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3rd June 2005

Zeta Minor contributor Mike Hadfield has a new review for you today. It's of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's Elektra DVD, which was released on Monday. Click on the sleeve image, right, or here, to read Mike's review.

Kaleidoscope Publishing has revealed details of the mammoth five-volume, 2500-page British Television Drama Research Guide, which chronicles every independently-produced drama series produced in the UK.

The guide includes transmission dates, titles, cast and key production credits, as well as archive status and -  where known - production and VT numbers. (The guide does not, however, feature information about programmes made by, or for, the BBC - that's a whole separate set of guides, which will be released later!)

The first four volumes present an alphabetical index (A-C, D-J, K-R and S-Z); the fifth is dedicated to long-running soap operas (Coronation Street, Crossroads, Emergency Ward 10, Emmerdale Farm and Emmerdale).

Each volume will be available separately. Currently the price of each volume is £30, or £130 for the set. This is a special offer pre-order price, valid until the end of June. More details, including a sample page and a list of the programmes featured in the Guide, can be found here.

2nd June 2005

DD Video has confirmed that it will release the 1979 BBC series The Omega Factor on June the 20th.

The three-disc set will feature all ten episodes of the series, which starred Louise Jameson and the late James Hazeldine as two paranormal investigators working for a secretive government organisation.

The set will feature an array of bonus materials: a new and exclusive documentary, Inside The Omega Factor (featuring producer / director George Gallacio, creator / writer Jack Gerson, writer Anthony Read, director Eric Davidson and actress Natasha Gerson); an audio commentary (by Eric Davidson, Anthony Read and George Gallacio); a photo' gallery; and twenty-four page booklet, written by Marcus Hearn. The RRP is £34.99. A Roobarb's DVD Forum thread discussing this title can be found here.

Here's Cinema Club's schedule for the rest of the year... pay attention, because there are a good few titles listed that we knew nothing about...

20th June

Entertaining Mr Sloane (£15.99); Loot (£15.99); Circus of Fear (£9.99); Farewell Friend (£9.99); The Best of Dave Allen (£15.99)

27th June

Drop The Dead Donkey - Series 1 (£19.99)

4th July

McCallum - The Complete Series (£39.99)

18th July

Flashpoint; Goodbye Charlie Bright; 'O'; The Wash; Spellbound; The Hard Word (all £9.99 each)

25th July

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me (£19.99); Are You Being Served - Season 1 / Pilot (£15.99); Chef - Season 1 (£15.99); All The King's Men (£15.99); On The Up - Season 1 (£15.99)

8th August

Ballykissangel - Season 1 (£29.99); Juliet Bravo - Season 1 (£29.99); Beau Geste (believed to be the 1982 BBC version) (£15.99); A Doll's House (£9.99); Dreamscape (£9.99); Fear City (£9.99); Hells Angels on Wheels (£9.99); In This House of Brede (£9.99)

15th August

It Ain't Half Hot Mum - Season 1 (£TBC); Three of a Kind - Season 1 (£15.99); Django Shoots First (£TBC); Tender Mercies (£12.99); Crimewave (£15.99); Terry and June (£15.99)

22nd August

Drop The Dead Donkey - Season 2 (£19.99); The Twilight Zone - Season 1 (B&W)  (£59.99); The Twilight Zone - Season 1 (80s version) (£59.99)

5th September

Hamish MacBeth - Season 1 (£29.99); Alexei Sayle's Stuff (£TBC); Threads (£TBC); Punt and Dennis (£TBC)

19th September

Are You Being Served - Season 2 (£15.99); Chef - Season 2 (£15.99); On The Up - Season 2 (£15.99)

26th September

The Twilight Zone -Season 2 (B&W) (£59.99); Stan Laurel x 15 (£TBC); Oliver Hardy x 10 (£TBC)

3rd October

John & Yoko; Bergerac - Season 1; Between The Lines - Season 1; Cult Movie 10-film Box Set

10th October

Three of a Kind - Season 2; It Aint Half Hot Mum - Season 2

17th October

Night of the Living Dead - Special Edition

24th October

Drop The Dead Donkey - Season 3; The Twilight Zone - Season 2 (80s)


Lost Highway

7th November

Christmas Carol; Ruth Rendell Box Set; Ballykissangel - Season 2; Juliet Bravo - Season 2

5th December

Hamish McBeth - Season 2; Are You Being Served - Season 3; Chef - Season 3; On The Up - Season 3

26th December

The Twilight Zone - Season 3 (B&W)

Of course, it should be stressed that this is a VERY provisional list, and there are bound to be titles that move dates, or disappear from the schedule altogether.

There are some very welcome surprises in the list. Between The Lines is near the top of my DVD wish list (hopefully Cinema Club will go on to release the remainder of the series, which never got a VHS release). David Lynch fans will be interested in two titles on the list: Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me and Lost Highway, both of which could do with a decent R2 release. Heck, both titles could do with a decent release, full stop.

Due to "unforeseen technical difficulties" Warner Home Video will no longer be releasing the Essential Steve McQueen box set. They will, however, still be releasing the two new Special Editions of Bullitt and The Getaway.

Fox has delayed the release of the Robert De Niro thriller Hide and Seek by two weeks. The film will now be released on July the 25th.

Mosaic will release the teen comedy Frostbite on August the 1st. The disc will feature deleted scenes and a trailer. Not intrigued yet? It stars Traci Lords and Playboy Playmates Suzanne Stokes and Buffy Tyler. Now you're interested, right?

Series four of BBC drama Cutting It will be released on DVD by Contender on July the 18th. The series is due to begin airing on BBC1 on June the 7th. The set will include audio commentary with Angela Griffith (who plays Darcey) and producer Kate Crowe; cast interviews; behind-the-scenes footage; a trailer; gallery; series scrapbook and script archive. RRP is £24.99.

Warner Home Video will release the second series of The O.C. on August the 8th.

The six-disc box set will feature twenty-four episodes, along with commentary on Rainy Day Women with Josh Schartz, Alexandra Patasavas and Matt Ramsey, and something called The OC Unseen "A Kiss is a Kiss or is it?".

The episodes will be presented in anamorphic 1.78:1 format, with Dolby Digital 2.0 audio. The RRP is £59.99.

O.C. fans might also like to know that the skateboarding road-movie Grind, which stars Seth Cohen (aka Adam Brody)  will be released by Warner Home Video on August the 8th. Anyone buying The O.C. - The Complete Second Season will be able to buy Grind for £9.99.

30th May 2005

It's a low-key start to the week today, as everyone enjoys the nice Bank Holiday weather. A lot of news was added to the site on Friday (details of Alexander, details of the BFI's On And Off The Rails disc, etc), so if you missed that, check out the News Archive page here.

I'm extremely pleased to be able to unveil a new addition to Zeta Minor's Cult Television section today. Shaun Butcher has written a terrific episode guide to the 1969 season of one of my favourite series, Public Eye. You can find the guide by clicking on the Public Eye image, left, or by clicking here.

Ceri has updated the Incoming page today, with details of numerous interesting titles. With Network now churning out releases like there was no tomorrow, it's becoming even more useful to have a chronological list of potentially-interesting titles, and Ceri's Incoming page certainly fits the bill! Click here.

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