gerald advises there is no “correct” way to feel, and finds it difficult to articulate the right comforting words for his grieving friend. Charles assures Gerald that Sir Edward knew precisely what he was going before his death, and has set in place a variety of “time bombs” which will go off one by one.

David meets with Avril at Relton Marine, in which he expresses the interest an overseas contact has in her company, his boat business covers Asia Pacific, and wants to distribute the Relton product range in exchange for marketing his wares in Europe. Avril is intrigued by the proposition. Sir John Stevens tells Charles that he has had to resign from the bank. He is being pressured over his aid to Charles and Gerald over the Diacra court case and has no intention of ending up in prison, least of all for a Frere. Charles and Gerald speculate who could have ousted Sir John, and identify his nephew Robert is a possible suspect. When Sir John reveals that Hector Burrage has been lobbying for a seat on the board of the bank, if not the Chairmanship itself, and that attention has been too closely drawn to them all.

At House Of Howard, Robert questions her priorities when he discovers she is designing Vanessa’s wedding dress, and despite her defence at undertaking it during her spare time, he continues by revealing that Sir John has resigned from the bank, and warns her that the new Chairman may not be so generous towards her business, unless she keeps it up to scratch. When Ken returns to the Relton Marine site, he witnesses David Relton leaving Avril’s office and his interest is roused. He asks Jenny who he was, but she is unable to identify him. He reveals with elation that the Poelma Corporation are to be represented at the trailer-sailer demonstration that Jenny and Lynne are giving, and that if he can secure a fleet order deal, it will be to their mutual benefit. Orrin demands a meeting with Leo to discuss Abby, and when they meet by the waterfront later in the day, Orrin discusses the fact that Abby still feels something for her. He reveals that she cannot acquire custody of William without her, and she cannot attain it without him. He offers Leo a raft of financial inducements to release her back to him, and he punches him in response and delivers threats to keep away from her.

Lynne delivers a “safe-and-natural” presentation highlighting the strengths of her range of sailing cosmetics and perfumery, hailing it “The Howard Range: Make-up for the Nineties”. Whilst Kate and Jan are impressed, Robert refers to the forthcoming EEC regulations banning cosmetic testing on animals and prefers to place emphasis on the scientific rather than the beautific. David enjoys a drink with Jack and Bill at The Jolly Sailor, where he raises a toast to his forthcoming marriage to Vanessa and the future of the Mermaid Yard. Before leaving, he offers them unlimited credit for a drinking bout, which the pair readily agree to savour. Jack considers asking him to be his Best Man. At the Howard home, Kate and Lynne test the various cosmetics they intend to employ in their proposal, but Jan reacts angrily to their frivolity as she starts to feel the pressure. Abby reassures Leo that he is the one she loves, and Leo gives her an engagement ring, which she happily accepts.

Whilst Orrin meets with Sir Josh Gainsford at Tarrant Yacht Club, Laura and David enjoy a night of passion at his hotel. David claims to be in love with her, but Laura is somewhat suspicious of his sudden declaration. The following morning, Gerald reveals to Charles that the media are playing down news of Sir John’s resignation, and whilst there appears to be no direct culprit, Charles believes internal politics may have been brought to bear. He reveals he intends to contact Jan Howard to discuss the fact that she has been invited to attend the reading of his will. At the Mermaid Yard, a badly hungover Jack staggers in and runs headlong into a confrontation with Vanessa about going on a bender funded by David. When she reminds him that he is due to interview four candidates for the new apprenticeship at the Yard, he reveals he hasn’t forgotten; his revelation that he has handled the wedding arrangements (badly, as expected), Vanessa is literally on the brink of exploding.

Jan assures Vanessa that her wedding dress will be finalised on time, and when she completes the discussion, she is surprised when she receives a call from Charles outlining her requirement to attend the will-reading. She reluctantly accepts the invitation. Jack and Bill escort Tony Munro, a potential new apprentice, around the Mermaid Yard, during which he reveals he has been working for three years odd-jobbing around a variety of boatyards. He offers Tony a one-month trial as a reward for his enthusiasm. The demonstration of the trailer-sailor on the slalom course Ken highlights the best features of the vessel before an assembled group of potential investors. Whilst Avril and Leo monitor the events, and with only six orders secured, they are all concerned that sales may not cover expenses. However, when Lynne and Jenny deviate from the course and start putting the vessel through its paces, which rouses interest from those assembled, despite Ken’s reservations.

Whilst the demonstration continues, Laura and Orrin secretly meet with the Poelma representative as they hatch their own plans. Orrin’s contacts have, in this instance, proved invaluable. As Avril and Ken worry about the absence of the representative at the demonstration, they are temporarily relieved when Lynne and Jenny direct the trailer-sailor to a nearby buoy which they successfully manouevre amidst applause from those in attendance. At the end of the “show”, Phillipe Bouvray, the Poelma contact, witnesses the last stages of the demonstration and boards the vessel, much to Ken’s relief. After the event, Avril presents Leo with a proposal to undertake his own designs, having enjoyed such success with the Leisurecruise venture. As Leo leaves, Sir John pays her a visit at Relton to bid his farewells to her, but not before implying that his nephew may have been responsible for his enforced resignation from the bank.

Having been introduced to Sir Josh Gainsford, Jan and Charles join those in attendance to listen to the contents of Sir Edward Frere’s will. After the event, all those in attendance are lost for words. When Gerald and Jan try to comfort Abby, she storms from the room as Charles issues here with an apology, claiming he had absolutely no idea. Returning home, Jan displays the wedding ring bequested to her, which belonging to the first Lady Frere. They ruminate over Edward’s desire to cause the maximum extent of pain after his death, and consider how Leo will react to the news Abby will be forced to impart to him. Gerald and Charles consider Sir Edward’s capacity for evil, and consider whether or not Polly will contest the contents of the will. Gerald believes she will be happy with the title and the settlement, but Charles expresses his distaste at having been “gifted” Highfield, the estate he never wanted. When Charles expresses his desire to console Abby, Gerald insists that he may be her father by blood, but he is responsible for her.

At the Yacht Club, whilst Ken celebrates, he orders a bottle of champagne for Orrin and Laura to toast his success, and they reflect that his ignorance is their bliss. As they enjoy a drink, she spies David Relton arriving for a meal with Avril. Leo returns home, excited at Avril’s offer to design his own boats in the future. Sadly, she tells him that the bulk of the estate has been left to her son, William, and that she is to be co-executor with Orrin, providing that she severs all links with Leo.

With Richard Heffer (David Relton), David Marrick (Phillipe Bouvray) and David Ashford (The Vicar).

Episode 7

Written by Mervyn Haisman

Charles delivers a doorstep press conference to discuss Nielson Holdings and the fall in Frere Holdings’ share price following the death of Sir Edward. Charles dismisses any speculation as to the impact his company and the special contracts and projects established between the two firms will endure, and also dismisses claims that he may have been upset at not enjoy a lion’s share of his late father’s five-hundred-million-pound fortune. He assures the media that the Southampton Marina development and the Malta consortium are proceeding well, and that Frere Holdings will bounce back from this temporary fall in confidence.

At the Mermaid Yard, Leo and Abby take a trip out on the water, despite the fact that tempers are still severely frayed. Meanwhile, Vanessa reacts angrily to the fact that he has asked David to be his best man rather than Bill. Vanessa demands that he be told sooner rather than later. Having been left Highfield estate in his father’s will, he takes a tour around the premises accompanied by Gerald, who believes that they should be concentrated on the marina development rather than wasting time indulging in reminiscences. Mooring Spring at a fair distance from land, Leo insists that they can now speak without interruption. Abby is struggling with the dilemma that the Will has posed her with. She is torn between Leo and Thomas, and protecting her son William from being used as a pawn in a battle between Frere and Robert Hudson. Leo says it has to be her decision and he won’t pressurise her. She assures him she is still determined to marry him, but she expresses a need to sort everything out before they can be man and wife.

At Leisurecruise, Laura has been showered in bouquets of flowers from David Relton. When Orrin arrives, he questions Relton’s association with Avril and speculates about his true motives in cultivating relationships with them both. She taunts Orrin about Leo’s violent reaction to his proposal regarding Abby, and highlights the fact that, provided they remain co-executors together, the pair will become a powerful force to be reckoned with, provided she does not marry Leo. He proudly reveals he intends to play the situation to his own advantage, and whilst he claims he loves her, Laura is not convinced.

Gerald is shocked when Charles reveals that he intends to take up residence at Highfield, despite the fact that he despises the place. He claims he owes it to his mother’s memory to ensure the estate is not ruined and that, despite his father’s will (in which he can only accept Highfield if he retains it for his lifetime) he intends to “enjoy” living there and defy his father’s intentions. Gerald becomes concerned when Charles hints he intends to help Abby contest the Will to avoid playing out every premeditated move. David Relton has asked Laura to build a luxury cruiser for a wealthy friend, Pierre Challon. Laura suggests that Relton should contribute half the costs towards the expenses arising from the construction of the vessel. Ken and Jenny celebrate an early-morning glass of champagne after he receives confirmation that the Poelma Corporation are intent on distributing the trailer-sailor. Ken reveals he has plans to develop a catamaran which would further his financial success, and he reassures Jenny that he will definitely support her bid for a round the world voyage.

At House Of Howard, Jan and Lynne consider the impact of Sir Edward’s will on the entire family, but with particular reference to Leo. Their discussion is interrupted when Robert returns to reveal that there is intense speculation about who will replace Sir John as Chairman of the bank and that he has been unable to acquire any leads. Jan insists that if the bank consider calling in the loan, she will fight them to the last. Orrin deviously manipulates Abby’s feelings whilst pretending to be helpful. Charles reveals to Gerald that he has been unable to ascertain from Sir John who was responsible for his enforced resignation prior to his departure from England. They discuss the fluctuating share price of Frere Holdings and his intention to move into Highfield. He also expresses his fears that, as his father owned considerable shares in Frere Holdings, if he left instructions for them to be dumped onto the market the company may be under a serious threat. When Gerald defies Charles’ fears and claims he is worried about a ghost, their meeting ends badly. Convinced by Vanessa to change his mind, Jack asks Bill to be his best man, claiming he was only joking when he implied that David would assume the role. Ken is intrigued by David Relton’s presence at Relton Marine and asks his contact, Jeremy, to check him out. He has also suggested a joint distribution deal with businessman Challon to Avril, whom he suggests they meet in Malta whilst he attends a polo match.

Jan is very concerned about Leo, and Robert confides in Lynne that he feels Jan is bringing her personal problems to the office. He invites her out to lunch. Vanessa asks Avril to be her Maid of Honour, and the pair discuss the mountainous plans and preparations which lie ahead. She expresses last-minute doubts to her, unaware that Jack is doing precisely the same to Bill. Abby meets Orrin for lunch to further discuss the ramifications of the will, over which Orrin implies that she should not be living with Leo if the terms and conditions set out by Sir Edward are to be adhered to. Jack finds Tony Munro, the new apprentice, searching through office files at the Mermaid Yard. Bill Sayers says he will check the lad’s references. Ken learns David Relton is “kosher” and later pays him a fee to set up a meeting with Pierre regarding the trailer-sailer. Laura accuses David of cultivating a relationship with Avril, but he denies the claim, citing it was strictly professional.

When Gerald angrily confronts Charles at Highfield and questions his priorities with regard to the Southampton development, Charles claims he is waiting for a call from Bill Shepherd, Sir Edward’s New York lawyer, with whom he intends to discuss his father’s plans. Gerald leaves him to his own devices and sets off for the marina development alone. Later, Jan is worried that Robert and Lynne are getting close. She learns from Sir John in Zurich that he has been offered a seat on the bank’s board. She confronts him with this news asks demands to know what else he is keeping from her. Over dinner, Vanessa and Jack discuss their last-minute doubts ahead of the wedding. Meanwhile, Avril and David enjoy a meal at the Yacht Club, whilst Ken and Jenny speculate nearby as to their developing “relationship”.

That evening, Jan expresses her concerns regarding Robert and Lynne, and the fact that she does not trust him. Whilst Leo is preoccupied with designs, specifications and plans for a new yacht, Abby wants them to discuss the William situation. Their tense discussion is interrupted by Gerald, who voices his own concerns to Leo, who counters by revealing he has asked Abby to reach her own decision. Gerald reveals that he is determined to ensure that Charles does not interfere. Avril and David fly to Malta to meet Pierre Challon, who is involved in an international polo match. En route to the match, he makes arrangements for a meeting later in the day. Laura arrives at Relton Marine to find Ken as his reception committee: he reveals that if she is looking for Avril, she is in Malta with David Relton. He implies that there is a romance in the air, and when she tells him to go to tell, he defiantly barks at her to run her own errands.

In Malta, David, Pierre Challon and Avril meet and agree a joint venture distribution deal on a new powerboat, under the name of Relton Channel, with both putting up a quarter of a million to float the new company. Challon presents a certified cheque having shaken hands on the deal, and whilst Avril expresss the desire to consult her lawyers, Challon intimates that business should be a matter of mutual trust. When he leaves the restaurant to accept a telephone call, Avril asks David what she has done to offend him. She is shocked when David implies that she should have conducted business in a similar manner, and he plants the seed of doubt in her mind that he may back out of the deal if she cannot reach an agreement. Laura returns to Leisurecruise to find Orrin has broken open her safe and discovered she is cultivating a deal with Charles. He warns her that neither of them can afford to have him as an enemy. When he leaves, she angrily smashes a photograph of David, declaring him a bastard.

In Malta, Avril is taken on a test-cruise of the proposed powerboat in which she has been asked to invest. She asks David to arrange for the vessel to be turned around so that she can make an urgent telephone call. Charles speculates on a potential merger in the future between Nielson Holdings and the Hudsons, and the potential damage such a power bloc could do to his interests. Gerald suggests he considers the present rather than the future. Having secured the deal, Avril prepares to leave Malta. David stays behind, apparently to attend a polo match, and asks Avril to extend her apologies to Jack for missing his stag night. She leaves in confident mood. Jack’s drunken night at The Jolly Sailor is a rowdy affair which ends with Jack and Leo passing out.

The following morning in Malta, David and Pierre congratulate each other on what a pleasure it has been to do business together: there is a whiiff of conspiracy in the air. At Frere Holdings, Charles reveals to Gerald he has consulted with his solicitors and is determined to contest the contents of the will. Gerald tells him he won’t allow Abby to be used. He warns Charles that a contestation will result in failure, claiming the only grounds could be if the will was made when Sir Edward was of unsound mind or under duress. There is a fierce confrontation, during which Gerald insists he will not allow Charles to manipulate Abby, and when he indicates that he can be pushed around in business but makes decisions in Abby’s life, Charles insists he will be responsible for Abby’s future – with or without Gerald’s assistance. Angrily, Gerald announces that he can do it without him, and states that his resignation will be on his desk in the morning.

With Richard Heffer (David Relton), Michael Cochrane (Pierre Challon), Sarah Sherborne and Lawrence Kane (The Reporters).

Episode 8

Written by Mervyn Haisman

At the Mermaid Yard, Jack arrives to be welcomed by Jack on his “last day of freedom”. He reveals he needs to talk to him about Tony Munro urgently. Laura is concerned that David Relton hasn’t returned from Malta, and is overdue by two days. She begins to suspect that she may have been conned, a suspicion confirmed when she discovers she has been cheated out of three thousand pounds. Charles tries to convince Abby that is contesting the will in her best interests, and she is far from convinced. He accuses Gerald of cultivating her suspicions, and claims he over-reacted by resigning. He accuses Sir Edward of using her by having structured the terms and conditions of the will in such a manner, and highlights the fact that William has become the focal point to bring two dynasties, the Freres and the Hudsons, together as an enormously powerful empire. He claims Abby is naïve if she believes he will not be influenced by being brought up by the Hudsons, a claim she refutes. She threatens to sweep aside anyone who gets in her way.

Ken arrives ahead of a meeting with David Relton, and discovers that he has not returned from Malta. Jack confronts Tony about providing false references in order to gain a job at the Mermaid Yard. Tony explains that he was very keen to work at the Yard, having been given a love of wood and craftsmanship by his father. At House Of Howard, Robert expresses his concerns that the new Chairman at the bank may call in Jan’s loan, and he insists that she remains on top of all her work ahead of the appointment. Vanessa arrives to inspect her wedding dress, upon which Jan is putting the finishing touches. Vanessa is nervous ahead of the big event. Jenny puts the trailer-sailor through its paces on the water. She takes the vessel to Bloomfield to meet with Ken, who’s nose is severely out of joint at having been stood up by David Relton. He suspects he has been set up.

Avril implies that David Relton’s deal could put Relton on the world map, and excitedly reports on the deal to Leo. She impresses upon him the importance of expansion and asks for details on paper of his forthcoming designs and plans. Unaware of any problems with the deal she struck in Malta, she meets with Gerald and offers him a job at Relton Marine. Jan is puzzled and concerned when Lynne receives a telephone call from Charles Frere. Jack later attempts to dispel Bill’s concerns over Tony by revealing the nature of their conversation, but despite his assurances Bill is suspicious of the apprentice. Gerald returns home to share his good news with Abby. He indicates he is considering a very generous offer, and Abby poses the question of Charles’ reaction. She reveals she has seen him and that she demanded an explanation as to why he is disputing the will. She asks for his legal advice should she elect to stay with Leo, and Gerald examines all the ramifications, particularly the fact that it would seriously damage her chances of acquiring custody of William. He advises her to proceed with extreme caution.

At Leisurecruise, Laura is frustrated that she has been able to located David Relton. Having cashed the company’s completion bond, she considers contacting the police. When Orrin asks if she has informed Laura, and indicates she has been trying to find another explanation before approaching her. Lynne meets Charles at Frere Holdings and he offers to help Leo in case of a battle over the Will, which may involve Thomas’ custody. Ken tells Avril he’s been let down by David Relton and suspects a con. When she reveals Laura has informed her that she has been swindled out of three-hundred-thousand pounds, and coupled with Ken’s twenty-five-thousand pound advance, she is momentarily concerned. Avril tells him that Pierre Challon is due to arrive at any moment, but when he enters Avril is shocked to see he is not the man she signed the agreement with in Malta. Kate is concerned for Leo. She feels Abby has changed since Sir Edward’s death. Leo feels sure that she loves him and will make the right decision. Whilst they share lunch, Abby visits a wide range of exclusive stores, where she spends a small fortune on new clothes and a new look, in furtherance of an entirely new image.

Avril arrives at the Mermaid Yard, interrupting work on the Xanadu to tell Jack that Vanessa’s brother is a con-man. Protective of Vanessa, he says he will tell her, but not until after the wedding. Jan is annoyed that Charles is trying to interfere in the complicated situation involving Leo and Abby, and whilst Lynne believes he was genuinely concerned, Jan believes that he is dividing camps between those supporting his stance and those against him. Their argument is interrupted when Robert arrives at House Of Howard, expressing that the tense atmosphere at the bank has culminated in a rumour he has been able to source identifying who forced his uncle’s resignation. He reveals to Jan that, following a meeting the next day, he may have a better idea of the identity of the party responsible.

Laura is livid when she meets with the real Pierre Challon, whom she accuses of swindling Leisurecruise money. She refuses to allow him to take custody of the cruiser he has seemingly paid for, and Challon implies that she is guilty of fraud and that unless he can take delivery of the vessel when he returns with the remaining payment, his solicitors will contact her accordingly. Orrin arrives as their meeting ends, and he indicates that Laura is liable for payment of the completion bond. Ken contacts Charles and tries to use his information about David’s defrauding of Relton Marine to ingratiate himself into a deal with him. Avril reveals that she is now faced with the problem of having to repay the money to Relton, and could face court action having been accused by Challon of illegally trading under the company’s name.

Lynne discovers that Kate is preparing a draft manifesto ahead of her election to the local Tarrant council, having been nominated to stand in the forthcoming elections. She asks Lynne to keep it a secret from Jan until such time as she is elected. Jan meets with Gerald to discuss Charles’ potential involvement in Leo and Abby’s affairs, and when Gerald implies that she should deal with the matter through her solicitors, Jan is astonished that the relationship between the Urquharts and the Howards have come to this point. When Gerald later reveals that, even if Leo does not know which way to turn, Abby certainly has made her own mind up, Jan is particularly concerned. When Abby meets Leo later at the Yacht Club, she has totally changed her image. She tells him that she needs a change, not just in appearance, and that she must act in William and Thomas’ best interests. She gives him back the engagement ring.

At Frere Holdings, Charles and Ken enjoy a drink and discuss the prosperity of his new business enterprise. They discuss Laura’s shrewd business acumen, with Ken ruminating that she’d stab herself in the back if she thought she could gain from it. They speculate over the Poelma Corporation, and Ken implies that he might be interested in considering his own proposal before accepting that of Leisurecruise. He virtually repeats Laura’s observations that the company is ripe for a takeover bid, and suggests a join assault on the company. When Charles raises the matter of Relton Marine, Ken implies that whilst he does not want to betray any confidences, he would be prepared to reward certain favours with confidential information. At Jack’s stag night, staged at The Jolly Sailor, Tony leaves early.

At Vanessa’s dinner party, staged at the Howards’, Kate, Jan, Lynne and Vanessa discuss Abby’s decision to break off her engagement to Leo, and the implications for custody of baby Thomas. However, their conversation soon turns to the forthcoming marriage, and their charge their glasses to the bride to be. Later that night, there is a break-in at the Mermaid Yard, during which the unseen perpetrator breaks open a filing cabinet. The following morning, when Bill tries to rouse Jack from his slumber, he finds that Jack has only just returned from the police station, where he was called in the middle of the night following the break-in. Amidst a colourful selection of dresses, hats and suits, a horse-drawn carriage ushers Vanessa and Leo (who is giving her away) to the church ahead of the wedding. Abby receives a frosty reception from Jan and Kate, and elects to sit with Orrin and Gerald during the service.

As the wedding ceremony proceeds, Robert meets Charles at Highfield. He indicates that he is aware of the fact that his uncle did not resign from his chairmanship of the bank, but was pushed. As Vanessa and Jack exchange vows and rings, Robert confirms that he knows about the Diacra affair, and suggests that he should be appointed to oversee Frere Holdings’ account at the bank so as to prevent both his, and Sir John’s, implication in fraud. The marriage service now completed, the bride and groom assemble with family, friends and guests amid a shower of confetti for photographs. After Kate catches the bouquet, Leo and Abby exchange tortured glances, and as the final photograph of the bride and groom is taken, Jack asks his wife how she feels, and she smiles warmly and reveals “I’m so happy, Jack”.

With James Coombes (Pierre Challon) and Richard Bates (The Vicar).

Episode 9

Written by Raymond Thompson

On their honeymoon in Malta, Vanessa awakes to find that Jack has risen before her and is nowhere to be found in their apartment. She casts an eye over Valetta harbour on a glorious morning. In Tarrant, Kate receives an unexpected visit from the local police. At the Urquharts, Abby and Leo engage in a row as he collects his personal items before leaving her permanently. Whilst she tries to explain and highlights the fact that she is acting in the best interest of William and Thomas, Leo refuses to listen. She threatens to engage the courts if he continues to be unreasonable, and he says that it’s fine by him as he intends to retain custody of Thomas.

At the Relton Marine site, Ken arrives for work as Laura appears on the scene. He feigns concern regarding the situation with David Relton and expresses his sympathy over her financial loss, but Laura proudly claims she will survive. Ken later enjoys discussing both her plight and Avril’s with Jenny, who hands him an urgent fax revealing bad news. Charles and Gerald meet to discuss finalising their business affairs; their business relationship is frosty as they discuss the settlement of the loan he arranged for his old friend. Charles lectures him on business ethics and insists on his confidentiality should he pursue interests beyond Frere Holdings, and ruminates on the fact that he would rather Gerald reconsidered the situation than agreeing to a resignation settlement. The conversation turns to the situation regarding Abby, and despite Charles’ assurances, Gerald does not believe his daughter is not being used. Reluctantly, Charles wishes him luck. Gerald implies he is considering several offers, and when Charles refers to a rumoured offer at Relton Marine, he avoids a direct answer and explains that a press release will be issued in due course. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Jan, who is absolutely furious with his intervention in matters.

At the Mermaid Yard, Bill, Leo and Avril discuss the recent break-in: nothing has been stolen, but Bill has his suspicions. He asks Leo whether or not they should discuss the matter with Tony, and despite Leo’s reservations, Bill believes he is the prime suspect, having left the party early and his feelings towards him. In Malta, Vanessa is concerned that Jack seems preoccupied. She finally tracks him down to Marshashlock, where he is inspecting the colourful quayside boats. When she initially raises the subject with him, Jack assures her there is nothing wrong, and they decide to engage in some sight-seeing. Charles assures Jan that Abby has changed, and that Leo should protect both his and Leo’s interests. Jan questions her discussion with Lynne, and Charles claims that she would not have remained objective in any preliminary discussions. Jan accuses him of cultivating a wedge between the Howards and the Urquharts, but Charles assures her that should Abby seek the Hudson’s assistance, he will need all the help he can get.

Avril is stunned that Laura believes that Relton should foot half the associated costs of her deal with David Relton, and she passes Gerald at the conclusion of the meeting upon arrival to accept Avril’s offer. He assures her he is not frightened of Charles’ reaction to the appointment, and is pleased to come aboard. Ken’s endeavours to contact Charles are falling on deaf ears, and he discusses his attempts to cultivate support for his business proposals with Jenny. He requests that she does not discuss the facsimile he has received, or his business dealings, with Avril. Jenny reveals that Jeremy contacted him before he arrived at work, revealing he knows where Relton can be located.

At House Of Howard, Robert and Lynne have a tense meeting regarding her marketing proposals for the new cosmetic range. Robert suggests that Jan reconsiders the product launch, insisting it should be fresh and innovative, but Jan does not agree with the suggestion. He once again reiterates the implications of a new regime at the bank; when she asks who the successor to Sir John Stevens will be, he reveals he may know after a lunch appointment. Their meeting ends with a telephone call revealing that Kate has been arrested. Orrin calls upon Avril to discuss the end of her relationship with Leo, and the co-executor relationship they will now share. They discuss his capacity to cultivate and use his father in support of a contestation bid against Charles. Orrin suggests that she accompanies him to America that evening to discuss the situation with his father, and she is giving the offer serious consideration. Kate, having been questioned by the police, discusses the situation with Jan outside the station: they have discovered documents that appear to have been stolen from the Mermaid Yard, which contain confidential information about her stand against Charles Frere’s development plans for the Mermaid. Kate is convinced someone is trying to smear her and Admiral Redfern.

In Malta, Jack and Vanessa indulge in some marketplace shopping for a variety of fabrics, dresses and rugs. Whilst Vanessa appears blissfully happy, Jack seems to have a great weight on his mind. She presses him again, and he reluctantly admits that he does not want to discuss it, but he should. He finally tells her about the fraud her brother, David, has worked on Avril and Laura. She is shocked and hurt. When Bill and Leo discuss the break-in with Tony, the latter resents his questioning, but Bill is certain that the apprentice is not telling the truth. The meeting ends badly, and Leo advises that they both cool down before the discussion continues. Lynne arrives to invite Leo out to lunch on Spring Of Tarrant. Robert meets with Admiral Redfern for lunch, over which the pair discuss Sir John’s enforced resignation and his potential successor. The latter implies he need not worry about the new appointment, inferring that he himself has secured the position.

Charles and Laura meet for lunch at the Yacht Club, discussing their moderate admiration for Ken Masters’ survival instincts before the conversation turns to the Poelma Corporation and their potential takeover bid. Laura underlines the point that Gerald is aware of Charles’ interest in the firm, and that he could supply Avril with the information. Charles points out that it would only prove problematic if he accepted a position at Relton Marine, and she informs him that Gerald has already accepted the offer, much to his surprise. On Spring, Lynne tries to convince Leo to let Charles help regarding Abby and Thomas. Leo cannot understand why he has offered his help, as Abby would naturally be his primary concern, but Lynne insists that whilst William is a Hudson, Thomas is a Howard, but Leo considers whether or not he will stay that way should he accept Charles’ assistance. Gerald assesses the forthcoming business plans and Relton’s distribution agreement with the Poelma Corporation with Avril. When he queries the fine print of the Poelma deal, he reveals that she could take an inspired guess as to the other parties interested in the company. When Avril raises the issue concerning Pierre Challon, Gerald implies that Relton are legally liable, and that Charles could use it as leverage against her and Relton should she be unable to resolve the matter. Avril reveals she is due to have supper with him when he arrives from Paris later that day.

Ken has been unable to track down David Relton, whom he wished to utilise for his own ends. He discusses the lost potential of the deal with Jenny, who questions whether or not she will acquire his sponsorship. He assures her she will one day, but their meeting is interrupted when he receives a mysterious call from Abby. Laura is unimpressed that Orrin is returning to America for a few days, and criticises his commitment to salvaging something from the Challon deal and the potentially damaging affects upon her relationship with Frere Holdings should the Abby situation muddy the waters. Orrin confidently reveals to her that the Hudsons could lend far more powerful support to to Poelma bid than Charles could ever hope to offer. Back at the apartment in Malta, Jack and Vanessa discuss the situation arising from her brother’s fraudulent activities. Vanessa vows to reimburse the money Laura and Avril have lost. She suggests that they return early to Tarrant to resolve the matter, but Jack convinces her that their time is Malta is for themselves and no one else, and that they should make the most of it.

Jan is suspicious of Lynne’s motives, feeling that her daughter may be coming under Frere’s spell once again. Robert arrives during their discussion to reveal the identity of the new Chairman of the bank. The man himself, Admiral Redfern, greets Pierre Challon upon his arrival at the airport, with Challon implying that it will be nice to do business with him again, particularly in light of his recent appointment. Charles and Orrin meet at Frere Holdings to discuss a business proposition. Orrin asks if he has had second thoughts regarding the contestation of the will, and implies that they should put their differences aside. He implies that, as a sign of good faith, he can “forget” the information with which he could damage him (regarding Diacra Holdings), and insists that Sir John Stevens’ resignation may have something to do with the affair. He claims Charles could lose a lot more than merely a case if the Diacra matter was raised during the custody and contestation battles to follow. Before leaving, Orrin issues a series of threats which clearly have Charles ruffled.

Returning home, Gerald discusses his future at Relton Marine. Abby asks what he thinks Charles’ reaction will be, and Gerald insists he will not pose a problem. They discuss her forthcoming trip to visit the Hudsons in America, and is he clearly concerned for his daughter. Admiral Redfern meets Kate later that afternoon for a drink, over which they discuss her recent encounter with the police force and his appointment at the bank. She expresses her concerns that the paperwork related to her stand against the development of the Mermaid Yard could implicate him, but she is concerned that the documents may have been falsified, as she did not keep an official record of their previous meetings, and nor did he.

At Highfield, Charles and Lynne meet for dinner. At the Blue Grotto in Malta, Jack and Vanessa are enjoy dinner on a chartered cruiser, where he does his best to assuage her guilt over her brother’s activities. He raises a toast to their marriage and their new life, assuring her they can overcome any problems so long as they face them together. They toast Mr and Mrs Jack Rolfe. Gerald dines with Avril and Pierre Challon as a means of explaining the situation arising from David Relton’s fraudulent deals, and assures him that she did not illegally trade under his company name. Whilst the conversation is tense, Challon appears to be convinced. He raises the subject of the Poelma Corporation and the rumours of a takeover bid, and Avril implies that they may still have the opportunity to do business together after all. When Gerald presses Challon with regard to who is behind the bid, he reveals the name Charles Frere. Avril advises that Challon should not become associated with Poelma if Frere secures the bid, as if it is successful the move will only benefit himself. She insists he is a man of strong business acumen, and Challon advises that he will have to be, as he may soon be facing a takeover bid of his own.

At an art gallery outside Tarrant, Abby and Ken have a discreet meeting. She discusses her previous business dealings with the Hudsons, Laura Wilde and Charles Frere, and asks how well he knows them all. When he presses her for an explanation, she reveals that whilst she is in America, she has an interesting business proposition of her own for him. Charles and Lynne discuss Jan’s hostile reaction to his offer of assistance to Leo; Lynne says he can’t blame her for having her suspicions, and Charles questions her as to whether or not she has lost faith in him as well. He asks why she came to dinner if she did not trust him, and she reveals that, perhaps, as they have both lost their fathers recently, she was in search of a kindred spirit. They discuss Sir Edward’s passing, during which Charles expresses the view that he was a successful businessman but a failure as a father. He drinks heavily during their conversation, and becomes somewhat tired and emotional. When Lynne asks if there were any good times between himself and his father, Charles reminds her of the so-called good times they had together, and while she insists that it is all in the past, they end up in a clinch, though Lynne is rather surprised at her own reaction. When she withdraws from the kiss and tells him that she should leave, he asks her to stay.

With Michael Denison (Admiral Redfern) and James Coombes (Pierre Challon).

Episode 10

Written by Mervyn Haisman

Charles and Lynne enjoy an early-morning sail on board Phantom, his new yacht, ahead of his participation in the Frere Five Star Cup. He suggests that they would make a formidable team crewing for the race, and she asks whether Avril are entering Barracuda in the race. Charles implies that she will, as Relton need all the publicity they can get, and that he will enjoy beating her. Having returned from his honeymoon, Jack inspects Xanadu at the Mermaid Yard. Whilst Tony expresses a desire to speak to him, Bill insists they need to talk urgently. He also implies that Kate is keen to speak to him as well.

At Relton, Vanessa discuss her brother’s fraud with Avril. She insists she should have warned her about her brother, revealing that he swindled her late husband Klaus out of money on a previous occasion, and that he was not prosecuted because David was her brother. Avril admits that, had she been warned, she would never have entered into a business deal with him. She assures Vanessa that, should both she and Laura be able to locate him, a prosecution will take place. Gerald interrupts their meeting to bring a newspaper article to her attention, which reports Avril’s implication in David Relton’s fraud and suspects that Charles is behind the leak ahead of a potential vote of no confidence. Bill reveals his suspicions that Tony stole confidential files from the Mermaid Yard. Despite Tony’s denial, he insists he is the culprit. Ken discusses the Relton newspaper article with Jeremy, and whilst he is pleased that phrases such as “clouded judgement” will be included in a follow up, when Jenny asks what he was discussing with him, he lies and says he was cultivating a story regarding her potential sponsorship.

Admiral Redfern meets with Gerald and Avril to discuss his new appointment at the bank and her situation with David Relton. Avril is certain she can cultivate enough support to stave off a vote of no confidence, and the legal implications of an extradition order against Relton. Gerald asks the position the Admiral will take, and he insists at the moment he is strictly on the sidelines. Laura meets with Leo to discuss the distribution rights to the vessel she has jointly commissioned with Relton, and they discuss Abby’s arrival in America. She reveals that Orrin has implied they will be there for some time. Questioned by Jack, Tony is evasive. Jack gives him an ultimatum: tell the truth or be sacked. Their meeting is interrupted by Kate’s unexpected arrival. She is livid, as the evidence against her bears Jack’s signature and that the police have handed the incriminating evidence over to Hector Burrage, who can not only bring pressure to bear on her council election plans, but also serves on the board the the Admiral’s bank. She asks him to attend a meeting with Burrage later that evening to try and extricate her from the situation.

Admiral Redfern, having replaced Sir John Stevens as bank Chairman, is concerned at Jan’s financial position. Jan is angry and suspicious that Robert has not told her of major changes at the bank, particularly as the Admiral insists that over-budgeting at House Of Howard has raised concerns with the board. He expresses his support for her cosmetics venture, but insists that she is dealing with a new regime which needs to be won over. At the end of their meeting, Robert insists that she is behaving like a child. Laura and Charles meet at the Yacht Club, during which she approaches Charles about a joint takeover bid of the Poelma Corporation. Though he is obviously wary of her, he nevertheless agrees after Ken arranges a meeting with him and exchanges barbs with Laura concerning David Relton. The pair also discuss Leo’s apparent disinterest in Abby and the forthcoming custody battle. Meanwhile, Jenny suggests to Ken the construction of a small wooden boat.

At the Mermaid Yard, Leo raises the subject of a delay in the completion schedule on Xanadu with Jack. He insists he will run the Yard his own way, and Leo tells him he is wrong: Relton run the Yard, and he has no intention of being forced to pay the penalty clause. Vanessa sells shares to repay Avril the two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand pounds she lost, but when Gerald and Avril learn that they were Relton shares, they fear that Charles may have bought them, in which case he will have the balance of power. Later, she learns from her broker that the shares were sold as a single block. Gerald and Avril consider whether or not Charles will contact them, having acquired the shares, but their meeting is interrupted when Pierre Challon arrives. Vanessa leaves, and they discuss the Poelma Corporation’s imminent takeover by a dozen different potential sources. He recommends that Relton extricate themselves from any contractural obligations to the company as soon as possible, and whilst Gerald implies it is easier said than done, Avril insists that they must try.

At House Of Howard, Robert apologises to Jan and suggests that he crew with her in the Frere Five Star Cup as publicity for their new outdoor cosmetic range. Lynne reveals that she is sailing with Charles. Whilst Robert reveals that he believes he knows enough about sailing, Jan says she’ll ask Leo instead. Laura meets with Pierre Challon, whereupon he learns the Leisurecruise cruiser completion date has been delayed by a further ten days, and despite her pleas regading a cash-flow problem, Challon insists he intends to invoke the penalty clause. Tony confesses to Jack that he was searching the files for information about his father, whom he never knew. His mother worked in a Tarrant boatyard and the lad feels his father must have also. When he mentions his mother’s name, Jack is secretly stunned.

At Ken Masters Enterprises, Jenny asks Ken to reconsider entering the Frere Five Star. They are interrupted by the arrival of Leo, who wants to borrow some of his moulding staff for a new project. When Ken leaves having reluctantly agreed to the request, Jenny asks Leo to crew with her in the race. Laura angrily confronts Avril with regard to the circulation of damaging press reports arising from David Relton’s fraud. Laura insists that Ken is responsible, and the pair ruminate over his involvement. Meanwhile, Ken meets with Charles; the former has acquired Vanessa’s Relton shares, which he offers to Charles. He raises the subject of Charles entering into a deal with Laura regarding the Poelma Corporation takeover bid, and insists that he wants his distribution deal to remain secure. He implies that if Charles obtains Leisurecruise shares for him, he would be prepared to exchange his Relton stake. When Charles asks him how soon he wants the Leisurecruise shares, Ken asks him how desperately he wants the stake in Relton. Robert unexpectedly invites Jan out for dinner to get her away from work.

Ken returns from his meeting is a decidedly good mood, and discusses Jenny’s forthcoming race, crewing alongside Leo. As he takes delivery of some confidential papers, he allows her to leave work early whilst he makes a discreet telephone call. Later, Charles meets with Leo to discuss the situation with Abby and baby Thomas. Charles highlights Abby’s headstrong attitude and her naïve approach to the powerful Hudson family. Leo cynically believes that he is only interested in money and business, especially when he refers to William as the bargaining chip in the negotiations, but he reveals that he wants Thomas to remain in the United Kingdom, and is in a position to exert pressure in the proceedings. He expresses a desire to act on Leo’s behalf in both their interests, and Leo reluctantly agrees.

Kate and Admiral Redfern, under suspicion of revealing confidential council information and having enlisted Jack’s help to confront Hector Burrage, the council Chairman, discover that he was indeed the one responsible for the circulation of the rumour (in a bid to prevent her election to the Tarrant Council). Jack produces evidence that convinces Burrage to drop his smear campaign, and later reveals to Kate and the Admiral that he fabricated the evidence to ensure a positive outcome. At Relton, Gerald cannot identify a loophole in the Poelma contract and the pair consider the damage Charles could extricate against them. Having confirmed an appointment at the corporation in Malta on Wednesday, they are due to meet the Chairman, but Avril reflects on the fact that they may not know his or her identity until the meeting takes place.

Over their meal at the Yacht Club, the beginnings of a friendship emerge between Jan and Robert, and former of which agrees to sail with him in the forthcoming race. The following morning, Charles visits Laura at Leisurecruise to reveal that he has arranged an appointment with the Poelma Corporation for later in the day, and that he has a jet waiting to take them to Malta. Admiral Redfern invites Kate to accompany him to a presentation at the Frere Five Star Cup, but she reluctantly turns down the offer as she is looking after baby Thomas. Before leaving, he reveals to her that Robert is managing Frere Holdings’ account at the bank. The pair are both concerned he has not disclosed the fact that Jan.

In New York, ahead of a meeting with the solicitors Orrin angrily confronts Abby regarding the request she made to Ken Masters, a proposition which involved some two million American dollars. Abby insists the deal is already done, and that she has faith in his capabilities. As they wait in the solicitor’s office, Orrin accuses Abby of wielding her power dangerously against Charles, and he warns her not to act independently for fear of jeopardising their chances of custody.  She receives a telephone call from Ken, and she is pleased with the news he has to impart. She reveals to Orrin that the deal is done, and Orrin warns her that he believes she has backed the wrong horse. She assures him that Ken is under her control, but Orrin implies that it should be a mutual arrangement.

Gerald and Avril arrive in Malta ahead of their meeting at the Poelma Corporation, and both are initially concerned that they will be kept waiting a further twenty minutes before meeting the Chairman. Avril expresses her concerns at the delay, and Gerald considers the possibility of a large compensation payment Relton may be liable for in order to be released from the contract. She also asks Avril if she would be prepared to take the matter to court should the Corporation refuse to release Relton from its commitments. Jack tells Bill that he had a brief affair with Tony’s mother, Helen Brown, and he believes that he may be the young apprentice’s father. When Avril and Gerald are escorted into the Chairman’s office at the Poelma Corporation, they are surprised to find Charles and Laura waiting in the office as well. All four are stunned when Ken Masters enters – and announces that he is the new boss of the Poelma Corporation.

With Michael Lees (Hector Burrage).

Episode 11

Written by Mervyn Haisman

The Frere Five Star Cup gets underway, with Charles and Lynne joining the crew manning Phantom whilst Ropbert and Jan crew Barracuda, and Jenny and Leo enjoy sailing Skua.  Avril, Gerald and Pierre Challon speculate about who backed Ken Masters’ takeover of the Poelma Corporation. They are pleased that Ken has granted permission for Relton’s release from their contractual obligations, and Pierre expresses that he is intrigued when Ken asks to see him.

At the Mermaid Yard, Bill reveals to Jack that Xanadu is still behind schedule, but is reassured when Tony offers to put in the extra hours to ensure they do not undertake a rush job. When he leaves their meeting, he discusses his possible parentage with Bill. In the Frere Cup race, Charles tries to cut corners and ends up getting a soaking when he tumbles overboard and has to be rescued by his sailing partner, Lynne. Pierre is surprised and intrifued when Ken offers him a seat on the Poelma board. The suggestion is that they can carve the distribution territories up between them. Leo and Jenny win the Frere Five Star with Skua on handicap, and it’s clear that something is developing between them. Jan and Lynne’s testing of the outdoor cosmetics in race conditions is a great success.

At the photo-call after the race, Jan is puzzled to see Robert greeting two young children with great affection. At The Jolly Sailor, Jack discusses acquiring the sister version of the Proud Lady boat to sell as a favour to its present owner. Vanessa realises that something is troubling him, and tries to speak to him about it. He implies that he can’t discuss it with her in the pub, and when she ventures that she may not like the news he has to offer, he suggests that may well be the case. Returning home, Kate informs Jan that Charles’ business and financial matters are being managed by Robert. She is far from impressed. At Relton, Gerald receives a telephone call from Abby, who is now in Bermuda with Orrin ahead of their meeting with the Hudsons. She has also been commissioned to undertake a photographic contract, and whilst her father warns her to get her priorities right, Abby reveals that Charles is due to converge in Bermuda, accompanied by the attornies. When Gerald expresses his fears to Avril that they may pursue an out-of-court settlement, he insists that he must join them.

At House Of Howard, Jan angrily confronts Robert as to his management of Charles’ interests. Robert insists that his only manages his personal interests, and that they will not conflict with her own business affairs. She also challenges his children’s appearance at the post-race celebrations, and he explains that his ex-wife foisted them upon him without notice. Lynne arrives with the photographs taken of the cosmetics test, and they are all impressed. They consider the Tarrant County Club as a potential venue for the official launch, and when Jan proposes they take a preliminary jaunt there, Robert indicates he will need to bring the children with him. Charles expresses his gratitude to Hector Burrage for having tried, but failed, to dislodge Admiral Redfern from the Chairmanship of the bank. He reveals that he has exchanged a share deal with Laura Wilde at Leisurecruise ahead of completing a deal for a strike on Relton Marine.

Ken pays a visit to the Mermaid Yard to discuss the purchase of the Proud Lady’s successor, which he intends to “gift” to Jenny for her round-the-world voyage. She praises Jack’s craftsmanship and Ken offers any price to secure the vessel, much to Vanessa’s amusement as it appears to have restored Jack’s faith in the future. Hector Burrage pays Laura a visit at Leisurecruise, in which he reveals that James Brooke’s shares at House Of Howard have suddenly become available. She is very keen to secure them. Charles meets with Leo, suggesting that Thomas moves into Highfield ahead of his custody battle with the Hudsons. Lynne tries to assure her brother that it would only be for a short time, but he refuses the offer. He claims to only care about the safety and security of his son, and when he refuses to attend to meeting in Bermuda, Charles persuades Leo to allow Lynne to accompany him as Leo’s representative, which Leo agrees to willingly.

Over lunch at the Country Club, Jan and Robert discuss his divorce and separation, and the impact it has had on his children. His recounting of his pursuit for business success over family commitments tends to ring a distant bell with her own personal life. Having completed their meal, they venture onto the nearby dance floor where, under the pretence of dancing with his children, he eventually finishes up dancing with Jan to the accompaniment of Lady In Red. At Ken Masters Enterprises, Jenny is overjoyed that Ken has not let him down. When Charles arrives and exchanges congratulations with her over her victory in the Frere Five Star Cup, she leaves the two men to discuss their varying business fortunes. He presses Ken to admit that the Hudsons were behind his acquisition of the Poelma Corporation, and he reveals mysteriously that they did not provide the financial backing. They discuss the exchange of shares, and Ken is buoyant as to his future prospects.

Admiral Redfern and Kate enjoy an evening out, leaving Leo at home alone caring for baby Thomas. Jack recounts his four-week affair with Helen Brown and breaks the news to Vanessa that he believes he is Tony’s father. Bill Sayers arrives also claiming paternity, revealing to a shocked Jack that he was also romantically involved with Helen. The two men think they should tell Tony, but Vanessa thinks it would be a mistake. Gerald arrives in Bermuda and meets Abby at the quayside ahead of her journey to watch Orrin take part in a yacht race at Mangrove Bay. Pierre Challon reveals to Avril that Admiral Redfern has been appointed to head a British bid for the America’s Cup. Challon wants the vessel to be constructed by the Mermaid Yard, and the mould to be completed at the Mermaid Yard. When Redfern expresses that he is happy to the mould to be completed at the Yard, but does not want Jack involved. When Challon suggests Leo as the possible man in charge, Avril agrees, but appreciates her father will react badly to the decision.

Laura pays a visit to Ken at his portacabin, wherepon he implies he will soon be returning to take charge of Leisurecruise. She enquires about his stake in House Of Howard, and offers to pay over the odds for his seven percent, and whilst he is surprised that she is aware of the level of his stake, he rejects her offer. However, he is intrigued as to what she is up to. When he presses her to an explanation, she claims to be “out for a bit of shopping”. In Bermuda, Gerald finds himself trying to talk sense to Abby and accuses her photographic contract of having been engineered by Hudson Publishing Corporation. When he asks who’s idea it was to have William in attendance at Bermuda, Abby reveals Robert Hudson made the decision. He accuses the Hudsons of providing her with a number of distractions ahead whilst he secretly negotiates with Charles and the lawyers, and she reacts badly to the implication.

Admiral Redfern reveals to Jan that James Brooke has defaulted on his loan, and reveals that he has instructed Hector Burrage to resolve the situation immediately with regard to the shares he had in the company. Whilst Jan cannot afford to secure a loan to finance the purchase with the aid of the bank, Robert offers to stand as guarantor for a potential loan for Jan, or implies he will acquire the shares himself rather than allow her company to go under. As Jack and Bill prepare to tell Tony, the apprentice says he’s decided he wants his father to remain a mystery, so as not to spoil his illusions. They both appear somewhat relieved at his revelation, and Jack hastily back-tracks from their joint admission by offering him a pay rise and greater responsibility in the Yard. When Jan returns from taking the Admiral on a tour of the factory, she extends her thanks to Robert for making the offer. She tells him if he wishes to reconsider, she would more than understand, but he is adamant in providing his support.

In Bermuda, Orrin admits to Gerald that whether or not they have been set up with regard to the agenda for their forthcoming meeting with the Hudsons, but Abby is adamant that with the powerful support of Sir Edward’s estate behind them, they will not be defeated. Gerald realises that the pair have joined forces together, and considers whether or not his presence is somewhat redundant. He warns them not to be complacent, and be aware they could become caught in the crossfire between Charles and the Hudsons, despite the powerful support and overriding confidence. Jack is furious when Avril reveals that Admiral Redfern’s America’s Cup project has been entrusted to Leo Howard. When Avril reminds him that Relton owns the Mermaid Yard, Jack accuses her of being devious and storms from the meeting. Afterwards, Avril reacts somewhat angrily to Pierre Challon’s arrival, and realises after he leaves that she should have handled the situation better. Later, the pair enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, during which he reveals that his father has retired and handed over control of his company entirely to him. He reveals that the shape of certain events will bring them closer together than ever before. She invites him for an after-dinner drink at her home.

Leo discusses Jenny’s forthcoming round-the-world voyage, and ruminates on his situation with Abby. Surprisingly, they exchange a kiss as she consoles him. Charles and Lynne arrive in Bermuda, and he is surprised to find Gerald enjoying a drink in the bar nearby. He demands to know why Gerald is in attendance, and Gerald insists he is there to ensure that fair play is conducted. He reveals that Abby and Orrin are not seeking his help, and that he should reconcile himself to that fact. Charles threatens to trample him underfoot is he gets in his way. At the Mermaid Yard, Jack ruefully returns from his meeting with Avril and reveals to Bill that he has decided he’s had enough and wants out. When Bill claims he doesn’t mean it, Jack says “Don’t I? You just watch”.

With Michael Lees (Hector Burrage), James Coombes (Pierre Challon), Louisa Woolf (Jackie Hastings) and Justine Degan (Mark Hastings).

Episode 12

Written by Raymond Thompson

In Bermuda on his yacht, Sea Witch, Charles prepares for his confrontation with Robert Hudson over the Will. Lynne, trying to lighten the mood, asks for his help from the water, and when he provides assistance, she pulls him into the water. At Leisurecruise, Ken demands Laura’s resignation, claiming she has lost the support of the company’s board. She claims that despite his acquisition of further shares in the firm, she will not be ousted. When he claims that the Poelma Corporation’s board have also lost confidence in her after she loses a contract with them, and also reveals that Relton are losing confidence in her, he tells her that her future is in jeopardy. He implies that if she exchanges her House Of Howard shares to him, he may be able to persuade the relevant parties to regain confidence in her abilities.

At the Mermaid Yard, Kate finds that Leo has eagerly started work on designs for Admiral Redfern’s America’s Cup consortium. He reveals he is also working on the forthcoming Gaffer Race, but whilst he tries to concentrate on work, Kate reiterates her concern regarding Charles acting for his interests in Bermuda. Leo implies that reaching an agreement is one thing, but actually securing custody is another thing entirely. Kate queries whether or not they can trust Abby in this affair. Meanwhile, a wide range of boats converge on Tarrant ahead of the Gaffer Race. Whilst Vanessa and Bill prepare for their entry in the race on board Xanadu, they speculate as to where Jack could be. They dispatch Jenny to search for him.

Jan reveals that Lynne has ventured to Bermuda for a few days, and Robert reacts badly to her absence ahead of the cosmetics launch. They discuss the situation at the bank and Laura Wilde’s share-holding in the company. She reveals she has obtained a source of potential increased revenue, and presents him with a proposal before Admiral Redfern’s arrival. Orrin and Gerald enjoy a game of golf in Bermuda, reflecting on their forthcoming meeting with the Hudsons. Orrin claims that they are prepared to offer a fifty million dollar settlement to secure custody of William, but Gerald has his reservations regarding Charles’ involvement. He wants Orrin’s assurance that they enter into negotiations fully prepared, and expresses his concerns that Abby could be hurt by the situation. They are interrupted by Avril’s arrival. She is excited that she has received a telephone call regarding William.

Jack returns to the Xanadu, and they depart without Jenny to avoid paying a penalty clause. Admiral Redfern reveals that her proposal will make her accountable to the shareholders, and that despite her new range of cosmetics, a sum of two-hundred thousand pounds must be generated if her proposed floatation on the Unlisted Securities Market is to succeed. She asks Redfern to persuade the bank’s board to agree to the proposal, and he indicates he will present it to the board meeting that afternoon. After their meeting, Jan receives a telephone call from Ken, who has been keenly endeavouring to contact her. He invites her out to lunch to discuss something important. 

In Bermuda, Gerald, Abby and Orrin rush to greet Robert Hudson, who has arrived unexpectedly. Abby, excited at seeing William again, over-reacts and the frightened child runs to his grandfather, leaving Abby mortified. Laura seeks Avril’s assistance at Relton, determined to ascertain from whom Ken is acquiring his backing ahead of an assault on Leisurecruise. She expresses concerns that now he has acquired the Poelma Corporation, he may also set his sights on Relton now that he has aligned himself with Pierre Challon on the board. She implies that Pierre could provide her with invaluable information, but when Avril rejects the suggestion, she angrily reacts to her old friend’s lack of support. On her return to the jetty, Jenny is shocked to find that the Xanadu has left without her. Orrin has a difficult exchange with his father, who accuses him of deliberately missing a party he had arranged to greet Abby and his son when they returned to America. They briefly discuss his victory in the Bermudan yacht race whilst Gerald comforts a distraught Abby. Tension rises between the pair as Charles and Lynne arrive for the meeting. Hudson expresses his regret at Sir Edward’s death, and reflects on the problems arising from the terms and conditions of his will.

At House Of Howard, Robert receives a visit from Claude’s mother, Brigitte Dupont, who arrives and reveals that the rights to the perfume Jan is marketing belong to her. Meanwhile, Jan meets Ken for lunch, at which he boasts of his flourishing business empire and discusses her recent business difficulties. He offers his help, and she politely claims to bear the offer in mind. He raises the subject of whether or not she regrets not having married Sir Edward, and reflects on the millions at his disposal. He reflects on the fact that neither he, nor James Brooke, ever deserved her, and shamelessly flirts with her. In the Gaffers Race, the Xanada is four minutes ahead of its closest competitors.

At the Yacht Club, Admiral Redfern meets with Kate for lunch and orders a bottle of champagne, claiming to be celebrating with her. He discusses the death of his first wife, and his business pursuits, reflecting on his loneliness. He recounts meeting with Kate again after some time, and he awkwardly proposes marriage to her. Kate is delighted, but asks for time to consider the offer. Jenny meets Leo at the Mermaid Yard, annoyed that she has missed the race. They discuss his designs for the Skua II, but the conversation soon moves around to her forthcoming round-the-world voyage. It is clear that their relationship shows signs of deepening. He implies that he does not want to rush into another relationship until the situation with Abby is resolved, and she reveals she was about to suggest precisely the same thing. Laura takes Pierre Challon on a test-cruise of the boat he commissioned from Leisurecruise. He is impressed with the vessel, and she suggests that return to the office, sign the paperwork and discuss another matter of importance. Robert confronts Jan regarding the precise ownership of the perfumery rights, and although she insists Claude’s mother is mistaken, Robert recognises a strong threat not only to the product launch, but he also reveals he will not support the company’s floatation if she is engaged in legal complications. He threatens to abandon her altogether unless the situation can be rectified soon.

After polite “fencing”, Charles and Robert Hudson get down to business, cutting Abby and Orrin out. Charles accuses Hudson of suggesting to Sir Edward that the two families should merge together, and despite Gerald’s attempts to insert some reason into the proceedings, insisting Orrin and Abby are those directly affected by the negotiations. Charles agrees not to contest the Will if he is sold his father’s shares in Frere Holdings, and providing satisfactory arrangements can be made for Thomas’ custody. Abby snaps, angry that Leo believes their son is for sale, and she insists that the best place for her children is with her. She brushes Hudson aside and takes charge. She offers Charles a pay-off of fifty million pounds, non-negotiable, as is William’s custody and any shares in Frere Holdings, with no other conditions, and gives him twenty-four hours to think it over, otherwise she’ll see him in court. Hudson insists that Gerald should talk some sense into Abby, but he confirms that she had made up her mind, and if they don’t themselves soon, the trip to Bermuda will have been wasted.

Pierre returns from Leisurecruise to visit Avril at Relton, and it is clear that a relationship is flourishing between them. He reveals that Laura has discussed cultivating support regarding the Poelma Corporation, and Avril confirms that she feels threatened with Ken’s approaches towards Leisurecruise. Challon warns her that she must also treat Ken with caution, as he is extremely ambitious. Ken meets with Admiral Redfern, and although he is unimpressed with Ken’s temporary business premises, he is assured by Ken that he has enough capital backing to move to a new location in the near future. He implies he has vast capital at his disposal which he intends to place with the bank, who will be instructed to deploy them in a variety of projects. He also reveals to the Admiral the precise source of the party responsible for the smear campaign against himself and Kate, and that the information may be of some use to him, but he is surprised when the Admiral reveals he too is close to discovering the identity of the culprit. As Xanadu closes in on victory in the Gaffer Race, Leo and Jenny discuss her last-minute preparations for her trip. He invites her for a drink, but she reluctantly declines as she has far too much to attend to before leaving Tarrant. However, as he leaves the site, she calls him back and accepts his offer.

In Bermuda, Charles agrees to considering meeting Robert Hudson in New York to discuss the new developments. Lynne is concerned about his continuing obsession with beating his late father. Hudson implies Abby and Orrin need to be taught a lesson, and whilst Charles makes sympathetic noises, he reveals to Lynne that he does not trust either Hudson, Orrin, Gerald or Abby with regard to the negotiations. Jan tries in vain to contact Lynne in Bermuda, but is unable to reach her. Robert pays her a visit after office hours and the pair make their peace after their recent disagreement. He reveals they have convinced the bank’s board as to the viability of Jan’s floatation proposal, but reminds her that Claude’s mother’s claims against the rights to the perfumery venture must be resolved. Jan cannot believe the veracity of her claim, but Robert remains concerned.

The Xanadu wins the Gaffers Race. At the prize-giving reception, an overjoyed Jack considers Avril’s budding relationship with Pierre Challon, and tells Vanessa he was delayed from attending the race as he’s found a traditional boatyard for sale, and he thinks it’s time they moved on. Vanessa cannot believe that he is considering such a radical change. Abby, Orrin and Gerald reflect on their meeting with the Hudsons and Charles, and whilst Gerald warns them to be cautious in celebrating too early, Abby is determined to sweep them both aside in pursuit of William’s custody. When Gerald suggests forming a strategy, Abby reveals she already has – months ago.

That evening, when Charles and Lynne take a walk alone the beach and discuss the meeting, and the recent flurry of aggressive share exchanges against Frere Holdings. Whilst he considers his future, and their return to Tarrant, he admits to Lynne that Leo’s chances of securing custody of Thomas will not be easy. She asks if it would help Leo if William and Thomas were not the only one’s in contention for the proceeds of Edward’s will, and when Charles claims the question is irrelevant, she asks if the balance would be changed if he had a child of his own. Charles is stunned when she reveals that she is carrying his child. In Tarrant, Laura meets with Claude’s mother, Brigitte Dupont, at a restaurant. They enjoy a bottle of champagne and celebrate that all the arrangements have been made, and that Laura has deposited the relevant payment in her Paris account. As they toast their plan, Brigitte assures Laura that “I think you will find everything does exactly to plan”.

With Michael Denison (Admiral Redfern), Carina Barone (Brigitte Dupont), James Coombes (Pierre Challon), Bruce Boa (Robert Hudson) and Daniel Bortoli (William Hudson).

Episode 13

Written by Raymond Thompson

At Highfield, Orrin and Abby are waiting for the return of Charles. They discuss how he will react to their plans, and Abby claims that he deserves everything he gets. Gerald furiously confronts Ken regarding his arrangement with Abby. He accuses Ken of capitalizing on her vulnerability. Ken claims Abby is as calculating as Polly and as ruthless as Charles, and warns him to back off or he is liable to get burnt. He reveals that the knives are out for Charles Frere, and if he isn’t careful he could become a victim of Abby’s revenge as well.

At the Country Club, preparations are heavily underway for the House Of Howard launch of the cosmetics range, which has a strong Mediterranean flavour. Jan does not appear pleased at Lynne’s arrival, a fact confirmed when she speaks to Robert. She apologises for delayed her return for a stopover in New York, and explains she hopes the delay will help Leo’s cause. Jan angrily confronts her regarding Brigitte Dupont’s challenge regarding ownership, and Jan says they have a serious problem on their hands if her challenge is successful.

Charles returns to Highfield to find Abby and Orrin waiting for him. Abby tells him that the shareholders of Frere Holdings have convened a board meeting at which they voted to replace him as Chairman. Abby reveals she was responsible for arranging the board meeting, claiming they are concerned as to his performance as Chairman, and had to act as responsibility as possible in the interests of William and Thomas. A grim Jack Rolfe is waiting at the Mermaid Yard for Avril when she arrives for work at Relton Marine. He tells her that he is leaving the Mermaid Yard, and reveals to Vanessa later that she has her own ideas about who will take over, and it is not Bill. The recording of the promotional video to accompany the launch of the Freedom cosmetics range for the House Of Howard goes particularly well, though Jan is unaware that Laura is monitoring events closely at the reception. Gerald reveals to Avril that Ken fronted the lobby against Charles at the Frere Holdings board meeting, and explains the background to Abby providing her support to the venture. He suspects that Abby has been used, but Avril praises her shrewd business acumen.

At the Yacht Club, Leo meets with Abby to discuss Thomas and agree on joint custody. On this basis, Leo returns Thomas to her. Laura discusses the launch with Jan at the reception afterwards, at which she taunts Jan regarding James Brooke’s absence from the function. Jan reminds her that without his absence she would never have acquired a stake in the company, and they part company. She meets with Robert, who discusses the forthcoming floatation. Whilst Lynne tries to speak to her personally, Jan is preoccupied with the launch. He reveals to Lynne that Charles has been ousted from Frere Holdings, and advises her not to let Jan know until the launch reception is over.

Laura returns to Leisurecruise and finds Orrin packing his belongings. She confronts him about Charles’ enforced resignation and tries to ascertain if he was responsible for the move. She voices the rumours that Ken may have been responsible for Charles’ ousting, and whilst Orrin pretends to be surprised, she expresses her concerns that Ken may now target her. Orrin assures her of his support should he attempt a strike, but she is far from convinced with his loyalty. At the Mermaid Yard, Jack tries to convince Bill to accompany him on a move to a new boatyard. Presenting him with the designs and specifications for the new Yard, Bill remains determined to stay in Tarrant. Jack reluctantly broaches the subject of his successor at the Mermaid Yard, and is surprised when Bill claims he could not fill Jack’s shoes. He reveals that Avril has suggested Leo as his successor.

Avril clashes with Pierre Challon at Relton regarding the Frere Holdings situation. Challon reveals he was approached to support a motion to remove Frere from the Chairmanship, and she demands an explanation as to his involvement in the affair. He explains that his father was once cheated in business against Charles, and that he inherited a modest amount of shares in Frere Holdings from his father, enough to tip the balance at the board meeting. They discuss Ken Masters’ role in the affair, and Challon offhandedly explains away his involvement as nothing more than settling a few old scores. Lynne rushes to comfort Charles at Highfield having heard the news, and finds him coldly distant and ruminating that his father has not beaten him, and never will. Drinking heavily, his bitterness upsets her. He claims Sir Edward has succeeded in turning his friends, family and even his daughter against him. When Lynne tries to placate him, he reacts angrily against her, and despite her pleas for him to forget the past and look to their future together, and their child, he will not let go of the past. She accuses him of destroying himself, and he tells her to get out. As she leaves, he smashes a glass against the portrait of his father which hangs over the fireplace.

At House Of Howard, Admiral Redfern reveals that a sum of twenty-thousand pounds paid to Brigitte Dupont will resolve the ownership issue regarding the perfumery claim, and Jan is particularly relieved. Before leaving, he asks if she has spoken to Kate recently, but he fails to ascertain if she has told her daughter about his proposal. Robert takes Lynne’s side and tells Jan not to let her business destroy her personal relationships, as it did with his wife.

Gerald confronts Abby regarding Charles’ downfall at his daughter’s hands, and although Gerald blames Ken’s power-broking, Abby claims Charles only has himself to blame. She tells her father not to waste his sympathy on Charles, and tells him that Charles and Frere Holdings owe their success to him. She reveals she has proposed to the board that he succeed Charles as the Chairman of Frere Holdings, and insists that he accept the offer. Gerald is stunned, and imparts his views that he believes that his influence in raising her, and believing her to be his daughter, he must resign himself to the fact that she is truly the daughter of Polly and Charles. He claims he does not know who the hell she is anyway, and leaves her to consider his words.

Jenny and Leo enjoy a drink at The Jolly Sailor as they discuss her round-the-world voyage in the morning, and his taking the helm at the Mermaid Yard. He contemplates what Tom would have thought of his appointment, and Jenny confirms that he would have been proud. He reveals that he is handing Thomas over to Abby in the morning, despite the best wishes of his family. He believes Abby has agreed to their joint custody plans. Jack and Vanessa are packing their belongings into boxes ahead of the removal men collecting them prior to their move from Tarrant. Jack asks Vanessa for her thoughts about him considering offering Tony an appointment at the new Yard, and she thinks it is a nice idea. He further reveals that Bill does not want to accompany him to the new premises. Kate lectures Jan on the priorities and delicate balance between her professional and personal lives, with particular reference to the situation Leo has found himself in, and Lynne’s distressed return from having seen Charles. She reveals that Lynne is carrying Frere’s child, and she is far from pleased. She culminates this trilogy of revelations by informing her that Admiral Redfern has proposed to her.

Avril and Pierre Challon discuss a potential merger between their two companies, but it appears that the greater imperative is the pursuit of their relationship together. They enjoy a romantic dinner together, followed by spending the night at her home. The following morning, Laura arrives at Leisurecruise to find Ken seated at her desk. He fires her immediately, terminating her services with a letter signed by the new chairman of the board – Ken Masters. He reveals that despite her confidence, she will definitely lose the Poelma deal if she remains in control. He tells her Orrin has sold his shares to him, has left the company and he is now in control. He tells Laura she has an hour to clear out her belongings.

Tearfully, Leo hands Thomas over to Abby, who agrees to his custody the following weekend, but her tears of joy at being reunited with her son are combined with those borne from her deceit. As Leo leaves, Orrin emerges from another room. Abby expresses her second thoughts about separating Leo from his child, but Orrin reminds her of her priorities in the United States and tells her to make a decision as they are due to leave in a few minutes. At Relton Marine, Avril tells Pierre she cannot escort him to the airport due to other commitments, but she assures him she will keep in touch ahead of the Challon-Relton merger. When the House Of Howard shares are launched they open higher than expected (at two pounds and fifty three pence) and she and Robert celebrate. There’s a hint that a romantic relationship is forming between the two business partners and friends as Robert tells her that, on paper at least, she is a millionairess. She asks why she feels so empty as they share a glass of champagne, and Robert assures her that as soon as she realises there is more to life than her career, she will feel fine.

As Charles is clearing his desk at Frere Holdings, Gerald arrives to take over his place as Chairman of the company. It’s an awkward meeting, but there’s a mutual respect between the two. Charles wishes him the best of luck, and believes that the company will prosper under his stewardship. However, he warns him to be careful as it can be an extremely lonely chair at times. At the Mermaid Yard, Jack hands the keys over to Leo and reminds him he is carrying on a great tradition. He assures him that Tom would have been extremely proud of him. He bids farewell to Bill and Tony, and before leaving the office he gifts the latter the chisels he was given when he first became an apprentice. When Avril asks him if he will stay for the reception, Jack ruminates that he came quietly into the business, and will leave the same way. He thanks Kate for looking after him all these years and, as both he and Vanessa leave, at the last moment Tony appears and says he’d like to accept Jack’s offer to come and work with him at the new Yard. Jack is delighted, feeling he’s lost a Yard but gained a son.

On board Spray II, a media reception records Jenny’s preparations for her round-the-world voyage. Charles meets Lynne after a check-up with her doctor tells her that business will from now on take second place to their expected child, and he intends to dispel the ghost of his father from his life. She voices her concerns that he will fight Abby in the same manner that he always fought against his own father, but Charles assures her he wants a fresh start if she will grant him the opportunity. On this basis, Lynne agrees to give him a chance to prove his words. Ken proudly bids Jenny farewell, reassuring her that he promised he would not let her down, and he hasn’t. Leo and Jenny bid a tearful farewell to one another, promising to keep in touch. They exchange a kiss as Bill untangles the rigging from the Spray II and wishes her bon voyage.

At the airport, Orrin and Abby board a British Airways flight destined for the United States, and Abby casts a final wave back at Tarrant before boarding with baby Thomas. Avril congratulates Ken on having gained control of Leisurecruise and achieving everything he always wanted. Ken considers her words as he gaze is attracted by the arrival of Jan, who meets Charles and Lynne as they arrive at the Yard. She congratulates them on their happy news, and consoles Leo by telling him that Tom would have been proud of him. Admiral Redfern gathers the guests together to firmall announce that Leo has secured the contact for his America’s Cup consortium, and also that he is engaged to Kate. He asks all those in attendance to charge their glasses in a toast to “The Howards”.

With Michael Denison (Admiral Redfern) and James Coombes (Pierre Challon).

NB: According to Gerard Glaister’s production notes, a further scene had been recorded in the event that a seventh series of the programme eventuated, detailed as follows: Laura tries to ingratiate herself with Gerald. She tells him that Abby has left for the United States of America with Orrin, and she fears that Frere and Robert Hudson may be about to join forces. If that’s the case, she warns, Gerald may need all the help he can get.












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