by Matthew Lee © 2005


Originally Broadcast: August 31st – November 23rd, 1986

Transmission Times: 7:45pm to 8:35pm



Episode 1: 

Written by Colin Haydn Evans

“Tom … if anything has happened to Lynne, you’re going to blame just about everyone – except yourself”.

Series 2 opens immediately after the conclusion of Series 1.

Tom Howard’s new yacht, Barracuda, is successfully launched amidst much pomp and ceremony.

Charles Frere, overhead in a helicopter as he monitors proceedings, contacts Gerald Urquhart and instructs him to shadow Shellet and ensure he speaks to no one after his testimony at the trial. However, unbeknownst to Frere, the defence counsel are tearing apart the credibility of the embittered man’s claims against the Mermaid Yard. He dramatically produces letters from his sister citing ill-treatment at the hands of Jack Rolfe, negating his claim that he had never been contacted prior to or after her death (thus ensuring that Rolfe inherited the Yard instead of himself), and the case collapses.

Meanwhile, Jan is frantic that Lynne has not returned home and she starts telephoning close friends and relatives.

In a damage limitation bid, Frere distances himself from Shellet as he is no longer of any practical use. He makes an appointment with his solicitor to immediately start divorce proceedings against his wife.

Far from empathising with Jan and her distress over Lynne’s absence, Ken Masters applies further pressure on her to leave the Howard family home and move in with him.

Jack, Tom and Avril’s celebrations at having emerged victorious from the trial are shattered when Jan contracts Tom regarding Lynne, and he immediately rushes to her side. Having contacted everyone they can think of, there appear to be no leads at to where their daughter could be. They set out in search of her, and in so doing Tom misses a crucial meeting with a Relton Marine representative with whom he was to conduct a demonstration of Barracuda’s capabilities.

In his absence, Jack and Avril take the representative on an impressive sea trial, but the latter is decidedly uncomfortable at having to make excuses for the designer’s absence from proceedings. The Relton representative is overwhelmed by the experience of sailing in Barracuda, and although suffering the ill-effects of sea-sickness, he is keen to commission production of the vessel.

Leo escorts Abby and her new-born son, William, from hospital, but it is only when he returns home and makes the connection between the flowers Lynne had received the previous evening from Charles Frere, and where she may have disappeared to, that he provides Tom with a potential lead as to her whereabouts.

He later meets with Frere’s secretary, but learns that whilst she did indeed visit him on his boat the previous night, she ran from the scene in a distressed state shortly thereafter.

Tom later finds shreds of his daughter’s dress on the side of the jetty where Frere’s boat is moored and demands an explanation; Frere reveals that she found him “entertaining” his wife and left before he could discuss the situation with her. He offers to contact the Head of the County Constabulary to expedite the search for his missing daughter, assistance Tom reluctantly accepts but continues his own investigation.

When he later informs Jan of their daughter’s meeting with Frere, she is furious and demands to know more.

Frere himself is swept up in a variety of problematic situations: he has been forced to pay the costs associated with the trial, Shellet is demanding payment for his involvement in the affair, and he later reveals to Gerald that his wife is suing for half of his entire fortune. He instructs Gerald to find a legal way around this third problem, whilst he considers how to deal with Shellet more permanently.

Abby receives a letter from Orrin, who plans a forthcoming visit to Tarrant to discuss William.

Over dinner with the representative, Avril is offered a position at Relton Marine, an offer too good to resist and one which, the following day, Jack asks her to consider carefully (particularly in light of the Mermaid Yard’s recent success and Tom Howard’s impending divorce). In two minds, she later falls out with Tom over his preoccupation with Lynne, his constant association with Jan and his lack of input in the fortunes of the Yard.

Polly has come to entreat Abby to come home. In the time waiting for her return from the clinic, she tries to persuade Leo to stand aside in favour of Orrin, whom she is aware is due in Tarrant soon.

Ken Masters is crestfallen when he learns from Charles that he intends to abandon the marina development in favour of more profitable ventures on a bigger site, leaving the former “high-and-dry”, as it were.

Seeking moral support, he pays Jan another visit, and together they learn from Tom that he has been contacted by the police – they think that have found Lynne.

With Oscar Quitak (Richard Shellet), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Michael Godley (The Judge), Ian Lowe (Cavanagh), Brogden Miller (Nathan), Kulvinder Ghir (Davy), Maria Eldridge (Samantha) and Sandra Kneller (The Ward Orderly).


Episode 2: 

Written by Lionel Goldstein.

“ … without Claude and his designs, I might as well not bother. Ken, I need him!”.

Jan and Tom visit a barely conscious Lynne in hospital. In water for ten minutes and having suffered a severe blow to the head, she is suffering from retrograde amnesia.

Destitute and stranded in England, Shellet approaches Frere demanding more money or he will reveal the businessman’s involvement in the trial. Frere orders Gerald to deal with the situation.

Avril and Tom clash over the modifications to existing designs requested by Relton Marine.

Jan is trying to contact Claude Dupont to secure his designs and get her Fashion House up and running, but she finds it difficult to remain focused in the light of Lynne’s accident.

Unable to extricate himself from another Barracuda sea trial, Tom is unable to join Jan for an appointment to meet the neurosurgeon and discuss his daughter’s condition.

Later, Avril clashes with Jan whilst she waits at the Mermaid Yard office to demand an explanation from him. However, on the positive side, Relton Marine are decidedly impressed with Barracuda, so much so that they enter it into immediate production.

Charles Frere’s divorce proceedings are continuing, but little or no progress appears to have been made. He reveals to Gerald that he married her to secure a valuable Tennessee property deal worth eighteen-million dollars in a high-rise apartment developments called Palm Choice. Whilst the deal was a success, his union was not, and she soon engaged in a string of illicit affairs.

Tom finally manages to see Lynn, where Jan clashes with him over his preoccupation with the fortunes of the Mermaid Yard.

Orrin arrives and Polly is desperate to make a good impression. She tells him about Leo in an endeavour to ensure he will get him out of the way in pursuit of Abby’s affections. She takes him to see baby William, much to her daughter’s chagrin. However, she later bows under pressure from the pair (and Leo) to return home with the child.

Charles and Gerald discuss the Shellet problem. They refuse to furnish him with any more money, but appreciate that he could pose a threat to their plans, particularly after they meet with Ken Masters, who takes them on a tour of an eight-hundred-and-thirty-seven acre stretch of isolated coastline (a nature reserve held by the local council) which he proposes for potential development.

Leo and Kate try to revive Lynne’s memories but reacquainting herself with her past, to little or no success.

Gerald meets with Orrin and is far from impressed with his daughter’s suitor, despite the American’s arrogance.

At the races, Kate and Jack Rolfe enjoy a rare win on her horse, Aztec Boy, which romps home at odds of 7-2.

Ken pays Jan an impromptu visit at her Fashion House, presenting her with a newspaper report of Claude Dupont’s marriage to a rival fashion designer. The future of Periplus appears to be in serious jeopardy.

With Oscar Quitak (Richard Shellet), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Kulvinder Ghir (Davy), Andrew Hilton (Henderson), Michael Goldie (Bittens), Laura Scott (The Hospital Sister) and Tattiana Colombo (Emma).



Episode 3: 

Written by Lionel Goldstein

“Profit. It’s all you people think about, isn’t it, Mister Masters? And loss”.

Ken Masters and Charles Frere inspect the land the former wants to utilise for his development proposal, which he envisages as a marina, chalet and hotel development. Charles intends Ken to front all property acquisitions to avoid his wife’s lawyers blocking the deal.

Frere later travels to France to meet with Viscount Lord Cunningham, whom he woos with a view to investing in the project. In order to further persuade him to invest, Charles recommends that an impartial environmental spokesman assess the site before development. The Viscount indicates that the development site is scheduled for an application for protected status, but Charles persuades him to see the economic and local employment benefits to approving the proposal.

Meanwhile, Leo clashes with Ken over his proposal to turn the nature reserve into a marina.

Abby and Orrin discuss their future and that of their son, William.

Relton Marine increase their pressure on Avril Rolfe to accept their offer of a position in their corporation.

Whilst she discusses the benefits of accepting the offer with Tom, Jack travels to the Relton offices in Southampton to convince the board of the virtues of an advertising campaign with regard to Barracuda. Relton want a massive campaign to boost potential sales, and Jack suggests a sole crossing of the Atlantic in the new vessel. Against Avril’s wishes, he proposes that he himself sails the Barracuda.

Retreating from his bravado upon his return from Relton Marine, he discusses the proposed jaunt with Kate.

Lynne returns home from hospital.

Leo tells Abby about the nature reserve development and his intention to prevent it at all costs. Later, he cultivates the support of the local press in his campaign.

Avril approaches the Relton board with a request to change Jack’s proposal for the advertising campaign, but learns that the corporation has already issued a press release making the announcement.

Tom and Ken meet each other in The Jolly Sailor to discuss Jan and his desire to marry her upon the divorce, and also his becoming Leo and Lynne’s “father”.

Jan finally speaks to Claude Dupont, arranging a meeting, While she is happy about the success of the boutique, she wants confirmation that Ken will support her plans for a design outlet.

Jack returns home to find Shellet waiting for him. They exchange a series of threats and then he leaves, having demanded payment in return for his silence.

He practices sailing in rough seas ahead of his Atlantic journey whilst he ponders the encounter.

Kate is feeling the financial pressure in terms of the costs associated with feeding Aztec Boy.

Shellet visits Gerald, irate and demanding money. He threatens to inform the press of both his and Frere’s involvement in the trial unless he is paid off.

Ken meets with Sir John Stevens to discuss a one-point-six-million-pound finance deal. Interest at two-percent above the usual bank lending-rate seems to concern him, but he nevertheless agrees to Sir John’s terms.

When Frere later learns of Ken’s financial arrangements, far from telling Sir John to block the application, he appears quietly pleased at the development.

Orrin puts further pressure on Abby to accept his marriage proposal.

Jan and Ken clash over funding for her budding design “empire”. Tom and Lynne also enjoy an afternoon’s sailing, and in a bid to revive her memories he deliberating steers the Flying Fish into a sand-bar, which succeeds in his daughter recovering from her amnesia.

With Oscar Quitak (Richard Shellet), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Richard Wilson (Viscount Cunningham). Daniel Andre Pageon (The Butler), Michael Goldie (Bittens), John Rolfe (James Sinclair), Peter Penry-Jones (Linsdale) and Patrick Carter (Arthur).


Episode 4

Written by Lionel Goldstein

 “Avril, you’re one of the shrewdest business woman I’ve come across. Add that to your charm and your looks, and it makes your formidable. I like that … and I respect it. I want you in my corner”.

Charles Frere is determined to lure Avril from the Mermaid Yard to Relton Marine. With a controlling interest in the company, he wants a Managing Director at the helm who will serve his best interests. Can Avril resist an offer too good to be true?

At the Mermaid Yard, Bill Sayers and a group of apprentices complete the final stages of the refit of Rhynconella ahead of a test-sail. Whilst they discuss the completion of the work, they are unaware that Richard Shellet is furtively listening to them.

Later that evening, he furtively plants a metal box containing high explosives on board, aware that Jack will be manning the craft the following day during the test-sail, and that his revenge will soon be complete. The explosion which tears apart the vessel, however, fails to find its mark, as Jack is injured rather than killed, much to Shellet’s displeasure.

Ken meets with Sir John Stevens to discuss a loan to cover his costs associated with Frere’s marina development. Whilst Sir John reserves judgement on Ken’s proposal, he later meets with Frere who pumps him for information concerning the sum of money Ken requires. When Sir John expresses his concerns at Ken’s indiscriminate use of backhanders in order to grease the right local palms, Frere assures him that Ken is on his own should his activities become public knowledge.

Meanwhile, Polly and Gerald fall out over her plans to apply pressure on Abby to accept Orrin’s proposal of marriage.

After the police question Jack in hospital, he discusses Shellet’s involvement in his “accident” with Tom, the latter of whom cannot believe that he would stoop to such levels in order to reap his revenge.

At the Mermaid Yard, stores are loaded on board Barracuda ahead of the Atlantic crossing, but Tom is faced with the quandary of who will man the vessel in replacement of the injured Jack. Unable to decide upon a successor, he is called away to Birmingham to deliver a seminar (alongside representatives from Relton Marine), unaware his daughter Lynne plans to sail the craft herself.

Returning to Tarrant the following morning, he is shocked to discover that Barracuda is nowhere to be seen, and no one appears to know who steered the craft from its mooring at the Yard. He hurriedly sets off for the Coast Guard in order to contact the parties responsible by radio.

Whilst Jan and Claude meet with Ken in a bid to persuade him to finance their joint expansion plans, Jan is shocked to witness a live television broadcast of Barracuda leaving Tarrant, manned by her daughter. Angry at Lynne’s headstrong behaviour, particularly after so recently having recovered from amnesia, she storms from the scene ahead of an angry exchange with Tom.

With Oscar Quitak (Richard Shellet) and Bruce Bould (David Lloyd).

Episode 5: 

Written by  Arthur Schmidt

“Tom, this isn’t any other headstrong girl of nineteen. This is your daughter! Where are your values? Where’s your love?”.

With Jack Rolfe hospitalized with injuries sustained from the explosion triggered by Shellet’s bomb, Lynne Howard has taken Barracuda out on the cross-Atlantic venture which Relton Marine hopes will promote the vessel’s capabilities. Tom can only monitor her departure from the Coast Guard Tracking Station and wish her luck.

Jan and Claude Dupont have found the ideal site for their operations, and Claude has stressed that if Ken Masters won’t support her, she should “go it alone”.

Charles Frere dramatically announces he is going to buy out Relton Marine, and provides Gerald with three million pounds to steadily purchase small quantities of shares. The pair work feverishly to obtain the shares and disguise their intentions towards the corporation.

Later, Jan is shocked when she overhears a radio interview with Lynne and discovers that she is at the helm of Barracuda and has started her voyage. Distressed, she rushes to Tom’s side in search of an explanation.

Ken meets with Charles and expresses his concerns about the environmental protests mounting against his development plans.

Frere implies that bribery may oil the wheels of the local players, but refuses to sully his own hands in the affair. However, he does discuss Abby’s involvement in the protest movement with Gerald before returning to France.

Kate visits the convalescing Jack and admits she owes eighteen-thousand pounds. She claims she could “clean up” if the horse wins the next major race meet, but Jack has his doubts; foundation comes later when Kate learns that Aztec Boy has broken down and will not race again for at least a year.

Ken meets with a local Tarrant councillor to ascertain the strength of the protest movement and the likely voting in the planning committee. During the course of their conversation, he makes an attempt to bribe the councillor.

Tom tells Avril that his divorce papers are due any day now, and that upon their arrival they can be together. Avril expresses her concerns that Relton Marine are wasting his talents on minor projects when he would be better disposed to direct his attention towards the designs on his catamaran project.

Some three weeks into the Atlantic crossing, Lynne starts a log of her journey against the backdrop of stormy weather and a breakdown in radio communication.

Leo and Abby attend a meeting at Tarrant Council Chambers, to listen to the proposed development plans, the councillor’s reactions and to register their protests.

Gerald visits Charles in France to update him as to the progress in terms of obtaining Relton shares and with regard to his impending divorce. Having procured photographs of his wife in an illicit liaison with a Negro man (something of a taboo in Tennessee, where Charles intends to file the divorce application), Charles is confident that he will avoid a hefty cash settlement. They discuss the repercussions of his divorce, and batten down the financial hatches (including transferring money from account to account).

Ken meets with Claude and offers his money to leave Tarrant and stay away from Jan.

Having tracked Shellet down to a disreputable bed-sit, Jack listens as he makes a telephone call enquiring as to his status at Saint Mary’s Hospital. Shocked when he learns that Jack has been discharged, he returns to his room to find the man in question waiting for him. Jack gives him a one-way ticket to New Guinea and threatens to turn him in to the police unless he leaves Tarrant permanently.

At Jan’s house, Abby and Leo convene a meeting of the protest movement where they discuss a plan of action against the development of the nature reserve.

Having contacted the Tracking Station to ascertain his daughter’s progress, Tom receives concerning news. He pays a visit to Jan: they lost Barracuda’s signal half an hour ago in a bad storm, and Lynne has disappeared. He informs her that aircraft will search for the vessel at first light.

With Oscar Quitak (Richard Shellet), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), John Ronane (Councillor Moffat), Michael Goldie (Bittens), Bill Thomas (Steve Windom), Tricia Thorns (Hilary Fuller), Roy Spencer (The Third Councillor), Mark Simpson (The Young Man), John Rolfe (Sinclair), Peter Penry-Jones (Linsdale), Clive Gehle (Des), Sharon Akerboom (Bridget) and Russell Keith-Grant (Greg).

Episode 6

Written by Jeremy Burnham

“I don’t want to be a lifeline, Tom. It’s nice to be needed – but not because there’s no other choice”.

Jack is confident that Tom’s concerns for Lynne’s welfare are unfounded, and that the Barracuda is a reliable and sturdy yacht which will ensure her safe passage across the Atlantic.

Charles considers Ken Masters to be a liability, especially now that planning permission has been obtained and the construction project at the nature reserve can proceed.

An official from the Department of Health and Social Security arrives to discuss Abby’s maternity benefit claims.

Polly reveals that her daughter is indisposed, and that she is attending the protest against Frere’s development.

The local press investigate precisely how the planning permission was rail-roaded through the council (pursuing rumours of back-handers and kick-backs), and Ken is concerned that he will be implicated in the bribery he undertook on Frere’s behalf. He is shocked that Charles has postponed the start date, and suspects that he is up to something (namely carrying local opinion with Frere Holdings whilst ruining Ken).

Jack acts as peacemaker between Tom and Bill Sayers in the work being undertaken on the new catamaran.

Jan asks for thirty-thousand pounds from Ken, who turns her down. He also turns her down over standing as guarantor on a potential loan she requires. Furthermore, he asks her to speak to Leo and call a halt to the protest against Frere’s development so that work can start on the marina, thereby furnishing him with the funds she requires.

Kate sells one of her prized possessions, a valuable painting, in order to offset her mounting debts.

The local press focus their attention on the demands of the protestors, during which time Leo confidentially reveals the bank at which both Ken Masters and, coincidentally, his own mother, place their money. Speaking to one journalist, he agrees to endeavour to obtain a copy of Ken’s most recent financial transactions to ascertain any wrong-doing on his behalf.

Hilary Fuller, a whistle-blowing local councillor, believes that one of her colleagues is corrupt and breaks into his office in search of evidence against him.

Lynne struggles to regain radio contact with the outside world, and eventually succeeds in contact Lyndhurst, a radio ham in New Forest (America). Later, Jan breaks the happy news to Tom that contact has been re-established. They eventually meet up and are able to speak to Lynne with the aid of another radio ham in Tarrant.

When Orrin reveals that the Department of Health and Social Security officer paid her a visit whilst she was engaging in protest activities, Abby denies making a benefit claim.

Morgan Griffiths, the director of Earth Guard, briefly joins Leo and the protestors at the picket-line. Monitoring the proceedings from afar, Ken Masters contacts the police in a bid to have the protestors moved on, but to no avail.

Leo, with the aid of the journalist, telephones Ken’s bank and requests statements which later prove that he paid the corrupt local councillor two-thousand pounds to expedite the planning application approval. He later argues with his editor in order to persuade the newspaper to print what has become labelled the Masters’ Corruption story. The editor refuses to print the story, citing that the proof is not conclusive.

Claude Dupont travels to New York as Lynne is greeted by a rousing reception. He showers her in champagne and the best wishes of her family and friends back in Tarrant. Amid the celebrations, there appears to be a spark developing between the pair.

Relton Marine stage a press conference to hail the success of Barracuda’s voyage.

Kate and Jack enjoy a day at the races, during which time he wins eleven-thousand-three-hundred-and-seventy pounds, a half-share of which he gives to Kate.

Relaxing in her hotel room after such jubilant celebrations, Lynne talks about her infatuation with Charles Frere to Claude.

At the picket-line, a group of violent skin-heads (hired by Ken Masters to disperse the crowd) arrive, and when Leo steps forward to confront them, their leader punches him and he loses consciousness.

With Bill Thomas (Steve Windom), Tricia Thorns (Hilary Fuller), Alan Thomspon (The Newspaper Editor), Aline Mowat (Amanda Ferris), David McEwan (Mr Smith), David Brierley (Brian), Mark Crowdy (Morgan Griffiths), Sharon Akerboom (Bridget), Clive Gehle (Des), Tony Calvert (The Yobbo), Geoff Serle (The New York Barman), Joel Cutrana (The Y.N.B.C Interviewer), James Tillit (The First Reporter) and Nic d’Avirro (The Second Reporter).

Episode 7

Written by Jeremy Burnham

“Tom, I was trying to decide whether or not there was the remotest possibility that we might get back together again … sometime. I think you’ve just made up my mind for me”.

Leo tells Tom and Jan that he believes the police arriving during the fight was set up by Charles Frere. Later, having been released from hospital, he receives a summons with three charges under the Public Order Act, arousing deep concern from Jan.

Claude and Lynne leave New York on a luxury cruise liner – en route to Tarrant, they become closer. When Tom and Jan meet them upon their return, an obvious attraction exists between the pair.

Ken Masters discusses the legal ramifications of sorting out the protestors with Charles and Gerald. Fearful of revelations in court (namely arranging the intervention of the thugs in the first place), he falls out with Charles over their involvement and the latter threatens to sue for slander if he talks out of turn. Ken wonders if it would be easier simply to pull out of the entire development.

Jan is pleased with Claude’s design reputation in Tarrant and the high sales it has reaped. When Ken still refuses to provide financial assistance for her expansion plans, Jan elects to “go it alone”. She approaches the bank to mortgage the house (in order to raise funds to bolster her new business venture).

Ken discovers that Leo is determined to have his day in court, much to his consternation.

Avril is impressed with Tom Howard’s catamaran designs, and Tom asks her to create a name for the vessel before its launch.

Ken pressures Jan to file for divorce on the grounds of adultery in order to speed up the legal process so they can get married.

Orrin’s father, Robert Hudson, arrives in Tarrant. He wants Abby’s decision on whether or not to marry his son as soon as possible. He reveals he hired a private investigator to monitor Abby’s activities, and that if Abby doesn’t marry Orrin, he will make certain that his son obtains custody of baby William.

Gerald reveals to a concerned Polly that the thugs who attacked Leo and broke up the demonstration were deliberately hired.

Abby turns down Orrin’s proposal under duress from Hudson and her mother, and Hudson threatens to take the child back with him.

Ken’s former girlfriend, Dawn, has been forced to take a job as barmaid at The Jolly Sailor in order to make ends meet following the breakdown of her relationship with him, but her fortunes look brighter when Jack asks her to launch the new catamaran Tom has designed. However, he is unaware that Avril has already asked someone else to launch to vessel.

Workers at the Mermaid Yard are pushed to the brink and are on the verge of a strike, citing that the “managers are not managing”, as it were.

Jan is shocked to learn from Polly (courtesy of Gerald’s admission) that Ken hired the thugs to attack Leo and break up the demonstrators.

At a meeting in which Abby’s legal counsel endeavours to negotiate terms between Charles Frere and Ken Masters, and Leo and Orrin (as a means of avoiding a prosecution in the Crown Court), Frere puts the squeeze on Ken by goarding the lawyer into agreeing to a full public trial. He claims his conscience is clear, but Ken wants a way out of the marina scheme to avoid being uncovered. At the end of a less-than-fruitful meeting, he asks Frere to buy out his million-pound share in the deal, making a loss with the businessman’s counter-offer of two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand pounds for a buy-out.

Gerald meets with Robert Hudson over his threats to take William back to the United States. Hudson claims that Abby is an unfit mother, and that she has her priorities wrong. Hudson offers Abby two-hundred-thousand dollars compensation for taking the child, but she gives Orrin the child and vehemently rejects the payment.

Jan confronts Ken about his hiring of the thugs to attack Leo, and learns an expensive lesson when she leaves him – he is now determined to hamper her business expansion at every opportunity.

Kate launches the catamaran, which Avril has christened The Lynnette. Admist the high-spirits during the post-launch celebrations, Leo asks Jack for a job at the Mermaid Yard.

Polly Urquhart pleads with Charles to abandon the marina development, during which she reveals that Abby is, in fact, his daughter.



Episode 8

Written by Jeremy Burnham

“Love? I don’t think you know the meaning of the word, Ken”.

Tom and Jan meet Lynne and Claude in Portsmouth upon her return to the United Kingdom, with his daughter having staged a press conference on board ship; Tom immediately recognises the spark of attraction which has developed between his daughter and the fashion designer.

Returning home to life in Tarrant, Lynne finds herself besieged with offers arising from her Atlantic voyage: a commission to write a diary account of her crossing, and a raft of newspaper articles.

Meanwhile, complications arising from trials on The Lynnette result in Tom clashing with Bill and Jack over the designs and specifications for the vessel.

Frere is buoyant that his machinations behind the scenes have secured the proposed marina development site in Southampton for Frere Holdings. In his bid to secure the land, he allowed the local council to repurchase Barker’s Marsh from the company at cost, thus burning Ken Masters’ fingers on both fronts (Masters having expended a relative fortune for a stake in the abortive development of that particular nature reserve).

Lynne reveals that Claude proposed marriage to her on the return journey from New York, and she has accepted the proposal; the Howard family are overjoyed at the news.

When Leo accompanies Jack, Tom and a Mermaid Yard apprentice on a test-sail of The Lynnette through the choppy waters of the English Channel, the bad weather causes the main beam to crack and they are forced to make a hasty retreat back to Tarrant.

Jan visits her design colleague Sonia Fielding to request her assistance in designing Lynne’s wedding dress.

Ken’s former girlfriend Dawn introduces him to Mark Foster, a lucrative business contact he is keen to cultivate.

At Relton Marine, Avril is shocked to learn that Montague Conlon has been acquiring a healthy stock of shares in the company; she reveals to the assembled board that he can only be acting on behalf of Gerald Urquhart, who would be under instruction from Charles Frere, and she voices her concerns over a possible take-over bid. At the end of the meeting, she confronts David Lloyd over shares he has furtively acquired from her father in the Mermaid Yard, and reluctantly agrees to his over-inflated fee to buy them back.

Later, Jack receives a telephone call from Caroline Davis-Seagram, who has a commission she wishes to discuss with him over dinner.

Polly reveals to Gerald that Charles Frere is Abby’s natural father, and he reacts angrily to her deception and the ignominy of having married his employer’s former mistress. They have a bitter row, during which he slaps her and storms off to confront Charles.

At Saint Martin’s Church in Tarrant, Claude and Lynne take part in rehearsals for their forthcoming marriage service.

Tom and Avril enjoy a rare evening together, as they business priorities have far outweighed the commitment to their relationship of late. They discuss matters arising from the Mermaid Yard and Relton Marine over dinner.

Gerald confronts Charles over the latter’s recent discussion with Polly about Avril, and their conversation is a somewhat tense and bitter affair. Gerald tenders his resignation, citing the fact that he is unable to work with his once long-trusted colleague and friend after the revelation concerning Abby’s paternity, and whilst Charles does not believe it will pose a problem to their continuing professional association, he reluctantly accepts it.


Episode 9

Written by Raymond Thompson

“Dad, it hurts too much to sit back and watch you destroying yourself”.

Tom returns from another trial on The Lynette, during which the main beam was cracked. He is perplexed, as stress does not appear to be the cause. He is also determined to see to it that Jack is straightened out in a bid to return him to work, but Avril intercedes. Jack may resent Tom’s involvement in the affairs of the Mermaid Yard, but he has to face facts – he is there to stay.

Kate starts work at Periplus. Ken Masters visits Fostercraft, a local boat-building and powerboat concern (which has been in operation for four years) which he is keen to buy a share in.

Gerald and Charles meet to discuss the Abby situation; Gerald claims he resigned as a question of honour, and Frere reinstates him on the basis that their relationship can function without a conflict of interest. Later, Gerald reveals that he has admitted to Abby that he is not her father. Abby herself cannot forget William, and is plagued by concerns over his welfare. She regrets having given him away, and contemplates moving away from home again.

Ken speaks to Mark Foster (who happens to be an ex-boyfriend of his former lover, Dawn) about Fostercraft and its future potential (he wants the company to diversify into powerboat racing and commercial enterprises). Later, he is taken out on a powerboat test cruise and he presents an attractive business proposition to Foster which proves irresistible. He convinces Mark of the lucrative sales potential which could arise from such a venture. Ken effectively seals the deal when he claims he has found the ideal plot of land with which to make Mark’s expansion dreams a reality.

Jan prepares for Lynne’s forthcoming wedding (hiring Sonia Fielding to design her daughter’s wedding dress), and combines her activities with her flourishing design business, but she needs more money to finance the expansion of the latter, and despite the bank’s reluctance she manages to secure further venture capital – on the provision that she can obtain Tom’s cooperation with regard to using the family home as collateral (something to which Tom later happily agrees).

Mrs Caroline Davis-Seagram comes to the Yard to speak to Jack about obtaining an estimate for the construction of a yacht.

Charles Frere pays a visit to Capital House to discuss the future of the business group. After the meeting, he instructs Gerald to sack the Managing Director.

Ken is impressed by Kate’s sales at Periplus. Unimpressed, Kate tells Ken that the best thing he could do for Jan is to get out of her life completely.

Abby and Leo visit a nightclub, where they are joined by animal rights activist Curtis Jaeger, a member of Earth Guard who has expressed a keen interest in her.

Tom asks Avril to join him at Lynne’s wedding.

Charles instructs a member of his staff to learn more about Abby, confirming Polly’s worst fears that he plans to cultivate a relationship with her.

Jack has dinner with Caroline Davis-Seagram, over which he secures an order for the construction of a forty-foot yacht in solid wood. He later celebrates the commissioning of work on his greatest passion with Bill Sayers.

With Dean Harris (Curtis Jaeger), Sally Farmiloe (Dawn), Christina Greatrex (Caroline Davis-Seagram), Carole Hayman (Sonia Fielding), Stephen Flynn (Simon Peterson), Wensley Pithey (George Johnson), Madeleine Howard (Mrs Eden) and Tattiana Colombo (Emma).

Episode 10

Written by Arthur Schmidt

“I’m asking you, Mrs Harvey, because I don’t think Jan’s being honest with herself, and you’re the only person who knows if she is”.

The Lynnette is put though its paces in another sea-trial.

Leo is working at the Mermaid Yard, but he is disillusioned with his prospects.

Curtis Jaeger arrives at Gerald and Polly’s to see Abby. He asks how much she wants to get involved in the animal rights reactionary movement, and is keen for her to join him in his activities.

The Relton Marine board meet to discuss the increase in trade orders, and they propose that Barracuda be promoted at the forthcoming London Boat Show.

Movement of stock concerns Avril and Chairman James Sinclair, both of whom speculate about Charles Frere’s involvement in a possible takeover (by a method known as “warehousing”, which is illegal but particularly hard to prove).

Avril plans to spend a week at Relton to assist in staving off any potential move made by the businessman.

Lynne tries on her wedding dress and is impressed with Sonia’s designs. During the fitting (at Jan’s design house in Southampton), she reveals that she still has a large quantity of newspaper articles to complete concerning her cross-Atlantic voyage.

Sonia suggests to Jan that she should lock away Claude Dupont’s designs to ensure that they are not stolen.

Jan reveals that someone is blocking her European suppliers, and Sonia reveals that Helene Bellancour (Claude’s jilted ex-girlfriend) is the party responsible. She tells Jan to forget them, and offers her a list of British suppliers from which to export her wares.

Sir John Stevens recommends to Gerald and Charles that David Lloyd, a prominent stake-holder at Relton Marine, should be approached in their efforts to seize control of the corporation, and that the late Chairman’s widow would also be a possible source of leverage.

Abby asks Polly who her real father is, and she reacts badly to the request.

Jan and Claude clash over his reluctance to appease Helene, and Ken arrives to try and mend their broken relationship – to no avail.

Kate is summoned by the bank to discuss her mounting debts: as she cannot raise the necessary capital, the bank will call a charge upon her house.

Ken meets with Mark Foster to discuss their future plans, and he meets Mark’s wife Sarah, with whom there is an immediate spark of attraction. However, Sarah is skeptical about Ken’s contribution to a partnership. She wants the firm to move to Ken’s proposed plot of land, and is supportive of Mark’s desire for Ken’s financial investment. Ken claims that Fostercraft have the stock but can’t shift it, and he has the sales acumen and business savvy to sell it.

Ken pays a visit to the Howard household to offer a gift for Lynne’s wedding and share a brandy with Kate. He offers her a full-time job at Periplus (so as to alleviate her financial woes), and asks her if she can get through to Jan on his behalf in return. He then meets Dawn at The Jolly Sailor, and whilst she expresses her desire to start over again, he declines the offer.

David Lloyd speaks to Avril about the possible takeover-bid and Charles Frere. He asks why Fere’s influence would be bad for Relton Marine, and they consider the voting patterns of the directors.

With the marquee having been erected, the Howard’s have dinner on the eve of the wedding.

The following day, Claude and Lynne are married.

David Lloyd meets with Charles Frere (to shore up his support concerning to take-over bid), and they negotiate terms.

With Dean Harris (Curtis Jaeger), Peter Hughes (Mr Bell), Sally Farmiloe (Dawn), Carole Hayman (Sonia Fielding), Kulvinder Ghir (Davy), John Rolfe (James Sinclair), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Peter Penry-Jones (Linsdale), Artro Morris (The Vicar) and James Walker (The Organist).

Episode 11

Written by Lionel Goldstein

“Leo, you might have noticed that my life lately has been a pretty dismal failure and if I seem to be putting an unusual amount of effort and concentration into this business, it’s because I desperately need to succeed”.

Curtis Jaeger follows three skin-heads from a pub to a deserted warehouse where badger-baiting and illegal dog fights are taking place. He breaks in and takes one of the injured dogs from the fight.

Kate reveals to Leo that she may have to sell her house to pay off her debts.

A bloodied Curtis returns home to find Abby waiting for him at his flat. He tells her he went to the dog fight and took one of the injured animals to a local vet as the police did not arrive in time to prevent its death. They share a passionate clinch, and Abby spends the night with him.

Gerald and Charles meet with Sir John Stevens to discuss the cost of Relton Shares ahead of the take-over bid. Charles outlines Relton’s poor profits, staff reductions and mis-management to Gerald, and insists these views should reach the mass media ahead of the bid. He tells Sir John the current board do not have the vision or the drive, and will be replaced.

Sarah and Mark enjoy a celebratory drink at the Yacht Club ahead of their merger with Ken Masters. He joins them later for a meal. Mark reveals he has already spent Ken’s investment capital on a new powerboat ahead of a weekend race both he and Ken intend to appear in. Sarah agrees to join them.

Jan clashes with Japanese and French distributors as she establishes contracts with British suppliers. She asks Claude to come back from honeymoon early to rework eight of his designs as she cannot source the right fabric.

Abby misses an appointment with Leo. When she returns home late, they argue over her direction in life. When he leaves, Polly and Gerald question her about Curtis Jaeger and their relationship.

Tom and Avril meet Mr and Mrs Travis, a couple interested in purchasing The Lynnette, provided they can negotiate on the price.

Tom is irate that Jack is using twenty-year-old designs on the boat he is constructing for Caroline Davis-Seagram, citing that it is a lack of respect for his newly-instituted business ethics and practices. Later, he takes the Travis’ on a test-sail to further impress them as to the catamaran’s capabilities. They are decidedly impressed, and they purchase The Lynnette for thirty-seven-thousand-five-hundred pounds (reduced from forty-thousand pounds) after a second test-run.

Jaeger suggests Abby gets a job in an animal testing laboratory to acquire inside information for future sabotage.

Avril warns Jack he has offended Tom by not consulting him before commissioning the Seagram yacht.

The headlines Relton Threatened By Take-Over By Frere in the newspapers causes concern at the Relton board meeting as Frere Holdings has twelve percent of the shares and could soon hold a majority and controlling share. David Lloyd’s furtive support of Frere at that meeting causes consternation. The board studies a defence document drafted by Avril which highlight’s Relton’s local employment record and pedigree in the United Kingdom marketplace. David warns falsely optimistic sales forecasts are an unwise move, and that a forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting suggests panic in the ranks.

Kate talks over her financial woes with Jack. She admits that she has to sell the cottage and wants advice.

While Mark Foster engages in a powerboat race (which he wins), Ken flirts with Sarah.

Like her mother, Jan is also having difficulties with the bank, and she is under intense pressure ahead of a collection launch in a matter of days (which results in relations between herself and Leo become strained).

Avril and Tom discuss the impending Frere take-over bid, which has been buoyed by an aggressive media campaign. Tom is concerned that a new management structure at Relton could have a serious impact on the Mermaid Yard’s interests, which Avril is desperate to protect.

With Dean Harris (Curtis Jaeger), Kulvinder Ghir (Davy), Christina Greatrex (Caroline Davis-Seagram), John Rolfe (James Sinclair), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Peter Penry-Jones (Linsdale), Ian Collier (Mr Travis), Pamela Salem (Mrs Travis), Andrew Hilton (Henderson) and David Graham (Mr Ambrose).

Episode 12

Written by Raymond Thompson

“My feelings have nothing to do with you being successful or not, Ken”.

Charles Frere rushes to Morgan News Agency ahead of a press conference to announce he has obtained a controlling interest in Relton Marine.

Polly is concerned Abby did not return home the previous night. Later, she pleads with her daughter not to move out. Abby reveals that there would be no need to move if she was prepared to tell her the identity of her real father.

Jack Rolfe’s yacht has reached the half-point of its construction process. He receives a captain’s wheel from Caroline Davis-Seagram as a gesture of gratitude for undertaking the project. Despite this, Jack does his best to avoid her amorous advances.

Kate reveals to Jan that she is bankrupt, her dwindling financial reserves having run dry at the hands of sustaining Aztec Boy. Jan invites her to come and live in the Howard family home. Later, Kate tearfully witnesses the real estate agent erecting the For Sale sign outside her home.

At the boat show, Barracuda enjoys enthusiastic media and potential buyer attention. Whilst in attendance, Avril is made aware of the content of Frere’s press conference, and she is gravely concerned.

Ken, Sarah and Mark sign the contracts and celebrate sealing the deal: Leisurecruise is now a decidedly profitable concern, and Ken already has plans to the future.

Charles, Gerald and Sir John Stevens enjoy a day’s golfing as they ruminate on the possible repercussions of Frere’s press announcement. Charles indicates his intention to nominate a new board and Managing Director at Relton.

Meanwhile, Claude and Lynne enjoy the start of their honeymoon in Italy. However, at Jan’s insisted request they return home somewhat earlier than expected.

Jaeger undertakes surveillance at Southern Laboratories.

Tom is concerned that Barracuda and his designs could become disposable assets for the Frere-led Relton Marine.

Jan selects models for her upcoming fashion show as she goes for broke to establish herself.

At the Relton Board Meeting, Charles plans to attack resident Managing Director, James Sinclair, for incompetence and, when pressed about removing the entire board, he hints at retaining possibly one staff member from the existing team.

Later, Abby and Leo discuss their changing fortunes. She tells him that she is leaving Tarrant for a new life in Southampton.

Jack, Avril and Tom discuss the impact of Frere’s takeover on Relton Marine and its possible effects on the Mermaid Yard; Jack refuses to allow the Yard turn into a mass assembly line, and the meeting ends unproductively.

Ken pays Jan a visit at her fashion house to share some exciting news with her. They enjoy a meal together, and over dinner Ken suggests that they should get back together.

Later, Tom and Avril meet Hans Mueller to discuss a potential Barracuda sails contract, having cultivated his interest after the successful promotion at the boat show.

Avril reveals to Mueller that if Relton does not take up the manufacturing options from the Mermaid Yard, they will be open to tender.

Jan and Leo have a heart-to-heart about Ken and Abby.

Mr and Mrs Travis, the principal owners of the Lynnette catamaran, agree to allow Mueller to take a test-ride on the vessel.

Charles Frere’s business park programme continues unabated, and times appear decidedly prosperous for his business endeavours.

Avril and Tom try to convince Jack to attend the Relton Marine shareholders meeting, which will be chaired by Frere. He is adamant he will not take part, but before they can change his mind the Mermaid Yard receives a call from the Coast Guard: there has been an accident out at sea. The Lynnette has sunk – and George Travis is dead.

With Dean Harris (Curtis Jaeger), Kulvinder Ghir (Davy), Crispin de Nys (Hans Mueller), Ian Collier (Mr Travis), Pamela Salem (Mrs Travis), Robert McBain (Andrew Norfolk) and Bridget Brice (Jackie Lewis).

Episode 13

Written by Jeremy Burnham

“Avril, it takes a lifetime to become a good boat-builder. You can’t just breeze in from an aircraft factory and think you can revolutionise the industry overnight …”.

Three days after the disaster which claimed the life of Mr Travis, Tom inspects the wreckage of The Lynette to determine what went wrong. He is determined to speak to Mrs Travis to ascertain if the accident was a result of a structural fault or through some other means.

Polly persuades a reluctant Charles to investigate Jaeger’s past militant activities and his present involvement with Abby. Unknown to either of them, Jaeger has convinced Abby to accompany him to Birmingham, where he intends to deal with an animal abuser.

Jack is concerned that Tom has gone against the insurance company’s advice and approached Mrs Travis. “I warn you, Avril, he’s going to sink us. You mark my words”.

Tom does indeed visit Mrs Travis, who is short with him. She reveals that George was concerned about the hull, which wasn’t tracking properly. When pressed to describe how events transpired, she thinks that the main beam collapsed first, but cannot explain how the accident happened as visibility was good and the weather was perfect.

Avril is approached covertly for a meeting before the official announcement of the newly-formed Relton Marine board. She later meets with Andrew Norfolk at the Yacht Club to sound her out as to whether or not she would be interested in become the corporation’s new Managing Director. He reveals that his representative was extremely impressed with her previous work for the company.

Ken, Sarah and Mark inspect a new boat Leisurecruise has purchased, and ruminate on turnaround and profit potential. Mark suspects Sarah is aligning herself with Ken, perhaps in more ways than one.

Jack is served with a writ for legal action against the Mermaid Yard by Mrs Travis, who claims that the catamaran was unfit for service and intends to sue for two million pounds.

At the same time, Tom is served with an ex parte Order of the Queen’s Court of Justice to take into custody and impound the wreckage before he can undertake a more detailed examination.

At a Relton Marine board meeting, Charles appoints himself as Chairman following the resignation of James Sinclair. He asks if there will be any other resignations and indicates he wants a new Managing Director to assess company profitability and viability. At the end of the meeting, he gives Avril two days to make a decision with regard to the offer made by Andrew Norfolk.

David Lloyd is stung by Frere’s betrayal (the businessman promised that he would be appointed Managing Director, and assisted Frere in bringing down the previous board on the basis of such a verbal contract) and snaps at Avril. Later, she discusses the offer in greater detail with Charles. She wants to ensure that there are no strings attached, and that Frere will honour Relton’s commitments to the Mermaid Yard. Charles is unprepared to commit himself until after the court makes a decision with regard to the Lynette disaster. Avril reluctantly accepts the appointment.

Jan, Leo, Claude and Lynne discuss the catamaran accident and its impact on both the Mermaid Yard and Tom.

Horrified at Jaeger’s vicious treatment of the Birmingham animal abuser, Abby arrives on Leo’s doorstep ashamed and seeking a roof over her head. Jan allows her to stay on the condition that she contacts Polly to tell her mother she is safe and well.

As Kate prepares for her move, she is visited by Tom, who finds her running the emotional gauntlet roused by such an upheaval. Telling her he has fallen out with Avril over the Managing Director appointment, he asks for her advice; Kate claims she is protecting the Yard’s interests, but Tom believes she may once again be falling under Frere’s charms. He also expresses his concerns that Jack holds him responsible for the catamaran accident, and that Avril may support her father.

Abby recounts the terrible story of Jaeger’s abuse of the man in Birmingham with a cosh, and breaks down before him.

Avril informs Jack that she is worried that negligence may be proved in the forthcoming court proceedings, and that he may lose the Mermaid Yard. Having sought legal advice, she tells him that the Yard should issue a precautionary writ against Tom for breach of contract and write an official letter suspending him as a designer.

Charles recounts a long line of militant activities executed by Jaeger to Polly, who is appalled and asks what “we” are going to do about it.

Frere reacts badly as she had kept Abby’s parenthood a secret from him for such a long time.

Tom is shocked when Avril and Jack issue the suspension letter to him. Avril claims it had been done to protect the Yard, and the action should not be taken personally. Tom accuses her of not having a heart. Later, when he discusses the situation with Bill Sayers, the latter offers to give evidence for him as he also believes that The Lynnette was sound. He does not agree with how Jack and Avril have handled the affair.

Claude and Lynne enjoy a day on the river, with the latter steering a speedboat whilst the indulges in water-skiing. With a rival skier and boat move too close to the pair, Claude dramatically falls from his skis and knocked unconscious when the rival speedboat clashes with him head-on.

Charles visits Abby at the Howards’ and speaks to her on Polly’s behalf. During their conversation, she suddenly realises that he is her father.

Avril interrupts Tom and Bill, having received a telephone call concerning Claude’s accident.

Meanwhile, Abby tells Leo that she is leaving Tarrant for the United States of America to see William, as she does not want to do to him what her family have done to her. When he asks how she can afford the airfare, she reveals that her father is funding the trip.

Later, Tom, Leo and Kate arrive at the hospital to find a devastated Lynne: Claude is dead.

In London, the launch of Jan’s fashion house, culminating in a high-profile show featuring Claude Dupont’s designs, is well underway, but Jan is concerned that her star designer is not in attendance. When Leo arrives by train to pass on the bad news, she is in a state of complete desolation: Claude’s death leaves her business precariously balanced …

Abby has gone into premature labour at her Southampton flat.

Relton Marine are expressing interest in the prototype yacht, and Tom, Jack and Avril later meet with them to discuss its commercial potential. After an uncertain start, Jack manages to win over the representatives. However, when the express their concern over the Yard’s impending legal case (which could potentially dispute the ownership of the prototype), they are concerned over the entire franchise.

With Pamela Salem (Mrs Travis), Dean Harris (Curtis Jaeger), Bruce Bould (David Lloyd), Peter Penry-Jones (Colin Linsdale), Robert McBain (Andrew Norfolk), Tony McEwan (The Man With The Writ) and Jenny Roberts (Netta).












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