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26th May 2008


Recent additions to the Incoming database include: the first season of vintage US sitcom Get Smart; the first season of well-received E4 drama-comedy The Inbetweeners; the Masters of Cinema release La Vie De Jesus; the 1981 Yorkshire Television adaptation of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler, which stars Diana Rigg; and Best Picture Oscar-winner No Country For Old Men.

Newly-added Blu-ray titles include a bunch of films from Optimum, being listed by for release in August (Total Recall, Terminator 2; Escape From New York; the original, John Carpenter version of The Fog; cult classic They Live; Cliffhanger; and the Stargate movie).


Some details on ZombieCon, which takes place on the 5th to the 7th of September 2008, at Quality Hotel, Bentley, Walsall, UK.

ZombieCon promises to be two and a half days and two long nights of all the Zombie related fun, frolics and sickness you can handle; demonstrations, workshops, talks, games, masquerade, and disco’s.

The event is being run by Zombie fans, who have been involved with Zombie Live-Role-Playing and love all things Zombie, from Games, to Movies, Books & Comics.

Offers the discerning connoisseur of all things undead and gory – A Weekend of Blood Filled Madness with all the Flesh Curdling Shambling Horror you could wish for!

Professionals Attending Include:

Charlie Adlard; Comic artist on the acclaimed Walking Dead series

Stuart Conran; Prosthetic/special effects makeup artist on Shaun of the Dead, Grindhouse and Braindead

David Devereux; Author, Exorcist, Ex-Mortician and Expert in the Paranormal

John McCrea; Comic artist on Hitman including Zombie Night at Gotham Aquarium

Robert Rankin; Author of Necrophenia and The Brightonomicon

Some of the planned events include:

Zombie makeup and prosthetic demonstrations by film make up artists followed by hands-on workshops! We have a room dedicated to makeup and costuming for the whole weekend allowing you to take advantage of the facilities therein whenever you feel the need to add a little gore or touch up your peeling flesh.

Talks and discussions on all things Zombie, Undead-related, or just downright … weird.

There will be a number of fun, silly and potentially life-threatening games to be played such as ‘Mall Mania’, ‘BrainStomping’, and ’Whack-A-Corpse!’ along with some more sedate ones such as the ‘Zombies!” board game.

Two themed Disco’s - “Prom Night” & “Dead Can’t Dance”

We will also have Zombie short films shown and discussed with film directors and Zombie experts!

More details at

Future Collector's Film Convention dates: 5th July (50 tables), 13th September (80 tables), 15th November (50 tables). All these are being held at Central Hall, Westminster, between 10am and 4pm. Entrance fee: £4 (£2 for children and senior citizens).

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