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Roobarb’s DVD Forum propagates news and information among consumers about titles released on the DVD format, and about titles that may potentially be released on DVD.


You should be respectful of other board members, who may have opinions that strongly contrast to your own. Be courteous and civil. Trolling (assuming an opinion that runs contrary to the consensus of opinion on a particular topic simply to inflame others, or registering as member with the sole purpose of inciting argument, attacking other members, or to foist your own agenda on others) will not be tolerated.

We encourage you to post using your own name. Posts made anonymously, or using a pseudonym are discouraged, and may be deleted without explanation.

We do not encourage trading. You should not solicit or offer copyright material that is not commercially available. You should not post links to websites, usenet sites or auctions offering bootleg or pirated material.

You should not use the Forum for private communication with other users. You should use the Forum’s Personal Message function or another messaging application for this.

If you intend posting something that might potentially breach our Terms and Conditions, or our Posting Guidelines, you are encouraged to contact a board administrator or moderator beforehand.


You may only register with one identity.

You are forbidden to register for, or use this site via, a proxy server, other than that provided by your Internet Service Provider.

You are personally responsible for anything you post to Roobarb’s DVD Forum. You should not contribute unsuitable material. This includes:

· Abusive, sexist, racist, xenophobic or potentially libelous comments or images.
· Posts encouraging or condoning the illegal distribution or trade of any type of copyright material.
· Anything that violates anyone’s personal privacy (their address, for example).
· Anything that violates any law.
· Copyright material (unless you are the copyright owner).
· Commercial advertising or “spam”.

By posting you agree to indemnify us against any subsequent claim based on the content of your comments. Although we moderate the forum, we are unable to monitor every post, and encourage users to report any post that they suspect may breach these Terms and Conditions, or run contrary to our Posting Guidelines. We reserve the right to delete or edit any message without explanation.

Users breaching our Terms and Conditions or not posting within the spirit of the forum’s Posting Guidelines may be subject to formal warning, suspension or a permanent ban. Extreme cases may be reported to a user’s ISP, and may be subject to legal action.

If you disagree with any action taken by the board’s moderators or administrators, you are encouraged to contact an administrator or moderator. Disagreements about our policies posted to the Forum will be removed.

Neither Roobarb’s DVD Forum, nor, nor any of their associated sites can be held responsible for any offensive or otherwise unacceptable content posted to the Forum. Opinions expressed on the Forum are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the Forum administrators or moderators.

Roobarb’s DVD Forum is not affiliated to any commercial organisation. Email addresses gathered by the Roobarb’s DVD Forum will not be used for any other purpose, other than those directly related to the Forum or

They will not be divulged to any third party company or individual.

These terms and conditions may be altered, edited or amended by the administrators of Roobarb's DVD Forum at any time.


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