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30th March 2007


Hot off the presses, here's the rather wonderful sleeve for The Two Ronnies - Series One, a two-disc set from 2 Entertain, due on April the 30th.

26th March 2007


I've had the chance to look at the six discs from Fox's forthcoming The Outer Limits - Season One DVD set (which was announced here in January).

I can confirm that the press release is in error when it says that the episodes are presented in 1.78 ratio. They're not: they're in 4:3 format. The episodes have Dolby Digital 2.0 audio, even though 5.1 mixes exist (the episodes released by Koch in Canada have 5.1 audio). The discs have optional English subtitles.

There are four episodes on each disc, except disc six, which features two episodes and the bonus features. The first disc includes the two-part version of the pilot episode, Sandkings.

A quick check of several episodes (Valerie 23, Caught in the Act, and The New Breed) suggests that the episodes in the set are indeed the unedited Showtime versions, with adult content (nudity, strong language, violence, etc) intact.

The bonus featurettes are: Caught In The Act (5m), Origin of The Outer Limits (10m), The Outer Limits Story (11m), Valerie 23 (5m) and The Making of Quality of Mercy (9m).

Some menu screens from the new set can be seen here.

Lions Gate Home Entertainment have confirmed the details of the Weeds - Season One DVD set, which has been re-scheduled for release on July the 2nd.

The set will feature ten episodes of the suburban pot-dealing comedy series, presented in 16:9 format, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Bonus features include a "mockumentary" about marijuana, Smoke & Mirrors; Agrestic "herbal" recipes; "audio commentaries from the cast and show creator"; plus "much more". The RRP is 29.99.

I've updated the technical spec's for Metrodome's Headspace DVD in last week's News page.

Second Sight will release a disc containing the 2001 BBC sitcom World of Pub on June the 18th.

The series, which stars Phil Cornwall and Peter Serafinowicz as two brothers running a West End pub, also features Kevin Eldon, Martin Freeman, David Walliams, Simon Greenall and Tamsin Grieg.

The press release did not include technical details, and did not mention any bonus features. The RRP is 15.99.

It's Incoming entry can be found here. This news is so hot-off-the-presses, though, that none of our affiliated etailers are listing it yet!

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