by Matthew Lee © 2005


Originally Broadcast: September 6th – November 29th, 1987

Transmission Times: 7:45pm to 8:35pm


Episode 1: 

Written by Raymond Thompson

“They all seem to want continuity of supply. If I’m going to guarantee one I’m going to have to find a new designer – fast”.

At Genavco Air Limited in Tarrant, Sir Edward Frere arrives by privately chartered jet and is greeted by Sir John Stevens. When Sir John asks if he has returned for business or personal matters, Sir Edward coyly responds that both require his attention.

Tom and Leo enjoy an early morning sail, during which the former expresses his apprehension ahead of the forthcoming boat show. Leo assures his that he shouldn’t be, as Barracuda will be one of the stars of the show, and that Lynne’s solo crossing of the Atlantic will generate further press. Tom expresses his regrets that his daughter cannot join them at the show.

Jan visits Plummers department store, which is proudly displaying the Claude Dupont range. Later, she meets with the Brand Manager to discuss future commissions, and whilst she is impressed with the designs, when she expresses a desire to acquire the second line, Jan must reluctantly confess that there will be no further designs produced after this final consignment. The Brand Manager reveals that, should Jan be unable to produce a larger quantity of designs, Periplus will lose their contract.

At Leisurecruise, Ken boasts of his business acumen and prowess in securing the attendance of notable contacts at the forthcoming boat show to Sarah Foster. She questions the unorthodox manner in which he is cultivating future exhibition and sales contacts, but Ken remains unswayed. When Ken makes another shameless pass at her, his timing is far from perfect as Mark returns to the office and witnesses his romantic endeavours.

At Periplus, Polly is splashing out on a wide range of Claude Dupont designs. She discusses Jan’s current problems (namely the lack of a designer) and Lynne’s decision to teach sailing in the Mediterranean with Kate, who is far more sympathetic regarding her daughter’s plight than Polly.

Avril arrives at Relton Marine to find Charles Frere inspection the moudling and design operations currently underway. She is far from pleased, as she was under the impression that her appointment as Managing Director would be unencumbered rather than hampered by his constant intervention. They have a tense exchange of words, during which Avril expresses her reservations and Charles claims merely to be inspecting the site as background ahead of her report. He implies that, from what he has seen, changes are required, and Avril reacts defensively.

En route to Highfield, Sir Edward discusses making appointments to meet with Councillor Davis and Viscount Lord Cunningham, the latter of whom he identifies as a member of the local planning committee, to Sir John. When Sir John presses him for an explanation as to his plans, Sir Edward is deliberately evasive.

At the Mermaid Yard, Jack returns from a meeting with the Simpsons (from whom he was due to accept a commission for refit work on a yacht) and angrily reveals to Bill Sayers that this is the fourth cancellation for work they have endured since the catamaran disaster. In the site office, he exchanges barbs with Leo before the latter reluctantly presents him with a magazine article entitled “Catamaran Disaster: Speculation Continues To Grow”. The pair contemplate how the article will affect business, and Barracuda’s forthcoming launch.

Charles meets with Gerald outside the Dean and Dyball Construction Office on the proposed marina development site. Gerald reveals there is a minor delay in the development of the marina basin, and Charles is far from impressed. They decide to have lunch with the site manager so that those responsible can account for themselves. After the meeting with Eric Cummings, Charles is assured that within two weeks the development will be finalised. He later instructs Gerald to ensure that the opening of the marina coincides with the business park development. Gerald is surprised at this instruction, as he has not been made aware of Charles’ plans; Charles instructs Gerald to ensure that Cummings and the architects experience no further delays, and reveals that he will issue Gerald with the relevant paperwork after a meeting with potential investors that evening.

At Periplus, Jan reveals that she needs to secure the services of a new designer as quickly as possible. Whilst Kate helps her daughter by arranging interviews for a new sales assistant, she is somewhat preoccupied ahead of her moving house.

Tom returns from the boat show and reveals to Jack that the damaging magazine article is having a widespread impact on the Mermaid Yard’s business prospects. Jack advises that now Avril is at Relton Marine, he needs to treat her with the utmost care in order to ensure the Barracuda launch remains on course.

That afternoon, as Jan prepares to meet a representative from the bank, she discusses a letter Leo has received from Abby regarding William and Orrin.

Meanwhile, Polly and Gerald clash over his increasing workload, and she is far from impressed when he suggests she take up paid employment to keep herself occupied.

Over dinner, Avril and Tom discuss the article in Yachting News and its impact on the Yard. She reveals she is lunching with Frere the following day, to discuss her recommendations for Relton’s future direction, and that she may not be able to prevent him from withdrawing Barracuda from the market until the negative publicity arising from the catamaran disaster subsides.

Leo attends a party with a variety of sailing friends, during which he encounters the beautiful Amanda Parker. Jack and Kate enjoy a drink at the Tarrant Yacht Club, and she reveals that she has made one last bet before her life changes forever, and enjoyed a healthy win as a result.

The projected sales forecasts Jan presents to the bank’s representative, Mr Peterson, far from impress the man in question, particularly after she reveals she requires a further one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand pounds. She explains that by limiting her operations purely to design, she is constantly at the mercy of all the retail outlets. She proposes opening her own outlets, a chain of boutiques, but when Peterson raises the issue of whether or not she has obtained Ken Masters’ support for the venture, she reveals that it is about time that she traded unencumbered, particularly if she wants to expand: she proposes buying own Ken’s minority share.

At the party, when Amanda believes Leo is a killjoy for not enjoying a drink, she throws him into the swimming pool. Drenched, he emerges and in turn throws her in himself before leaving the party, suitably pleased with himself.

At Leisurecruise, Ken concludes a telephone conversation with Robert McIntyre and excitedly reveals to Sarah and Mark that he has a secured a lunch appointment with the influential businessman. Mark expresses reservations that McIntyre is already negotiation with Relton, but Sarah and Ken believe that they can secure the contract for the Seafire franchise themselves. Sarah tries to convince her husband that Leisurecruise has the facilities, but Mark is concerned that their practices would be unethical, and the meeting ends badly.

Charles asks Gerald to investigate John Ingram, a member of the Dean and Hickson Group in the City, after his successful dinner the previous evening. He reveals that he represents a consortium which has expressed interest in investing in the business park development, and he presents Gerald with a detailed prospectus and proposal documentation for the cultivation of an eight-hundred-acre plot of land. He reveals that Ingram was too readily armed with the benefits the development would have to Frere Holdings’ trading position, and that he wants to ascertain who else and what else Ingram has been associated with.

At the Howards’, Kate’s move has been successfully completed and she is slowly settling in to her new surroundings.

On board his yacht, Charles casts an eye over a Chester’s Old Master Paintings catalogue ahead of an auction he plans to attend in London. One particular painting catches his eye as he is joined by Avril for their lunch appointment. They discuss her plans to diversification, but Charles concentrates on the adverse publicity surrounding the Mermaid Yard and the damaging sales impact on Barracuda’s launch. Charles implies that she has his support for the moment, but that he will now allow Relton to be associated with a loser, and that if the bad publicity continues, the vessel will be withdrawn from sale.

At the Yacht Club, Ken and Sarah enjoy a drink ahead of their meeting with Robert McIntyre.

At the Mermaid Yard, Tom assesses the company’s cash flow before a meeting with Laurie Meadows to discuss their financial arrangements with the bank. He reveals to Jack that the firm could be on the brink of a serious problem, but Jack does not agree. He believes that they will overcome these obstacles, and that Tom will be cleared at the coroner’s inquest. When Tom expresses concerns that Barracuda could be withdrawn from the market, Jack waves them aside believing that Avril would never let it happen. Their meeting is interrupted by a telephone call from Colin Linsdale at the boat show: advanced orders for Barracuda have been cancelled, and other enquiries have fallen away.

At Highfield, Sir Edward and Sir John advises Sir John Stevens to sever his connections with Frere Holdings as the latter may otherwise find himself in a conflict of interests. He reveals to Sir John that his plans involve his son’s company without a doubt.

At the London auction room, Lot 112 is presented to those in attendance (including Charles Frere): a landscape circa 1790 which has attracted telephone bids and a full house. As the bidding reaches one-hundred-and-ninety-thousand pounds, Gerald arrives and quietly discusses news of his investigation into John Ingram: he assures Charles that Ingram is legitimate, and Frere ruminates that someone has been leaking information. As a two-hundred-and-five-thousand-pound telephone bid is made against Charles for the painting, the pair speculate as to his rival for the work of art. When Gerald asks Charles who else knew about the business park, Charles informs him that only Sir John Stevens was aware of his plans. Gerald cannot believe what is being implied, but Charles insists that “If it is Stevens, there’s only one person to whom he would leak information …”. When Charles is defeated in his bidding war, the picture is sold for two-hundred-and-twenty-five-thousand pounds, and the identity of the telephone bid is revealed as being Sir Edward Frere. When Gerald voices his surprise as “Your father?”, Charles responds in resignation: “Who else?”.


With Fraser Kerr (Robert McIntyre), Alan Mock (Adam Greenwood), Georgina Coombs (Beth Drysdale), Stephen Flynn (Simon Peterson), Peter Richards (Tim Edwards), Tony Ryan (Eric Cummings) and James Hayes (The Auctioneer).


Episode 2: 

Written by Raymond Thompson

Sir Edward Frere: “If we joined forces and worked together, you could inherit it all one day”.

Charles Frere: “I don’t need it, Father. I’m building my own business”.

Sir Edward Frere: “And setting yourself up as competition”.

In Southampton, Tom and Jack attend the hearing at the Coroner’s Court, and both are nervous as to the outcome.

Meanwhile, Bill is left to field telephone calls from the press at the Mermaid Yard. As he gives Leo instructions for the day’s work, their meeting is interrupted when Amanda pays him an impromptu visit.

At Leisurecruise, preparations are underway for a surprise visit from Robert McIntyre. When Ken, Sarah and Mark later meet with him to discuss the potential of a joint venture, Sarah is unimpressed with her husband’s lack of enthusiasm.

At The Jolly Sailor, Ken highlights the possibilities of trade shows and the like (in partnership with McIntyre), and presents a strong sales forecast and potential. McIntyre expresses the desire for them to inspect his operations centre.

At Relton Marine, Avril is surprised when Gerald meets with her in place of Charles, who has been “unavoidably detained”. They engage in a degree of verbal fencing as she endeavours to ascertain Charles’ interest in her proposals. Charles is summoned to Highfield see his father, Sir Edward, and is invited to join the family business, Nielson Holdings. He declines.

Jan pays a visit to a local design enterprise to meet with Anna Lee, a promising Chinese design student whom she believes may fill the void left by Claude Dupont. So impressed is she with Anna’s designs that she readily offers her a position in her organisation.

At Periplus, Kate, realising Polly is depressed, tries to offer help but is rebuffed.

Tom and Jack return from the Coroner’s Court, both in poor spirits: an open verdict pending a marine surveyor’s enquiry was delivered, much to Bill’s disbelief.

Later, over lunch, Tom discusses the situation with Jan. They also discuss going ahead with their divorce proceedings.

Polly hires an interior designer colleague to update her home’s décor; bored, she is seeking an outlet of her own, rather than doting on the increasingly busy Gerald.

At Frere Holdings, Gerald arrives as Charles is concluding a telephone conversation regarding the unexpected return of his father in Tarrant. They discuss his views regarding Relton’s future under Avril’s stewardship, but Charles is clearly disturbed by his father’s return “on business”. He orders Gerald to find out what he can over dinner with Viscount Lord Cunningham. When Gerald reveals he had planned to take Polly out to dinner, Charles tells him to cancel it in favour of this more important arrangement. When he telephones Polly to cancel their dinner date, she resigns herself to being relegated in his order of proprieties.

Tom meets Avril at Relton Marine, and they arrange to have dinner together at her new home that evening. When he gives her a kiss on the cheek before leaving, her lack of reciprocation concerns him.

At the Mermaid Yard, Jack reassures Bill that the jobs of the workers are secure – for now.

Amanda, having claimed earlier in the day that her parents had requested her to collect and sail a yacht from the marina to their home, lies to Leo and, in his company, steals a vessel which does not belong to her family and sails out on the harbour with it.

That evening, Kate and Jan discuss the divorce proceedings. After dinner, Tom and Avril discuss the fortunes of the Mermaid Yard, but their conversation inevitably turns to their own fortunes; Tom forces her to admit their relationship is over.

Leo is surprised when the water police come alongside the vessel he and Amanda are enjoying a sail upon, and realises that she has lied to him.

That evening, Polly and Gerald have a row over his business pressures, her lack of support, and the diverging paths their lives have taken of late. When Gerald implies that he has worries of his own which he is unable to share with her, Polly ruminates on it being a reflection on the state of their marriage.

Tom and Jack attend an early-morning appointment at the bank.

Meanwhile, at Leisurecruise, Sarah attempts to mend fences with Mark whilst Jan pays Ken a visit. She reveals her intention to open a chain of boutiques, and asks for Ken to sell his share to her. Ken is sceptical, citing the fact that a chain is a far cry from the one Periplus boutique she currently manages. Ken is evasive on the question of selling his minority share, claiming he did not invest in a boutique – he invested in her. Their meeting is interrupted by Sarah, and, after Jan leaves, she implies that Ken might be re-cultivating a relationship with him. Ken tries his hand at seduction, but Sarah is far from convinced that he only has eyes for her.

At the Mermaid Yard, Tom and Jack return from a bad meeting with the bank, who have refused further credit. They have a bitter exchange over Tom’s suggestion that the overdraft can be reduced by retrenching some of the workforce, with Jack adamant he will not fire people who have been loyal to both himself and the Yard over the years. On the last-in, first-out principle, it is with reluctance that Tom has to sack Leo as the first casualty in his offensive against the bank.

At Frere Holdings, Charles reads an article entitled “Catamaran Disaster: Coroner’s Verdict” and immediately dictates a memorandum to Relton Marine and Avril Rolfe, the subject of which is Barracuda: “Further to our meetings and subsequent discussions concerning the catamaran designed by Tom Howard, I am writing to advise you that in view of recent adverse publicity and the Coroner’s verdict, I feel it is essential that – no, correction – I feel Relton has no other option but to protect its commercial interests and withdraw Barracuda from the market forthwith, pending the marine surveyor’s enquiry. Yours etcetera etcetera. Copies please to Company Secretary, solicitor and file”. As he concludes the dictation, Gerald arrives late for the morning meeting, apologising for the delay and explaining that a domestic problem contributed to him being held up. When Charles presses him on the subject, Gerald assures him that his personal problems will not affect his commitment to his business dealings. Charles instructs Gerald to make arrangements to meet with Werner Grunwald, the man represententing the consortium keen to invest in the business park, whom Charles believes may throw light on his father’s possible involvement.

At Highfield, Sir Edward pensively admires the portrait he succeeded in out-bidding his son for. He shakes his head as he ruminates over the purchase, and then crosses his study to silently cast an eye over the estate.


With Fraser Kerr (Robert McIntyre) and Lindsey Brook (Sandra Hay).



Episode 3: 

Written by Jeremy Burnham

 “I know it must look as if I’m stabbing you in the back, Tom, but I have to stand by Charles’ decision and he does have a point. If there’s a question mark over you, there’s a question mark over Barracuda and I have to safeguard Relton’s reputation”.

Ken and Robert McIntyre enjoy a high-speed test-sail of Seafire, the vessel Leisurecruise are keen to exploit. Ken is decidedly impressed, and Sarah believes they may be on to a winner, but Mark is far from convinced. McIntyre confirms that the company have secured a deal, as he believes Leisurecruise have the edge over Relton in terms of being able to increase sales of the vessel.

Does Your Boat Need A New Coat For The Summer? heads the sales pamphlets Leo has had printed for his new business venture: the refurbishment and repainting of small vessels. He discusses the new venture with Kate and Jan over breakfast, and is quietly confident of its success. They also discuss his parent’s divorce proceedings, and the fact that Jan is due to meet Mr Lee (Anna’s father) to discuss his daughter’s contract with her. When they later meet to discuss the situation at the Design House, it is a tense discussion in which Jan insists that Anna could become one of Britain’s top designers, but Mr Lee does not believe that he should finance her studies so that she can work for another organisation. Jan implies that whilst she has her own manufacturing operations in place, she would be more than happy to discuss distribution options, which intrigues him.

Gerald confronts Polly regarding to lavish expenditure of late. Their discussion is cut short when he receives a telephone call from a Doctor Reynolds, the name of whom means nothing to the latter but reaps a grave expression from the former. As Polly watches on, Gerald is visibly shaken after his telephone conversation, during which he is informed that there is “no chance of remission” for someone he clearly knows. When she presses him as to the person’s identity, a shocked Gerald leaves without uttering a word.

At the Mermaid Yard, news of Charles Frere’s memorandum reaches Tom and Jack, the former of whom believes Frere is trying to sabotage his design reputation because of his relationship with Avril. Frere meets Werner Grunwald and they discuss the consortium; he is interested in a one-third stake but wants to know the names of the others involved. At the end of their meeting, he instructs Gerald to ascertain the identity of the parties hiding behind the nominee companies as he does not trust Grunwald, despite Ingram’s recommendations over his soundness.

At Relton Marine, Tom pays Avril a visit to discuss her support of Charles’ decision to withdraw Barracuda from the marketplace. He accuses Frere of waging a personal vendetta against him, and expresses the pressure placed on the Yard as a result of the decision.

Leo returns home to find Amanda waiting for him. Whilst he is sceptical of her motives, he accepts a boat refit commission from her. Mark angrily clashes with Sarah and Ken at Leisurecruise, claiming McIntyre’s vessels are not leisure cruisers but mass-produced assembly line crafts. Whilst Sarah implies the company needs to move down-market to ensure a greater level of profit, but Mark believes they will also be lowering their standards. Despite a joint charm offensive from the pair of them, Mark remains un-swayed. When he leaves them to their own devices, they speculate on his suspicions over their affair; Sarah wants it all out in the open, but Ken is adamant that they must keep quiet.

At Periplus, Kate informs Jan that should the bank provide opposition to her proposed expansion, there are other sources. She hands her daughter a copy of the local newspaper, highlight a story headlined “Venture Capital Fund For Local Industry, Sir Edward Frere Backs Private Enterprise”.

Leo inspects the Westerly Griffon, the yacht Amanda claims requires re-varnishing (when it is patently obvious that it does not). They flirt on board the vessel as they discuss his first commission.

At Highfield, Sir Edward asks Sir John if he has informed Charles that he is no longer acting in the best interests of Frere Holdings. Sir John claims to be awaiting the right moment, and Edward cautions him not to leave it too long. He asks Sir John to secure a loan for his investment in private enterprise in Tarrant, conditional on the loan being half a percent over inter-bank rates (much to Sir John’s surprise). Sir Edward reveals that he plans to present a million-pound private venture capital fund to the local business of Tarrant, offering quarter-of-a-million-pound loans to promising enterprises. When Sir John immediately points out that he will have the local authority “eating out of his hand” as a result, Sir Edward feigns ignorance of the benefits of such a scheme.

At The Jolly Sailor, Jack and Kate mull over Avril’s support of Relton’s hard line concerning the Barracuda, and Jack is at a loss to explain her motives. After a tense board meeting at Relton, Charles angrily confronts Avril over Colin Linsdale’s apparent incompetence at not having secured the McIntyre deal. Avril reacts defensively and offers her own resignation to Charles. He refuses to accept it, countering by instructing her to establish a management team in which he has the confidence to inject further capital investment. Their exchange is interrupted by a call from Gerald, who reveals that the investors in the consortium are protected by a number of offshore shelters, consisting of former politicians and rich expatriates – legitimate and of no particular interest. He identifies the fact that Sir Edward has previously invested in three of the companies in the group, and Charles speculates that his money may still be circulating in the consortium.

At the Mermaid Yard, Tom receives word from his solicitor, Tony, that his appeal against the inquest decision has been rejected; he is unable to examine the wreckage until after the surveyors’ report has been finalised, and as such has no grounds to defend himself against accusations of incompetence.

Unable to pay for his accommodation at The Jolly Sailor, Tom reveals to Jack that he intends to move into the “paint locker”, the barge below the Mermaid Office.

At Leisurecruise, Ken telephones Jan to discuss her proposal, and reveals that he intends to retain his stake in her business as he believes that she is going places. Displeased, she informs him that his investment may not be paying dividends for much longer. At the end of their conversation, Jan once again consults the newspaper article. Charles pays a second visit to his father, but when he allows Werner Grunwald’s name to slip into the conversation, Sir Edward feigns ignorance and denies any involvement in the consortium. Charles refers to Gomez Trust, Pax New Overseas Services and Lavinia International in the conversation, and whilst his father acknowledges that he’s “done his homework”, he continues to deny an association with the business park development.

Gerald arrives home to find that Polly has been indulging in more lavish expenditure, on this occasion having purchased an expensive new dinner service. Frustrated with her materialism, he smashes a vase into the fireplace and Polly, shocked at his behaviour, presses him for an explanation. He refuses to discuss the situation with her, but implies that one day he may be able to open up to her.

Charles pays Avril a visit at her new home, and presents her with a Chegall portrait as a housewarming present. Whilst the pair reminisce about their past, Avril asks why he really came to see her, and he explains the tense personal and professional history of the rivalry with his father.

At the Mermaid Yard, Jack tries to stave off the bank by detailing the extent of their cost-cutting measures and exercises, and succeeds in them granting an extension to the company’s credit line. Pleased with his efforts, he discusses this latest turn of events with Bill, and also reveals that he has been contacted by a retired Admiral who may have a possible commission for a wooden boat. Jack believes that Caroline Davis-Seagram must have recommended the Yard.

As Leo finalises the revarnishing on Amanda’s yacht, she meets with him at the marina and suggests they go out for an evening on the dry ski slope outside Tarrant.

Later, they continue their flirtation as they outpace each other on the slopes of the Southampton Ski Centre. Later, when they return to Tarrant, they exchange a brief kiss as their relationship develops.

Anna Lee arrives at the Design House to start her first day working for Jan, the latter of whom is delighted to see her. Jan outlines her plans to secure increased funding for the company, and implies that her designs and talent may well contribute to the successful acquisition of this funding.

Charles invites Avril to meet Grunwald so she can give him a second opinion about the lawyer. She thinks Charles is being paranoid.

Jack escorts Admiral Redfern around the various Mermaid Yard vessels moored at the marina, the former highlighting the capabilities of the firm to the latter, who expresses that he is moderately impressed, and may consider a commission on the provision that there were no delays in completion. When Jack implies that Ms Davis-Seagram recommended the Yard to him, he coyly admits that she was not the party responsible. He immediately changes the subject and discusses Tom Howard, his aircraft design history and what made him think he could design boats. Whilst Jack highlights the positives of Barracuda, the Admiral raises the subject of the catamaran accident and lets slip that it has given his mother-in-law cause for concern; Jack is surprised that the Admiral knows Kate, and Redfern reveals they were close before the war, when she was known as Kate Wilder. Avril and Charles meet with Werner Grunwald, and whilst Charles is reassured that the “package” is sound, he has reservations over his father’s possible connection in the proposed development. When he challenges Grunwald as to whether he knows Sir Edward, the Swiss businessman is evasive. Despite Avril’s methods of persuasion, he reveals he is not in a position to confirm or deny whether Frere’s father has invested in the consortium.

Leo pays Tom a visit at the Mermaid Office at which he presently resides, and finds his father disheveled, unshaven and drinking heavily. Whilst he claims he has not been sleeping well owing to worries arising from the catamaran accident, Leo implies that perhaps Avril is on his mind. He expresses his concern that Tom is facing his problems on his own, and offers his support should he need it.

Returning home that evening, Jan discusses Anna’s first day at the Design House with Kate. She is hopeful that the presentation of Anna’s designs to Sir Edward may secure the financial support she requires, but she still harbours doubts as to whether or not Ken’s reluctance to sell his stake in the company could jeopardise her expansion plans.

Jack meets Admiral Redfern at the Yacht Club to further discuss the potential commission for a boat, and whilst the former tries to bluff his way into pressuring Redfern into a commitment, the latter is only too aware of the financial pressure upon the Yard with the forthcoming court case and the question marks hanging over Tom’s capabilities, and he reluctantly declines the offer of a commission – even after Jack suggests a substantial discount to secure the contract.

Charles reveals to Avril that if his father is involved with the consortium, it would be a deal-breaker, despite her claims that he is merely being paranoid. She claims that, far from considering his father as a rival, she believes he is still seeking Sir Edward’s seal of approval.

At Highfield, Sir Edward and Sir John enjoy a whisky as they celebrate the former having secured the million-pound loan from the former’s bank under the terms and conditions he required. Sir Edward insists that his old friend sever his connections with Charles as soon as possible, and when Sir John remarks with surprise that Charles is still refusing his offer, Sir Edward remarks that “He seems to think that he can do better on his own. So we’re going to have to show him the error of his ways. You and I are going to teach him a very expensive lesson!”.


With Michael Denison (Admiral Redfern), Gregory De Polnay (Werner Grunwald), Burt Kwouk (Mr Lee), Fraser Kerr (Robert McIntyre) and Ruth Hillier (Avril’s Secretary).


Episode 4

Written by Jeremy Burnham

Jan Howard: “So you’re not even going to put up a fight, Tom?”

Tom Howard: “How can I when the surveyors have already found me guilty?”

Tom and Leo take an early-morning sail on Barracuda, where they discuss having recently heard from Lynne, who appears to be coping well in the Mediterranean.

At Relton Marine, Avril chairs a board meeting to discuss the recommendations arising from her report. Gerald raises the subject of the problems surrounding the Mermaid Yard, and whilst Charles silently observes proceedings, Colin Linsdale voices concerns that their association with the Yard and the bad publicity arising from the catamaran disaster is having a negative impact on Relton’s image. He implies her confidence in Tom being cleared is based on personal rather than professional judgement, and Avril demands that he retract the accusation. Gerald tries to placate Linsdale by underlining the fact that she has taken steps to avoid such damage by withdrawing Barracuda from the market, and Avril reconfirms that she believes the action was a mistake. When Charles demands an explanation, she claims it is an admission of guilt, claiming to the marine industry it appears as though Relton has lost faith in Tom’s capabilities as a designer and craftsman. Charles curtly acknowledges her opinion and suggests that the meeting continue. They briefly discuss the loss of the Seafire contract, with Avril countering that they have secured the services of another powerboat firm, and that their prototype should be ready for entry in the First Race, at which she has persuaded organisers to allow Charles to present a cup to the winner. Jack and Bill discuss the situation at the Mermaid Office and the former reluctantly admits he will need to lay off two more workers to keep their financial problems in check. They also discuss Admiral Redfern’s possible commission, and Bill implies that Jack can perhaps persuade him to change his mind.

At Leisurecruise, Mark unveils promotional material for the forthcoming Class Three Summer Powerboat Race and suggests entering it himself. Although they are beyond the entry date, he implies that as Bob Lyall is one of the organisers, he can persuade him to allow the company to enter the race. Ken assures him there is no need as he has already entered Leisurecruise in the competition, much to his surprise. Mark accuses him of keeping the entry a secret as he intended to make an independent entry into the race, and claims he only entered because Charles Frere is an old rival of his and that a victory would put one over Relton Marine. Mark angrily defies Sarah’s wishes and secures his own entry in the race, claiming that if he wins he will race for Leisurecruise for the remainder of the season.

Jan presents the Application For Southern Venture Capital to a board from Sir John Stevens’ bank (at which Sir John and Sir Edward are in attendance), accompanied by numerous press articles concerning the untimely death of Claude Dupont, and she highlights the strong sales potential and brilliant career which was so cruelly cut short. She presents Anna Lee’s designs to the assembled forum, and highlights her boutique plans. Sir Edward appears smitten with her, particularly when he cites the fact that her proposal documentation refers to no personal commitments (having separated from her husband and with two grown-up children). At the end of the presentation, he escorts her from the room and, in the corridor outside, he asks if they can further discuss her plans – over dinner.

At Periplus, Jack asks Kate to apply some delicate pressure on Admiral Redfern to change his mind, and learns that through a complicated series of arrangements she suggested Redfern visit the Mermaid Yard in the first place. Gerald settles the credit card accounts as Polly confronts him over his packed suitcases in their front foyer. He reminds her that he does not have an unlimited source of income, and explains that he is leaving for Geneva on overnight business for Charles. He implies, before departing, that is she engages in any further spending sprees, he will definitely leave her.

Jack pleads with Avril to get Relton to release advanced funds from Barracuda’s royalties to pay the Mermaid Yard’s wages bill. Avril agrees to write out a personal cheque for the three-thousand pounds required rather than draw on Relton’s reserves.

Sarah and Ken have dinner, where their discussion over Mark’s irrational behaviour is briefly interrupted when they see Jan arrive in the company of Sir Edward Frere. Ken speculates that she may be seeking his financial assistance. Sir Edward discusses Jan’s personal and professional lives, her recent separation from Tom and whether or not her marriage to him had been a happy one.

Later that evening, Ken rebuffs Sarah’s amorous advances as he claims that he is concerned that Mark may discover their affair. He suggests that they wait until Mark takes an overseas trip before renewing their “acquaintance”.

At Anthony Knightwell Solicitors, Tom and Jack meet with the legal teams for the Mermaid Yard and the Travis’ to discuss the legal proceedings and consider a potential out-of-court settlement. Mrs Travis’ counsel insists on a trial on the grounds of either a design or a construction fault, much to their mutual displeasure.

Later that morning, Jan visits Sir Edward at Highfield for lunch.

Charles telephones Polly as Gerald missed their lunch appointment, and whilst she initially ventures the opinion that he may have missed his flight from Geneva, when Charles assures her he would have contacted him in that regard, she is concerned that he may have had an accident.

After lunch, Sir Edward endeavours to cultivate an ongoing relationship with Jan, and whilst the latter remains oblivious to his intentions, the former is decidedly taken with her.

Amanda proposes to Leo that he establish a leisure hire business, boosted by her financial investment in the enterprise.

Gerald returns home, much to Polly’s relief, though when she presses him as to an explanation of where he was between his Geneva trip and his arrival in Tarrant, he is initially evasive. He reveals that his oldest and dearest friend, James Gittings, is dying, and that he took an earlier flight home to be at his side.

Tom and Jack drown their sorrows at The Jolly Sailor, and Jack suggests that they search for the unrecovered pieces of the catamaran to determine whether Mr and Mrs Travis made impact with something before the accident.

As the Summer Poweboat Race prepares to get underway, Charles and Avril monitor the progress of Relton Marauder, their new powerboat. She implies the vessel was named after him.

Ken and Mark man their own entries in the race (Venom and Scotch Mist, respectively), and Sarah wishes them both luck as the boats stream from the starting post.

Sir Edward pays Jan a visit at the Design House and is introduced to Anna Lee. He presents Jan with a cheque for funding, granted from the allocation board committee, much to their mutual delight.

Ken wins the powerboat race with Mark a close second, much to the delight of Sarah and Robert McIntyre, but to Mark’s fury at having been pipped to the post by his rival.

Sir Edward and Sir John discuss Jan’s flourishing fortunes, but their conversation soon turns to the latter’s immediate distancing of himself from Charles’ affairs before the former’s business plans can continue.

Charles, meanwhile, is disappointed to present the cup and ten-thousand-pound cheque to the race victor, Ken Masters.

Kate pays a visit to Admiral Redfern’s residence, and whilst he initially fails to recognise her, he is delighted when his identity suddenly dawns on him.

At Leisurecruise, Ken and Sarah celebrate his victory with Mark, and whilst Ken offers to place his winnings in the company “kitty”, Mark declines the offer claiming that it was not “their” victory but “his”. Ken proposes using Seafire as a lucrative sponsorship source for future racing commitments, but Mark is far from impressed. He reveals that he will be away for the remainder of the week, as he intends to visit Alfred Alvarez in Lisbon with a view to securing a deal for what he describes as the quality end of the market.

Tom hands in his resignation at the Mermaid Yard, despite Bill and Jack’s recommendations that he reconstruct the catamaran. He believes he is acting in the Yard’s best interests so that the question mark hanging over the business is firmly removed ahead of the court case. Kate persuades him to retract his resignation and obtain proof of his innocence; Tom agrees to engage in the reconstruction work as Kate reveals that she has convinced Admiral Redfern to commission the construction of the wooden boat, and that he will sign the contract in the morning. Tom and Jack are overjoyed that their fortunes may at last be changing.

Believing Mark has flown to Lisbon, Ken and Sarah enjoy a romantic day together on one of Leisurecruise’s luxury vessels. However, as they enjoy a bottle of champagne and flirt with one another, to their horror they catch sight of Mark on the riverbank, who has been spying on them with the aid of binoculars. Ken asks Sarah if that’s who he thinks it is, and when she concurs, he issues a resigned “Oh dear”. Their affair is now out in the open.


With Michael Denison (Admiral Redfern), Peter Penry-Jones (Colin Linsdale), Peter Van Dissel (Anthony Brightwell), Nicholas Donnelly (Peter Melrose) and Stephen Boswell (James Pitman).

Episode 5: 

Written by Jill Hyem

Jan Howard: “Tom, I was wondering if you’d let me lend you some money …”

Tom Howard: “No, Jan, I couldn’t possibly accept”.

Jack and Bill Sayers enjoy a final test-sail on board the forty-foot wooden schooner commissioned by Caroline Davis-Seagram.

Leo announces that he now has a backer, Amanda, for his leisure hire plans.

At Leisurecruise, Ken and Sarah fall out after Mark’s discovery of their affair. Their relationship has come under increasing tension as Mark has been missing since he caught sight of their romantic rendezvous.

Charles takes Avril on a tour of the proposed business park development, and he reveals that she will be responsible for the management of rental prices at the site; Charles insists that when she deals with clients, she should impress upon them the exclusivity of acquiring a site in the park. She interviews Jan, who is looking for an outlet for her fashions. Later, she learns that Avril’s affair with Tom is now over.

Having obtained photographs of the wrecked catamaran, Tom and Jack reach the conclusion that the Travis’ must almost certainly have collided with something before the vessel broke up and sank. They suspect that an impact load on the bottom of the keel may be the root cause of the accident.

Ken is furious when he learns that, with the new Relton powerboat sponsorship, his own lucrative deal with Robert McIntyre can no longer go through.

Gerald and Charles clash over Sir Edward. With Sir Edward’s probable holding in the consortium constantly increasing, Gerald is ordered to Switzerland to stop the rot.

Later, Polly and Gerald discuss the plight of his dying friend (whom he merely refers to as “James”), and he reveals that he intends to send James to the United States for an expensive treatment which may ease his suffering. Polly suddenly appreciates the connection between Gerald and James, and realises that he is referring to the famous painter James Gittings.

Anna Lee’s fiancé arrives at the Fashion House and says he expects her to give up work when they are married. She later confides in Kate.

Tom pays a visit to the Department of Shipping Science, whereupon he meets Emma Neesome, whose services he calls upon in his bid to clear both his name and that of the Mermaid Yard. With the centre board on the catamaran having never been recovered, Tom can only provide her with his figures for comparisons and test-simulations.

Later, at the Mermaid Yard, in a somewhat awkward celebration both he and Jan enjoy a glass of champagne and toast their past together and their futures apart as they receive their divorce papers.

Leo receives an unexpected visit from Amanda’s father, who tries to buy him off so as to keep him away from his daughter. When this fails, he stuns Leo by revealing that his daughter already has a fiancé.

Ken investigates whether Jan has access to the financial resources she requires for her expansion bid. Later, he is shocked when Mark suddenly returns to Leisurecruise, seemingly unaffected by the revelation of his wife’s adulterous affair with Ken. He claims to have been in Lisbon liaising with Alfred Alvarez ahead of a prosperous sales contract, but Sarah and Ken are suspicious nonetheless.

Avril admits to Charles that her relationship with Tom has come to an end, and he apologises sincerely to her for the break-up of their relationship several years earlier. He ventures the hope that they can make a fresh start once again, and this time Avril appears receptive to his advances.

While Ken and Sarah speculate about why Mark has not confronted them about their affair, they prepare to assess his prowess on a powerboat during a brief time-trial ahead of entries in future races. However, they are alarmed when he started to manoeuvre the vessel at dangerous speeds of over fifty miles per hour, and later they are horrified when they witness Mark speeding towards a colliding with marker buoy, resulting in a powerful explosion in which he is killed. What initially appears to be an accident is something far darker: Mark has committed suicide before his adulterous wife and her consort.

With Fraser Kerr (Robert McIntyre), Ian Steele (James Leverett) and Leon Tanner (Alan Parker).

Episode 6

Written by Anthony Osborn

“I’m not interested in private morality, Kenneth. Or in immorality for that matter. I am merely here to safeguard the interests of the bank”.

Ken tries to comfort Sarah at the funeral of her late husband, but is rebuffed.

Later, Sir John Stevens asks Ken to clarify the position over the late Mark Foster’s shares, all of which have reverted to his wife (who now holds a two-thirds share in Leisurecruise).

Bank assessors descend upon the Mermaid Yard.

Concerned at the spiraling costs of extricating the Yard from the Lynnette situation, Jack meets with Avril and places pressure on her to ask Charles to provide financial assistance.

Emma Neesome’s own research confirms Tom’s findings - the “Lynnette” catamaran did hit something – but in order to be in the clear they will have to find the missing piece of the centre board, damaged by a tortional stress impact fracture.

Tom takes up Jan’s earlier offer of financial support. Jan succeeds in negotiating a deal for three independent outlets through which to sell her fashion wear. Later, she enjoys a meal with Sir Edward Frere, who is still courting her as a potential second wife.

Tom takes up Jan’s earlier offer of financial support – he refuses to take money from her for no return, and offers forty percent of his Mermaid Yard shares to her, but with a warning: if he is not cleared regarding the Lynnette, it may only be a stay of execution. Later, when he tries to tell Jack of his plans, he is sidetracked by his partner’s ruminations over the changing face of the Yard, and his subsequent treatment of Tom, for which he apologises.

The following day, Jack, Leo and Amanda, now reunited after he discovered she is engaged to another man, begin a search of the sea bed in the area where the accident to the “Lynnette” took place; they are searching for the catamaran’s missing keel.

Meanwhile, Tom and Emma visit the Solent Coastguard to ascertain if reports of any under-sea nautical hazards had been reported which the catamaran may have struck.

Kate is introduced by Jan to Sir Edward while at they each enjoy a day at the races, and she creates quite an impression.

Frere realises he needs a commitment from the director of AFTC to fight off his father’s assault on the consortium and gossip-mongering in the City (a commitment later left off the board meeting agenda after Sir Edward meets with him beforehand). He nevertheless finds time to invite Avril to his chateau at St Aubin for the weekend. She accepts, and during their time on his French estate they agree to become lovers once more.

Later that evening, Ken returns to Leisurecruise to find Sarah waiting for him in the darkness of the showroom. He expresses his regrets at the death of her husband, but tries to convince her that life and business must go on. He asks whether she is prepared to sell her shares to him, but she refuses to grant them to him; she will sell, but suggests she may do so to Charles Frere.

Tom informs Emma that the bank are determined to call in the overdraft. Meanwhile, Jack and Amanda are overjoyed when Leo salvages the Lynnette’s keel from the sea-bed.

With Artro Morris (The Priest), Frank Tregear (The Assessor), Daniel Andre Pageon (Pierre) and Jonathan Adams (The Coastguard).

NB: This episode attracted 11.5 million viewers.

Episode 7

Written by Anthony Osborn

“There’s going to be a wind of change sweeping through that yard! I’m going to drag the Mermaid out of the nineteenth century if it’s the last thing I do – with all its men!”

Jan arrives at the Mermaid to celebrate her directorship, but Tom still has not been able to discuss the developing situation with his partner. Later, Jack is horrified to learn of another Howard at the Yard, and refuses to drink with her. Learning of Jan’s latest move, Ken pays Leo (the hero of the hour having salvaged the Lynnette’s keel) a visit and offers him a job in the powerboat business.

Sarah continues to threaten to sell her entire holdings in Leisurecruise to Relton Marine. She reveals she has already met with Gerald Urquhart in preparation of the sale.

Anna Lee’s father visits his daughter at the Fashion House. Anna in turn confides in Leo: she is being forced to marry Tan, the fiancé chosen by her father, and to give up her job. Her hasty departure has thrown Jan’s orders and business plans into chaos, and she is worried as to Sir Edward’s reaction.

Gerald visits the bank and withdraws a substantial sum, putting his account into overdraft. Later, both he and Polly meet AFTC’s Managing Director, Geoff Silberston, over dinner and they learn that the delay in the company’s decision is due to Sir Edwards’ machinations.

Gerald is ordered back to Zurich to stem the dissention amongst the consortium members and obtain confirmation from AFTC of their support for Charles’ development plans.

Charles has a brief disagreement with Avril over his conflict with Sir Edward.

While Gerald is away, Polly acts as a guide for Geoff. However, she ruins the evening by making a blatant pass at him.

Jan wastes no time making an impression at the Yard, laying down the law with the construction stuff, but later impresses Tom with she identifies a gap in the market with her proposal for a new racer-cruiser yacht for the young and upcoming boat-buyer. It will be a smaller boat than Barracuda, and designed to appeal to young people, a vessel which could be raced by still attached to the back of a motor vehicle.

Leo has an uncomfortable drink with Amanda’s parents, during which he reveals to her father that she has broken her engagement with her former fiancé. However, they later enjoy a night out at a ship-board party.

Sir John warns Sir Edward that, if he continues his pursuit of Charles’ business interests, it could lead to his son’s ruination.

Having found the piece of missing centre board from the catamaran, Emma secures officially sanctioned evidence confirming the Mermaid Yard was not responsible for the catamaran accident.

Later, Tom and Emma convince Mrs Travis to drop her law suit out of court. However, the situation remains that the Yard needs to be publicly cleared, and Emma identifies Jan’s suggestion of inviting a journalist to tour the property as the ideal opportunity.

A distressed and agitated Polly later tries to ascertain if Gerald returned on the delayed flight from Zurich – and discovers that passenger information has no record of him having boarded the plane. The following morning, she is shocked to learn that Gerald withdrew one-hundred-thousand pounds from their account before leaving on his business trip.

On a spontaneous whim from the night before, Leo and Amanda pay a visit to the registry office and get married.

With Burt Kwouk (Mr Lee), Gregory De Polnay (Werner Grunwald), James Warwick (Geoffrey Silberston), Beverley Walding (Ruth Silberston), Michael Irwin (The Assistant Bank Manager), Leon Tanner (Mr Parker) and Auriol Smith (Mrs Parker).

NB: This episode attracted 12.0 million viewers.

Episode 8

Written by Anthony Osborn

Avril Rolfe: “If I go ahead with the Barracuda, Charles, you’ll refuse to support me?”

Charles Frere: “If you go ahead, Avril, I’ll fire you”.

Charles Frere refuses to afford Avril permission for Barracuda to return to the market until such time as the market itself welcomes the Mermaid Yard back into the fray. Later, she is given the uncomfortable task of sacking her marketing manager – at Charles’ instruction.

Preparations are underway for the Wolf Rock Race. Tom agrees to register Australian reporter, Mike Hanley, as crew member on board Barracuda.

Ken convinces Sir John Stevens to back him in buying an equal shareholding in the powerboat company. He also wines and dines Alfred Alvarez with a view to a very large powerboat order. In addition, he puts his proposal of a Class Three wooden twin-hulled powerboat to the Mermaid, which he intends to use for races. However, he clashes badly with Sarah over her temperament towards him and the business affairs of Leisurecruise.

Gerald returns with the news that his friend James Gittings has died of AIDS. Tearfully, he breaks down before Polly as he reveals that he withdrew the money to pay for his treatment.

Jan, Tom and Jack fail to reach agreement as to whether or not to accept Ken’s commission; Jan can see the financial benefits, Jack is keen to work on another “Mary Rose”-esque boat, but Tom wants Barracuda released as opposed to working for Ken.

Frere flies to Zurich to meet Merchant Banker Paul Voss. He wants to meet Karl Hanson and three of the members of the consortium. He calls in a favour and asks Hanson to replace Werner Grunwald with Paul Voss. When Hanson becomes difficult to persuade, Charles resorts to a touch of blackmail.

Returning to Leisurecruise, a tearful Sarah reveals she will not be selling her shares in the company after all. Seemingly concerned for her welfare, Ken suggests she go on a brief holiday to recuperate from the loss of Mark – but he has other motives behind the suggestion.

Kate meets with Sir Edward, the latter of whom tentatively broaches the subject of his budding relationship with the former’s daughter.

Jan believes Anna has left for Hong Kong with her fiancé, according to news from Mr Lee. She confides in Sir Edward, who gives her sound business advice with regard to a search for a new designer and a means of overcoming her cash-flow problems.

Tom, Emma, Leo, Amanda and Mike Hanley take a cruise on Barracuda to put the vessel through its paces. Afterwards, Amanda’s father confronts Leo with regard to the marriage, but Tom manages to moderately placate him.

At the party to celebrate the news of Leo and Amanda’s wedding (during which Tom and Jan receive a congratulatory telegram from Lynne), Leo is given a large cheque from Ken Masters.

Ken receives a telephone call from Alvarez informing him that Frere has usurped his offer, with the deal having been secured by Avril Rolfe and Relton Marine.

In celebration, Charles returns from Europe with an expensive picture as a gift for her.

Gerald receives a “summons” to meet with Charles, whereupon he will be called to account for his unexplained absence. Polly asks him whether or not there is a future to their relationship, given James’ death and the likelihood that he may now be redundant. Much to her surprise, Gerald reveals that they may have a possible future together.

Jack reveals that Avril had hired an investigator to assist Tom with regard to the Lynnette.

Meanwhile, Jan is shocked when Anna arrives back unexpectedly as the party is in full swing.

With Peter Penry-Jones (Colin Linsdale), Ian Gardiner (Klaus Anderberg), Bill Bailey (Karl Hanson), Mike Sarne (Paul Voss), Chris Sanders (Alvarez), Leon Tanner (Mr Parker) and Auriol Smith (Mrs Parker).

NB: This episode attracted 11.55 million viewers.

Episode 9

Written by Douglas Watkinson

“Not only did she accuse my mother of being an antique, she started telling me how to run my business!”.

Barracuda moves off for the start of the Wolf Rock Race, taking place at the end of Cowes Week.

Jack, meanwhile, is reminiscing with Vanessa, an “old flame”. Afterwards, when he realises how late he is, he has to hitch a lift to join the others on board Barracuda.

Vanessa arranges for powerboat racer Richard Spencer to escort him to the vessel. En route, he reveals he has a forthcoming meeting with Avril with regard to a possible contract.

Jan demands an explanation from Anna as to her sudden disappearance. Anna reveals that she had decided not to marry Tan, but that her father remains a problem. She later reveals to her mother that Anna was not in Hong Kong after all, but was in Southampton: her father merely wanted Jan to believe her designer had gone for good.

Ken Masters sends Eleanor Craig for a job at Jan’s boutique, and Jan is not amused at her attitude. He also dispatches Sarah to the Algarve. He is approached by David Lloyd with an offer of financial advice.

Since Ken is intending to float the company on the USM (Unlisted Securities Market), he cautiously accepts.

Gerald prepares for his “showdown” with Frere but is surprised at Charles’ reaction. He is not fired, but receives a blank cheque as compensation to cover the cost of treatment for his late friend. He is surprised that Charles is aware of his relationship with Gerald, and the pair have an open and frank discussion.

Polly is pleased that Gerald’s meeting with Frere went smoothly, but he is shocked when he finds that Sir Edward is waiting to see him, and even more so when he is offered a job. Initially intending to decline the offer, he is persuaded by Polly to consider the offer. Despite her keenness for his acceptance, Polly cannot understand why her husband wishes to make a stand on a point of principle. Later, he informs Charles of his father’s covert offer; Charles wants Gerald to keep him informed of every development.

Spencer meets with Avril to discuss a potential alliance with Relton Marine. She assesses his award-winning pedigree and tentatively negotiates a contract.

Jan has a prickly meeting with Bill Sayers regarding the Mermaid Yard’s adherence to production schedules. Later, she has dinner with Ken to discuss his Mermaid commission. However, the conversation is soon steered around to their relationship.

Anna and Kate put the finishing touches to the interior of Leo and Amanda’s new home, during which they discuss the situation with her father.

Barracuda has to change course to rescue two stricken sailor, one of which Jack thinks he recognises but cannot place.

There is further tension when Amanda begins to flirt with Mike Hanley.

The following day, Ken receives a surprise call from former Relton board member David Lloyd, whom he agrees to meet to discuss a potential business consultancy role at Leisurecruise.

Sir Edward and Sir John discuss their bid for the Belgian Oil and Rannoch Holdings stakes in the Business Park development. Frere is uneasy at Jan attending Relton Marine board meetings. Having already expressed his concerns to Avril, he later tries to dissuade Jan from attending further meetings or from seeing more of Sir Edward, using the option on the sporting-cruiser franchise as pressure. He questions her capacity to keep Relton business confidential, and Jan resents the implication.

Later, Sir Edward invites Jan to join him in Plymouth, where he is due to present the award to the Wolf Rock Race winner, but she declines. She remains somewhat concerned when he enquiries as to whether or not Charles has granted Barracuda a return to the marketplace.

As the official timings are read out, Barracuda is placed first within its class at a time of 36 hours 38 minutes. Furthermore, Sir Edward proudly announces that the Barracuda will enjoy extensive press coverage, owing to the fact that the crew rescued Hector Anderson, owner of The Daily Post. This is indeed borne out, as the newspaper headline the following morning reads: Victorious Barracuda In Paper Chief Rescue.

With Ian Gardiner (Klaus Anderberg), John Moulder-Brown (Richard Spencer), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Jeffrey Gear (Radio Disc Jockey Richard Mallett), Christine McEachern (Eleanor Craig) and John Quarmby (The Fisherman).

NB:  This episode was filmed during the 1987 Wolf Rock Race which was won by Robert Nickerson in “Panic Major”.

This episode attracted 11.75 million viewers.

Episode 10

Written by Raymond Thompson

Charles Frere is not interested in buying me. He’s interested in breaking me. There’s a none too subtle difference”.

Relton Marine organises a press reception for Tom and the victorious Wolf Rock Team, staged by Avril Rolfe, at which Barracuda is officially launched on the market amidst much fanfare and ceremony.

Jack and Tom are interviewed by BBC Television South to discuss their victory and the rescue of the two seamen.

Avril introduces Leo and Amanda to Richard Spencer.

Sir Edward returns to the Estate with news of further successes with regard to acquiring shares in the Business Park.

With the acquisition of Rannoch Holdings’ stake, Charles’ new business partner will be his father.

Anna receives an unexpected visit from her father, during which he fails to persuade her to marry Tan. In displeasure, he disowns her and allows her to pursue her own career.

Jack introduces Tom to Stewart Cavendish of Northern Boatyards, a potential buyer interest in a tour of the Mermaid Yard.

Spending the day together revisiting old haunts, Polly and Gerald discuss the paths their lives have taken. Later, Polly tells him that she plans to get a job. Whilst she thought he would react badly, he warmly concurs with her request.

David Lloyd and Ken discuss the potential of utilising the business interests of Leo’s father-in-law, Mr Parker, and the designs Relton Marine will have on Leisurecruise when it is publicly launched. Ken intends to retain the lion’s share of the company, but David warns him to keep control of the situation or he will lose everything.

Avril contacts Jan to inform her that the new Marina outlet had undergone a refit and is ready for her inspection.

When Charles learns that Belgian Oil’s shares have been acquired by his father, he instructs Avril, in Gerald’s absence, to bid for the last remaining company, Rannoch Holdings, before Sir Edward can act. However, despite her best efforts, an offer has already been made for the shares. Charles is disturbed that he will be forced into an alliance with his father, whom he considers as backward-looking in terms of his business outlook.

Jan is dismayed at the slow progress with the sporting-cruiser, and her exchanges between Tom and Bill Sayers cause tempers to flare at the Yard. Her confrontation with Jack concerning an adherence to production schedules also ends badly.

Leo returns home to find Amanda living it up with friends. When he breaks up the party, they have a row.

The following day, as Leo settles into his sales role at Leisurecruise, he meets David Lloyd, who discusses Ken’s motivation in hiring him in the first place. David suggests persuading Mr Parker with a private offer to invest in the company prior to its floatation.

The fashion shoot gets under way at Highfield Estate, and whilst all appears to be running smoothly, with all the pressures, Anna surprisingly faints after breaking a semi-precious vase.

Tom and Emma’s relationship comes under strain after he misses a dinner date in favour of completing designs on the Masters commission. However, he manages to assuage her fears as to where his priorities lie.

Sir Edward and Sir John meet the former’s old friend, Lord James Rannoch, at the House of Commons, and privately arrange to outbid Charles (by one-and-a-half percent) for Rannoch Holdings’ share in the Business Park development.

Jack visits the boutique and attempts to win Kate over to his side against Jan, but he ends up having a row with her. Jan is delighted when Polly telephones the Design Studio, and the former offers her a job at the Marina outlet. Later, she discusses the appointment with Sir Edward, who is enjoying her company whilst keeping his son at bay with regard to their forthcoming partnership.

Sarah returns unexpectedly from the Algarve, much to Ken’s surprise. She overhears his telephone conversation with some potential Russian buyers, and wants to know more.

David Lloyd secretly visits Charles Frere and advises him that their scheme for Leisurecruise is going according to plan.

With Burt Kwouk (Mr Lee), John Moulder-Brown (Richard Spencer), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Jeffrey Gear (Richard Mallett) and Ralph Michael (Lord Rannoch), Jocelyn Bain-Hogg (The Photographer), Joanna and Sandy Lanthois (The Models).

NB: This episode attracted 12.35 million viewers.

Episode 11

Written by Raymond Thompson

“And this is the price you have to pay? Always looking over your shoulder waiting for someone to stab you in the back?”

Amanda and Leo fall out over her plans to enjoy a day sailing to the Isle of Wight whilst he works at Leisurecruise. When she returns home late that evening, the pair once again have a blazing row.

Polly successfully begins work at the Periplus Boutique.

Sarah queries Ken’s plans to retain David Lloyd as a business consultant, and why she was not consulted as to his appointment. She believes he wanted her out of the way so that he could negotiate an enormous deal with Sir John Stevens and a variety of other plans of which she remains unaware. He fails to persuade her otherwise.

Charles pays Sir Edward a visit to discuss their new business partnership. The latter claims their union could make his son a powerful force, but Charles does not believe he has his best interests at heart.

Whilst Tom and Jan test a new yacht, Jack discusses the latter’s involvement in the affairs of the Yard with Avril, who believes he is being entirely unreasonable.

Ken meets with Allan Parker, Amanda’s father, to manage the floatation of his company on the Unlisted Securities Market. He highlights the increase in domestic and export orders and sales, and Parker discusses the potential risks and pitfalls in such a viable proposition.

Jack sends a bouquet of flowers to Kate as a peace-offering and an invitation to lunch.

With good progress on the sporting-cruiser, Avril is keen to commission a production costing for Relton Marine. However, she first needs to overcome the ill-feeling between them and the Mermaid Yard.

Jan suggests that the Yard open negotiations, without commitment.

Charles and Sir Edward hold a joint press conference to announce their partnership in the Business Park, during which the pair mutually endorse one another’s future plans. Immediately afterwards, Sir John informs Sir Edward that his son will not take defeat “lying down”.

Charles announces to Gerald that he is going on the attack before the consortium officially meets next month. He instructs Gerald to arrange an urgent meeting with Voss.

Avril meets powerboat racer Richard Spencer to discuss a powerboat display for assembled media to officially announce his deal with Relton Marine.

Anna and Jan select photographs for the brochure promoting their forthcoming collection.

Ken reveals to Leo that he has appointed Allan Parker as the stockbroker to manage the floatation, and whilst the former tries to highlight the positives of Leisurecruise’s future endeavours, the latter realises that he may be an unwitting pawn in Ken’s plans.

Sir Edward is introduced to Allan Parker by Sir John Stevens. As a result of their discussions, Sir Edward advises Stevens that Parker is the perfect decoy, and instructs him to withdraw the next stage of Ken Masters’ loan.

Unaware of these events, Ken enjoys a dinner with Jan, over which he boasts as to his prosperity with regard to the floatation and his plans to promote the vessel being constructed by the Mermaid Yard in conjunction with going public. Steering the conversation back to their relationship, Ken tries to ascertain her depth of feeling towards Sir Edward; he wants to get back together with her, much to her surprise.

Tom and Emma attend the tank and tunnel-testing of the new powerboat, and learn that a half-a-degree adjustment is required in order to attain the requisite speed.

When Ken receives word that the second stage of the loan has been withdrawn, both he and Sarah prepare to visit Sir John; Sarah suggests that Ken should confirm to Sir Edward’s “man” that he harbours no romantic interest in Jan Howard.

During Richard Spencer’s powerboat display, before Frere and the assembled Press, there is a spectacular crash between the Marauder (manned by Spencer) and a cruiser containing a group of drunken youths which has strayed into the official course.

Whilst Leo’s suspicions over his wife’s fidelity are briefly assuaged after a conversation with Kate, when he returns home later that day he sees Amanda drive off with Grant Edwards, a former boyfriend.

With Leon Tanner (Allan Parker), John Moulder-Brown (Richard Spencer), Davd Jackman, Henry Cole and David Askam (The Reporters).

NB: This episode attracted 11.5 million viewers.

Episode 12

Written by Raymond Thompson and Anthony Osborn

“Polly, if we’re going to make anything of our marriage, we’ve got to forget about what we’ve both done and look to the future”.

Tom and Avril enjoy a day’s sailing on the new yacht whilst Charles Frere flies overhead, monitoring the vessel’s progress in his helicopter on his return from Zurich.

Jack consults Bill Sayers as to the progress with regard to Masters’ commission.

Kate and Anna are delayed en route to the marina boutique, leaving Polly to man the fort whilst they try to hitch a lift on a milk float.

Charles and Gerald discuss a wealthy potential investor in the Business Park, a representative from the Sibu corporation, Hitoshi Serozawa, a man who prides himself on family honour. Gerald reveals that David Lloyd has requested an urgent meeting, having obtained vital information regarding Ken Masters and Sir Edward. Later, the three consider the implications of Parker’s appointment to the Leisurecruise floatation plan, and whether or not Sir Edward may be planning to obstruct Ken’s plans via Sir John.

Jan places unwanted pressure on Jack concerning the completion date, and whilst Bill tries to excuse his behaviour, she is having none of it.

Ken delightfully gloats over the bad publicity generated from Richard Spencer’s powerboat accident. Sarah refocuses his attention on finding out why Sir John Stevens withdrew the second-stage of the loan.

When Jan discovers that Ken’s second-half cheque has bounced, she tries in vain to contact him, but he is refusing her calls. When she informs Avril and Tom of the development, their enthusiasm over the yacht inspired by her designs is somewhat dampened.

Jack meets Vanessa at the airport. Later, they enjoy lunch on a boat she used to own. Whilst he hopes they will have a future together, Vanessa reminds him that she is already married, and that all they now share is a past.

Avril pays a visit to Spencer in the nursing home in which he is recuperating from neck injuries sustained in the accident. She obtains his signature on paperwork regarding the insurance on his boat, but is unable to stay longer as she has been charged with preparations for the grand Marina opening.

Ken and Sarah share a tense meeting with Sir John, who cites that the former has over-borrowed to sustain his plans for the powerboat and the floatation. When the Alvarez contract fell through, several members on the board of the bank started recalling the failed marina development in which Ken had previously been involved, and as such they consider Leisurecruise to be a poor prospect. Sir John offers them a ray of hope: raising enough venture capital to cover most of the expenses may alleviate their problems. When Ken enquiries if he has any suggestions, he offers Parker’s name.

Jan arrives at the new Periplus marina boutique to find that Anna, Kate and Polly are putting the finishing touches to the displays and wares. Whilst there, she receives a call from Ken. Later, they meet at the Leisurecruise offices where he makes his excuses. Jan demands an assurance that the Yard will be paid. Ken claims that Sir Edward has been making his deals far more difficulty than they should be, and that it has been fuelled by his jealousy over his association with her. Jan assures him that their relationship is over, but Ken does not believe her. When Sarah returns during their conversation, he immediately changes the subject.

Leo and Amanda take a day-trip to the coast to discuss the Grant Edwards situation, and she admits that she has renewed her affair with him. Claiming she feels trapped in marriage, Leo concludes that their marriage is at an end.

Prior to the marina opening, Charles presents Avril with an expensive diamond necklace, and asks her to entertain Serozawa during the ceremony.

Gerald and Polly discuss the future of their relationship after the death of James Gittings. She reveals that she made a pass at Geoff Silbertson, and he forgives her.

Emma introduces Tom to Otis Seymour, charged with recruiting possible designers for a British consortium with a view to making a challenge to the America’s Cup. Tom discusses the principles of aerospace technology being employed on the potential designs, and after some awkward exchanges regarding the Lynnette disaster, he manages to convince Seymour of the benefits of his design acumen. Seymour offers Tom an opportunity to join the design team, but he is reluctant to accept without Jack being included in the contract as his partner.

When Charles witnesses Desmond Goulding speaking to Serozawa, he instructs Avril and Gerald to distance the pair immediately.

Leo, Jack and Bill enjoy a lads’ night out at The Jolly Sailior, whereupon they launch into an impromptu and drunken rendition of We Are Sailing.

The following day, Ken and David Lloyd entertain Allan Parker at Leisurecruise. The pair take Parker on a test-cruise of the new Sea Fire vessel. Parker reveals that a one of his clients might be interested in a venture capital scheme with Leisurecruise. When pressed, he reveals the client is Sir Edward Frere, much to Ken’s consternation.

Whilst the new Periplus branch opens, Tom and Leo discuss their varying romantic fortunes. The latter reveals that he has married the wrong woman, that he should have married Abby, and that he plans to start divorce proceedings.

Sarah courts Richard Spencer with a view to becoming the new Leisurecruise powerboat driver, and whilst he reminds her he is under contract to Relton Marine, she manages to persuade him to keep an open mind as to what she can offer.

Avril returns the diamond necklace, citing she will not accept gifts with price tags attached. She also delivers a facsimile revealing that Alvarez is withdrawing from his Relton Marine contract, revealing his company has come under threat of a takeover.

Charles reveals that Serozawa is an old business rival of his father’s, whom he wants to use against him. Frere Holdings owns prime land across the United States, and intends to use Serozawa to bolster his budding Rochester development plan utilising the land. With Serozawa’s support, he can win over the support of the consortium against his father.

Sir John warns Sir Edward as to Charles’ developing alliances, but the latter is unswayed.

The arrival of David Lloyd, who reveals that the decoy (Parker) has been set upon Ken Masters, boosts his confidence: he is now ready to make a decisive attack upon Charles.

With John Moulder-Brown (Richard Spencer), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Leon Tanner (Allan Parker), Vincent Wong (Hitoshi Serozawa) and Clinton Greyn (Otis Seymour).

NB: This episode attracted 12.35 million viewers.

Episode 13

Written by Raymond Thompson

“We’ve got enough people sticking their oar in this business as it is. The last thing we need is some Star Wars egghead like Emma poncing about this Yard …”.

Ken Masters pays a visit to Sir Edward Frere at Highfield, and they discuss the floatation, which the latter considers a sound investment. Sir Edward reveals his brokers have convinced him to “bridge” the company, and when Ken suggests that he purchase a stake in the company, he becomes somewhat evasive. He insists on complete confidentiality with regard to his involvement, which Ken agrees to. Sir Edward also reveals that he was responsible for acquiring the Alvarez contract, and implies he has designs on Macintyre’s Sea Fire and Relton Marine.

Dazzled, Ken leaves the meeting believing his prospects remain high, unaware he has become an unwitting pawn in the power-play between the Freres. Later, when he reports back to Sarah, she is highly suspicious of how long it will take for the deal to run aground. She does not like the way Sir Edward conducts his business, and fails to be persuaded by Ken’s silver tongue.

Tom tries to convince Jack that the opportunity to submit designs for selection to the America’s Cup consortium can benefit the Mermaid Yard, even if they are only short-listed.

Charles demands that David Lloyd ascertain how Leisurecruise would generate the relevant venture capital to secure Alvarez’s contract, which is now listed in their floatation prospectus.

At the Anna Lee Collection fashion shoot, Anna Lee identifies a potentially harsh fashion critic in attendance. Whilst Jan plays the part of Master of Ceremonies, Anna nervously observes the critic’s reaction to the launch.

Allan Parker pays a visit to Leo to discuss the impending divorce, and demands an explanation. He believes Leo has married his daughter merely to reap the financial rewards from her allowance, and despite his protestations, Parker insists that Leo consider all the implications of proceeding with this course of action.

Avril stages a photo shoot with Jack, Tom and Emma prior to the launch of the new yacht, now christened Spring Of Tarrant.

Charles and Gerald escort Serozawa and a handful of other investors around the first three phases of the Business Park development. Charles discusses a pooling of resources with Serozawa in an offensive against Sir Edward.

At The Jolly Sailor, Tom reassures Leo that he has made the right decision, despite the pressure applied by Parker.

Sir John and Sir Edward discuss business over lunch, the latter instruction the former to see to it that Parker closes in on Alvarez and Macintyre. When Sir John reiterates his concerns regarding Charles, Sir Edward is confident that his son can do nothing to stop him.

Later, Jan and Anna are pleased with the critic’s reaction to the launch. Jan insists that Anna is a worthy successor to Claude Dupont, and the critic agrees.

Sarah and Ken meet Richard Spencer at Leisurecruise to discuss securing his powerboat racing contract. He is impressed with the designs for the forthcoming powerboat constructed by the Mermaid Yard, and Ken assures him he will be even more so after the test-run.

Sir Edward and Kate spend a day at the races to watch his latest acquisition, Spirit Of Kate, enter its first race, which it later wins by two lengths.

At Periplus Three, Polly receives a call from Orrin’s parents regarding Abby.

Tom reveals that the mail-out and promotional work ahead of Spirit Of Tarrant’s launch has been a complete success, so much so that even Ken Masters is bringing a distinguished guest: Sir Edward Frere.

Gerald reveals to Charles that there has been considerable share movement on the American market, and that if a potential strike at Relton is not resolved swiftly, there could be a disastrous knock-on effect across Frere Holdings and the Business Park consortium. Disturbed, Charles intends to fly to New York to arrest the downward spiral with Serozawa’s support. Gerald insists that he should call a truce with his father, but he remains adamant.

Kate and Sir Edward return home from the races, whereupon he is introduced to Leo.

When Gerald returns home, Polly breaks the news to him: Abby had apparently vanished without trace after a row with Orrin, but later they discover she is en route to Idaho to stay with some friends.

Charles convinces Avril that his business preoccupations of late have overshadowed his relationship with her, and that he needs to keep sight of his personal priorities. He asks her to accompany him to New York, and she reluctantly agrees.

Ken reveals to Richard Spencer that he is keen to make entries in Division One Powerboat Races, and wants him to be at the forefront of this move.

Sarah expresses concerns regarding Relton’s contractural hold on Spencer, but Ken remains confident that there should be no obstacles.

Over dinner, Tom reveals that his enthusiasm to design for the America’s Cup has been somewhat dampened by Jack’s reaction to his plans and Emma’s potential appointment at the Yard.

Meanwhile, Sir Edward and Jan enjoy a meal at Highfield, during which the former can do nothing by shower the latter with compliments, the culmination of which is a surprising proposal of marriage.

Leisurecruise enjoys is first day as a publicly listed company, opening with a trading price of forty-pence premium: Ken and Sarah are now paper millionaires.

Leo is shocked when Abby suddenly arrives on his doorstep, seeking a shoulder to cry on.

Sir Edward officiates at the launch of Puma, the new Leisurecruise powerboat, which he proclaims a true example of private enterprise. Amidst the celebrations, Jack and Sir Edward are delivered the shocking news that Charles’ jet has ditched into the Atlantic Ocean, and air-sea rescue has been dispatched to search for survivors...

With John Moulder-Brown (Richard Spencer), Leon Tanner (Allan Parker), Vincent Wong (Hitoshi Serozowa) and Roz Clifton (Gina Rosetti).












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