by Matthew Lee © 2005


Originally Broadcast: September 4th – November 27th, 1988

Transmission Times: 7:15pm to 8:05pm


Episode 1: 

Written by Raymond Thompson

Have Charles and Avril been killed in the air crash? Air-sea rescue are dispatched to search for the pair after their aircraft ditched into the ocean off the coast of Ireland. Sir Edward Frere remains by the telephone, comforted by Jan. The press besiege Gerald Urquhart in light of the accident, and press him as to a statement regarding Frere Holdings’ plummeting share price. He is shocked when Abby suddenly arrives on the scene. Tom and Kate console a distraught Jack.

Leisurecruise are engaged in an extensive marketing campaign as they prepare a sales brochure for the Puma, with Ken having hired a variety of bikini-clad women to drape over the vessel. Gerald and Abby discuss the former’s renewed relationship with Polly, and the latter’s tense relations with Orrin Hudson. The press also stage live broadcasts outside Highfield, speculating as to Sir Edward’s reaction to the accident. Emma Neesome is met by one of the representatives of the America’s Cup consortium, Paul Sumner, an old flame of hers who wants Tom made aware of the fact that they will all need to work together, despite past relations.

The massive air-sea search recovers an emergency float in the Atlantic Ocean, whereupon word is dispatched to Sir Edward and Jack Rolfe that Avril and three other unidentified people have been rescued. She is unconscious and receiving treatment in an Irish hospital. Sir Edward and Jan plan to fly there, accompanied by Jack.

Sarah believes Ken is cashing in on the misfortune of the aircraft accident, but Ken is determined to profit from a thirty-boat deal which he will not allow to slip away to Relton Marine. Polly and Abby discuss her father, Charles Frere, and whilst Gerald is philosophical as to their new future together, Abby warns that it will not be that simple. At the Mermaid Yard, Tom tries to take his mind off the crash by checking out Barracuda prior to inspection by the America’s Cup consortium. Leo and Sarah discuss the change in Ken’s behaviour since Leisurecruise went public, with the latter claiming he has a taste of success and will trample on anyone to further his own ends. Bill Sayers rushes to meet Tom on his return, revealing that some of the Mermaid staff have been approached for statements by the press. Tom agrees to speak to them formally regarding the situation.

Sir Edward, Jan and Jack meet with Doctor O’Rourke, the senior consultant charged with Avril and Charles’ care. He reveals that whilst the latter is recovering, the former is in a critical condition, having sustained head injuries in the crash. Jan consoles Sir Edward, who ruminates over his failure as a father and the fact that his son considers him to be nothing more than a business rival. This view is later confirmed when Doctor O’Rourke reveals that Charles has refused to allow his father to visit him. Abby and Leo catch up on the changes in one another’s lives since they parted company a year ago. She reveals that she will be staying at Highfield Manor, as Sir Edward Frere wanted to meet with her to discuss a matter of mutual concern and paid for her return trip to Tarrant. Tom and Emma head to London to meet with the America’s Cup consortium.

Despite his son’s wishes, Sir Edward furtively visits Charles’ bedside. Charles is more concerned with Avril’s condition than his father’s compassion, and the meeting ends badly. Afterwards, Sir Edward contacts Highfield and instructs Emerson, the Head Butler, to remove the portrait of his late wife, Lady Sophie, from the dining room for transportation to his son’s home. As the picture is being taken down, Abby and Leo arrive. They discuss Sir Edward’s proposal to Jan, and Abby wonders if she has made the right decision coming to stay with him. Jan is surprised when Sir Edward decides to leave the hospital and return home, but before their departure he offers Jack any assistance he might require.

 Later that evening, Tom and Emma enjoy a meal in Tarrant, over which they discuss Sumner’s plans to test the capabilities of Spring and Barracuda, and during which she reveals that they once had a relationship. Gerald leaves for Ireland to keep Charles appraised as to developments with Frere Holdings, but not before discussing Sir Edward’s motives behind financing Abby’s return to Tarrant. During the flight back to England, Sir Edward notices that Jan is not wearing her engagement ring. When he presses the matter, Jan informs him that she is yet to make a decision. Ahead of his contribution to Barracuda’s trial, Leo receives a postcard from Anna Lee, who is enjoying an “inspirational” holiday in Spain. He discusses Abby’s return with Kate, and mulls over whether or not she intends to be reunited with Orrin or start a new life with him.

In Ireland, Jack and Charles meet in the hospital chapel. The latter apologises for the accident and promises to ensure Avril gets the best medical treatment available, but Jack is far from impressed; he cites the fact that all Charles seems to do is hurt his daughter, and despite the businessman’s claim to love her, he is far from persuaded. In the middle of the night, Jan’s Design House is broken into, during which time the deliberate theft of Anna Lee’s designs is executed. The following morning, Jan arrives at the marina and is met by Ken, who proudly shows off his new Mercedes. Ken wants to discuss another powerboat commission, Periplus’ fortunes and their relationship; the conversation ends badly when he claims he can’t see her as Lady Frere. Leo reveals to Tom that Allan Parker wants to discuss the wedding present of thirty-thousand pounds he deposited in Amanda’s account, and Tom urges his son to be cautious.

Sir Edward and Abby enjoy breakfast at Highfield, over which they discuss Charles’ current state and Polly and Gerald’s reaction as to his arranging their meeting. Sir Edward enquires as to the problems she has recently experienced with Orrin, and despite her defensive stance, he offers all the assistance at his disposal with regard to obtaining custody from the Hudsons, who are “very close” the baby William. Sarah and Ken discuss the Leisurecruise business plan and shareholders report; Ken expresses concerns that his manufacturing plans have been removed from the agenda report, and Sarah reminds him that he is still accountable to both her and the shareholders – despite the successful floatation. She reveals that he was seen meeting with Jan earlier in the day, and threatens to align herself with Sir Edward in a fight against him if he pursues his association with her.

In Ireland, Gerald presents Charles with detailed reports concerning the Marina and Business Park developments, and recommends that the Sarazowa deal is completed as soon as possible, but business matters are far from his greatest priority. He delegates the work to Gerald, and ruminates over the death of members of his crew and Avril’s perilous condition (“How do I assess that sort of profit and loss?”). Gerald reveals that Abby has returned to England, and is staying at Highfield Manor, much to Charles’ displeasure. The Barracuda trial impresses Sumner, but he will not be drawn on the names of the America’s Cup consortium financiers. At Periplus Three, Jan receives word of the theft of all of Anna Lee’s design templates, and believes that someone is trying to sabotage the European launch. Doctor O’Rourke delivers shattering news to Jack. They have detected a slight swelling on Avril’s brain, and they must rush her into emergency theatre to ascertain if they will need to operate in order to remove a clot. If it exists and an operation is required, if they are unsuccessful he must be prepared for the worst…

With Michael Walker (Andrew Chater), James Greene (Doctor O’Rourke) and Peter Sands (Paul Sumner).

NB: BBC Television presented an on-screen credit to RNAS Culdrose and RMAS Falmouth for their cooperation throughout the production of this episode.


Episode 2: 

Written by Raymond Thompson

Sir Edward and Sir John meet to discuss Jan. Prior to a meeting with Antonia Rogers, Jan is determined to arrest news of the theft of Anna Lee’s templates from reaching the general public. In Ireland, Avril regains consciousness. At Leisurecruise, Sarah reveals that Richard Spencer has confirmed that he will not be pursuing a racing contract with the firm. When Ken indicates that he broke off negotiations without consulting her, they engage in some bitter exchanges. Emma delivers the good news concerning Avril to Tom, and also reveals that he has been short-listed for the America’s Cup design team.

In London, Jan is impressed with Antonia’s fashion shoot. Allan Parker has a tense meeting with Leo concerning his financial gift with Amanda. He suggests a negotiated settlement of fifty thousand pounds if Leo puts an end to his divorce proceedings with his daughter. The meeting ends with Parker threatening to contact his solicitors. Jack presents Avril with the gift of a music box which plays Greensleeves, a replica of one he gifted her as a child. Jan informs Antonia that there will be a fortnight’s delay in terms of delivering Anna Lee’s new designs to her, but whilst she is reluctant to extend the deadline for a European launch, she reluctantly agrees.

Sir Edward and Abby meet on the Highfield Estate, where he discovers she is interested in pursuing a photographic career. He reveals he has made an initial contact, via the lawyers, with the Hudsons in order to obtain custody of baby William. At a fiery press conference staged by Charles Frere in Ireland, he reveals that a mid-air collision caused the accident. He expresses his gratitude to those who were responsible for saving his life, and formally announces that he intends to resign his position as Chief Executive of Frere Holdings, and hands over the mantle to a shocked Gerald. Ken furtively tries to pump Leo for information concerning the break-in at Jan’s Design House, citing that it must be an unwanted complication for Jan ahead of her wedding plans.

After the press conference, Charles confesses to wanting to spend more time with Abby and Avril, as business matters seem somewhat insignificant after the accident. During a discussion over Sir Edward’s motives regarding Abby, Charles is convinced that it has something to do with William. At the Mermaid Yard, Sir Edward reveals to Tom and Emma that he is heavily involved in the America’s Cup consortium. They reach an agreement on his appointment to the design team (with Emma as his assistant). Polly and Abby discuss her time in America and the reason behind her decision to abandon her life with Orrin and William.

Jan believes that the theft was an act of piracy, and is determined to ascertain who is responsible for sabotaging her future plans. Having telephoned all her contacts, she has not been able to confirm the identity of the culprits. With Anna Lee away in Europe for another three months, she is feeling the pressure ahead of the launch. Her discussion with Kate over the current state of affairs inevitably leads to a conversation regarding whether or not she has accepted Sir Edward’s proposal. Leo and Abby enjoy a sail on Spirit Of Tarrant, during which they discuss Amanda and Orrin. Later, Leo reveals that he is keen to pursue a racing career at Leisurecruise.

As Charles attends Avril’s bedside, he reveals he is overjoyed at her recovery, and can understand the depth of feeling Jack has towards her. He empathises with her concern over her loss of memory, and assures her that she will soon make a complete recovery. Having returned to Tarrant, Gerald discusses Charles’ shock announcement of his resignation to Polly, who is decidedly pleased at his appointment as Chief Executive. They also discuss Jan’s business difficulties, and Polly reveals that she may be able to benefit from her closest friend’s misfortune. Over the course of the evening, Tom and Jan, and Sir Edward and Sir John, enjoy dinner engagements. The former pair ruminate over whether or not Jan should consider accepting Sir Edward’s proposal, whilst the latter pair discussion the potential financial implications of a union between the two.

The following morning, Allan Parker pays Leo another visit. He reveals that Amanda has confessed to having spend the thirty-thousand-pound wedding gift, and gives one final plea for a reconciliation. Concerned at the reasons he may cite in the divorce court, Parker hopes to avoid any scandal. Leo agrees to a two-year separation. Jan is distressed that the bank and her distributors have now learnt of the theft of Anna Lee’s templates. Polly offers financial assistance to extricate herself from her business problems, but Jan is suspicious of her “friend” investing in Periplus. Jack is surprised when he learns from Tom that Sir Edward is supporting the America’s Cup challenge, and reiterates that his does not want Emma involved in the workings of the Mermaid Yard.

Sarah meets with Sir Edward at Highfield to discuss potential leverage at Leisurecruise against Ken’s ambitions. She observes he has not accepted the end of his relationship with Jan, and Sir Edward requests that she keeps him informed of future developments, in exchange for which he will offer his complete support to any plans she has for the company’s future direction. Meanwhile, Ken and Leo take a test-run on the powerboat Venom, putting it through its paces. Charles reveals that he has organised their flight home, and indicates he has booked Avril into the Renshaw Clinic to aid her recovery. When she tells him she intercepted a call from Abby, Charles reluctantly explains to her that Abby is his daughter.

At Highfield, Jan and Sir Edward discuss the damaging impact of the template theft. He once again applies pressure on her to make a decision, but she broaches the topic of the America’s Cup and Abby rather than discussing it. She wants to know why he kept it secret from her, but he claims he did not want to complicate matters further. Ken’s suspicions are roused as to Sarah’s apparent meeting with the Chairman of Red Lion, who apparently want to commission a boat contract. She happily reveals she has met with Sir Edward to discuss her future plans, concentrating on distribution as opposed to manufacturing, and Ken realises that she now poses a real threat to his plans.

Jan and Abby discuss Polly’s renewed confidence, and Sir Edward’s offer of assistance regarding William. Abby also asks Jan for her advice regarding a forthcoming meeting with Charles. At the reception staged to announce his America’s Cup involvement, he instructs Sir John to steer Tom away from Jan ahead of his surprisingly premature announcement of his engagement to her. Having made a furtive telephone call to Antonia Rogers to arrange a dinner appointment, over which he wants to discuss an important matter with her, Ken later travels by boat to her home. During their conversation, it becomes apparent that Ken was responsible for the theft of Anna Lee’s template designs. He instructs Antonia to leak the news to the international trade press in a bid to teach Jan an expensive lesson she will never forget.

With Annie Lambert (Antonia Rogers), Leon Tanner (Allan Parker) and Bill Geraghty (The Press Reporter).



Episode 3: 

Written by Anthony Osborn

Charles contacts the Renshaw Clinic and learns that Avril has discharged herself. When he endeavours to contact her at her home, he fails to obtain a response. His attention is soon otherwise engaged when Abby pays him a visit at his home. Jan tackles Sir Edward about his premature announcement of their engagement. She claims to have been embarrassed by his assumption of her decision, but their conversation is interrupted when Jan catches sight of the headline Theft Places Question Mark On Periplus Future in the newspaper: news of the theft of the templates has been leaked to the fashion press, threatening her distribution deal.

Leo continues to badger Ken Masters about powerboat racing, but Ken is more interested in a land-deal set up by Antonia, in which he can re-obtain the land swindled from him by Charles Frere and later sold off to James Cossins. His preoccupation with this potential deal means he has to delegate a meeting with a group of Russian boat buyers to Sarah, which he sugars by telling her he trusts her to handle the affair. Abby and Charles discuss Sir Edward’s motives behind offering his assistance to obtain custody of William. Charles also offers his assistance as a means of becoming more readily acquainted with his daughter, but Abby would prefer it if they remained strangers. She commends her father on his artistic talents when she spies a group of sketches and paintings, whereupon Charles learns of her interest in photography.

Tom and Emma examine the computer aided drafting designs for the America’s Cup, and discuss the security arrangements for protecting the plans for espionage. The installation of an alarm system at the Mermaid Yard office raises eyebrows with both Bill Sayers and Jack, the latter of whom reacts angrily to the Star Wars-esque changes. At Periplus Three, Jan is concerned as to how to deal with the theft now it is public knowledge. She fears her distribution deals and client relationships may suffer badly as a result, and Polly is far from helpful in pressuring Jan into accepting her offer. Jack pays a visit to the Grecian Lady, an expansive schooner moored near the Mermaid Yard and a boat he was responsible for constructing several years earlier.

Ken explains to Antonia that he acted against Jan in order to ensure that she does not become prosperous enough to do without his help altogether. He further discusses the Barker’s Marsh situation with her, a stretch of land for which he has grand plans, provided he can overcome the environmental concerns which blocked Frere from developing the site originally. Furthermore, he endeavours to pursue a romantic liaison with her. Avril returns to Relton Marine, continuing her work as though the accident never took place. Frere storms into her office to demand why she has returned so soon after the event, and Avril angrily reacts to his concern. She demands to know why he has resigned from Frere Holdings, and later explains that she just wants to forget about the accident and return to her career and a normal life.

Jan implies to Tom that she may need to sell her shares in the Mermaid Yard as a last-ditch attempt to salvage her own business, and Tom agrees to re-purchase them from her should she be forced to do so. When he presses her on the issue of Sir Edward’s announcement, Jan reacts as though she is entering into a business relationship with him as opposed to a marriage. Gerald, Sir Edward and Sir John meet to discuss the future direction of Frere Holdings, but Edward is sceptical about dealing with Gerald as he believes Charles will be back in situ sooner rather than later. When Gerald leaves after a difficult meeting, Edward and Sir John enjoy a meal, during which they witness Ken meeting with James Cossins. Whilst Leo test-races Venom at an official time trial, Abby photographs the event. Complications ensure when, at high speed, they are unable to turn the vessel as it speeds towards a rocky outcrop. Frantic adjustments to the control cable enable them to eventually make the turn, narrowly avoiding the disaster. Sarah demands an explanation from Abby as to why Leo is driving as though he has to prove something.

Jack later meets with Harry Sellars, the owner of the Grecian Lady, and they discuss the state of the vessel and the fact that wooden boat builders are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Sellars reveals that he has returned to Tarrant to sell the boat, and Jack offers to buy it from him. Gerald complains to Charles that his work is being obstructed by having to continually confer with him over business decisions. He stresses the vulnerability of Frere Holdings at the moment, and demands to know why Charles will not return to his previous position. He reveals that he has purchased a warehouse which he intends to transform into an art centre, and he provides Gerald with a gift for Abby – an expensive new camera. Before embarking on a night out with Abby, Leo is taken to one side by Sir Edward who warns him that it would be in her best interests (with regard to the custody case) for him to stand aside, rather than be considered a “casual lover” in the impending court case.

When Gerald returns home, Polly presents him with a proposition: she wants to become a partner in Periplus rather than merely a member of staff, and feels that this new position would be more befitting the wife of a Chief Executive. Gerald despairs at her scheming, but she is determined to join forces with Jan. Working late, Jan is beginning to wonder if Sir Edward is behind the theft of the templates (in order to make her dependent on him) when she receives a call from Ken, who offers to increase his stake in Periplus, an offer for which she is decidedly sceptical. Emma and Tom’s meal is interrupted by a call from the police, who inform them that a drunken Jack Rolfe has been arrested for trying to break into the Mermaid Yard late at night.

The following morning, Tom offers Leo the chance to sail Spring Of Tarrant in a forthcoming race, but his son declines as he wants to focus on his powerboat racing. Later, Sarah confronts him about his reckless driving. Before she leaves for Guernsey, she stresses the point that she never wants to witness another high-speed death again. Sir John meets with Gerald at Frere Holdings to discuss the damaging impact on business affairs arising from the rivalry between Charles and his father. The former implies that the latter’s position as Chief Executive affords a unique opportunity to break the deadlock between the two, who should amalgamate on a project large enough to be worthwhile to both of them. He implies that they will both be attending a meeting together later in the day which might prove to be the right project. Tension continues between Jack and Tom, culminating in the former’s resignation from the Yard.

En route to the airport, Sarah discovers Tom and Antonia in a near-naked clinch on board on of the display vessels at Leisurecruise. She demands that he keep their relationship on business only from now on. Meanwhile, despite protestations from Bill Sayers, Jack steers the Grecian Lady away from the Mermaid Yard and sails out to sea. At Periplus Three, Jan cracks open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the fact that she is determined to fight against the forces ranged against her business, despite losing several important contracts. At Barker’s Marsh, Sir John and Gerald meet Ken Masters, who takes them on a tour of the plot of land and issues them with copies of a complete survey of the area: oil has been sourced.

With Annie Lambert (Antonia Rogers) and Conrad Phillips (Harry Sellers).


Episode 4

Written by Jeremy Burnham

Avril and Charles, now recovered from the accident, seem to be drifting apart. Sir Edward and Gerald take a helicopter ride over Barker’s Marsh to view the plot of land they are potentially interested in exploiting for its oil. When Avril pays a visit to the Mermaid Yard, she learns that one of the staff has been rushed to hospital having injured himself with a saw. Bill Sayers informs her that Emma and Tom are preoccupied with the America’s Cup designs, and that the absence of Jack at the Yard is being sorely felt. Arriving at Sir Edward’s design centre (nicknamed “The White House”), Tom introduces Emma to Ian Cartwright, one of the principal designers.

At Hamble Yacht Club, preparations are underway for the powerboat race in which Leo will be manning Venom. Both he and Ken observe one of their closest rivals, an Australian team crewing Black Flash, but the latter assures him that he has nothing to worry about. When Kate arrives on the scene, Leo reveals that Jack plans to leave the Mermaid Yard permanently. Returning from Barker’s Marsh, Sir Edward indicates he will contact Paul Hallam to obtain the support of one of the larger oil companies for the purposes of exploitation. Tom and Emma confirm to Ian Cartwright that the keel he has designed is ready to enter the prototype stage, but Ian voices concerns that the power brokers will need to be convinced ahead of the press conference.

Jan believes that there is always a price to pay, despite offers from Polly, Ken and Sir Edward. She engages in a tense discussion with Polly regarding her motives, and refuses to accept any offer before she has fought off her opposition. Abby visits the Riverside Arts Centre which Charles is spending his time establishing to thank him for the gift. He tells her that he is trying to reassess his life after the crash, and is worried by Avril’s workaholic attitude and her reaction to Charles having a daughter. Abby confesses that she would like to get to know her father better, which pleases him greatly.

Having returned unexpectedly from Guernsey, Ken is concerned she may prove an obstacle to his plans for Barker’s Marsh. When he asks whether the trip was prosperous, Sarah angrily attacks him about his plans to purchase the troubled Langcrest Marina using her money and influence. Avril and Gerald meet at Relton Marine, during which the former insists that the corporation cannot merely “stand still”, whilst the latter reveals that Frere Holdings is having difficulty recovering from its recent problems. As a result, he is forced to block Avril’s proposed expansion plans for Relton. Sir Edward delivers a patriotic speech at the America’s Cup press conference, controversially implying that the Americans cheated during the very first challenge in the 1800s. Afterwards, Tom wants to discuss some of his design plans with him. Leo and Abby fall out over Sir Edward’s insistence that they keep their distance ahead of the custody case.

Sir John meets with Ken to discuss the oil findings at Barker’s Marsh, where the latter identifies that the only obstruction to exploitation is that it is designated a bird sanctuary. He confirms he has obtained the land from John Cossins, and expresses that he needs influence exerted by Sir John and Sir Edward in the right places. When Gerald arrives, Ken confirms the entire plot of land will cost three million pounds, and that he has already paid an advance of one hundred thousand pounds. He requests a similar stake from Sir Edward and Gerald to put all parties on an equal footing, and then requests further finance shortly thereafter. Avril pays Charles a visit to discuss Gerald’s objections to Relton’s expansion plans, but Charles defers to his friend’s judgement and is more preoccupied with art and the finer things in life.

On board Venom, Leo narrowly avoids winning and finishes second to Black Flash. Amidst the celebrations, Leo angrily punches the winning driver, only to discover that he has hit Mike Hanley. Sarah later buys a bottle of champagne for the pair to share, now having settled their differences. Mike reveals that he wants to assist Tom by manning Barracuda in a chartered voyage which would afford the Mermaird Yard a great deal of publicity. Gerald and Polly fall out over the latter using Abby as a social cross, fearful of the inhabitants of Tarrant discovering her true parentage. Having telephoned Avril at home to arrange a meeting, Sarah later meets with her to discuss Ken’s deal with the Russian buyers. She reveals she is prepared to lose the contract by advising them to take their business to Relton Marine, rather than lose her stake in Leisurecruise. Their discussion is interrupted by the surprise arrival of Charles.

Emma pays a visit to Jack on board the Grecian Lady, during which she insists that the Mermaid Yard will die without him and that Tom needs his assistance and support during this difficult time. Jan reveals to Kate that she may be forced to present her house as security against any further financial assistance from the bank. When Kate presses her on Polly’s offer, Jan reveals she cannot accept it as she does not trust her. Avril is tormented by nightmares of the accident, during which she suddenly sees images of a wedding scene between herself and Charles. Sir Edward reads in the local newspaper that Periplus has been forced to engage in an extensive sale.

Ken angrily confronts Sarah when he receives official confirmation that the Russians have rejected Leisurecruise’s deal in favour of advice from her to move to Relton Marine. She threatens Ken that unless she feels secure in the company, she will sell her share to Sir Edward Frere. Ken counters the threat by claming that Sir Edward is now on his side, and they have run out of time. Before venturing to Rome in a bid to salvage some of her distribution contracts, she advises Polly to have sales figures at her disposal when she calls. Tom agrees to Mike Hanley’s request to sail Barracuda, but Tom ventures that he will need coaching on the vessel before entering the race he has in mind. Their discussion is interrupted by the surprise return of Jack to the Mermaid Yard, and Tom suggests that Jack is the best person to train him.

Whilst Jack and Mike become acquainted, Tom receives word that Sir Edward Frere has fired Ian Cartwright on the basis of “not liking him”. Meanwhile, Gerald, Sir John, Sir Edward and Ken Masters put their signatures to the relevant contract clinching the Barker’s Marsh deal. At Relton Marine, Avril suddenly has a flashback to before the accident, when Charles made an off-hand proposal of marriage. She is stunned that he has kept this detail from her after the accident.

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley) and Michael Simkin (Ian Cartwright).

Episode 5: 

Written by Douglas Watkinson

Something touches you, like another human being, in this case Avril. It starts to hurt a little, starts to get to you, so what do you do? You brandish your cheque books”.

Sir Edward and Gerald execute primary testing at Barker’s Marsh for oil. Ken arrives on the scene, concerned that their presence on the marsh confirms their interest in the site before confirmation of purchase, and flies in the face of the Government test papers he presented to them at their initial meeting. Tom and Mike Hanley take out Barracuda on the first day of his training. Abby visits Leo at Leisurecruise to present him with a photographic record of his race. She reveals she has moved out of Highfield Manor and taken up residence at an old lodge on the estate. They have a tense exchange of words, during which Ken interrupts them.

The business relationship between Gerald and Avril has reached breaking point, and the arrival of Charles at Relton Marine appears to be the ideal opportunity for them to settle their differences. However, despite Avril’s hopes Charles distances himself from their disagreements. In Rome, Jan attends a high-profile fashion exhibition at which she meets John Soames, an executive from design house Gianetto, and they immediately strike up a rapport. Jack’s plans for the design of a wooden weekender vessel has redoubled his enthusiasm for his work, but is making life unbearable at the Yard for Emma and Tom. His discussion with Bill Sayers regarding the construction is interrupted by the arrival of Sir Edward Frere, who has come to discuss the inclusion of Trevor Gilchrist , an ex Ministry of Defence expert who design torpedos, to the design team. He highlights the development of a keel with a torpedo design, and despite Emma’s insistence that Tom has already completed designs for the keel, he is adamant that changes are required.

Polly and Kate are rushed off their feet during the Periplus sale. Jan and Soames enjoy a meal after the fashion show, however it soon turns sour when she makes a clumsly advance towards her. Before she leaves, Soames threatens to make her appreciate just how small and insignificant her business really is. Tom reacts explosively to the appointment of Gilchrist, and particularly to Sir Edward’s controlling influence over his work. Over a drink at The Jolly Sailor, Avril reveals to Jack that she agreed to marry Charles prior to the accident. She believes that the crash has got the better of him, and that he is a man changed beyond belief. Kate provides Jack with some racing tips for a potential accumulator he plans to place; later he believes he has lost a small fortune, only to find that Kate adjusted the bets before placing them and they have both enjoyed a prosperous day’s winnings. The victory on the third horse, Orkadian Magic, inspires Jack to name his new weekender Orkadian. Having been unable to obtain the financial backing to construct the boat elsewhere, his winnings will now sustain the development independently.

During an afternoon’s fishing, Sir John and Sir Edward discuss the benefits of securing Gerald’s promise not to inform Charles of the oil deal. Avril is waiting for Charles when he returns from his day out with Abby. She breaks the news to him that she no longer wishes to marry him. Sir Edward entertains Jan on her return from Rome, whereupon she discusses her encounter with Soames. Sir Edward is intensely keen to ascertain the identity of the man in question, but Jan remains coy. He implies that she encouraged his advance, and amidst an argument Tom arrives to discuss the America’s Cup situation with him. Standing his ground, he threatens to walk out on the design team if Sir Edward sustains a controlling interest in affairs. The meeting ends badly, and Tom storms out.

Jan pays a visit to Abby on her way from Highfield, and when she catches sight of her wide range of photographs, she makes her an offer to conduct fashion photography. During their conversation, Abby lets slip that Leo was warned off by Sir Edward. Sir John pays Charles a late-night visit to inform him of the Freres’ joint plans to exploit Barker’s Marsh for oil; his reaction to the oil deal is nothing short of a hell-on-earth situation, and Gerald’s handling of the affair rouses him to return to the role of Chief Executive.

The following morning, Ken threatens to expose Sarah to the Leisurecruise board as he has now obtained her written statement advising the Russians to deal with Relton Marine. He instructs Sarah to ensure that she must liaise with Simon Maclean and ensure that the purchase of Langcrest is executed smoothly, and then he will return the letter to her. As the time approaches for the full balance to be paid at the close of business, Ken is the first to arrive, whilst Charles enjoys the prospect of Sir Edward and Masters discovering at the last minute that he does not intend to proceed. Charles charters a yacht for both he and Avril to venture to Guernsey, where the Langcrest situation has attracted his interest.

Polly receives word at Periplus Three that a potential new order has now been stalled as the company’s credit has been mysteriously cancelled. Ken’s realizes that the Freres have set him up again, and he has forfeited his one-hundred-thousand-pound deposit in the proposed oil development. Sir Edward reveals to Sir John that the threat of a partnership with him has brought Charles “back to life”, and also expresses an interest in the Guernsey deal which has attracted the attention of his son. Returning to the marina, Ken angrily throws the keys to his expensive new powerboat into the river as he concludes he has been conned.

With David Savile (John Soames) and Philip Anthony (The Solicitor).

Episode 6

Written by Douglas Watkinson

People who play fast and loose with me usually live to regret it”.

Leo and Abby plan a jaunt on the water so that the latter can obtain photographs of Mike Hanley aboard Barracuda. They intend to take Jack on the trip with them, but when they arrive at the Grecian Lady they discover Mike has taken out the vessel on his own. As compensation for her lost time, Jack suggests she take some photographs of the construction phase of Orkadian, his new weekender. Jan is determined to investigate why her suppliers think that she is a bad credit risk. Kate overhears a telephone message left for Jan, during which Sir Edward apologises and endeavours to make a date with her daughter to mend fences.

When Tom arrives at the Mermaid Yard, he receives photographs and details of the plans from their America’s Cup competitors, courtesy of Sir Edward. He explains to Emma that he will not work with a cheat, and has been waiting for an excuse to end his partnership with the man. Jan considers the success of the Periplus sale to be something of a mixed blessing, as they now have no stock to sell, and her distributors are becoming more aggressive with regard to her credit status. Ken is furious that the Guernsey marina story is splashed across the pages of the newspaper, particularly when he finds that Leisurecruise has been publicly linked with the potential deal. He accuses Sarah of leaking the story to a journalist, but she believes that Maclean is responsible so as to get a better deal for himself. Amidst the accusations and counter-claims, she reveals that Barker’s Marsh has been snapped up by Sir Edward Frere.

At the Design House, Jan reveals to Kate that her encounter with Soames may have had damaging consequences on her business activities afterall. Kate suggests that Edward could restore the status quo overnight, but Jan is adamant that she will not implicate Soames without proof. Sir John reveals to Sir Edward that he was approached by Sarah covertly to obtain finance to make an independent purchase of the Guernsey marina. Their discussion eventually makes its way around to Jan, during which Edward confesses his jealousy at younger suitors flocking around his fiancé. Jan instructs Kate to visit as many fashion boutiques as she can to purchase mass quantities to stock in order to replenish her dwindling reserves. After a drink at The Jolly Sailor, she enlists Jack to help her, and despite their best efforts to remain hidden, Bill Sayers catches sight of them.

Charles asks Avril what her opinion of Sarah Foster is, and they assess the love-hate relationship between herself and Ken. They consider offering her a position at Relton, under the provision that the Langcrest acquisition is passed over to them as a gesture of good will. Tom has an angry confrontation with Sir Edward over his underhand practices, and he hands in his notice. Charles identifies the Guernsey marina as the ideal location for the staging of a potentially lucrative and high-profile world-class sailing race event. Gerald is dispatched to research Simon Maclean’s background, whilst Charles contacts Emma with a view to acquiring both hers and Tom’s services. Later, he meets with her and discusses the possible recruitment of the pair: he wants Tom to head the design team for his future plans, and wants Emma to persuade him to run a team with unlimited finance and the desire to win.

Jan recounts her business problems to Tom and asks him for a loan. Avril and Sarah discuss business over a light supper, during which the former makes an offer to the latter to retain her shares in Leisurecruise whilst assuming control of Relton Power. The following day, Charles and Avril venture to Guernsey to inspect the Langcrest site. Charles believes there is potential for a first-class yachting shop, a marina village, and a chandlery on the site. Jan returns home to discover that Sir Edward is waiting for her. Her credit status has been restored to “impeccable” status thanks to his help. He reveals that he was responsible for teaching John Soames a lesson for trying to ruin her business.  At the Design House, Ken ponders Jan’s capacity to extricate herself from her credit problems. She reveals she is considering a new Apre-ski line of leisurewear, and when Ken asks why he does not employ Anna Lee on the work, she reveals her best designer has chosen to remain in Hong Kong and export her designs from there. 

When Jan enquiries as to Ken’s capacity to entice former Cowes and Gianetto-incumbent designer Julian Fitzsimmons, whom he introduced to her before she hired Anna Lee, to work for her. Surprisingly, Avril discovers some counterfeit Anna Lee dresses in Guernsey which have become the product of the stolen templates. Jan and Kate are re-introduced to Julian Fitzsimmons at the Design House, after which Jan offers him a contract to design leisurewear under his own name. Abby visits Leo to show him a video cassette of baby William, and learns that he is having dinner with Sarah. Tearfully, she later watches the video on her own.

That evening, Jan and Tom share a meal together, and she confesses that she has cold feet about her engagement to Sir Edward. Dining in the same restaurant, Sarah reveals to Leo that she has accepted the role at Relton Power, and she offers him the opportunity to work alongside her. As Tom, Mike, Leo and Abby await the arrival of Jack before they prepare for a day on Barracuda, Jan pays Sir Edward a visit to express her second thoughts regarding his proposal. He will not accept that she has made a decision, and will not take no for an answer, much to Jan’s frustration. Jack, having suffered from symptoms of angina for the past few days, collapses on board Barracuda, with the vessel considerably far from land.

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley) and Jamie Roberts (Julian Fitzsimmons).

Episode 7

Written by Douglas Watkinson

Barracuda speeds towards Tarrant as an ambulance stands by to rush Jack off to hospital after collapsing on board. Avril is with Kate and Jan when she gets the news, having brought them the counterfeit Anna Lee dresses from Guernsey. Jan confirms the three dresses are based on Anna’s designs, but she will only be able to detect the parties responsible by tearing them apart. Jan is at least pleased that the counterfeits confirm that the templates are still in existence. Doctor Barbara Bishop advises Jack that she suspects he has a gastric ulcer which brought about his collapse. She recommends a radical change in diet and lifestyle to prevent repeat attacks.

Tom suggests that both he and Emma employ their attentions upon the prop-shaft problem that has dogged Jack’s pursuit of completing the Orkadian. Ken pays a visit to the Mermaid Yard, whereupon he strikes up a conversation with Mike Hanley. He suggests that when Hanley returns from his New York voyage on Barracuda, that he visits Leisurecruise to discuss a mutually beneficial relationship. Later, he requests that Sarah joins him in an inspection of the Orkadian with a view to placing an order. They also discuss the Langcrest deal, which Ken claims they will be able to afford if he can cultivate the support of Sir John Stevens. However, owing to his previous questionable business activities, he will need to rely on Sarah fronting the offering in order to obtain trading status on Guernsey. Avril falls out with Charles and Gerald over her suggestion for a press conference to be held so as to coincide with the flooding of the marina. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Sarah Foster, who seeks certain guarantees with regard to Simon Maclean’s request that Frere acquires the ailing firm Maclean Leisure PLC, and her position at Relton Marine

During his luncheon with Sir John, Ken is informed that Charles also has a vested interested in Langcrest. In the light of the counterfeit dresses surfacing in Guernsey, Leo asks Ken to investigate the whereabouts of Anna Lee’s templates on behalf of Jan. When he leaves, Ken furtively makes contact with Tony Rogers to arrange a meeting with John Reddings, whom he asks to contact the man he hired to appropriate the templates in the first place and ascertain why they were not destroyed, as originally specified. Reddings is entirely aware of Ken’s part in the theft, and is suitably paid to keep silent. Tom meets with Charles Frere to discuss his offer; Tom is sceptical as to what the catch is, but he is excited about the prospect of the Channel Islands Cup. Frere wants the race to be international, but with a strong European flavour, and wants Tom to design an European winner.

Kate visits a disconsolate Jack in hospital, whereupon she delivers a lecture regarding his failing health. Ken is shocked when Reddings meets Ken at the Leisurecruise offices, where he claims to have secured the templates, but demands cash on delivery when they choose to meet later in the day for the exchange. Charles and Avril discuss the Langcrest deal, with the former querying whether or not Gerald has deliberately undervalued their bid for the marina to prevent its acquisition. Avril suggests making the bid public to aggressively seize control of negotiations, but Charles elects to err on the side of caution. Later, Emma visits Jack to obtain his consent to assist in the final stages of Orkadian’s design and construction. Ken meets Jan at The Jolly Sailor and reveals that the templates resurfaced, and when she presses him as to their providence, he reveals that he did not ask any questions. She is suspicious of the fact that he believes them to be the Anna Lee design templates, but Ken hastily explains away the fact that he instructed them to be found, and so they were.

Polly meets Charles to discuss the Abby and William situation. She requests his indirect assistance, believing that Sir Edward’s bid to secure custody will fail. Charles disagrees, claiming that it would be virtually impossible to wrestle the matter from his father. Charles leaves the custody battle to Sir Edward, but assures Polly that if she requires his help in extricating William from Sir Edward, then he will assist. Sir John meets Ken for a drink, during which they spy Avril and Sarah in discussion. Whilst they appear particularly comfortable together, much to Ken’s chagrin, Sir John delivers bad news: the bank will not support Ken’s bid for the Guernsey marina. The following day, Avril attends the official flooding of the Tarrant marina. She is somewhat surprised when, despite his earlier misgivings, Gerald also attends the ceremony. He apologises for his earlier penny-pinching attitude towards staging a press conference. Emma and Bill employ their talents on the underpowered engine of the Orkadian, at Jack’s request.

When Tom discovers that he purchased thirty-five twenty horsepower engines for cash rather than through official channels, Bill comes under pressure to admit where Jack got the money to finance the deal. Abby takes a photographic record of the ninety-four boats in preparation for their trans-Atlantic race from Plymouth to Newport, Rhode Island, one of which is Barracuda manned by Mike Hanley. Later, Tom and Emma attend the launch, which is extensively televised, and Jack later arrives having discharged himself from hospital. Jan arrives home to discover Sir Edward waiting to congratulate her on the recovery of the Anna Lee templates; she is far from impressed that her business is now everyone else’s. He once again applies further pressure on her to make a positive decision, and Jan is adamant that she does not want to get married. As an inducement, he hands over a set of keys to an expensive Mercedes coupe, which he compels her to accept.

Sarah returns to Leisurecruise to hand in her resignation and announce her move to Relton Marine. She indicates she will be retaining her share in the company for the time being, and despite Ken’s bravado, he realises he has been swindled by Avril and Charles to obtain Langcrest. Amidst bitter recriminations, the pair exchange threats and counter-threats regarding their futures. At The Jolly Sailor, Reddings conveniently comes across Ken once again. However, on this particular occasion, he plays a recording of the earlier exchange to him in which he reveals his involvement in the template theft. He suggests a large investment in a small farm Reddings wishes to purchase in Wales in exchange for the recording, and leaves Ken to consider the proposition: Ken has been backed into a corner…

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley), Stephen Greif (John Reddings), Patrick Moore (Graham Walsh), Alexandra Mathie (Doctor Bishop) and Tony Byers (The Reporter).

Episode 8

Written by Douglas Watkinson

Radio Solent conducts an on-air interview with Mike Hanley aboard Barracuda, warning on inclement weather ahead as he continues his voyage in the single-handed Trans-Atlantic race. Bill advises Tom that a replacement engine for Orkadian has been delivered from Masons, and reminds him that Jack once had a serious disagreement with that particular firm and will be displeased at these developments. Tom, due to see Frere to discuss working on his design team, gives Emma and Bill Sayers the task of fitting the new engine in the Orkadian as Jack, who has not been near the yard since the start of the Trans-Atlantic race, lies low on the Grecian Lady

Leo meets Ken to discuss his relationship with Allan Parker, whom Ken wants to manipulate into a business deal to obtain equal shares in Langcrest now that Sir John’s support has all but evaporated. Leo demands to know if he is racing for Leisurecruise in the world championships, but Ken admits that his participation is conditional on gaining Parker’s support. When Gerald and Polly return from an expensive shopping trip, they find that a bulk order of Apre-ski wear has been delivered after her recent trip to Europe to invest in a new line with which to either furnish Periplus or go it alone (via mail-order catalogues in a business conducted from their home). She has obtained a franchise for an American distribution link which she intends to present to Jan as a business opportunity for them both.  Jan returns Tom’s loan with interest as they enjoy a meal together. Tom returns the money, suggesting she keep it in exchange for shares in Periplus instead. He later reveals to her that he has joined Frere’s design team.

Sarah attends a meeting with Avril and Charles to discuss why he has not put in a bid for Maclean Leisure. Charles cites the tumbling share price as one reason, but Sarah warns him that Ken is desperately cultivating support for his own bid using Allan Parker through Leo. Charles is determined to secure Leo’s services at Relton Marine, and Avril and Sarah suggest offering him the opportunity to race in the World Powerboat Championships. Abby requests Charles assistance in offering one of the Relton boasts for Jan’s forthcoming fashion shoot. She also agrees to take part in Charles’ art and photography exhibition, providing some of her own stills. She expresses her concerns over the time Sir Edward is taking to obtain custody of William, and asks for Charles’ advice, but he reassures her that his father will do all he can to secure the best outcome.

On board the Grecian Lady, Jack keeps a watchful eye on events transpiring at the Mermaid Yard via a telescope. His attention is swayed when Kate arrives to share a nautical picnic with him. Emma is concerned that Tom cancelled his appointment with Charles to see Jan, and that he cannot separate their future together from his past with his ex-wife. That afternoon, Sarah pays Leo a visit at his home to present him with the proposal agreed upon between herself, Avril and Charles. The offer of racing for Relton, and heading up a sales team, seems an irresistible offer. He questions her loyalty towards Leisurecruise and Ken, and whilst he prepares a small meal for them both, she intercepts a telephone call from Allan Parker, presenting her with an ideal opportunity to queer Ken’s pitch. She lies to Leo and claims it was Jan telephoning to say she was unable to make dinner with her son, but seems troubled with what she has done.

Sir Edward visits Jan at the Design House, and she confronts him over his threat against Leo to stay away from Abby. Their discussion is somewhat tensely laced with implications and suggestions concerning the lengths to which he will go to control her life, and Sir Edward confesses that he has treated her as nothing more than an “object” in the past, and will remedy it in the future. Leo is sceptical about the offer, and when he mentions Parker’s name in conversation, Sarah reluctantly admits that he wanted her to pass on a message to him: “Go To Hell”. She confirms that Mike Hanley will soon be working for Leisurecruise, and that Ken plans to race for the company himself as opposed to using Leo in the role. She convinces him that it suited Ken to keep him happy as a means of cultivating a renewed friendship with Jan, which leads to Leo seriously considering the offer.

Emma and Leo meet with Charles and celebrate his inclusion in the design team. Over the course of the conversation, Charles moots the idea of moving his centre of operations to a purpose-built yard fully financed by his resources. Emma and Tom express their concerns that Jack will be reluctant to accompany them, and Charles suggests they leave him behind. When Emma enquires as to whether he has a plot of land in mind, he presents them with a prospectus for a potential Fellwick Reach site. Abby and Jan enjoy a day on board one of Relton’s cruisers as they execute their fashion shoot. When Leo arrives, she asks both his and Abby’s advice regarding venturing into mail-order sales. Polly has lunch with Ken and she requests his help in alleviating Sir Edward’s obstruction of Jan’s flourishing fashion empire by seeking his opinion regarding her mail-order plans. Ken offers assistance with warehouse space and running costs, and whilst Polly reiterates Gerald’s concerns about the downmarket nature of such sales (by comparison to the regular Periplus wares), Ken is keen to cultivate their business relationship.

Emma and Tom inspect the Fellwick Reach site, though the former can detect the latter’s reluctance at pursuing Frere’s line of reasoning. Tom presents nothing but complaints about the size and state of the site, but eventually Emma manages to elicit the view from him that the site has potential. Sir Edward discusses the potential sale of the Fellwick Reach site, and despite the fact the sale has been broken up into lots, he instructs Sir John to investigate obtaining the entire parcel. When asked what he wants the site for, Sir Edward reveals it to be a potential long-term investment. When Sir John reveals Charles plans to purchase part of the site for Tom Howard’s new design team, it seriously rankles him. He also passes on news that Allan Parker has turned down Ken’s proposal for acquiring the Guernsey marina, reviving Sir Edward’s interest in the site once again.

At the Mermaid Yard, the finishing touches are put on the Orkadian before an official launch. In preparation for the launch, Tom dispatches Bill to find Jack (who is most likely secreted in the nearest betting shop) and bring him to the Yard. Jan arrives to deliver the paperwork for Tom to sign regarding the Periplus shares, and when he asks Emma to leave the office she reacts tersely to the request, which also makes Jan somewhat uncomfortable. Outside, as she watches Jack’s weekender being loaded into a cradle, she has an idea. Abby returns home to find a letter from Orrin which contains a photograph of baby William. Over a drink with Gerald, she learns that Polly has imported the Apre-ski wear as a mail-order programme to be instituted at Periplus. She wonders if Jan has been made aware of her plans, and later informs her of her mother’s German leisurewear enterprise, which has now opened in direct competition to her own company. Jan is appalled at the consequences of such a move.

When Leo arrives at Leisurecruise, he finds Ken angrily throwing out the remainder of Mark and Sarah Foster’s belongings. When he raises the subject of Ken planning to race in the world championships himself, they engage in a bitter dispute in which Ken reveals he plans to employ Mike Hanley to race alongside him. Leo officially resigns, and Ken angrily demands he leave the premises. Bill locates Jack in the local turf accountant’s, and they travel back to the Mermaid Yard. Tom learns on the radio that Barracuda is close to clinching victory in the trans-Atlantic race, and excitedly seeks out Emma. He shares the news with Bill and Jack when they return, and they find that the Orkadian has vanished from its mooring cradle and is being steered out of the harbour. Jack can only despairing watch its departure, proclaiming “Someone’s nicked my bloody boat!”

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley).

Episode 9

Written by Douglas Watkinson

Momentarily panic-stricken, Jack is informed that it was Emma who has taken the Orkadian, ostensibly to test the engine, but the real reason is far less clear-cut. Jan telephones the Urquharts, but far from reaching Polly, she speaks to Gerald and expresses her displeasure at learning of his wife’s plans to establish a competitor directly against Periplus. Emma has been gone for some time, and Tom starts to get concerned that he may have been responsible for her protracted absence. Both he and Jack take a dinghy out in search of both her and Jack’s boat. Polly rushes to Leisurecruise to seek Ken’s assistance after Jan’s beserk reaction. Polly believes she reacted in such a manner because she considers the leisurewear to be downmarket, and she plays on Ken’s determination to separate Jan from Sir Edward to plough her own business furrow.

Later, Ken ruminates over the treachery of Sarah and Leo. He decides to muddy the waters by letting slip to Polly that Sarah is really working for Sir John Stevens rather than Charles Frere. Having undertaken an exhaustive search of the waterways of Tarrant, Tom and Jack eventually find that Orkadian seems to have run aground in shallow waters amidst engine trouble. Whilst Jack remains with Emma on board, Tom returns the dinghy to the Yard. She proudly reports that the vessel handles beautifully, and they later return it to the marina for mooring, where Tom is waiting for them; he makes his apologies to Emma, who warns him she will no longer play second fiddle to his past. Sarah meets with Charles and Avril to discuss a conversation she has had with Simon Maclean, who has reported to her that Belltower Holdings have made a bid for Langcrest. Gerald is delayed from joining them when Jan comes to call, and they share a tense exchange of words with regard to his wife’s business venture. Leaving for his meeting, he recommends that Jan inspects the leisureware Polly has ordered.

Abby and Leo sift through her entire photographic collection to assess which pictures will be displayed at the exhibition, now entitled Focus On Tarrant Life by Abby Hudson. She is desperate to make a good impression on the Evening Messenger critic who will be in attendance. Emma, Tom and Jack learn that Barracuda has finished second in the race, which pleases Jack but Tom is disappointed. Shortly thereafter, he receives a telephone call from Mike Hanley to apologise for the result. He reveals that a member of the Rhode Island yacht club, Mr Hudson, wants to man the Barracuda on a return jaunt to Tarrant. Tom reluctantly agrees, and looks forward to catching up with Hanley when he too returns to the district. When Polly returns home, she eagerly reports back to Gerald as to news of Sarah’s shady alliances. Sir Edward entertains Kate, and he asks her when or if Jan will ever agree to marry him. Kate believes she will not rush into another marriage after all the agonies of divorce, but he will not take no for an answer. When he poses the question of whether or not Tom and Jan will be reunited, Kate is evasive.

Gerald calls an emergency meeting with Charles and Avril, and reveals the details of Sarah’s alliance with Sir John. He also reveals that Belltower Holdings is a company trading out of Newfoundland which belongs to Sir John’s nephew. Gerald and Charles decide to confront her as soon as possible, despite Avril’s protests. Jan learns that Polly is in London cultivating press support for her rival range of leisureware. Kate suggests that she should consider the potential of joining forces rather than competing with her friend. She also reveals that Sir Edward has expressed a desire to have children to further his empire. The following morning, Tom and Emma reveal to Jack that they intend to accept Charles Frere’s offer to move to modernised and expansive premises. Whilst they hoped Jack would accompany them, they are sadly mistaken when he reacts personally to their decision; he implies that Tom should excel at the things he could never do. When Sarah meets with Charles, Avril and Gerald, she is suspicious of their sudden and unexpected defensive stance. They grill her with regard to the fact that she has been privy to all their negotiations, and the connection between Belltower Holdings and Sir John Stevens.

Avril voices her belief that Sarah has become an unwitting pawn in another power-play between Charles and his father, and Charles delivers an ultimatum: she needs to conclusive prove she is not implicated – and fast. Mike Hanley returns to Tarrant, and no sooner has he arrived than Ken collects him and they go for a drink. Executing the quarterly accounts, Emma identifies the fact that Orkadian was produced at a cost of twot-housand-eighty-hundred-and-forty-six pounds, which Jack disputes. Tom demands to know why receipts and paperwork were not retained to reflect how the boat was paid for, and their discussion soon descends into an exchange of insults.

That evening, Mike and Ken attend Abby’s photographic exhibition. Charles and Gerald, both seemingly proud fathers, are also in attendance. Whilst enjoying the photographs, they encounter Sir Edward and Sir John, during which they share a handful of barbs regarding the Langcrest deal. Edward reveals that Mr Hudson is due to visit Tarrant in a few weeks, and he will be providing him with accommodation at Highfield. Abby is the toast of those in attendance, but she seems to have disappeared – until Leo finds her hiding in one of the storerooms, too frightened to meet those who appreciate her work. Avril and Jack are also in attendance. When they encounter Mike (who is accompanied by Ken), Jack takes the fact that he didn’t pay a visit to the Mermaid Yard first personally. Ken discusses the presence of a journalist who has effectively been entered onto Sir John Stevens’ payroll with Mike. He reveals that twenty years ago, Sir John was Chairman of a finance committee which managed government money. He was later conned out of a considerable sum, and the story was quashed with the assistance of the journalist in question. Ken suggests that the matter may be worth reinvestigating, in the light of bringing the truth to the surface. When Abby finally emerges, she is warmly greeted by all those in attendance.

Back at the Yard, Avril and Jack discuss Tom’s decision to move on, and surprisingly Jack sings Emma’s praises. Whilst Avril congratulates her father on Orkadian, Jack ruminates that Tom has not even commented on the craft. After the exhibition, Mike and Sarah enjoy a long walk, during which they discuss Ken’s ambitions to strike a blow against the John Stevens characters of this world. The mention of his name pique’s Sarah’s interest, and she presses Mike for an explanation as to his inference that the banker may not be as respected as he appears. That night, Jack reveals that he financed the construction of Orkadian with the proceeds of his accumulator to Tom and Emma. The revelation ultimately leads to another clash between the partners over their diverging paths for the future.

As Kate and Leo head off to Ocean Village, Polly unexpectedly arrives to make her peace with Jan. The meeting is a tense affair, as the former sustains a lofty indifference as to the impact her business will have on Periplus, and the latter identifies the fact that her company name features on the franchise agreement. When Polly expresses her fear that they may fall out over her plans, Jan confirms that they already have. Jack reveals to Tom that Fellwick Reach has been sold, and that Charles Frere has been pipped to the post. Tom returns the bad news by handing him a VAT letter. In a late afternoon meeting, Sarah reveals the tantalising snippets of information gleaned from Mike Hanley to Charles. She identifies it as a potential lever to employ in the race for Langcrest, and hints that the money involved in the scandal is astronomical. Disinterested in hearsay, Charles instructs her to bring him results.

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley) and Geoff D Tomlinson (The News Reporter).

Episode 10

Written by Douglas Watkinson

Mike Hanley has started his investigative article into Sir John Stevens’ past, working from Leisurecruise under Ken’s guidance. Mike reveals that the article could break the banker, and whilst Ken feigns concern at the impact it could have on him, he is delighted with the prospect. Sir Edward pays Abby a visit, armed with newspapers hailing her photographic exhibition as a great success. He also reveals that Robert Hudson is due in Tarrant at the end of next week, coming at his invitation to discuss William’s custody. Sarah furtively observes Ken’s time-trial of the Venom powerboat, and Leo joins her. She observes they have serious competition on their hands, and that he will have to redouble his training. Tom ascertains that Belltower Holdings (incorrectly quoted as Belltower Developments) have acquired Fellwick Reach.

Emma poses the suggestion that perhaps they can find their own new premises without Charles’ assistance. Tom considers the potential of Orkadian, and insists that Jack must be brought on side before a decision is made. Charles assures Gerald and Avril that both he and Sarah will manage the Langcrest deal. Avril cynically admires his renewed faith in her capabilities. Their meeting is interrupted by a call from Tom, who reveals the identity of Fellwick Reach’s buyer. At the Design House, Jan has become the recipient of a bouquet of flowers, by way of apology, from Polly. She elects to ignore them for the moment. Sir Edward arrives to take her to lunch, and he wants to ask her a favour regarding Abby. Gerald questions Charles’ decision to align himself with Sarah for the Langcrest deal, pointing out that if he makes an enemy of Avril by shutting her out of the deal, she will make a formidable opponent.

Over lunch, Sir Edward explains that Robert Hudson is powerful opposition, and he asks her to sustain the pretence of being introduced as the future Lady Frere so as to reassure him that William would be entering a happy family home. Jan initially resists, but is more amenable when he confesses that he believes he is already losing her in any event. Emma and Jack stage the Tarrant Treasure Hunt, which starts at the Mermaid Yard. Sarah and Mike, Leo and Abby, and a host of other participants, are dispatched at half-hour intervals, armed with a set of clues. The winner is the fastest crew to return with the appropriate beer-mat, signed by the relevant landlord. Polly pays a visit to the Howard household, and while Kate makes excuses for her daughter, Jan furtively overhears their conversation from the kitchen. Kate suggests that she either makes up with Polly, or sacks her. Ken arrives at the Mermaid Yard, whereupon he encounters Bill Sayers on the Orkadian. When he is joined by Jack, he expresses an interest in the vessel.

Returning home, Polly is greeted by the unexpected arrival of Sir Edward, who wants to discuss Robert Hudson’s imminent arrival. They also discuss the difference of opinion between herself and Jan. At The Jolly Sailor, Jack proposes to Tom that they purchase a second Yard, with older craft produced at the Mermaid and more modern vessels at a second centre of operations. Ken joins them after assessing Orkadian, and he wants to discuss prices with Jack. He is somewhat evasive, as he needs to offload the engines he has been lumbered with, and when Ken offers to take them off his hands, they reach an agreement to discuss terms regarding the weekender. Enjoying lunch whilst on the treasure hunt, Sarah pumps Mike for information concerning Sir John Stevens. He reveals that a plan to turn natural energy into power saw Stevens provide government money designated for the establishment of an industrial park outside Liverpool for a deal in which he was ultimately conned. Sarah queries whether or not he could have been so distraught at the time, in a state of shock after the death of his wife, that his judgement may have been clouded. Mike is shocked at the revelation, and realises his story would be severely hampered as a result.

During the treasure hunt, Leo advises Abby to be cautious with regard to successfully gaining custody of William. Jan and Emma enjoy a drink together, during which the latter stresses the point that Tom still considers the former to be the most important woman in his life. Jan tries to reassure her that there is nothing between them, but Emma believes that their mutual past can never be overcome by another woman. Ken interrupts their conversation, during which he raises the subject of Polly acquiring storage space from him. She is far from impressed with the insinuation, and believes that he is lying. Charles meets with Abby, and offers as much assistance as he can ahead of Hudson’s arrival. She expresses her belief that Sir Edward manufactured the success of her photographic exhibition, and whilst Charles does not believe a helping hand is a bad thing, Abby does not like being manipulated by her grandfather. Jan and Polly later cross paths at the exhibition, during which they establish an uneasy truce. Jan agrees to bear the three-month trial period under the Periplus umbrella, but informs Polly that she will be her own boss thereafter.

Mike presents his completed article to Ken, who is very impressed and asks him whether or not he will publish it. Mike expresses his concerns that it is a one-sided version of events, and does not want to proceed. He reveals that Sarah told him that Stevens’ wife died during the fiasco, and that he was severely affected by her loss at the time. Ken agrees that they could not possibly publish the article, but he has already locked it away in a filing cabinet by the time he makes such an admission. Later that evening, Sarah is caught by Ken as she attempts to steal a copy of the article from the Leisurecruise premises. He violently reacts to her actions, believing she is either working for Charles or Sir John Stevens. Whilst she is relieved that Mike does not have the stomach to publish the article, Ken realises her true motives: he knows Charles needs the article as much as she does to further both their careers, and demands that she return the keys to the office before she leaves.

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley).

Episode 11

Written by Mervyn Haisman

Barracuda sails into Tarrant to meet a press reception, manned by Robert Hudson. Tom, Jack, Abby and Leo welcome the tycoon upon his arrival, but he gives Abby short shrift en route to Highfield. Charles overhears a telephone conversation during which Gerald advises his broker not to sell his Maclean Leisure shares at the moment, as the price will undoubtedly rise. He reveals that Frere Holdings have secured Langrcrest after all the hard work they have put into the deal. Charles expresses his concerns that Sarah Foster has retained her shares in Leisuirecruise. Ken lets slip to Mike that he found Sarah sifting through the source material through his article, and voices his suspicions as to her motives.

Sir Edward welcomes Hudson to Highfield ahead of the pair’s discussion of baby William’s custody. Later, he discusses Jan Howard’s invitation to dinner with Abby, and confirms an appointment with Polly Urquhart. They also discuss the potential advantages of cultivating a relationship with Ken Masters. At the Yard, Jack proposes to Tom that he could establish a subsdiairy to the Mermaid so as to ensure he does not fall flat on his feet. He suggests that Tom ask Sir Edward to reconsider his option on Fellwick Reach, but Tom reacts angrily to the suggestion. Emma tries to placate the pair, and Jack suggests that she persuade Tom to speak to Sir Edward as soon as possible.

Whilst Bill and Tom inspect the state of Barracuda, Jack suggests the pair take a trip on Orkadian. Tom turns down the offer, claiming he is too busy. Sir Edwards pays Jan an unexpected visit at the Design House to discuss their forthcoming dinner. Charles reveals that he has strick a deal with Paul Dimitri, an influential property developer, ahead of plans for Langcrest and the financing of the international yacht race he has proposed. Avril joins the meeting as Gerald is called away to meet Robert Hudson. They elect to catch up on recent events over lunch. Charles expresses that Relton is in danger of becoming management top-heavy, and despite Avril’s protestations he questions Sarah’s loyalty. Voicing his concerns as to her share-holding in Leisuirecruise, and suggests that she should be dismissed. Avril reacts badly to the suggestion and leaves the restaurant.

Later, Gerald and Polly meet with Hudson, the former of whom is somewhat prickly whilst the latter sustains a flattering line. Hudson blames Abby for potentially breaking up a stable family unit with his son, implying that perhaps it is a family trait. Gerald is shocked when Polly aligns herself with Hudson’s point of view, but he is determined to defend his daughter’s honour. When Hudson leaves, the pair have a bitter row over Polly’s manipulation and Gerald’s concerns that Abby and Orrin are pawns in a game in which William is the prize. In the woodland beyond Abby’s cottage on the Highfield Estate, a private investigator armed with a telephoto lense is monitoring her movements with Leo Howard. Inside the cottage, Leo voices his concerns as to how Abby will handle her forthcoming meeting with Hudson; he warns her not to raise her hopes too high ahead of discussing custody, the pair have a row and Leo storms outside. Abby follows, apologises, and they exchange a kiss, during which the private investigator is busily taking incriminating photographs to further aid Hudson’s custody battle.

At Leisurecruise, Ken has sought a potential “buyer” for the scandalous Sir John Stevens news story. Later, when Mike asks for the article to be returned to him, Ken reveals it is locked away in a safety deposit box and swiftly changes the subject to avoid having to release the material to him. At Relton, Avril meets with Sarah following on from her meeting with Charles. She confronts her about her recent run-in with Charles and wants to know the details of their clash. Sarah reveals she offered to obtain private information about a certain person, but backed out when she realised it would ruin that person’s career. She confirms that Charles does not trust him, but she insists that she would not sell her Leisurecruise shares as they are a profitable investment. Whilst reacting with hostility, Sarah is placated by Avril’s assurance that she wholly supports her.

Gerald reports to Charles after his meeting with Hudson and suggests they should join forces with Sir Edward; Charles disagrees. He advises caution, insisting that they need to dig deep to procure information with which to use against Hudson as leverage. Hudson and Sir Edward open a dialogue regarding William, exchanging tense barbs concerning Abby’s fidelity and the importance of family. Tom, Emma and Jack’s discussions concerning plans for a new economy boat are interrupted by the arrival of Ken Masters, who discusses the distribution of Orkadian with the latter. Ken indicates he is in the process of buying a French company which would provide an avenue of exportation to the French south coast, and in order to sway his allegiance to Relton he offers to raise the bid by ten percent. He also proudly boasts that he managed to easily off-load the engines he purchased from the Mermaid Yard for a healthy profit.

Avril meets Sarah to discuss Leo’s poor showing in the powerboat time trials, and the pressure she applies on the latter is transferred to Leo. Later, Ken pays Jan and Kate a visit at the Design House. They discuss his “natural generosity” in providing assistance to Polly, and Jan voices her concerns at his motives; Ken lets slip that she had already received financial backing from Sir Edward, planting the seed of doubt in her mind as to his own plans for her fashion enterprise. Avril returns to Relton to find Charles awaiting a report of her dismissal of Sarah. Avril defends Sarah’s capabilities and informs him she will honour her word. Charles threatens to intercede with or without her assistance, and Avril says she will resign if he does so. At Leisurecruise, Mike reveals to Ken that Charles has acquired Langcrest. He reveals that Sir John Stevens has just caused him considerable damage. Avril pays Jack a visit at the Mermaid Yard, inviting him out to dinner and seeking his advice. They discuss whether or not Avril, having cultivated complete control at Relton via a takeover, could manage the company. Jack restores her confidence by telling her to go for it.

Charles broaches the subject of Gerald’s earlier warning signals regarding Avril and her proprietorial ownership of Relton. However, the subject soon changes to Hudson’s somewhat shady past. He also reveals that Paul Dimitri is a very old and close friend of Hudson’s, and Charles realises that the Guernsey consortium could sink without trace unless they tread carefully. Over dinner, Sarah and Mike discuss the former’s endeavours to secure a copy of the latter’s article. Whilst Mike believes Ken will not publish the story, Sarah is not so sure. She also voices the threat to her position at Relton posed by Charles, and Mike suggests that perhaps she should leave Tarrant behind and join him when he returns to Australia.

Sir Edward and Robert Hudson meet Abby and Jan at the cottage for dinner. Hudson congratulates Edward and Jan over their engagement, and Sir Edward hastily steps in to voice the fact that they are not officially engaged after all, and that he has jumped the gun somewhat. The atmosphere is extremely tense, and Hudson spends the majority of the evening discussing business deals with Sir Edward as opposed to William’s future. Hudson claims to have already discussed the situation with Sir Edward, and Jan is appalled that Abby was not included in the meeting. Abby’s reaction to this news results in the evening descending in a spate of vituperative exchanges. When Abby claims she will file for divorce against Orrin on the grounds of mental cruelty, Hudson produces photographs of her in a clinch with Leo, and when Sir Edward does not leap to the defence of her son, Jan reacts angrily. She accuses him of engaging in deal-brokering with Hudson, which he denies; he believed they could strike up a business partnership in order to seal the deal with William, and their conversation is soon reduced to Jan demanding to know whether she is expected to provide an heir to the Frere empire should they fail to secure custody of the child.

The following morning, Ken enjoys a breakfast meeting with Hudson, during which the latter has cultivated an invaluable source of information concerning Sir Edward; Ken promises to keep him informed as he has his own agenda to pursue against Frere. Jan arrives at Highfield and returns the sports car and keys Sir Edward had previously gifted her. He considers it an over-reaction, but she refuses to keep the gift, which Jan believes will always represent the danger of a replacement engagement ring. Sir Edward hopes that they can remain friends, and Jan departs leaving their relationship hanging by a thread. Refusing a lift, she decides to walk home from the estate. Abby discusses the situation with Leo, who offers as much support as he can. She reveals she sought Charles’ assistance and was rebuffed when he cited the tenuous business association he was fostering with Dimtri, and the implications of his involvement with Hudson. Disconsolately walking home, Jan passes Ken Masters, who pulls to one side and asks her: “Fancy going my way?”. Smiling, he accepts a lift home from him.

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley), Bruce Boa (Robert Hudson) and Richard Sharp (Jackson).

Episode 12

Written by Mervyn Haisman

It may comes as a surprise to you, Charles, but there are still one or two people who value their independence”.

Jack and Tom enjoy a morning’s fishing on board Orkadian, during which the former presses the latter as to his opinion regarding the vessel. Tom reveals that he is very impressed with the boat, revealing that if he could put his name to Orkadian he would be a proud man indeed. Polly receives correspondence from the bank revealing that they are, effectively, up to their ears in debt, and when she approaches Gerald with the news, he reveals he signed the cheques himself but will not be drawn as to why he has withdrawn such large sums of money. Charles accuses Avril of complicity when he learns that Tom has decided to finance a new boatyard of his own. Learning that Sir John Stevens has financed the deal, he suggests she consider where her loyalties lie with regard to his father’s acquisition of Fellwick Reach. Avril blames his feud with Sir Edward for the breakdown in their relationship, and their argument is interrupted by the arrival of Sarah. Charles claims that restructuring at Relton has resulted in her immediate dismissal, and he demands her resignation in writing by the end of the morning. Avril is livid that he has undermined her in such a way.

Ken and Mike monitor Leo’s powerboat time-trials with keen interest. Abby returns home to a frosty welcome from Polly, who is shocked that she has left Highfield, thereby endangering her custody battle. She expresses her fears of bankruptcy to her daughter, who is particularly concerned. Returning to Leisurecruise, Ken finds Roy Johnson, a local shady figure, waiting to meet him. The pair discuss their questionable past association with one another, and also his financial support to Reddings. They discuss the fact that Reddings has been blackmailing a great number of his colleagues, and he threateningly implies that Ken should not pursue a vendetta against him. Sir John has received an advance copy of a newspaper article headed Fingers In The Till, which he reveals to Sir Edward. He indicates that a forthcoming no confidence motion at the bank’s board meeting could destabilise their relationship, and he calls on Sir Edward’s support. Whilst he offers it without hesitation, he demands an explanation. Sir John reveals that whilst the facts are correct, the interpretation is wrong. Leaving the meeting buoyed by his old friend’s support, he is unaware that Sir Edward is already taking steps to instruct his broker to distance his business affairs from Sir John.

Avril extends an apology to Sarah with regard to Charles’ behaviour, and whilst the former confirms she will not let the matter rest here, Sarah is off-hand regarding any moves to assist her. When Avril enquires as to Sarah’s Leisurecruise holdings, the latter realises that the former intends to launch a bid for sole control of Relton Marine by cultivating a relationship with Ken. Bill Sayers tells Tom that he may have a potential site for the yard now that Fellwick Reach has fallen through, barely a few minutes down the river from the originally proposed site. Gerald reveals that the share price of Maclean Leisure has sky-rocketed beyond expectations, and he queries why Charles is seeking a further ten-percent shareholding to acquire outright control. He instructs Gerald to sell five percent of his Relton Marine holdings to execute the bid, and despite Gerald’s concerns that it will leave him exposed to attack, Charles insists that he is doing it for Gerald’s sake. He believes that he will still retain joint control of Relton with Avril, unaware of her plans.

At The Jolly Sailor, Jack is overjoyed to be reunited with Scott Benson, a colleague from his Korean War days. They exchange wartime reminiscences, the passing of their wives and what they have achieved in their lives. Later, he proudly tales Scott to the Mermaid Yard, whereupon he shows off Orkadian ahead of a fishing trip they have planned. He is very impressed with the vessel. Emma, Tom and Bill assess the potential new site, which would require considerable drainage but the pair are very interested. Jack presents him with an attractive sales pitch, and Scott is interested in the option of exploiting distribution of the vessel in America. Abby and Leo discuss her limited options with regard to obtaining custody of William, and despite Leo’s voicing of the plain facts of the situation, Abby will not believe that the court will side in the best interests of William and award custody to the Hudsons. They fall out over her inability to live in the real world. 

Sir Edward and Polly meet for lunch to discuss Abby’s return home and her support and understanding of his stance regarding Robert Hudson. They also discuss the possibility of Polly’s business venture taking her to America, and the opportunities to seeing William which this might afford. Polly is particularly enthusiastic about his support in this regard. Avril learns from Gerald that Charles is selling his Relton shares, though he is away in Guernsey and her conversation with Gerald is laced with implications for her future plans. Jan excitedly reveals to her design team that Periplus have acquired a prime design site in Guernsey, and they will be the sole fashion house on the island. In buoyant mood, she receives a dinner invitation from Sir Edward, which she unexpectedly accepts, despite Kate’s reservations. Later that evening, Polly and Gerald enjoy a bottle of champagne as he proudly boasts that they have doubled their money on the stock exchange, providing an explanation as to the withdrawals from their account. Gerald announces that whether or not Jan is interested in joining forces with her, he intends to finance her business venture. When Polly enquiries as to whether or not his share dealing had anything to do with Charles, Gerald reveals that they did in part have an association with him, but that it doesn’t matter as he will be none the wiser.

Avril and Charles eventually meet in Guernsey, whereupon she demands what devious game he is playing with Relton Marine. She angrily expresses her concerns as to the potential fall in share price for the company if he sells out. He apologises for her having a wasted trip, but Avril reflects that she has far from wasted her time. Over dinner, Sir Edward discusses the humble beginnings of the Frere dynasty with Jan. For the first time, she appreciates that there is a human side to her personality. Mike has an angry confrontation with Ken over the publication of his article concerning Sir John Stevens; he believes he has helped Ken settle a few old scores rather than for any journalistic reasons, and Mike threatens to continue digging until he finds information on Ken. He hastily sidesteps the issue, suggesting that if Mike remains with Leisurecruise, he could enjoy a prosperous future. Tom and Emma discuss the potential acquisition of the new site. Concerned over possible sources of funding, Emma suggests that Jan could finance their plans, but Tom refuses. Their conversation revives the old concerns regarding the fact that he can never distance himself from his ex-wife.

Sarah pays Ken a visit at Leisurecruise, during which she overhears him discussing Langcrest with a journalist over the telephone. He boasts as to his acumen in predicting Sarah’s downfall at Relton Marine, to which she responds that she is happy to enjoy his company’s prosperity. She reveals she plans to leave Tarrant for some time, and is considering leaving Avril or Sir John Stevens in charge of her share-holding interests. As she leaves, she encounters Mike, who invites her on a sailing jaunt later that day. Gerald is surprised to find that Charles has returned from Guernsey earlier than expected. Charles reveals he wants to keep Avril at arm’s length at the moment, and discusses Maclean Leisure with his friend. Gerald reveals one-hundred-thousand shares have unexpectedly come onto the market, and that they all belong to Charles. Sir John meets with Sir Edward, confident he can defeat the motion of no confidence. Sir Edward reveals that he has turned his share-holding in the bank liquid, and as such his potential support for his friend has all but vanished. Emma visits Jan at the Design House to discuss Tom.

Later, Charles meets with Sir Edward to discuss Sir John’s potential fortunes, and the pair endure a tense exchange of words regarding Tom Howard and the Guernsey marina. Edward suggests that the only way the pair could work effectively in business is if Charles takes complete control, but his son refuses to become his father’s junior puppet in the partnership. When he offers Highfield as a legacy, Charles refuses the offer; he cites his unbearable childhood in the home, and refuses to be reacquainted with such bitter memories. Sir Edward reacts angrily, insisting he will sell Highfield rather than hand it over to Charles. Abby throws her wedding ring in the river as she ponders her future course of action. She is joined with Leo, whereupon she reveals she will follow Leo to Guernsey for the powerboat race, and then return to America.

At Relton, Charles meets with Avril, who offers flowers and soothing words in a bid to mend fences. Charles apologises for his recent behaviour, but he refuses to discuss his motives with regarding to selling his Relton shares. He suggests they discuss their future when he returns from Guernsey, but on this particular occasion she is far from swayed. Over dinner, Jan expresses her desire for Sir Edward to grant Tom the favour of being gifted Fellwick Reach so as to expand his business operations. Surprisingly, Sir Edward reveals that all Tom has to do is speak to him. Ken and Avril witness their dinner engagement as they too enjoy a meal, discussing the controlling interests between Relton and Leisuirecruise. He reveals his intentions to buy out Sarah’s share-holding in his company to attain complete control, and reflects upon the power they pair would hold in the market if they joined forces. Sarah and Mike enjoy a day on the river, during which he proposes a future together beneath a blazing sun in Australia.

Returning from his fishing voyage, Jack is greeted by Emma, Tom and Avril. Tom reveals that Relton Marine want to begin distributing Orkadian, but are shocked to learn that he has successfully sold the American rights to Scott. At the church where Lynne and Claude were married, Sir Edward and Jan discuss their own future once again. He reveals he has purchased a property for her upon which he would construct a home purely for her, and when she once again reiterates that she will not marry him, he highlights the fact that she would become a very rich woman upon their union together. Jan definitely tells him she is not for sale, and leaves him.

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley), Paul Maxwell (Scott Benson) and Pip Miller (Roy Johnson).

Episode 13

Written by Mervyn Haisman

Avril and Sarah are worried about the risks Leo is taking while practising for the Guernsey Gold Cup. Sarah is concerned that Leo will kill himself if he cuts further corners, and when Avril seeks Mike’s advance regarding how he drives the Maurauder II powerboat, even he expresses concerns. Tom reveals to Emma and Jack that Sir Edward has offered him the Fellwick Reach site for the price they originally agreed. Charles discusses the acquisition of a ten-million-pound golf course owned by Diacra Holdings, a nominee company, which he is determined to acquire for exploitation with the Guernsey marina. He instructs Gerald to utilise Maclean Leisure in order to generate the funds required. He also tells Gerald to obtain preliminary designs for the Langcrest Cup from Tom. Gerald implies that the Charles Frere Cup might have a better ring to it. Later, en route to the bank, Gerald intercepts Tom and Emma to obtain the designs. Tom is reluctant to supply design specifications, but Emma implies that preliminary work on a separate design project might be useful for the purposes of assuring the financiers involved.

Sir John pays Sir Edward a visit following his half-hour-long board meeting, from which he reports that he secured a narrow victory. He expresses the fact that he has emerged from this crises appreciating precisely who his friends are. He bids Sir Edward farewell, doubtful that they will ever meet again. Tom and Emma reveal that their new centre of operations would take six months to establish, and they will be keeping this information from Charles Frere for as long as possible. They let slip to Avril that Charles was briefly in Tarrant before returning to Guernsey, and she appears somewhat troubled by this information. Roy Johnson pays Ken another visit at Leisurecruise, and the latter is particularly rattled. He is informed that Reddings has met with an unfortunate fly-fishing accident, and that Roy is en route to attending the man’s funeral in Wales. At Relton Marine, Avril meets with Sir John, who reveals that he has secured a hollow victory, having agreed to resign from the bank in six months time. He discusses the facility she has established with him some time ago, and the fact that she has failed to draw on it up until now. She confirms that she wishes to execute the option without delay. She also receives a telephone call from Ken, revealing that he is keen to enter into partnership with Relton Marine as soon as possible, and that he will pursue Sarah’s controlling share in Leisurecruise. Sir John overhears the discussion, and ventures caution on her side.

Jack and Kate discuss Tom and Emma’s future plans beyond the Mermaid Yard. Abby visits Leo at the boatyard, whereupon he suggests accompanying her to America. She declines the offer, implying that the Hudsons will take a dim view of his presence, and reveals she is yet to inform Polly and Gerald as to her plans. Meanwhile, Sir Edward and Polly enjoy a meal at Highfield, during which they discuss her plan of action when she meets with the Hudsons. He reveals to Polly that he intends to sell Highfield in the near future, but that he has acquired a plot of land upon which to construct the perfect family home for her when he obtains custody of William. He congratulates Polly on his astute perception of the state of affairs with the Hudsons, and offers to finance her move into America; Polly reveals that Jan remains an obstacle to her expansion in that market. Sarah meets with Ken at Leisurecruise, during which he boasts of his future expansion by securing the purchase of the French company he is keen on. He implies there will be a shortfall in dividends over the next year, and suggests he will pay over the odds to acquire her controlling share in the company. Sarah reveals she will sell for one-hundred-and-forty pounds, and despite Ken’s initial shock, he agrees to accept her proposal.

Gerald reveals to Avril that within half an hour of Charles’ fifty thousand Relton Marine shares being made available on the market, they were snapped up by an anonymous buyer. Their worst fears are confirmed when another fifty thousand shares are obtained during the course of their meeting. They speculate as to whether Charles is making the furtive purchases himself, but his protracted absence in Guernsey and France makes him impossible to contact. Polly visits Jan at the Design House to reveal she is heading off to America to organise outlets for her rival fashion label. Jan refuses to allow her to leave, indicating she is due to leave for Guernsey with Kate and requires her help managing the boutiques. Polly proudly reveals that she is venturing to America with Sir Edward, and Jan asks if the price for his assistance is baby William. Polly suggests that she can buy out her subsidiary from Jan, and reveals that Sir Edward will finance the sale – she can name her price. She refuses to accept the proposal, and Polly warns that she is making a very big mistake. As she leaves, Jan indicates she does not need to return to the boutique: she is sacked. Later that evening, she recounts events to Gerald and discusses the opportunity to bring William back with her; she expresses the fact that if Abby accompanied her, it would be a hindrance rather than a help, and is pleased to be visiting the Hudsons alone.

At Highfield, Jan meets Ken, who reveals that Sir Edward has already left Tarrant for the Bahamas. Ken assures her that she made the right decision in rejecting his proposal, and he reveals that he is considering purchasing Highfield. He reveals he now controls Leisurecruise, and his deal in the South of France is progressing nicely. He also boasts that his victory in the powerboat championship is assured, and he is riding high once again. Meanwhile, at the airport Sir Edward and Polly board a flight for America. Tom and Emma make an impressive presentation to the financiers, and Paul Dimitri is impressed with the detailed concept. The designing of a twelve-metre boat, the potential first winner of the Guernsey Gold Cup, now re-named the Charles Frere Cup (at the behest of Dimitri), has buoyed the confidence of the assembled consortium. During the meeting, Charles is called away to a dinner engagement with Avril, during which he presents her with an expensive diamond bracelet. Their conversation is somewhat frosty, and Avril is clearly suspicious of his motives. Charles suggests that they ignore the past, which they cannot change, and look to their future together. Avril indicates that the past is too valuable to forget, and that he will tread on anyone to achieve his own ends. When Charles implies that they are alike, and so well suited, and Avril counters the claim by returning the bracelet and confirming that their relationship is finally over. He warns that it will be intolerable to work together from this point, and suggests that she resigns. She proudly reveals that she now controls Relton Marine, and suggests that he should resign instead.

Leo and Abby enjoy their last evening together on Guernsey, ahead of the powerboat championship. At the Mermaid Yard, Jack proudly displays the newly-printed sales brochures, hailing “From the Yard that gave you Barracuda, from the Yard where spring was born, the Mermaid Yard proudly introduces Orkadian”. In Guernsey, a colourful flotilla of boats heralds the start of the World Powerboat Championship, with a parade through the streets to display the vessels taking part. Jan is enjoying impressive sales of her wares as she launches her range, and whilst she is preoccupied with this venture, Kate expresses her concerns over Leo’s temperament before the race. Charles and Gerald discuss Avril’s control of Relton, masterminded by Sir John Stevens. Gerald reveals that Sarah now also owns a considerable share in the company, and that his reversal of fortune, during which he once had a fifty-three percent controlling share, is all but dissolved. Charles reveals that Avril enjoys a considerable holding in Relton at the moment, but not outright control. When Gerald enquires as to when he will return from Monte Carlo, he is evasive, and merely claims that he knows where to contact him when he needs him.

In Guernsey, the crowds are gathered for the start of the powerboat race. Relton’s Marauder II takes an early lead, followed closely behind by Leisurecruise’s Venom, manned by Ken and Mike Hanley. However, in the initial race they are defeated by Ken and Mike when the vessel endures fuel blockage and the engine fails. In the post-race analysis, Ken boasts of his prowess whilst Avril insists he needs to remain calm and fight for victory. Meanwhile, Jack prepares to display Orkadian at the Southampton Boat Show with Tom and Emma. That evening, the romantic fortunes of Mike and Sarah are consolidated, Leo and Abby realise that they have drifted apart, and Ken expresses his desire for Jan once again.

The following day, the tension is palpable ahead of Leo’s head-to-head battle with Ken for victory in the powerboat championship, which now boasts some twenty-five high-speed vessels. In Tarrant, Gerald receives a surprise visit from the Fraud Squad, who are investigating claims of insider dealing with regard to his shares in Maclean Leisure. He endeavours to defend his claims, citing that he purchased the shares before Frere Holdings took an interest in the company. They also reveal that both he and Charles have been involved in serious fraud, purchasing the gold course in Guernsey for five million pounds, which he sold to Diacra Holdings for ten million pounds and pocketed the difference. Whilst Charles enjoys a relaxing mid-afternoon drink on his yacht in Monte Carlo, Gerald reveals that he wishes to contact his solicitor.

In Guernsey, Leo endeavours to slip along the inside strait as a means of defeating Ken and Mike, but Ken’s expert manning of the vehicle pushes Venom sharply against the buoy, and there is a spectacular crash, during which the vessel is overturned. As Jan, Avril, Kate and Abby rush to the quayside, Leo’s partner Andrew is carried from the water, dead; Leo is escorted from the water in a neck brace, unable to walk. He instructs a tearful Abby to leave for America, as they have nothing more to discuss. Meanwhile, Ken and Mike celebrate their victory. In the post-race celebrations, Ken boasts that, despite Avril’s objections to the race committee, he has been confirmed the victor. He boasts that he never intended to enter into a partnership with Avril, and furthermore reveals that he only entered into negotiations to buy out Sarah from Leisurecruise. He informs her that he was the party responsible for acquiring the one-hundred-thousand shares in her company, and that he now owns a four-percent share in Relton Marine. As Avril leaves the quayside, Ken proudly opens a bottle of champagne and exclaims: “I’ve beaten you! I beat you here, and I’ll beat you in the boardroom. I’ve beaten you – I’ve beaten you all!”

With Michael Loney (Mike Hanley), Pip Miller (Roy Johnson), Andre Winterton (Paul de Mitry), Kenneth Lodge (Inspector Daniel Morris) and Brian Jones (The Race Commentary).

NB: For this episode the BBC extended its thanks to Dave Corson, Andrew Chambers and John Yeoman, and the competitors at the Guernsey World Powerboat Championships, at which this episode was recorded.












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