by Matthew Lee © 2005


Originally Broadcast: September 3rd – November 26th, 1989

Transmission Times: 7:15pm to 8:05pm



Episode 1: 

Written by Mervyn Haisman

With fraud charges hanging over them, Charles calls Gerald, who is positively relived to have been contacted, and instructs him to travel out to Malta, telling him he has made “arrangements” and that everything is under control. Unknown to either, they are under surveillance by a mysterious man. Leo, undergoing physiotherapy after his powerboat accident, is impatient with his slow recovery, and Jan is concerned about him. Abby, having delayed her trip to America to support him, collects him from the clinic at which he has been recovering to return him home. He expresses his displeasure that Avril has refused to allow him to return to powerboat racing.

Jack reveals to Avril that Tom has abandoned his plans to set up operations on his own, believing that Sir Edward wanted him parted from the Mermaid Yard so that he could secure it for himself. Jan is in a quandary. She tells Ken she wants to expand her business but doesn’t want to tie herself to a huge bank loan once again. Ken offers to come up with some ideas, but she insists that she is capable of handling it herself. She is determined not to use her boutiques as collateral, but is uncertain how to proceed from here. Gerald meets with Avril to discuss Charles’ absence; she reveals she has received contact from the Department of Trade and Industry, and from Sir Edward, and she demands answers from Gerald as to precisely what is going on. Gerald evasively points out that Frere Holdings has nothing to do with her, and that his considerable share in Relton Marine will not be threatened. When she raises the forthcoming fraud trial, Gerald warns her not to discuss the rumours circulating with anyone.

Emma reveals to Tom that Paul Dimtri has offered her a job, and when she suggests they have dinner to discuss it further, he reveals he is planning to have dinner with Jan. When Emma expresses her reservations at his continuing contact with his ex-wife, the tension between them resurfaces once again. Ken Masters plans to go into production and meets Avril to discuss it. He is determined that, by the end of the year, Leisurecruise will be producing its own boats. Jack has been taking time off from the yard. He’s restless and morose, but perks up when Bill reveals that Proud Lady, a vessel the Mermaid Yard constructed several years earlier, is scheduled for auction in the near future. He attends the auction, but his planned bid of twelve-thousand pounds is outdone by nearly double the amount. He tells Bill he intends to locate the new owner and offer the services of the Yard when required. Gerald and Abby discuss Polly’s continuing absence, and the fact that if his trial goes badly, he could be facing an extended prison sentence.

Ken and Avril meet at the Tarrant Yacht Club, whereupon she introduces him to an old friend of hers, Laura Wilde, who has come to take over Wilde Mouldings from her ailing father. Ken sees a business opportunity and, later, visits the site of Wilde Mouldings to further discuss possible ventures with her. Later, Jack meets his old flame, Vanessa Andenberg, and not only discovers that she is the owner of Proud Lady (having repurchased the vessel which boasted such fond memories of her time in Tarrant during her youth when she sailed the boat, and of the young man she knew who once designed the craft), but also learns that she is now a widow. The flame is rekindled for Jack when she accepts his invitation to dinner. Tom and Emma fall out over the former’s insistence that he knows more about looking after a family than she does. He expresses his reluctance to make a hasty commitment, and she voices her concerns that they are leading two completely independent lives. When Tom suggests that perhaps they should start a cooling off period in relationships, she asks when they should start.

In Malta, Gerald angrily confronts Charles and demands an explanation. He indicates he will support Gerald over the insider trading charge, but seeks an explanation: Gerald reveals that he needed the money to finance Polly’s new business venture, and in order to assist Abby in her custody battle with the Hudsons. Charles proudly boasts that the business deals he has established in the Mediterranean will more than assuredly stave off shareholder concerns regarding the forthcoming trial, and seems unaffected by the prospect of a prison sentence. Over dinner, Jack and Vanessa reminisce about their distant past. He reveals that he would have married her instead of Eileen (the marriage to whom secured the Mermaid Yard for him) if it had not been for her father’s reservations as to his prospects. She ruminates over the fact that she always wanted Relton Marine to be granted to her in her father’s will, but her brother secured the legacy and managed to sell the company inside two years.

Meanwhile, Jan has dinner with Tom to discuss Leo and her expansion plans for Periplus. Tom suggests consulting Sir John Stevens for financial advice. The following morning, Laura pays Ken a visit at Leisurecruise, whereupon he grants her a guided tour. They discuss Ken’s plans to move into the construction of cabin cruisers for the top end of the market. Laura certainly recognises Ken’s motives, and implies that he has designs on controlling her company. Later, Ken instructs one of his operatives, Jeremy, to investigate the background to the firm, and tells his new secretary, Vicky, that he intends to buy out Wilde Mouldings. He is impressed with the reputation the company has cultivated, but needs to generate the capital to launch a take-over bid. Determined to prove himself, Leo takes out a powerboat without permission. At the Mermaid Yard, Bill, Vanessa and Jack inspect the repair work required on Proud Lady. Tom and Emma fall out badly over his second dinner inside a week with Jan. He accuses her of being jealous and tells her that if she cannot accept that he has a relationship with his ex-wife bound by family ties, their relationship can never work. Emma concurs, and their relationship comes to an end. Later, she hands in her resignation to Jack, revealing she has accepted Dimitri’s offering of a position within his organisation. Despite his best efforts to change her mind, she is resolute in her decision.

Laura meets with Avril at Relton to discuss Leisurecruise and Ken Masters. The latter warns her friend to watch Ken like a hawk, as he has aspirations above and beyond his station. Laura seems moderately impressed, as she has aspirations of her own. Watching helplessly from the shore, Tom, Jan and Avril witness Leo as he As Tom, Jan and Avril witness Leo as he tests his courage and dangerous high-speed maneuvers. Later, the trio are furious with the jubilant Leo, Avril in particular. She says his racing days are over, but nevertheless invites him to head Relton Marine’s powerboat division. Charles and Gerald arrive back in England and are met by a fraud squad officer who cautions them. Charles is surprised and concerned that his “arrangements” appear to have gone wrong.

With Kenneth Lodge (Inspector Daniel Morris) and Steven Anderson (The Nurse).


Episode 2: 

Written by Mervyn Haisman

Tom, uneasy about the break with Emma, spends the night sailing on Spring Of Tarrant. Jack finds him in the morning and convinces him that he’s not as cut up about Emma as he thinks. Tom reacts badly to Jack’s counsel, but is philosophical that there is life beyond the relationship. Gerald and Charles meet with Thornton, their legal counsel, ahead of their appearance in court on fraud charges. Charles produces a certified list of the Diacra directorate, an affidavit from the company secretary and a list of the share holdings of the directorship, as evidence of their innocence. Gerald is shocked that Charles has been in possession of all of this information but has kept quiet about it. Thornton believes that their counsel in court, Mr Cosgrove, QC, should have quite “an easy ride” armed with this evidence.

Vanessa meets with Avril at Relton Marine, reflecting on the past and her hopes for the future. She confides to Vanessa that she’s worried about Jack talking of retirement. Vanessa says she’ll “talk some sense into him”. Avril also reveals she’s concerned about Charles’ targeting Relton Marine. The assembled press await Charles and Gerald when they arrive for their day at the Courts of Justice. Gerald is tense before the case is heard, but Charles assures him there is nothing to worry about. Ken pays a visit to the Mermaid Yard with a proposal for Tom to design a cabin cruiser with an emphasis on luxury and comfort, powerful but docile to occupy a gap in the market. He offers the Yard the opportunity to design and produce the prototype, and when Tom queries where he will produce the boats, he implies that acquiring the premises for production is in negotiation. There is a delay in the proceedings when the Judge meets with counsel in chambers even before the trial has commenced.

A mysterious man seen studying Jan’s boutique turns up later at the yacht club. Ken tells Jan he’s called James Brooke and that he owns three boutiques. Jan tells Ken to check him out as a potential business partner. Abby receives a visit from Leo, and together they receive news from Gerald that both he and Charles have been cleared. Inspector Daniel Morris of the Fraud Squad, the man who brought about the charges against the pair, commends the pair’s astute counsel but Gerald realises that he will not let the matter rest there. Later, an annoyed Morris pays Ken Masters a visit at Leisurecruise, whereupon he takes Ken to task for supplying him with inaccurate information. Ken claims that the evidence Frere supplied must be fabricated, but Morris tells him that unofficially he’s still after Frere and warns Ken that, in the interests of being public spirited, he’d better co-operate. He reveals that a Mr and Mrs James Macdonald are the two principle directors of the Diacra Holdings corporation, and requests his assistance in digging beneath the surface. He threatens to investigate Masters unless he receives accurate information. Their meeting ends with the arrival of Laura Wilde, who invites Ken to the unveiling of Wilde Mouldings’ latest craft, Sea Arrow: a deal is clearly brewing between the pair. At the ceremony, Ken is introduced to Laura’s father, Jimmy, who whilst aware of Leisurecruise’s European distribution potential, leaves shortly after the meeting singularly unimpressed.

Later, Jan meets with James Brooke at one of his boutiques, admitting to sizing up the competition. He expresses his admiration of the Periplus enterprise, and Jan offers to buy him a drink. Charles and Gerald continue to argue over the repercussions of the fraud accusations and narrowly avoiding standing trial. The former accuses the latter of losing faith in his abilities and acumen, and the latter warns that he will hand in his resignation if he is put in a similar situation again. Charles asks for Gerald’s assessment of the new Mediterranean marina development, but he refuses: he intends to spend an evening with his daughter as opposed to deliberating in Frere’s business activities. Enjoying a drink at The Jolly Sailor, Jan and James are interrupted by the arrival of Tom. She sings his praises and reveals that she thinks she’s at last found a man with whom she can expand her business enterprise by way of a merger. She is concerned by Tom’s cautious reaction, and when she presses him for an explanation, he tells her that Emma has left Tarrant for Europe and a fresh start: their relationship is over.

Laura and Ken discuss a possible partnership: she has available land and proposes that Ken constructs the boatyard for the production of the luxury cruisers he is interested in, but he declines. He proposes buying out Wilde Mouldings completely, but Laura refuses the offer. Charles makes Relton Marine his highest priority, above and beyond the Malta Marina Development, and after Gerald’s revelation that Ken Masters has acquired a share in the firm, he is keen to re-cultivate an association to serve his own ends. Kate is livid when she returns to Wilde Mouldings and discovers that her father has taken a boat out on the river unaccompanied, despite his precious state of health. She launches an immediate search for him. They eventually locate him on his boat, but he has collapsed and is suffering from hypothermia. As they await the emergency services, they discuss Ken’s offer to buy out the company: he believes she should sell out to Leisurecruise, but she is adamant she will not lose control. Later, Jan reveals to Ken that she intends to enter into partnership with James Brooke. The revelation prompts Ken to follow up with his contacts as to Brooke’s soundness. Vanessa rubbishes Jack’s thoughts of retiring and encourages him to design a new boat.

After an evening out, Abby and Leo escort Gerald home, during which he drunkenly reveals he has discovered that Macdonald used to work for Charles as an accountant. The following morning, Jack and Tom discuss his intention to design and construct the Mark II Orkadian. Their meeting ends with the arrival of Laura at the Mermaid Yard, who asks for their advice on Ken Masters and his luxury cruiser design plans. Jack warns her to tread carefully when dealing with Ken, but she already has his number. Ken contacts Jan to provide her with his assurances that he is “okay”. Avril discusses Leo’s new role in the powerboat division with him, seeking his comments as to the future direction the department can take. He implies investment in a catamaran with twelve-hundred horsepower, Relton stands a better chance of future race victories. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Charles, whom Avril confronts about lobbying Relton shareholders and warns him that he’ll have to fight her “every inch of the way” to regain control. Charles claims he has not objection to her management of the company, but wants to ensure that she is protected from attack. He suggests that Relton should be brought back under the protective umbrella of the parent company, Frere Holdings. He claims that her success has drawn attention to Relton, making it vulnerable to an aggressive take-over bid. She cynically welcomes his offer, but Charles insists that she seriously consider his offer.

Jan and James meet to discuss the partnership deal, and he is decidedly impressed with the speed in which she has put together the attractive proposal. Over dinner, he takes further convincing before he is eventually amenable to the proposal. He suggests that the accountants should investigate the deal before they celebrate, but cautious welcomes the partnership. The next day, Charles is cultivating further shareholder support in his bid to strengthen a vote of no confidence against Avril. She interrupts a meeting between Gerald and Charles to formally decline his offer; Charles admits that if he has to break her in the process of reacquiring control of Relton, he will, as a necessity, do it. Ken takes Laura out on his cruiser and suggests that he buys Wilde Mouldings lock, stock and barrel. He makes a shameless bid to seduce Laura, who is amused at his efforts. She suggests they both “cool down” with a swim, and whilst he dives overboard, she sails off leaving him treading water, telling him to think about her counter offer of a merger.

With Kenneth Lodge (Inspector Morris), Andrew Burt (Thornton), Walter Sparrow (Jimmy Wilde) and Harry Littlewood (George).



Episode 3: 

Written by Douglas Watkinson

As Gerald leaves for work, he finds that he is under observation by Inspector Morris of the Fraud Squad. Jack discusses Avril’s personal and professional problems with Charles Frere with Vanessa. Keen to continue to cultivate their relationship, he suggests taking her sailing on Proud Lady, which he intends to enter into the Round The Island race. Even though she’s an experienced sailor, she refuses to join him. Jan and Leo discuss her partnership with James Brooke, whom he meets when Brooke arrives for an impromptu breakfast meeting. Jan and James find premises for their newly-merged fashion business, HowardBrooke. James feels “steamrollered” by Jan’s drive, but is persuaded by Jan to rise to the challenge. Laura pumps Tom for further information regarding Ken’s interest in Wilde Mouldings and her interest in his business affairs. She highlights the potential advantages of joining forces with Ken, but Tom reminds her of Sarah Foster’s ill-treatment at his hands.

Now the fraud court case has been dropped, hailed in the press as Frere Holdings Charges Dropped, Charles wants to push on with his scheme to unseat Avril from Relton Marine. He discusses Polly’s flourishing American business venture and her protracted absence, and news of Sir Edward’s involvement in the Hudson affair. Charles speculates on the state of Gerald and Polly’s marriage, but Gerald refuses to discuss the matter. Charles voices his concerns that Abby may be under the watchful eye of the Hudsons from a distance. They discuss who pointed the Fraud Squad in their direction, and he is determined to ascertain who was responsible.

Avril asks Leo to sail Spring to win in the Round The Island race at the Isle of Wight to raise Relton’s corporate profile with a victory. Leo, in turn, persuades her to let him develop a new powerboat. Their meeting is interrupted by a call from Ken, who invites her out to dinner to discuss Relton and a matter of considerable interest to her. He refuses to go into detail on the telephone, and convinces her to meet with him. As bad weather closes in on Vanessa and Jack on board Proud Lady, she panics and later reveals she’s been frightened to sail ever since she lost her husband while they were sailing. Charles and Gerald meet with influential Relton shareholder, Lord Henry Runswick, whom they attempt to woo but they only get short shrift from. Gerald raises the issue that Frere Holdings are contemplating buying into an existing marine engineering concern, namely his own company, in exchange for his five-percent holding in Relton Marine. However, he is far from convinced as to Frere’s interests in the company, defends Avril’s capabilities and leaves him with a flea in his ear.

Jan excitedly contemplates her future with James Brooke, but her enthusiasm at specialist ranges and expansion are tempered by his caution at being steamrolled into agreeing with her proposals. Avril visits Tom at the Mermaid Yard, during which they discuss Leo’s adaptation to Relton’s corporate structure and she proposes a larger version of Spring, a successor with which she can impress the board. Laura pays Ken a visit at Leisurecruise, citing a report generated by the firm in which he had proudly listed acquiring Wilde Mouldings as part of the profit projections. She reveals Sir John Stevens provided her with the information, and whilst she is annoyed at his pre-empting any deal, and is keen to discuss the possibility of a merger. Whilst at the meeting, she receives a telephone call informing her that her father is critically ill is likely to die soon. She rushes with Ken to a nearby clinic to be by his bedside. Jack confides in Tom about his guilt regarding his late wife, Eileen, and his feelings for Vanessa.

Leo invites Abby to join him on the Isle of Wight race, and during a romantic clinch they are interrupted by Polly’s unexpected return from the United States of America. Abby demands an explanation concerning her extended absence from Tarrant, and she angrily rejects her mother’s emotional blackmail regarding her baby, William. Over dinner at the Yacht Club, Ken discusses the Relton Shareholders’ Report with Avril. He expresses his support for any of her future ventures, and reveals that Lord Runswick has recently been seen in the company of Charles and Gerald. He preys on her concerns regarding an aggressive take-over bid, and implies that a merger between Leisurecruise and Relton might serve both their interests. She highlights the fact that he should concentrate on his merger with Wilde Moudlings rather than speculative new ventures.

Gerald is surprised to find Polly waiting for him when he returns home, and their conversation is particularly cold. She implies that he would be more admirably recognised and rewarded if he came to work for Sir Edward in America, and he reacts badly to the suggestion. He demands to know if she is having an affair with Sir Edward, and she coyly concentrates on his investment in her career rather than an admittance of guilt. When pressed as to whether or not she intends returning to America, she reveals she plans to return there with Abby. At the clinic, a tearful Laura is on hand for her father’s dying moments, after which she has become sole beneficiary of Wilde Mouldings. The following day, Charles and Gerald fly to Malta to discuss a marine project with Swiss banker, Eckhardt Sahnn, during which they discuss the latter’s suspicions over Polly’s motives and her relationship with Sir Edward. Jack is overjoyed when he learns he’s won an export award for Orkadian.

Lord Runswick warns Avril that Charles is making threatening moves, and provides her with his voting power at the forthcoming board meeting. He reveals the connection between Sahnn and Frere’s Mediterranean marina development, making her only too aware of the potential threat she will face in the near future. On a walk along the coast, Vanessa regains her nerve by sailing out alone to rescue a young boy in trouble in the water after his raft has overturned. Ken pays Laura a visit at her home following the death of her father; they open a bottle of champagne to celebrate her inheritance and their partnership. At the Valetta Yacht Club in Malta, Charles and Gerald attend a meeting with Eckhardt Sahnn, who has influence with major Relton shareholders, to discuss entering into a Mediterranean consortium. They negotiate his agreement to help Frere oust Avril by using the large proportion of shares in Relton held by the company Sinclairs, a company in Sahnn’s portfolio, to ensure a vote of no confidence is passed against her at the forthcoming board meeting.

With Harry Beety (Lord Runswick), Walter Sparrow (Jimmy Wilde) and Carl Rigg (Eckhardt Sahnn).


Episode 4

Written by Douglas Watkinson

At the funeral service for Jimmy Wilde, Avril and Jack accompany a mourning Laura. She thanks the pair for attending the service, and whilst Avril believes she has taken the death in her stride, Jack believes she has become battle-hardened over the years. Polly is determined to convince Abby to return to the United States with her. Her half-hearted attempts to make a reconciliation with her daughter fall on deaf ears, as her plans for the future lie with Leo as opposed to Orrin, and she is determined to gain custody of baby William without her help. At Leisurecruise, Ken believes that Avril has merely attended the funeral service to cultivate business interests.

Leisurecruise and Wilde Mouldings are merged, but not before Ken Masters realises he has taken on a partner he is going to have to watch. At the new HowardBrooke premises, Jan and James clash over his avant-garde designer protegee, Sophie Westbrook, whose designs Jan hates, exclaiming “How many of our clients can you see in topless evening dresses?”. James accuses Jan of wanting a “yes man standing at your heels to rubber stamp your ideas” and storms from the office after learning that she has vetoe his suggestions for alterations to forthcoming designs. Avril returns to Relton after the funeral to find Charles waiting in her office. He implies that it is in their interests to meet, and is surprised when she is already aware of his endeavours to cultivate Sinclair influence at the board meeting. When she mentions Henry Runswick, Charles admits she will need such a powerful ally to salvage anything from the vote of no confidence, but Avril reveals she has already taken steps to prevent being ousted. At the airport, Polly greets Orrin upon his return to Tarrant. She is surprised to learn that Abby is not the only reason he has returned, as he also plans to execute some business affairs in the area. He treats her with relative disdain, and departs the airport with his entourage leaving her behind.

Preparations for the Round The Island race reach fever pit at the Isle of Wight, with Barracuda being loaded before its participation. Leo and Abby are due to crew for Relton, alongside Jack, Vanessa and Tom on Barracuda. Laura launches into her partnership with Ken immediately, requesting he assess the changes to the draft partnership agreement, and by saying that they can benefit from a feud between Avril and Frere. Ken is intrigued. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Orrin Hudson and his entourage. Orrin offers assistance with certain “strategies” Ken has planned for the future, and highlights the fact that he is key to his father’s respectability. He reveals he is heading for Congress, with or without a wife, and is determined to cultivate Ken’s support with ventures arising from the Hudsons and Sir Edward Frere. He informs Ken that he recently met Eckhardt Sahnn in Geneva, and suggests that Ken passes the name on to his Fraud Squad contacts in connection with Charles. The Round The Island race begins, with Barracuda and Spirit both getting off to promising starts. Polly arrives at the HowardBrooke offices, having been directed there by the boutique. She tries to impress upon Jan to point that she is not romantically involved with Sir Edward, but Jan rebuffs her and his business activities in America.

Polly expresses her concerns regarding Abby and Leo’s relationship, but Jan refuses to interfere. She reveals that Orrin is in Tarrant to make a reconciliation, and whilst she makes sympathetic noises regarding his political ambitions and the tragedy of a three-year-old child being caught in the middle of a custody battle, Jan says she is using her grandson to ingratiate herself with Sir Edward and the Hudsons. During their conversation, Polly lets slip that she intends to leave Gerald, and whilst she makes a hasty recovery from the admission, Jan cannot believe the lengths to which her old friend will go in pursuit of social climbing. Avril and Laura enjoy a lunch date, over which they discuss the merger between Leisurecruise and Wilde Mouldings. She wants to know what he is like beneath the surface, and Avril indicates she would not trust him an inch. Gerald contacts Charles to inform him that Orrin has returned to Tarrant to discuss Abby. Charles offers his assistance, and Gerald surprisingly reveals that he dropped Sahnn’s name into the conversation as a means of ensuring Charles also attended a meeting with himself and Gerald. Laura and Ken put their partnership on more official footing with the solicitors and accountants in attendance. Laura raises a toast to the ghost of Sarah Foster, and expresses her views for the future direction of Leisurecruise. She reveals that her lunch with Avril revealed a power struggle with Charles Frere, and that Relton may be willing to extend an opportunity in return for their mutual support. She also lets slip that she has seen Daniel Morris visiting him, and makes the connection between Frere and the fraud charges recently levelled against him.

Meanwhile, at HowardBrooke Jan and James make up, put aside their different approaches to business and decide to pull together. They choose a young designer, Mark, to create their new collection. Charles arrives at the Urquharts ahead of his meeting with Orrin. With Gerald delayed, he discusses the Abby and William situation with Polly. She asks him not to spoil Abby’s chances with Orrin (whom he believes to be a spoilt brat armed with pockets full of threats), but both he and Gerald are determined not to let the American pressurise Abby. During the race, Abby, who is crewing for Leo on Spring, feels sick and is taken off the boat. Leo continues alone and both he and Tom (manning Barracuda) win their class. Avril flies to Malta to negotiate a lucrative flotilla sailing deal with Sabio Fernandez. She discusses the importance of leisure group, the Poelma Corporation, providing a distribution platform for Spirit and Barracuda in the Mediterranean. Her meeting with Fernandez, and his recent business dealings with Sahnn, have already raised Charles’ suspicions, which he expresses to Gerald prior to their uncomfortably tense meeting with Orrin.

Meanwhile, on a scenic tour of Malta with Fernandez, Avril discusses the mutual benefits of entering into a powerful arrangement to ensure they can stave off Frere’s forthcoming marina development. He is impressed with her proposal, and suggests inviting his marketing team to enter into negotiations with Relton Marine. Gerald reacts angrily to Orrin not granting Abby custody of William, and to Polly’s self interest in the matter. Charles acts as peace-maker, and assures Orrin that Abby will only return to America if she herself makes the decision. When Orrin mentions Sahnn, Charles ushers Polly and Gerald from the room and, in private, Orrin tells Charles he has information from Sahnn about Frere’s “fraud”. Orrin threatens to expose him, and Charles laughs off the threats of what he describes as an “adolescent non-entity”. Their meeting is interrupted by a telephone call, and when Orrin answers, he is unaware that Abby is on the receiving end. Shocked, she confesses to Leo that she believes he has returned to Tarrant. Frere calls Orrin’s bluff, seemingly shaking off the nominee swindle information he has at his disposal, and he tells him to get out, claiming he cannot prove anything, but he is secretly worried. Polly lectures Gerald on his family responsibilities, much to his chagrin; later, Charles reveals he knows about Diacra Holdings and Maclean Leisure, and instructs Gerald that he wants his every move watched from now on. Driving away from the Urquharts, Orrin listens to a cassette tape recording he has made of his conversation with Charles. It seems highly incriminating.

With Franco Rey (Sabio Fernandez) and Fran Lima (Sophie Westbrook).

Episode 5: 

Written by Christopher Green

At the Relton Marine quayside, where Leo is conducting repairs on the Marauder, Avril introduces him to Mr Manuel, Managing Director of the Paeolma Corporation, whom she is escorting, in the company of various representatives, around Relton’s various offices. She reminds Leo that he is late for a dinner appointment with Abby, and he sets off to meet her. She later sees an eligible man leaving Vanessa’s home, and is concerned for her father. En route to his meeting with Abby, Orrin Hudson “cuts” him up in his car. After a car chase, Leo’s vehicle ends up run off the road, and although he is not injured, he is very annoyed.

At Leisurecruise, Ken reveals to Laura that Frere Holdings’ share price is rapidly falling, and that their company may have become a target. She reveals that knows Ken shopped Frere to the fraud squad and tells him that, to avoid their concern coming under threat, he needs to keep his personal feuds out of their business and ensure he does not discover the truth. Leo is concerned about Abby’s feelings for Orrin. When they later meet for dinner, she assures him that Orrin is in the past. Charles is concerned that Hudson and Sir Edward may be combined forces ahead of a joint raid on Frere Holdings. He poses the hypothetical situation to Gerald that Abby may return to America with Orrin, and that their own personal feelings regarding her absence may be a factor Hudson and Sir Edward wish to exploit. Polly is far from pleased when Abby returns from her dinner with Leo. She receives a telephone call from Orrin, which she promptly hangs up on.

Concerned that shares in Leisurecruise are being snapped up in abandon, Ken investigates whether Frere may be behind the purchases. However, he is assured by his contacts that they are nothing more than little old ladies frittering away their pension funds. Jack inspects Abby’s photographic samples for a photo file of the Mermaid Yard, inspired by a suggestion by Vanessa to promote the concern. With several construction projects behind schedule, Tom reacts badly when he decides to take the afternoon off, and the following day, in pursuit of Vanessa. Delegating work to Tom and Bill, he staves off calls upon his time from Charles, Laura and Atlantic orders for Orkadian. As he leaves the Yard, Charles pays Tom a visit to discuss his designs for the thirty-six footer (christened Spring II) he has commissioned. He reveals that expenses have risen slightly since the original projections, and Charles queries the delay in meeting the appointed deadline. Tom takes offence to the application of pressure, and insists on not being drawn into his personal feud with Avril.

At HowardBrooke, Jan discovers some old designs which James has relegated to the archives. She is particularly impressed, and is keen to utilise them. However, James is furious at the discovery. Later, Jan tracks him down to the Yacht Club, and over a drink he tells her that he was a designer, but gave it up after his first collection was savaged by the critics (Cosmopolitan suggesting that he should design foul weather gear for yachtsmen, whilst another suggested that he was a designer ahead of his time, and a third implied that if he was indeed ahead of his time, hopes were high he would stay there). Jan tries to persuade him to help their designer, Mark, who is having problems with the new collection. James refuses. Laura arrives at the Mermaid Yard and discovers Tom is devoting his time to personal projects and Charles Frere’s commission. Gerald tries to talk to Polly about their marriage but she snubs him in favour of meeting a dinner appointment with Orrin. Abby is shocked to discover that she is dining with Orrin at the table opposite their own. When he steps in to break up the cosy setting, Abby and Leo leave the restaurant.

Laura shrewdly quizzes Tom about Frere and she learns that he is a man to be wary of. She discusses the Relton situation with Tom, and he defensively reacts to criticisms against Avril. He advises Laura to believe everything she hears about Frere, citing that “Tarrant is littered with the corpses of those who didn’t”. Jack and Vanessa enjoy a romantic dinner at her cottage, but he is preoccupied with Avril’s current predicament; he voices his displeasure at Frere applying pressure on his daughter, and the fact that a man who is supposedly so in love with her does nothing but hurt her. When he changes the subject to their plans for the following day, Vanessa evasively tells him she has other business to attend to and cannot spend time with him. He reacts coldly to her suggestion that he stay the night, and they awkwardly part company. Visiting the offices of Relton Marine later that evening, he finds Avril toiling away on paperwork ahead of the board meeting. He expresses his guilt regarding his ex-wife, Eileen.

Polly discusses the situation which arose at the restaurant with Gerald when she returns home. She parrots her belief that families should stick together, and likens the fact that if both she and Gerald have overcome the problems in their relationship, so can Abby and Orrin. She reveals that Sir Edward is offering her everything she has ever dreamed of, being her own boss in a business in which she can thrive, and she tells him that time is running out if their relationship is to survive. He once again confirms he will not accept Sir Edward’s job offer, and he tells her that although he does not want her to leave, he cannot stop her – but he warns he will not make it easy for her. The following morning, Polly angers Abby by having tried to engineer a dinner with her and Orrin. She tells Polly to stay out of her life. Jack arrives at the Mermaid Yard to discover that Tom has worked through the night and slept in the Yard office in order to keep on top of the firm’s demanding schedule.

Laura pays a visit to the offices of Frere Holdings, seizing upon Charles’ absence in Malta to invite Gerald to lunch; she plans to pump him for information, though he is so flattered at the invitation that he readily accepts, unaware that she has her own agenda. When Avril catches sight of Vanessa in the company of the same gentleman once again, her concern for her father’s interest in her leads her to pay a visit to Tom at the Mermaid Yard to discuss the situation and her “mystery” man. However, she is unaware that Jack has overheard their conversation. Abby reluctantly agrees to meet Orrin by the river. He pressures her to go back to America with him. She guesses that he is really concerned about his political career, and wants her to be a dutiful wife. They have a row regarding his attempts to impress “redneck” voters, and when Leo arrives and intervenes, the two men fall in the water after a struggle. Leo rescues Orrin, who can’t swim, and then insists that Abby gives Orrin an answer to his request.

With Kelly George (Ted).

Episode 6

Written by Christopher Green

On an early morning job along the Tarrant riverside, Tom disturbs a masked intruder on board Spring Of Tarrant. He is knocked to the ground as the intruder makes his escape by speedboat, but not before he nearly collides with another vessel. Emerging from Spring, Leo and Abby are surprised to find Tom by the boat. He informs them he intends to contact the police. Vanessa arrives at the Mermaid Yard in search of Jack, who is yet to arrive for work. She tells Bill she will wait in the office until he arrives. Charles presents Gerald with a proposal for a new development, the Mermaid Marina, which Charles believes is a viable option despite Gerald’s reservations concerning Frere Holdings’ share price. He asks Gerald to read the document and give it his considered opinion. He also instructs Gerald to ascertain the level of Ken Masters’ holdings in Relton Marine ahead of a possible bid.

The police arrive at the quayside and recover an envelope containing the confidential plans of Sir Edward Frere’s America’s Cup boat, more specifically plans for the keel. Jan and James clash over her Mark’s designs, which the latter believes are fundamentally wrong. They disagree over the designer’s individual flair and imagination, and James insults her by comparing design flair and running a string of boutiques. Their tense discussion is interrupted when Tom telephones to reveal that Leo has been taken to the police station for questioning. She later joins Tom there as Leo storms angrily from the scene along with Abby. Tom reveals that no criminal offence has been committed, but observes that Siir Edward count mount a private prosecution. Arriving at the Yard, Tom discovers that Bill is experiencing problems with the engine on Orkadian, and when he meets Vanessa she asks if he knows where Jack can be, as he has not returned home the previous evening.

At HowardBrooke, James offers an olive branch to Jan in order to keep the peace. Vanessa is concerned and confides in Tom that she and Jack quarrelled after she told him that her “mystery man” was Jonathan Krantz and that she was buying Relton Marine shares to help Avril to ward off a takeover bid by Charles Frere. She reveals Jack accused her of not playing straight with him and stormed out; she expresses her concern that he may have felt threatened by her wealth. Tom reveals that he has disappeared on previous occasions, and suggests that she sit tight and await his inevitable return. Gerald discusses Leo’s arrest with Abby and Polly, implying that they should tread carefully in so far as Sir Edward is concerned. Leo appears upbeat after his arrest, but Jan is far from so; over breakfast the following morning, they discuss her dinner the previous evening with Tom, during which they ruminated on his choice not to work for Sir Edward on the America’s Cup project, and the fact that he may have launched a revenge bid against the Howards. Their conversation is interrupted when Leo receives a telephone call from the police, revealing Sir Edward’s solicitors have collected the stolen plans and Sir Edward has instructed them to proceed with a civil action.

Ken is approached by Gerald to seek his Relton shares, but he refuses. Frere is surprised that he would resist an offer above and beyond the market price until Gerald tells him that perhaps Laura is behind it, as she’s been pumping him for information and may have had an inspired guess about their intentions regarding Relton. Charles is displeased, as it could lead to Ken holding him to ransom for his Relton shares, and Gerald implies that Laura could be the greater problem. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Tom, who, preoccupied with his concern over Leo’s problems arising from the America’s Cup plans, has found it difficult to concentrate on his work and requires his advice. He asks Charles for a favour. James arrives at HowardBrooke to overhear Jan having a row over the telephone, whereupon she explains that she is experiencing difficulty with temperamental suppliers and distributors. When she calms down, they discuss Leo’s problems, which culminates in his revelation that he was once married with children, but not anymore.

Abby hangs a photograph of Jack, one of her collection from the portfolio, in his office at the Mermaid Yard, where she is met by Orrin, who is determined to seek an answer to his request for her to accompany him back to America. Tom pays a visit to Vanessa before returning to the Yard, revealing that he has been unable to locate Jack at any of his usual watering holes. Vanessa offers to pass on news of her father’s absence to Avril. Jan, having spent the majority of the day assessing James’ old designs, invites him out for supper before sacking her present designer, Mark. Avril and Leo clash over one of his powerboat team having injured themselves conducting unsupervised repairs, during which the employee was seriously injured. With potential legal action arising from this situation, she angrily takes Leo to task before meeting with Vanessa; the pair discuss the situation arising from her “mystery man” claims, and later the conversation changes to Charles Frere and Relton Marine. She extends an offer of help to Avril, which she gratefully accepts.

Later, James arrives for dinner at the Howards whilst Leo and Abby enjoy a drink at the Yacht Club. They witness Gerald and Laura having a drink, and Abby wonders whether or not her father is entering into a new relationship. James and Jan discuss their past relationships, family commitments and careers after dinner, during which she reveals that she has sacked Mark with the intent of prompting him to revive his dormant design skills. He initially reacts angrily to the suggestion, but after a romantic clinch it appears as though she has persuaded him to reassess his stance. After spending the night with her, James awakes early the following morning and tentatively begins designing once again. At the Mermaid Yard, Charles pays Tom a visit. Having used his influence, he has managed to acquire the plans of Sir Edward’s boat from the police, and Tom is convinced there is a conspiracy being mounted against Leo. He confirms to Charles that the paperwork is genuine, but that something about the matter concerns him. Their meeting is interrupted by Bill, who reveals that a contact of his at Pelican Mouldings may have important information for him concerning the theft. Vanessa tracks Jack down. He is hiding out on his boat, and the pair make up.

At Leisurecruise, Ken enjoys reading a local newspaper article entitled Court Battle For Sir Edward Frere, and whilst he engages in a brief meeting between Laura and Dave Hutchinson, one of the engineering staff at Wilde Mouldings, he is called away to meet with James Brooke; returning from having dropped off Vanessa on Jack’s boat, Tom catches sight of the furtive meeting. He returns to the Yard to find that Laura and Dave waiting for him. Tom learns that Dave was manning the vessel which nearly collided with the intruder, and Dave reveals that he can identify the offender as he greeted him prior to speeding from the scene. At HowardBrooke, James unveils a provisional new daywear collection.

Tom confronts Orrin with regard to having planted the plans (which proved to be nothing more than modifications of rejected ideas) on Spring. He pressures Orrin into revealing that robbery with violence is still an offence in this country, he insists that Sir Edward must “call off the dogs” and demands to know why he discredited Leo; Orrin reveals that it was all a means of leverage to get to Abby. When he angrily demands to know where he acquired the designs, Orrin reveals that he used his old boy’s network connections. Tom realises that the plan was to cripple Leo with an out-of-court settlement, and demands to know who was responsible for this plan: Orrin reveals that Polly was the culprit, and he contacts Gerald immediately. At the Urquharts, Gerald and Polly engage in a furious row whilst Abby watches on. She breaks up the row by revealing that she is pregnant with Leo’s child, and whilst her father is pleased, Polly ruminates that she has “another baby to give away”. Gerald ruminates that it has taken him the best part of twenty-five years to see her for what she really is. He books her a taxi and demands that she is out of his house within the hour.

With Ian Lowe (Dave Hutchinson), David Cunningham (Sergeant Ellis) and Kelly George (Ted).

Episode 7

Written by Raymond Thompson and Douglas Watkinson

At the Mermaid Yard, Tom is busy working on Spring. Bill is amazed that Jack has been at work since five o’clock that morning, with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm for his work. He asks if he can discuss a personal matter with him, and reveals that he has appointed Vanessa as a Public Relations executive at the firm. Tom is annoyed that the appointment makes them shopkeepers rather than craftsman; Jack claims she can put the Yard on the world map, but Tom is far from convinced. When Vanessa arrives and asks him to assess her ideas with an open mind, he is reluctantly swayed.

Charles completes a telephone conversation with Eckhardt Sahnn and reveals to Gerald that the deal Avril has negotiation with the Poelma Corporation is worth five million pounds, and could prove a feather in her cap ahead of the motion of no confidence. He reveals he has invited the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Julian Burrage, a four percent stakeholder in Relton, to a function he intends to stage to cultivate support for his marina development. Gerald considers Polly’s disappearance back to America to join Sir Edward, and expresses his regrets at the end of their marriage. He inadvertently lets slip to Charles that Abby is pregnant. Leo pressures Avril for Relton to develop his “world-beating” powerboat, but Avril stalls him. She is preoccupied with fighting off Frere’s bid to takeover Relton, and cannot afford the expenditure ahead of her confrontation with him. Jack is thrilled to have received his export award certificate for Orkadian, which he proudly displays in his office. Abby is worried about Leo’s reaction to her pregnancy. She invites him out to lunch to discuss the situation, but her call is interrupted when Orrin arrives at her home.

At HowardBrooke, Jan and James are feverishly engaged in preparations for the forthcoming launch of their latest wares. She does his best to calm his fears, and he suggests that perhaps she should try her hand at designing herself. Abby angrily confronts Orrin regarding his planting the America’s Cup plans on Leo; Orrin apologises, claiming Sir Edward put him up to it, but she is having none of it. She cannot believe he has turned his hand to the same manipulation she condemns from her mother, Sir Edward and the rest of the Hudsons. Orrin claims baby William is the focal point between two business empires, and that only by joining forces against both families could they secure sole custody. When Abby reveals she is carrying Leo’s child, Orrin reacts badly. At a presentation in which Charles intends to donate an invaluable John Blakelock landscape painting, insured for over one hundred thousand pounds, to the Burrage Coastal Protection Trust (for auction to raise money for the cause) as a means of cultivating Burrage’s support. Burrage discusses with Charles a recent conversation he had with Lord Runswick and the problems he has encountered at Relton Marine. Charles highlights executives spending too much time abroad, and the increase in late deliveries and lost contracts. When he later implies he may require Burrage’s granting of a favour, the man in question is only too pleased to help. During their conversation, Gerald meets Laura, and as the pair engage in a private joke, Charles is concerned that his friend may fall under her spell.

At the Yacht Club, Abby and Leo enjoy a drink before she reveals that she is pregnant. When she tells him, he is overjoyed. At the reception, Laura is suspicious of Charles’ motives in donating the picture for auction, and she implies to Gerald that his Relton shareholding may be the explanation. Charles makes one of the more expensive bids for the landscape, so as to get the ball rolling, as it were, and whilst the bidding continues Gerald introduces him to Laura. Later that day, Tom and Leo take Spring Of Tarrant for a day on the water, during which he pensively confides in his father that he is uncertain about his feelings for Abby after all that she has put him through, despite the pregnancy. Following the reception, Charles meets with Abby to express his delight at the news. When he suggests having lunch or dinner to celebrate with her, she shuts him out and evasively side-steps his attempts to get closer to her. She angrily cites his lack of assistance during her attempts to gain custody of William as a source of discord between them, and their conversation ends badly. As he leaves, he offers his assistance if she ever needs his help.

Jack and Vanessa enjoy a celebratory drink at the end of her first day working at the Mermaid Yard. He asks her how she feels about returning to the boat building business, and she ruminates over a member of the Rolfe family running her father’s company, Relton Marine, whilst she is now working at the Mermaid Yard. Jack discusses the situation she faces with a potential confrontation with Charles, and hopes that their relationship will not be recultivated. Talk of his daughter brings memories of his ex-wife, Eileen, back to surface, which Vanessa tentatively dispels as best she can. Sporting the lowest cut dress she can squeeze into, Laura greets Gerald for the dinner engagement. She launches a charm offensive against him. After dinner, Gerald spies a James Gittings painting hanging on her wall, and they discuss his friendship with the artist. Laura commends him on his artistic talent, and when the conversation broaches his recent death, she implies that he may not have felt at home in Gittings “circle of friends”, claiming that he appears to enjoy the company of women as opposed to the artist. Gerald confirms Gittings was a homosexual, and when Laura asks if he is as well, Gerald confirms that he loved the artist, but not in the way the artist wanted him to: he tells her he is not gay, but explains his passion for the man in terms of the value he placed on their friendship and time together. Their discussion culminates in them spending the night together.

Tom pays Jan a visit to share the news concerning Abby and Leo. They enjoy a bottle of champagne together and reminisce about older, happier times. The following morning, Charles’ exercise routine is interrupted by the arrival of Orrin, who wants to discuss something with him before he returns to America. Charles claims there is nothing further to say, but when Orrin produces the incriminating cassette recorder, he stops him in his tracks. Having played the contents of the tape to Charles, Orrin presents commercial proposes to him which he wants to be given earnest consideration. He implies that joining the Hudsons and the Freres together under the flag of truce to conduct business together could form a powerful brockerage. He claims he will soon be in a position to reward favours, and when Charles refers to him as a dangerous young man, Orrin delivers a string of threats which he rebuffs the blackmail attempt by threatening to destroy him unless the original cassette recording and all copies are delivered to him within twenty-four hours. Jan spots Ken coming out of HowardBrooke, but when she questions James about it, he is unconvincing and evasive. She implies he is unlikely to go out of his way to meet people unless there was something in it for him, and James suggests that if it unduly concerns her, she should speak to Ken about it. Later, Jan unveils her first designs to him.

At Leisurecruise, Ken, wary of Laura, asks his secretary Vicki to “spy” on his partner. He receives a call from Orrin, who wants to discuss the repercussions of his meeting with Charles. Ken agrees to meet him at The Friendly Fisherman, located on the outskirts of Tarrant near the airport. At the Mermaid Yard, Laura expresses her concerns that delays in the production of their commissioned vessel will create problems in terms of coinciding with their marketing launch. She threatens employing penalty clauses should any further delays arise, and reveals she will discuss the situation with Ken and contact them again soon regarding progress. Jack suggests that the company will have to extend to overtime for the staff to overcome a foreshadowed ten-day delay to complete their other commissions, and when Vanessa and Jack cite work on the successor to Orkadian as a higher priority, they fall out with Tom. Ken and Orrin meet later in the day, whereupon Ken reveals that the name of Eckhardt Sahnn has been passed on the the Fraud Squad. Orrin warns that some heavy activity of benefit to him is forthcoming, and implies that “Charles Frere is in for one hell of an expensive lesson, one he’ll never forget”.

With John Line (Julian Burridge).


Episode 8

Written by Raymond Thompson

Tipped off by Ken Masters, the Serious Fraud Squad raid Charles Frere’s home and the offices Relton Marine, confiscating their files during an early morning offensive. At the same moment, Ken is destroying his own incriminating files at Leisurcruise. Avril arrives for work as boxes of files are being carried out of her office, at a loss to explain precisely what is happening. At the Mermaid Yard, work has reached fever pitch on the various production-line projects for which they have been engaged. Jack asks Bill to stave off the approach of several clients so as to complete more urgent work. The Yard’s over commitment inevitably leads to Tom and Jack clashing over increased overtime and staff unable to cope with the demand.

Jan is determined to make the HowardBrooke fashion show a success ahead of her expansion plans in the Mediterranean, and her workload has overshadowed her concern over Leo’s forthcoming prosecution. She assures her son she will keep the case at the forefront of her mind, but he is far from convinced. Later, Ken enjoys discussing Frere’s problems with the Fraud Office, and when Laura arrives and implies his involvement in the affair, he furtively side-steps the issue. He insists he has nothing to hide, and Laura acknowledges that the incinerator has been working overtime this morning. Ken suggests that they will need to revise their marketing campaign owing to the Mermaid Yard’s inability to meet its first deadline with regard to the production of their commissioned vessel. Tom reveals that Avril intends to launch Spring II (now renamed Blue Ribbon) in the Mediterranean within a week, and their failure to meet the deadline has created an atmosphere of unwanted pressure. Tom insists that a pursuit of perfection in construction of the vessels commissioned are a waste of valuable time.

Charles and Gerald meet to discuss the Fraud Squad’s seizure of files, which consist of material arising from Langcrest, the Mediterranean marina deal, Relton Marine and the like. Gerald implies Orrin may be behind the raid, and whilst the former believes there is no evidence of serious irregularities, Charles expresses his concern that their paperwork will reveal names which he not only does not want exposed to the investigation, but who could act against their best interests if questioned. At Lady Whittington’s stately home, where HowardBrooke are using to stage their first fashion show to unveil their autumn collection, James expresses jealousy about Jan’s past affair with Sir Edward. Jan has her own problems, particularly when he witnesses the unexpected arrival of Laura at the show, and she appears to be closer to James than she had otherwise believed. Jack makes his excuses to Ken for the delay in production, and whilst Tom proposes a further two weeks before finalisation, Jack can only promise to try and adhere to the timetable. While she’s having a scan, Abby’s doctor raises the subject of marriage to Leo. Abby and Leo are taken aback, realising that they haven’t even considered it. Abby tells Leo she doesn’t want to rush into things and Leo points out that he hasn’t proposed.

The HowardBrooke launch is extremely successful, with orders far in excess of expectations. Jan discusses Laura’s gate-crashing of the event with Vanessa, the latter of whom reveals Lady Whittington would not have invited her as they have never previously met. Vanessa suggests that she explain Laura’s presence at the event to Whittington, as she granted permission to use her home on the basis that clients and friends only would be in attendance, and implies it would be detrimental to her business if she did not account for her arrival. On his return from the Mermaid Yard to Leisurecruise, Ken discovers that he is being followed. He manages to take a short-cut to avoid his pursuer, but upon arrival the work he witnesses the vehicle coming to a halt outside before hastily speeding away thereafter. Later, he reveals his suspicions of having been followed to Laura, who dismissed it as paranoia. Jan meets with Tom at the Yard to discuss his meeting with Ken, who made him an offer to purchase his shares in HowardBrooke. Jan dismisses the fact that an acquisition of an extra seven percent holding could do her any harm, but when Tom reports to her that he witnessed a meeting between Ken and James, he plants the seed of suspicion in her mind. Testing the waters, she suggests that Tom should imply to Ken that he is still interested in potentially selling his shares.

Ken expresses his pleasure at the fact that Laura is cultivating Gerald Urquhart, and implies that Leisurecruise should pursue Relton Marine and Frere Holdings shares as pressure is applied during the fraud investigation. He suggests she gains inside information from Gerald which can best serve their own plans. That evening, Jan questions James about how well he knows Laura and Ken; he reacts defensively and rouses her suspicious still further. She reveals that someone witnessed her meeting with Ken the previous week, and his explanation is particularly weak. When she questions Ken’s motives, James insists that he cares a great deal about her and she should not believe that he is plotting her decline.

Charles visits Avril at Relton, insisting that they meet to discuss if she is implicated in fraud. He asks whether she was given any indication as to the fraud squad raid, and whilst she plays the conversation closely to her chest, Charles implies that he will be more than happy to provide them with her name with regard to recruiting Sarah Foster and his granting of her independence at Relton, citing he is not always party to the decisions made by his senior executives. He poses the question that, should certain irregularities be discovered, he would not want to be placed in a position to confirm or deny anything. He threatens to implicate her unless she provides him with her support, but she insists she will not be used to further his survival. Leo confides in Jan that he’s concerned that Abby might just want the baby as a substitute for William as he suspects she deliberately planned to fall pregnant. Jan advises him to talk it through with her if he remains committed to marrying her.

Gerald and Laura enjoy another evening together, and it appears that their relationship is strengthening. Tom arrives for work to find that Jack and Vanessa have taken The Pride Of Lesley out on the estuary for an hour. Irritated that the pair are not in attendance for the forthcoming board meeting, he expresses his concerns to Avril and Jan that he seems perpetually out of step with the requirements of the Yard. Later, Vanessa proposes plans for a bi-centennial celebration of the Yard, at which she will proudly display the first boat constructed by the firm and invite all past clients on a tour. The meeting later degenerates into a bickering match concerning Ken Masters’ commissioning for a boat to be built by the Yard, and although Jack is in favour of the proposal, all others in attendance vote against him. He threatens to enter into a private agreement with Ken in order to maintain his independence, and storms from the meeting. Whilst Vanessa tries to placate him afterwards, he once again reiterates his concerns about the fact that the proprietorial ownership of the Yard and its decision-making process is slipping out of his hands.

Kate returns home from the Mediterranean to find James in the Howard home, and though she firstly believes him to be an intruder, she later warms to him. She later joins Jan and company at the Mermaid Yard to celebrate her return to Tarrant. Charles and Gerald meet to discuss the former’s forthcoming press conference to counter press reports arising from the fraud squad raid, and he reveals that he has had to bail out Thornton from custody. He expresses his reservations that evidence is mounting against them. On a deserted stretch of coastline, Ken meets with James to discuss the secret arrangement they have entered into. He explains that Jan is pressuring him for an explanation of their possible connection, and reveals that Laura has unexpectedly offered to buy out his shares in HowardBrooke.

With Angus Mackay (The Clinic Doctor).

Episode 9

Written by Raymond Thompson

Avril and Tom are enjoying a relaxing break in Malta ahead of the launch reception for Blue Ribbon. Avril is concerned that her business contact, Sabio Fernandez, seems to be delaying closing the deal. When she receives an urgent long-distance call from England, she is even more concerned when she receives a summons to give evidence at Charles Frere’s fraud trial. Whilst Leo and Kate discuss Abby and the baby, Jan requests a meeting with Sir John to discuss the future of HowardBrooke. Over the course of discussing relationships, Kate lets slip her fondness for Admiral Francis Redfern, the Chairman of the local planning committee, with whom she has been enjoying spending her time of late. At Leisurecruise, Ken is delighted with Frere’s plight until Vicki delivers a letter marked confidential which requests his attendance at the trial.

The press are doorstepping Charles at Frere Holdings to gauge both his and Gerald’s response to the rapid decline in share price and the outcome of the fraud trial. Charles is annoyed that speculation is confirming their guilt even before their day in court. They are due to visit an attractive and able woman Q.C, Lee Simmons, and he suggests to Gerald that they try to use Avril as a scapegoat at the trial. When they meet, she insists that all future statements for the press are cleared by her in the first instance. They discuss the situation arising from Maclean Leisure and the Guernsey development, and Frere’s utilisation of Diacra Holdings, a nominee company, to front the primary negotiations. When she pushes both Gerald and himself too far in terms of matters of legality, Charles implies that they may seek counsel better suited to their needs elsewhere. She touches on a sensitive subject when she raises the subject of the donation of landscape to Burrage which would be displayed in a building owned by Frere Holdings, on a property owned by Fere Holdings, and increasing the value of the building and property by a further five hundred thousand pounds, thereby assisting his own firm. At the end of their mock cross-examination, she insists that they reveal to her confidentially if they are in fact guilty.

Ken Masters has also been called as a prosecution witness, but he’s more interested in cultivating Vicki after he learns that her uncle, Sir Alan Rockwell, is an influential City financier, Chairman of Confederated Industries and a close friend of Sir Edward Frere. He suggests that she should be given a bigger role at Leisurecruise, in return for arranging a meeting with him and Sir Alan. James is stunned when Laura tells him she wants to buy his HowardBrooke shares, threatening to expose his guilty secret if he doesn’t agree. Vanessa commissions Abby to do a book of photographs of the Mermaid Yard. Jack pushes himself into the position of writing the text, but finds that, being such a perfectionist, he can’t even get started. When Vanessa implies that perhaps someone else, more cognisant of the deadline for the material, should take over the task, Jack insists he is the only qualified person to do so. James telephones Ken, who says James has no choice but to continue his deception of Jan, particularly after his meeting with Laura.

Later in the day, Admiral Redfern pays a visit to Kate ahead of their day at the races. Jan and James clash over launching their wares in Europe, and she invites him to attend her luncheon with Sir John Stevens to cultivate support for the venture. When he declines the offer, she demands to know what is more important than the success of their business. Laura applies further pressure on the Mermaid Yard to complete the original Leisurecruise commission, and Jack lets slip that Ken’s commissioning of a trailer-sailor has brought about the delays. Shocked, Laura is determined to confront Ken as to precisely what is going on. Tom and Avril discuss her summons to appear for the prosecution at the Frere trial. This does not, however, overshadow their meeting with Fernandez. Jan reveals to Sir John that she requires a capital injection of two-hundred-thousand pounds to launch into the Mediterranean, inspired by Tom’s success in that part of the world. Sir John recounts the situation whereby he was eased out of the Chairmanship of the bank, revealing Sir Edward’s support vanished when he needed it most, and that he may not be able to sway a deal as swiftly as he once could. He confirms that while he remains on the board he will continue to offer her support, and when the conversation turns to James Brooke, the name seems to ring a distant bell with the banker.

The Relton reception launching Blue Ribbon in Malta is an undoubted success, and interest in Relton’s complete product range is encouraging. However, when Avril presses Fernandez for an official commitment to a deal, he is evasive and claims he needs to consult his legal team to iron out the last details. She expresses her concern that something is going wrong with the deal to Tom. Ken meets with James to discuss Laura’s interest in HowardBrooke, during which he reveals she knows his entire past history and the events which culminating in his ignominious retreat from America. When he expresses Jan’s importance to him, Ken queries his involvement with her and then threatens that he has no alternative but to sustain the pretence or risk being harmed himself. Kate and Admiral Redfern consider placing a bet on Evening Star in the Thompson Trophy, during which they exchange a small side wager: she craftily persuades him, as the Chairman of the local planning committee, to give her some confidential information concerning a development application for the waterfront.

Returning from his meeting with Ken, James discusses Jan’s luncheon with Sir John; she excitedly reveals he has agreed to finance their Mediterranean operation, although she broaches the subject of whether or not he ever encountered Sir John whilst he retained a seat on the board of First Global, an American bank. James avoids responding to her question. Charles arranges a meeting with Sir John Stevens to cultivate his support ahead of the trial, much to Gerald’s amazement considering their previous treatment of him. They intend to ensure Sir John provides testimony in court to shift the blame in the direction of Sarah Foster and Avril; Charles believes the court will be far more interested in her business dealings. Relaxing after the launch in Malta, Avril confides her business worries to Tom. He is warmly sympathetic, and their affair is rekindled.

Laura and Ken clash over his commissioning of the trailer-sailor. She demands to be consulted on all future plans, and Ken takes the request personally, citing her machinations with Avril and Gerald behind his back as a breach of their mutual trust. She raises the subject of the court summons and implies that, in his eagerness to nail Charles Frere, he inadvertently nails himself and her in the process. As their meeting ends badly, Ken invites Vicky out to dinner to discuss her Uncle. Charles and Sir John discuss his ousting as Chairman of the bank, and the part Sir Edward played in the affair. He implies that he could lobby the board and have his status restored in exchange for a favour in return. Sir John seems amenable to the offer.

Leo discusses his attempts to overcome the substantial development costs associated with his plans for a new powerboat with Vanessa; the development of a radical new engine design for the vessel, at a cost of around two-hundred-thousand pounds, is the proposal he presents to her, and she appears interested. Leo hopes, with her various contacts, that she can cultivate interest in the project. Laura deviously offers to manage Gerald’s business affairs should he be sent to prison. At The Jolly Sailor, Kate reveals to Jack that a mystery developer plans to transform the Mermaid Yard  site into a marina and a five-hundred room hotel. James makes a clean breast of his past to Jan, telling her that he was innocently involved in the accidental drowning of a female fashion model, Nicola Hyde, in America, after the vessel he manned late one night crashed into a pontoon. Broken by the scandal, he borrowed heavily from Ken Masters to salvage his career in the United Kingdom. Jan is shocked to learn that Ken owns James’ shares in HowardBrooke.

With Angela Down (Lee Simons) and Franco Rey (Sabio Fernandez).

Episode 10

Written by Raymond Thompson

Charles and Gerald attend the Courts of Justice with the media camped outside. Jack discusses the opening day of the trial with Avril, expressing his concerns that the pair may serve an extended prison sentence. Avril denies that she still harbours any feelings for Charles, but Jack remains unconvinced. Jan furiously confronts Ken at Leisurecruise, whereupon she attacks him for using James to acquire a half-share in HowardBrooke. Ken claims she should thank him for steering James Brooke in her direction to rescue her from choppy waters, but Jan is far from convinced that his intentions were genuine. She expresses her concerns that if James defaults on the loan he owes Ken, he would obtain a large stake in a thriving fashion house. When Ken protests his innocence, she confronts him with his covert approach to secure Tom’s shares. The prosecution opens the case by recounting the events of the Maclean Leisure takeover to the jury, recommending the maximum custodial sentence.

Vanessa reveals to Laura that Arkas Dimitrias has brokered a deal with Tom to renovate an old J-class boat in the Mediterranean, a deal of which Jack is green with envy. She discusses the completion date for their Leisurecruise commission, and assures her the work will be finalised on time. Charles Frere takes the stand, and is asked when he first opened negotiations with Maclean Leisure. He implies that Relton Marine should be asked who instigated the negotiations, and he becomes evasive when pressed on the matter. He claims that senior executives in companies in which Frere Holdings has an interest are wholly responsible for the day-to-day management of the companies and the activities of their staff. The prosecution explores his role in these companies, and despite his evasion, they submit that Frere Holdings is manned by a Chairman with his finger on the pulse is all matters of significance. When questioned as to whether or not he considered the multi-million pound takeover of Maclean Leisure as a matter of any significance, he is forced to admit that he did.

Leo meets with Avril, who assures him that when the Fernandez deal is secured she will present his powerboat proposal to the board. When he indicates that he is seeking sponsors for the venture, Avril expresses her concerns that they will not be prepared to cover the entire cost of his proposal, but he remains confident he has every base covered. James is concerned about what may happen to Jan and her company if his murky past emerges in the press. Their romance is flourishing and they decide to face their troubles together. Gerald endures a character assassination at the hands of the prosecution, who seek his confirmation or denial that he instructed his broker to acquire shares ahead of the Maclean Leisure takeover. They press him to state when he declared his interest in the share deal, and whilst he claims he cannot recall precise dates, the prosecution implies that his broker has a vivid recollection of the discussion with regard to purchasing the shares. Confirmation of an entry in the broker’s diary reflects his intention to purchase, but whilst Gerald suggests that such evidence is not conclusive, the prosecution submits that he was only too well aware that negotiations were taking place and that he was in a position to benefit from securing a stake in the company.

Kate meets with Admiral Redfern to discuss the proposed development and its potential impact on the Mermaid Yard. She implores him to allow her to read the minutes of a recent planning committee meeting which discussed the development, but all he can provide her with are a few vague hints as to their intention. The Admiral reveals he has a casting vote in terms of a deadlock, but otherwise he may not be able to prevent an application for planning permission. He refers to “the developer’s friend”, Burrage, and implies that he will be sympathetic towards the proposal. When she presses him as to the identity of the developer, he suggests she makes an inspired guess. At the Yacht Club, Leo dines with Sir Alan, a potential sponsor suggested by Vanessa. They discuss the technical details of his proposed development, his sales and business acumen and the commercial profitability of the venture. The sponsor questions Relton’s reluctance to commit to the project, but Leo assures him that should he not wish to pursue the offer, his competitors would be more than interested.

Afforded a brief recess in the proceedings, Frere’s QC suggests that they keep their guard up as the prosecuting counsel would like nothing better than to exploit a post-lunch slip of the tongue. As they prepare to re-enter the court room, Avril arrives for her day in court. Kate visits the Mermaid Yard to discuss the fortunes of the firm; Vanessa reveals that Jack is working too slowly towards completing the commissions, and Kate lets slip about the proposed marina development to her. She appears shocked, and Kate reacts badly to the fact that Jack has not kept her up to speed, as it were. Put on the spot by Frere’s Q.C, Avril is forced to defend herself (and a fierce line of questioning concerning her previous relationship with Charles, and its dissolution during the Maclean negotiations) and her evidence is damaging to him. It is implied that she manouevred her way into controlling Relton Marine, and that her capabilities and business acumen are either extraordinary, or she indirectly benefited from insider knowledge regarding Diacra Holdings.

Vanessa confronts Jack with the news of the proposed development. Jack is unconcerned as Frere is up to his neck with the fraud trial. Vanessa is concerned that he can secure planning permission without buying out the Yard, but Jack is more concerned with finishing the editorial for the booklet which will accompany the bicentennial anniversary of the firm. At the end of the first day of the trial, Charles reveals to Gerald that he is prepared to engage in a deal with Avril to retract her damaging testimony. Charles believes that if she could be convinced that it was nothing more than an error of judgement, they could avoid a seven-year prison sentence. Gerald reacts angrily to his implied act of perjury, and Charles expresses his concerns that she does not appreciate what a guilty verdict could do to them. Over a drink, Vicki reveals that Sir Alan, her Uncle, has been approached by Relton Marine for the development of a new powerboat. She also lets slip that Laura worked for Consolidated Industries in America, and cultivated quite a reputation for herself. Their meeting is cut short when Sir John Stevens arrives with Jan and James, and he beats a hasty retreat. Laura continues to woo Gerald and gives him one of Ken’s personal files to use against him in the second day of the trial.

The Yard’s birthday celebration has rekindled painful memories for Jack. Feeling guilty about Eileen, he gets drunk with Bill. He reveals he hasn’t been able to bring himself to visit her grave since the day she was buried. Their evening is interrupted by the arrival of Vanessa in The Jolly Sailor, with whom he has missed a dinner engagement. Jan and James arrive in Malta to attend a fashion show to launch HowardBrooke into Europe. She meets up with Yvette Studer, a fashion colleague who will escort them to the proposed location at which the show will be staged. En route, they discuss Jan’s daughter Lynne, who is now managing a Yacht Charter Hire business in the Greek Isles. In preparation for his day in court, Ken is feverishly searching for a blue folder containing material he intends to use against Frere. When Laura arrives, he asks if she has seen it and, having already passed the material on to Gerald, she lies and tells him she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Sir John Stevens takes the stand in court, perjures himself by claiming he resigned from the bank because of a conflict of interests, having been made aware of the connection between Diacra Holdings’ directorship and Charles Frere ahead of the Maclean Leisure takeover. This revelation surprises the prosecuting counsel who, for the first time, do not elect to cross-examine the witness. At the Mermaid Yard, celebrations are underway with a wide variety of the Tarrant populace in attendance. The Leisurecruise commission, which has been finalised and due for launch at the ceremony, is potentially delayed owing to Ken’s appearance in court. Avril arrives and informs Vanessa that there is no sign of Jack in any of his regular haunts, and she cannot believe her father would miss such an important event.

Dishevelled and morose, Jack visits Eileen Rolfe’s graveside, upon which he places flowers. In Malta, James and Jan finally secure an impressive location for the fashion shoot in premises constructed by the Grand Master of the Knights of Saint John. Ken Masters takes the stand, and he is questioned with regarding to losing money in a joint venture to establish the marina project. The defence counsel accuses him of a blatant exercise in character assassination, and nothing short of slander outside the courtroom. Ken claims that Sarah Foster was aware of Frere’s dubious business practices, and when asked if he believes that Frere and Gerald are responsible for defrauding their shareholders, he proudly admits there is no doubt in his mind as to their guilt.

With Catherine Schell (Yvette Studer), Angela Down (Lee Simmons), George Raistrick (Anthony Elliot) and Roger Hume (Sir Alan Rockwell).

NB: This was first episode not to give Maurice Colbourne an on-screen credit.

Episode 11

Written by Raymond Thompson and Douglas Watkinson

Laura and Ken test-run their newly-commissioned vessel whilst Vanessa discusses Jack’s absence from the Mermaid Yard’s open day with Bill, who reveals that his current temperament will get a lot worse before it gets better. Out on the sea, Laura and Ken are decidedly impressed with the vessel. Kate sends a telegram to Jan in Malta extending best wishes from herself and Leo ahead of the fashion show. They discuss the newspaper headlines, which read Frere And Aide Innocent.

At Frere Holdings, Gerald and Charles open an early-morning bottle of champagne and celebrate their victory. They discuss his fictitious appointment as a director of Diacra Holdings, which seemingly lead to his resignation at the bank, and Charles raises the issue of the plummeting share price. Frere Holdings Shares Fall Despite Acquittal headlines the story Avril reads at Relton Marine when she receives a telephone call from Jack, who makes his excuses for the absence from the Yard’s celebration. He is struggling with the editorial for the Yard’s historical brochure, and asks her to meet with him at his cottage for a personal discussion.

In Malta, HowardBrooke’s fashion show is heavily attended by the associated fashion press and connoisseurs alike. They identify a hatchet-merchant critic in attendance, and this rouses James’ concerns once again. Charles demands from his brokers that the falling share price must be arrested as soon as possible. He discusses a possible merger deal with the Business Park and implies that Sahnn must be pushed with regard to the marina development. Determined to seek revenge against Ken and Avril for their adverse testimonies, Charles targets Avril and Relton Marine as the highest priority. Gerald advises caution and suggests that they lie low, but Charles is adamant. He reveals that after Ken tried to ruin them, he is now going to face the consequences of his actions with a strike against Leisurecruise. Leo proudly reveals to Avril that Confederated Industries have entered into a partnership deal with him over the powerboat design, and whilst she expresses her concerns as to Relton’s future, she provides him with the support he requires to launch the venture.

Ken returns buoyantly from the test-run on the cruiser and is delighted that Sir Alan is prepared to meet with him. He suggests to Vicky that the meeting should remain secret from Laura for the time being, and Vicky reveals that Orrin Hudson telephoned in his absence. Sir John, Gerald and Charles enjoy a celebratory lunch at the Yacht Club, during which they express their gratitude on the nature of Sir John’s testimony. Charles assures him that he will be the front-runner in the new chairmanship run at the bank, and the pair discuss Eckhardt Sahnn’s involvement in the Mediterranean marina consortium. They reveal that Sahnn is reluctant to pursue negotiations following the bad publicity generated by the trial, and ask Sir John if there could be any other reason behind his reluctance. He warns them to tread carefully, as Sahnn is a very tricky customer. Avril meets Jack for lunch; he is surrounded by memorabilia and is emotionally torn over his guilt about Eileen and his love for Vanessa.

Laura refuses to acquiesce to Ken’s request to meet contacts referred to him by Sir Edward Frere and Robert Hudson in Geneva and Malta without an explanation. Ken reveals the importance of meeting the banker Muller, an associate of Eckhardt Sahnn and connected to Sabio Fernandez, and an invaluable key to their future prosperity. They discuss Charles’ capacity to extricate himself from the trial, and ruminate on his survival instincts. Avril inspects Leo’s prototype and reminds him that a great deal of investment money rides on the success of the venture. She returns to her office at Relton to find Charles waiting for her. He claims he refrained from delivering incriminating testimonies against her in court, and accuses her of trying to personally destroy him. He demands an explanation from her, claiming she felt threatened and intimidated by him and struck a blow against him in court. He tries emotional blackmail by telling her she cannot ignore everything which has passed between them, but she is determined to do so. Having returned from a successful trip to Malta, Jan is brimming with promise whilst James has his reservations. He reiterates his concerns that the press may yet learn of his shady past, and when they return to Jan’s home they find Kate painting placards which read Hands Off The Mermaid, in preparation for a protest against the proposed development of the Yard.

Jack’s work on the editorial is interrupted when Vanessa pays him an unexpected visit to discuss recent events. When she suggests that they enjoy a celebratory meal together when he completes his work, Jack reluctantly expresses the fact that he would rather not. At the Yacht Club, Vicky encounters Gerald, whom she engages in conversation. When he reveals he is expecting a dinner guest, she reveals that Laura is due to leave the country and that he should re-check his arrangements. Preparing for her departure with Ken at her home, they overhear Gerald leaving a message on her answering machine which seems to imply an emotional attachment. When Ken presses her with regard to stringing him along, she side-steps a response. Abby visits Charles to discuss the situation with regard to William, against Leo’s wishes. She tells him she heard a rumour that he possesses an interest in the Mermaid Yard, and he avoids responding by suggesting she should get the real reason why she has come to see him. She reveals she has changed her mind, and is prepared to fight the Hudsons in court, if necessary. She wants to know if his offer of assistance still stands, and he reminds her that he is more than happy to help where he can; he does, however, warn Abby that entering into legal proceedings when she is carrying Leo’s child, having not yet divorced herself from Orrin, will not make the fight any easier.

Later that evening, Jack finally musters the courage to express his reservations about the future direction of their relationship whilst the ghosts of his late wife Eileen, and her late husband Klaus, haunt them. He also ruminates over marrying Eileen to acquire the Mermaid Yard, and his guilt, but Vanessa assuages this by highlighting the positive side of the relationship: the birth of Avril and the fact that despite the fact Eileen was aware of why they married, she never left his side. She assures Jack that he should not have a guilty conscience concerning his past life, and he realises he will at last have to come to terms with it all.

Laura and Ken arrive in Malta for their appointment with Eckhardt Sahnn to discover that he has cancelled their meeting, and they will now be met by his second-in-charge, George Vassilli, instead. They meet on his yacht, and discuss the proposals Leisurecruise has presented to the consortium. The issue of the power struggle between Sir Edward and Charles is brought to the surface, and it is implied that they may not be able to conduct business in the future. Ken reveals that Leisurecruise has the complete support of Sir Edward and the Hudsons, and Laura implies that they have sided with the stronger of the two power blocs. Ken moots the possibility of joining the consortium, and is assured of a responsible inside forty-eight hours. Sir John Stevens visits Jan and James to confirm that their loan application has been approved, buoyed by the success of their Malta collection launch. The audience appeared entirely satisfied, but it is only now that they have received critical praise from some of the most ardent fashion critics in the business. However, James reacts angrily when his past is splashed across the pages of the French newspapers, blighting their promising start. Jack test-cruises the successor to Orkadian, now christened Pelican, and he is decidedly impressed with how the vessel handles. Vanessa joins them at the pier, revealing that Charles Frere is due to collect his six-metre yacht, which he intends to name Battle Cry.

Later that day, Ken and Laura meet with Sabio Fernandez, during which they discuss an export option on Leisurecruise’s impressive range. Fernandez openly reveals that he has already entered into negotiations with Relton, but agrees with Laura that there is no room for sentiment in business. Charles reveals to Gerald that he intends to acquire the entire share stock of Rutherhide Cable held by Relton Marine shareholders, in exchange for their entire stock of Relton shares. Gerald reacts angrily to the proposition, and when Charles presses him, he reveals that his relationship with Laura may well have been purely one-sided so as to cultivate a source of information for herself. In Malta, Ken and Laura celebrate by the pool and discuss a profitable day’s business. Laura suggests  expediting proceedings by tipping off Avril with regard to their cultivation of Fernandez, so as to destroy any chance of Relton securing the lucrative export deal.

With Stefan Gryff (George Vassilli) and Franco Rey (Sabio Fernandez).


Episode 12

Written by Mervyn Haisman

Whilst Charles engages Battle Cry in a local six-metre yacht race, Gerald is busily cultivating support to arrest the downward spiral of Frere Holdings’ shares. He discusses the Malta negotiations with Sir John Stevens whilst they await his return. On board Leisurecruise’s new cruiser, Jack and Vanessa take a photographic record of the yacht as it is put through its paces whilst Ken test-sails his trailer-sailor with Vicky, who is particularly impressed with the vessel. So too is Laura, who instructs the photographer to also capture shots of his craft in action. Aided by strong winds and expert crewmanships, Charles secures a narrow victory in the race.

At the Mermaid Yard, Abby joins Kate at the picket line in which she has cultivated healthy support in protest of the marina development. At HowardBrooke, Jan and James are enjoying prosperous times following the Malta launch, but the latter is concerned as to the impact upon the business which may arise from the French newspaper article. He also ponders how to deal with Ken and Laura. Later, Kate and Avril relax at the Urquharts after she has experienced a twinge from the baby whilst attending the picket line. In the post-race celebrations at the Yacht Club, Charles delivers a speech and is photographed proudly displaying the cup he has secured. Bill and Vanessa insist that Jack requires a personal secretary to manage his affairs, but he is having none of it. When Bill reveals that Kate has launched a protest movement, Vanessa is annoyed that the press were in attendance and now news of the proposed development will be public. As she suggests preparing a press release, Jack recommends holding fire until they have assessed Charles’ development proposal.

Sir John pays HowardBrooke a visit to discuss the successful Malta venture and their next direction. James reveals they are preparing a fashion show to coincide with the Guernsey race week, and when Sir John suggests further expansion with the support of the bank, Jan persuades James to ask him for a bank loan to resolve the debt he owes to Ken. Jack reveals to Avril that he is entering Barracuda in the Charles Frere Cup, a Hamble to Guernsey handicap race, and he recommends that Avril enter Blue Ribbon in the contest. They discuss the pressures she is under at Relton Marine, and Jack delivers brighter news when he indicates Tom is due to return from the Mediterranean with the vessel for an expensive refit commission at the Mermaid Yard. Later, she meets Leo at the quayside after he completes his test-run on the new powerboat which he has been responsible for designing and constructing. He is extremely pleased, but wants to test her under race conditions. Gerald is frustrated that Eckhardt Sahnn is refusing to revive negotiations with Charles, and in discussion with his aide and Sir John, they speculate as to whether Sir Edward might be responsible. The Frere Holdings share price has risen slightly courtesy of Frere’s race win, and Sir John identifies that the proposed marina development may further revive his fortunes. When he asks for Sir John’s advice regarding Relton, he cites a conflict of interest and refuses to discuss the matter as he also acts on Avril’s behalf. Laura returns to Leisurecruise unexpectedly, overhearing a conversation Vicky is having with her Uncle in advance of Ken’s meeting. Intrigued, she invites Vicky to dinner to discuss their future.

Jack asks Vanessa to accompany him on the Charles Frere Cup, which she reluctantly considers and then agrees to, determined to overcome her fears. Later that day, Laura pays Charles and Gerald a visit at Frere Holdings. She verbally fences with Gerald before supplying Charles with photographs of his victory in the race. On the pretence of engaging in casual conversation, she raises the issue of Frere Holdings’ falling share price and tries to distance herself from Ken’s testimony in court. She implies that they can be of great use to each other in the future, and Charles extends an invitation to dinner whilst a furious Gerald watches on. Ken is delighted that he has secured a meeting with Sir Alan Rockwell, and is determined to impress her with the grand tour. Laura will be at Wilde Mouldings, so their meeting should remain a secret. Leo raises the subject of racing the new powerboat, and Abby is concerned as to his safety following his world championship accident. Whilst she dresses for dinner, Leo intercepts a telephone call from Orrin asking whether or not she has received correspondence from his solicitor. Abby appears concerned, and Leo reveals that his solicitor plans to pay her a visit to discuss a divorce settlement.

Avril and Kate enjoy dinner at the Yacht Club, over which she has second thoughts concerning the devious politics which have arisen under her tenure at Relton. She believes she has become hardened by the work, but Kate implies that Jack is far more affected by his work than she is. She broaches the subject of the proposed marina development at the Mermaid Yard site, and reveals that her father is seriously considering accepting Charles Frere’s offer. Returning from dinner, Laura refers to her meeting with Eckhardt Sahnn in Malta, and Charles is impressed at her business acumen, until she learns that Ken has cultivated the support of Sir Edward and the Hudsons in a bid to secure a place in the Mediterranean consortium. The following day, Sir Alan is particularly impressed after being taken on a powerboat cruise by Ken and Vicky. He refers to the trailer-sailor and the Malta project, both of which interest him, but the latter particularly, who can recognise it as a high growth area in which considerable profit can be made. He expresses a desire to invest in the scheme, and Ken is open to negotiation.

Whilst Gerald assesses the holding share price of Frere Holdings, he coldly welcomes Charles with barbed observations concerning his evening with Laura. Charles reveals she is ambitious, hungry for power and with an eye on the main chance. He accuses Gerald of not understanding women, and having been used by Laura when he was vulnerable. He reveals that she tried the same trick with him the previous evening, but that he secured invaluable information of his own. They consider either pursuing the Malta development or resecuring control of Relton with a possible four percent; Charles identifies Ken as the principle obstruction to the Malta development, and proposes acquiring Ken’s four-percent Relton shareholding in exchange for backing off from the Mediterranean consortium, until such time as control at Relton had been re-established, and then target Leisurecruise. Sir Alan implies that his agreement to a deal would involved presenting Vicky with a ten percent shareholding in Leisurecruise with a view to an eventual directorship role. Stunned, Ken manages to negotiate the deal down to six-and-a-quarter percent holding, and whilst Ken is all smiles at the clinching of the deal, he is clearly uncomfortable at being saddled with his secretary.

Buoyed by his success, his enthusiasm is soon dampened when he returns to work to find James Brooke waiting for him. He angrily confronts James concerning his revelations to Jan, he threatens to destroy him at his earliest convenience. Cocky, James provokes him into calling in his loan, and fences with him with regard to apparently being unable to pay. However, he wipes the smile from Ken’s face by presenting him with a cheque for two-hundred-thousand pounds and demands a receipt for the completion of payment on his debt. Ken warns him that he will regret what he has done, and when James leaves, he immediately contacts his media associate Jeremy with instructions to execute a job without delay. He later learns that the story he has instructed to be published will feature in the evening edition, in exchange for a week’s holiday for him in Cannes. Jack visits Eileen’s graveside to quietly bid his ex-wife a final farewell before moving on with his life.

Later, Laura meets with Sir Alan to discuss his recent encounter with Ken. When she returns to Leisurecruise, she triumphantly reveals that Malta will be theirs if they provide Frere with the Relton shares he requires. Ken is impressed with the deal she has brokered, but despite the fact he claims he has had a quiet day, he is unaware that Laura is pulling strings behind his back. Jack, reminiscing by casting an eye over the recently published text The History Of The Mermaid Yard, is interrupted by Kate, who demands to know what he intends to do to prevent the marina development from succeeding. His casual response infuriates her, and she storms from the Yard office intent to defend the Yard to the last. Abby visits Charles and Gerald to discuss the correspondence she has received from the Hudson’s lawyers. Charles proposes an out-of-court settlement, but confirms that if the case does come to court he has the ideal QC in mind.

Later, they receive a telephone call from Jack intimating he is prepared to discuss Frere’s plans for the development of the marina. James books into a hotel in preparation for his trip to Guernsey and collects a copy of the evening edition of the newspaper, unaware of its devastating contents. Jan returns home and shares a drink with her mother, over which she reveals she has secured the financial support, with the assistance of Sir John Stevens, to buy out Ken’s share of the company. At the hotel, James discovers the newspaper headline HowardBrooke Designer In Model Death Mystery and, distressed, he contacts Ken, who gloats that there is more to follow, and that if Jan goes down, he will only have himself to blame. Shattered, he hates an overdose of pills and alcohol. Leo returns home and shows Jan the newspaper, and she is visibly shaken. She telephones the hotel, but the receptionist is unable to gain a response from his room. As Jan speeds towards the hotel, Kate telephones her and reveals that the hotel staff have confirmed he is in the hotel, but is not answering his telephone. As she arrives outside the hotel, she is horrified to witness an ambulance speeding from the scene.

With Roger Hume (Sir Alan Rockwell) and Jessica Carney (The Hotel Receptionist).

Episode 13

Written by Mervyn Haisman

As the ambulance speeds towards the Accident and Emergency Department of the local hospital, Jan is in hot pursuit, concerned as to James’ condition. She arrives to witness him being hurriedly escorted inside. Sir John Stevens reveals to Avril that she has been placed in a delicate situation now that Ken has sold his Relton shareholding to Charles. She pensively considers the Malta deal, and ruminates over whether or not she can clinch confirmation ahead of any hostile takeover. Jan is told by the consultant that James has taken an overdose, and although they have managed to save him in time, he expresses concerns for his mental state. Jack and Bill discuss the quickest route to Guernsey, but Bill reminds him that the race is to be staged in the most possible daylight and as such, he must adhere to a specific route.

As Barracuda is loaded with stores, Vanessa wonders why he is loading the craft with so much alcohol. Their conversation is interrupted when he receives a call on his mobile telephone from Charles, who later speculates with Gerald as to the amount of money required to sway Jack to sell the Mermaid Yard. At the Howards, Jan confronts James as to his state of mind and what he has put her through. They have a row, during which he tries to justify his actions by claiming she does not understand what he is going through himself. She assures him she would have stood by him, but he claims that Ken would have dragged them both down and destroyed them. Jan denies that her business is more important than their relationship, and when he claims she would have easily recovered, she slaps him.

Charles and Gerald present the plans and proposals for the extensive marina complex, revealing there would be two hundred exclusive berths made available by the development. Jack ascertains that Charles has been granted planning approval, and all he needs is the Mermaid Yard’s land. Charles offers three-and-a-half million pounds for the site, which leaves him silenced. James storms into the offices of Leisurecruise and beats Ken up. He threatens to destroy Ken if he doesn’t put an end to the damaging attack on Jan, and when Laura intercedes he is forced to accept James’ terms. When he leaves, Ken poses her the threat that she has a way of dealing with his enemies on a permanent basis. When he too departs, Laura reveals to Vicky that the final stage of her plans has gone extremely well, and that the future of Leisurecruise is assured.

When James returns to HowardBrooke, he reveals to Jan that he has been tidying up unfinished business before they board the hydrofoil for Guernsey. At the Yacht Club, Avril and Vanessa speculate as to whether or not Jack will sell the Yard to Frere Holdings, but their conversation soon turns to the battle at Relton Marine and the motion of no confidence against her. Avril reveals she will lose by the slimmest of margins. Vanessa reveals Tom is halfway to Gibraltar en route to Tarrant in the J-class vessel, which seems to temporarily brighten her spirits. Leo clashes angrily with Ken when he discovers him at the jetty, inspecting Relton’s new powerboat. In an act of bravado, he challenges Ken to a one-against-one long-distance race, tying in with the Charles Frere cup, with Relton against Leisurecruise from Hamble to Guernsey. Ken claims he will live to regret making the challenge, but Leo is particularly confident.

Jack returns from his meeting with Charles to find Kate discussing the future development on the Yard’s site with Mr Godrey (from the District Council and a member of the local preservation society), whom he angrily ushers them away. Later, Avril meets with Laura on board the new cruiser, upon which they discuss Sabio Fernandez. At Frere Holdings, Charles and Gerald keep a keen eye on Relton’s share price, which has suddenly and unexpectedly increased despite the clear majority of voting power he has cultivated. They receive a visit from Sir John Stevens, who reveals that Ken has figuratively shot himself in the foot: Sir Edward has learnt that Charles is no longer interested in the Malta development, and as such he has abandoned his support of Ken’s potential venture, much to their combined amusement. Charles is buoyed by this news and is hopeful of success in the forthcoming board meeting.

When Laura returns from her meeting with Avril, Ken reveals he has challenged Leo to a powerboat race and when Laura expresses concerns regarding Relton’s new, faster vessel, Ken reveals that Leo thinks he’s racing against last year’s version, but an increase in turbo boosters will gain them speed. Vicky voices concerns regarding fuel consumption, and Ken boasts that larger tanks are being fitted; Laura appreciates that this will slow the vessel down, but Ken refuses to listen to any further objections. Avril is livid that Leo has laid down a challenge to Ken, and defies his participation without Jan’s consent.

In Guernsey, preparations are well underway for HowardBrooke’s impressive fashion show. Avril clashes with Jack regarding his consideration of flying in the face of tradition, continuity and quality by selling the Mermaid Yard site. She threatens not to support his plans, and guarantees Tom and Jan will not support it either. Bill voices concerns that the J-class vessel Tom is steering back to Hamble will require a Yard to be worked on, and when Jack claims Relton will handle the work should the Yard be sold, Avril reminds him that she may not be in control by then. Bill argues the point that the Mermaid Yard is an integral part of the Tarrant community, which finally strikes a chord with Jack, who is swayed from making a definitive decision. At Leisurecruise, Ken is alerted to the fact that more shares in the company have changed hands in the past twenty-four hours than in the past two months, and he is concerned that something may be happening without his knowledge.

Vanessa visits Avril at Relton with news that she has acquired a further one percent share in the company to bolster her support ahead of the no-confidence motion. More good news arrives following Vannesa’s departure when she receives a facsimilie from Malta confirming she has at last clinched the deal for which she has been waiting for so long. She later meets with Gerald and Charles ahead of her preparations for the race in which Blue Ribbon is entered. She asks if he plans to proceed with the vote of no confidence, and when he confirms his plan of action, she presents him with confirmation of the Malta deal. Charles claims it makes no difference, as he has secured all the votes he requires, but Avril is confident: she indicates she can count on a further one percent, leaving Charles devastated. Laura and Vicky are engaged in furtively expectant discussions as Ken prepares to his race, and the former reveals to the latter that she intends to bring a magnum of champagne to Guernsey to celebrate victory.

The Charles Frere Cup gets underway, with Jack and Vanessa crewing for Barracuda whilst Avril and Bill steer Blue Ribbon. That evening, in Guernsey, the autumn collection of HowardBrooke is launched to an admiring public and critical acclaim. Jan is showered with bouquets of flowers and both she and James are afforded a standing ovation at the completion of the show. Meanwhile, Barracuda enjoys a slim lead as the yachts race towards the finishing line. The following morning, in Tarrant, the powerboats manned by Ken and Leo size one another up before the race gets underway, with media covering the event from a flotilla of vessels and from helicopters flying above. Leisurecruise’s vessel powers ahead almost immediately, and it appears as though Relton’s boat has little or no chance. Jan and James’ relationship has reached its logical conclusion, as she wants to settle down but he cannot commit. Although he expresses his desire to remain with her, his commitment is weak and Jan realises that there is no future to their professional and personal lives. Blue Ribbon gains on Barracuda whilst Ken, keen to sustain his three-minute lead over Leo, speeds away from the half-way-point refueling station with the tanks not completely full. Delayed by a further thirty seconds, Leo instructs his racing partner to give the vessel everything it’s got towards the finish line. Later, Laura witnesses Charles’ impressive arrival by seaplane in Guernsey.

In Tarrant, Gerald and Abby nervously await the arrival of the Hudson’s solicitor. When they do meet with the counsel, Orrin offers a settlement of one million American dollars and insists that the William will remain in his sole custody until reaching the age of fourteen, when custodial access will be granted to Abby. The negotiations descend into legal games between Gerald, who cites Orrin’s criminal activities in Tarrant, and the implacable stance taken by the Hudsons. The solicitor insists that they will prove she is an unfit mother who abandoned her son and, despite repeated requests to return to her child, she engaged in an affair with a man whose child she is now carrying. When he refers to Abby’s contemplation at having an abortion, she storms from the house and is hit by a motorcyclist in the lane outside.

On board Barracuda, Jack once again asks Vanessa to marry him, and she counters his question with one of her own: does he still intend to sell the Mermaid Yard? Metres from the finishing line, the two powerboats speed past Barracuda and Blue Ribbon, virtually neck-and-neck in pursuit of victory. However, having pushed the vessel to extreme acceleration, Ken’s boat splutters and runs out of fuel just before the finish, and Leo celebrates a magnificent victory as Ken looks ruefully on. At the end of the day, Charles delivers a speech ahead of awarding the inaugural Charles Frere Cup to Blue Ribbon, which he must uncomfortably award to Avril. As the crowd celebrates, the local police intervene and present Charles with news of Abby’s accident. He hastily escorts Leo from the ceremony as the pair rush to return to Tarrant. When James tries to slip away quietly, Jan confronts him and he explains that it is easier if he simply walks away. Expressing his love for her, he leaves a tearful Jan to consider her future.

Ken is escorted back to the quayside by tug-boat, and, having reached his lowest ebb, Laura seizes upon her opportunity to strike. She showers Ken in a bottle of champagne, and she reveals “You have not only lost the race, you’ve lost your company. Leisurecruise is now longer yours… I now have a majority holding… you were too busy putting the boot in elsewhere… there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You’re out, you’re finished. Here, have the dregs” and she hands him the bottle. Triumphantly walking from the scene, Ken defiantly vows to get his company back. Having returned to Tarrant, Gerald, Leo and Charles man a bedside vigil as they await Abby’s recovery. Gerald reveals that the doctors have done the best they can, and that now her recovery depends on her will to live. When Charles asks about the baby, Gerald reveals she has given birth to a boy.

With Angus McInnes (Robert Lazell), Donal Cox (The Doctor) and Matt Bradley (The Navigator).












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