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16th April 2007


A new DVD review has been added to the site today. It's of Cinema Club's Harold Lloyd - The Shorts DVD set, which is released today. Click here, or on the sleeve image, right, to read Andrew Smith's report.


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release a two-disc, "five-hour" collector's edition box set of Bernardo Bertolucci's epic 1900 on April the 30th.

The film, which stars Robert De Niro, Gérard Depardieu and Donald Sutherland, will be presented in anamorphic 1.85:1 format, with English audio. No further technical details were available.

The set will also contain two featurettes: 1900 - The Story, The Cast (14m) and 1900 - Creating an Epic (14m). The RRP is £17.99.

Optimum have cancelled the release of Gance's Austerlitz. This is a consequence of the cancellation of Napoleon, which was reported here last week. Optimum think there's little point releasing one without the other.

The James Mason and Dirk Bogarde box sets from Optimum, currently due on June the 25th, may be postponed, but will definitely be out "in the summer".

Anchor Bay UK has formally announced which titles will be in the Jess Franco Collection 2 DVD box set, which is now due on May the 21st.

They are: The Story of O, The Incofessable Orgies of Emmanuelle, Downtown Heat, Down Town, Mansion of the Living Dead and Macumba Sexual. The RRP is £29.99.


A new IMAX movie, Roving Mars, makes its debut at the BFI's IMAX cinema at Waterloo on May the 4th. Here's the blurb...

For centuries human beings have contemplated Earth's nearest planetary neighbour, Mars, dreaming impossible dreams of exploring its surface and divining its mysteries. Now the impossible has become a reality. Roving Mars documents a remarkable mission which sent two intrepid, death-defying explorers - Spirit and Opportunity, the robot rovers - to the Red Planet.

Through the eyes of these exploration robots, viewers will see Mars in a way that no-one ever has. The size and clarity of the IMAX screen will draw you into an awe-inspiring landscape that has never seen the footprint of an earthling - until now - and the rovers' findings make a scientific breakthrough in answering the persistently haunting question: Is there life on Mars?

Produced by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Frank Marshall and Scott Swofford, and from acclaimed director George Butler (The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition), this film will take you on a fantastic journey unlike any that has ever been seen on the giant IMAX screen before. Added to this is a brilliant score from multiple Oscar-nominated composer Phillip Glass.

More info here.

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