ARCHIVED NEWS - 2nd to 8th AUGUST 2004

5th August 2004

The new issue of DVD Monthly magazine carries an advert for several forthcoming Network titles, and reveals more information about their forthcoming Star Cops DVD set.

The set will have commentary tracks by Chris Boucher and Philip Martin, an introduction by co-star Trevor Cooper; a Making of... documentary titled It Won't Be Easy; a look behind the scenes in Lights, Camera, Inaction; a featurette on the show's design called FX, Lies and Videotapes - Designing The Future; a profile of series creator Chris Boucher called I Had To Kill Blake (Boucher wrote the final episode of Blake's 7); a section on Continuity and Miscellanea; a photo gallery; a PDF section; and a career interview with writer Philip Martin, titled P.M's Question Time. Very nice...

Here's a much better look at Fox's forthcoming Murder One box set, which is due on the 6th of September. For more details, see the News entry for July the 29th.

4th August 2004

Oh boy! All sorts of goodies for you today!  Pull up a chair, grab what David Letterman calls "the tasty beverage of your choice", and settle down to read the latest DVD news!

Further to the News report on July 20th, I can clarify durations of some of the bonus features on Universal's forthcoming Shaun of the Dead DVD: The Man Who Would Be Shaun (1m); Funky Pete (2m); Plotholes (4m); TV Bits (11m); outtakes (11m); extended and deleted scenes (13m); Simon's Cam (7m); Lucy's Cam (5m); Joe's Diary is a video diary by zombie extra Joe Cornish (10m); Edgar and Simon's Flip Chart (13m); SFX Comparison (2m); Make-Up Tests (2m); EPK (7m).

The zombies commentary is a proper commentary, by some of the actors who played characters who turned into zombies: Paul Putner, Timothy Mark Chipping, Steve Emerson and Patricia Franklin.

The disc has a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track, at 448kbps.

Wanna see some grabs from the disc's terrific animated menu screens?  Hmmm, thought so!  Click here!

You can discuss this release in this thread at Roobarb's DVD Forum.

Warner Home Video is releasing a dozen horror movies on October the 18th, just in time for Halloween. These are Tony Scott's chic 1983 vampire film The Hunger (2.40:1, mono, with commentary by Scott and star Susan Sarandon, stills gallery and trailer); Polanski's quirky The Fearless Vampire Killers (aka Dance of the Vampires, 2.40:1, mono, with The Fearless Vampire Killer: Vampires 101 featurette and trailer); Larry Cohen's It's Alive! trilogy (It's Alive!, It Lives Again and It's Alive III: Island of the Alive) (mono, commentary by Cohen on each film); Abel Ferrara's inspired 1993 Body Snatchers remake; the creaky 1974 werewolf movie The Beast Must Die; Return of the Living Dead - Part II (stereo audio, commentary by director Ken Wiederhorn and star Thor Van Lingen, trailer); the Christopher Lee / Peter Cushing Jekyll and Hyde-inspired 1971 film I Monster; Michael Wadleigh's cerebral Wolfen; a double-bill of Jess Franco's Blood of Fu Manchu and Castle of Fu Manchu. RRP for the single discs is £12.99. RRP for the It's Alive Trilogy is £24.99; the Fu-Manchu "double pack" is £15.99.

Warner Home Video has announced that their forthcoming DVD release of The Goonies will, after all, feature the reunion commentary track that's on the US disc. The DVD will also feature the full-length theatrical cut for the first time in the UK (previous versions were slightly cut by the BBFC). See the News entry for the 16th of July for more information.

Attention purple people! Warner Home Video will release three Prince movies on October the 18th: a two-disc Purple Rain 20th Anniversary Special Edition, Graffiti Bridge and Under the Cherry Moon.

The Purple Rain disc will feature an all-new digital widescreen transfer, with re-mastered Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.  Bonus features include a commentary track by director Albert Magnoli, producer Robert Cavallo and cinematographer Donald E. Thorn; three new featurettes (one on the making of the movie and the Academy Award-winning music; a second on the Minneapolis music scene and Prince's career prior to Purple Rain; and a third on the impact of the movie and music on pop culture and the legacy of the film); eight music videos by Prince, The Time and Apollonia 6, including Let's Go Crazy, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain and Jungle Love); footage from the MTV Premiere party and a Prince movie trailer gallery.

The Under The Cherry Moon disc will feature music videos for Boys and Girls, Mountains and Anotherloverholenyohead. Graffiti Bridge has no special features. Both will have widescreen presentations, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

A box set containing all three titles will also be released, with an RRP of £29.99.

Twentieth Century Fox will release Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers on October the 11th. The disc will feature commentary by Bertolucci, writer Gilbert Adair and producer Jeremy Thomas; The Making of The Dreamers documentary; Outside the Window: Events in France, May 1968 featurettes, and the Hey Joe music, by Michael Pitt and his band The Twins of Evil.

The film will be presented in 1.85:1 aspect ratio, enhanced for 16:9 playback, and with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, and English HoH subtitles.

The second season of Larry David's post-Seinfeld sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm will be released by HBO Video on October the 18th. The two-disc set will feature ten "thirty-minute" episodes, and has a whopping RRP of £29.99.

OK!  Time for the half time entertainment. Paramount has made a great trailer for the forthcoming Star Trek - The Original Series DVDs, which you can find by clicking this link.

Tartan Video is releasing the award-winning fish-out-of-water comedy Japanese Story on September the 27th. The disc will include a commentary track with director Sue Brooks, writer Alison Tilson and producer Sue Maslin; a deleted scene with optional commentary; a Making of... featurette; and an original theatrical trailer.

The film will be presented in anamorphic widescreen format, with a choice of Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS audio tracks. RRP is £15.99.

Tartan has announced a unspecified delay in the release of Twilight Samurai, because of inadequate source materials. In a related note, they've announced that their forthcoming release of John Woo's Hard Boiled has received a new anamorphic transfer from a low-contrast 35mm print, and will have a choice of newly-mastered Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 audio mixes (both the English and Cantonese versions will be available).

Optimum Releasing will release a two-disc DVD of the spectacular natural history film Deep Blue on October the 25th. The film, which has a score by George Fenton performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and narration by Michael Gambon, was condensed from more than seven thousand hours of footage, shot in more than two hundred locations, over five years. The film uses selected highlights from the BBC series The Blue Planet, together with new and unseen footage.

Special features on the disc include a fifty-minute Making of... documentary; audio commentary by directors Alastair Fothergill and Andy Byatt; an interview with George Fenton; educational, interactive DVD-Rom content; an isolated music and effects score; stills gallery and trailers. RRP is £19.99.

City of Men (Cidade dos Homens), a TV series spun-off from Fernando Mereillas' stunning Oscar-winning film City of God, will be released on DVD by Optimum Home Entertainment on September the 27th. The first nine episodes, which form the first and second series, were originally broadcast in Brazil in 2002, to an audience of thirty-five million viewers. RRP for the two-disc set will be £19.99.

Full specifications for the eagerly-awaited two-disc Special Edition release of Disney's Aladdin have been revealed. The film has been re-mastered and extensively restored by the original creative team ("the most extensively restored Disney DVD to date", according to the blurb).

Disc one will feature deleted songs (Proud of Your Boy, performed by Alan Menken, Humiliate The Boy, Why Me and You Can Count On Me), deleted scenes (Aladdin and Jasmine's First Meeting and Aladdin in the Lap of Luxury), and "commentaries from supervising animators, producers and directors". There's also a brand new music video, original storyreel and a behind-the-scenes look at the song Proud of Your Boy, performed by American Idol marionette Clay Aiken. There's also a music video and behind-the-scenes footage for a new cover version of A Whole New World by Newlyweds stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. If that doesn't make you puke, I don't know what will. Thankfully, the original 1992 video for A Whole New World, by Regina Belle and Peabo Bryson, is also included.

The film will also be supported by a special "trivia mode" with the Fun Fact Trivia Pack (can this be as hideous as it sounds?)

The film's songs can be selected individually, or played back-to-back, and can be played in true singalong fashion, with the words on screen.

Disc two will feature interactive games and activities (including a Virtual DVD Magic Carpet ride, featuring all-new animation), interviews, behind-the-scenes featurettes, art galleries and trailers.

An Inside The Genie's Lamp Guided Tour will take you inside the lamp; The Genie World Tour is an "action-packed trip around the world" to find out what the Genie got up to after he was freed at the end of the film (oops, did I just give away the ending?); 3 Wishes Game; a featurette about composer Alan Menken titled Musical Renaissance Man;

The core of the bonus features for animation fans is A Diamond in the Rough, which  takes the viewer backstage to a reunion of the producers, supervising animators and voice talent, with grinning host Leonard Maltin. This can be viewed three ways: Your Wish Is Our Command (with your choice of additional bonus segments), Play All, and via a Making of Index.

Art Review interviews some of the key artists who worked on the film.

There are also art and publicity galleries, which includes the film's trailer, poster and unused concept art, along with trailers for sequels The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the Forty Thieves. (There'll be a Trilogy box set which will contain all three movies).

The film will be presented in 1.66:1 ratio (no word of whether this will have anamorphic enhancement), and a choice of Dolby Digital or Disney Enhance Home Theatre mixes.

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment are releasing two Amityville Horror sequels on September the 27th.

Amityville II: The Possession will come with a commentary track by film historians Kim Newman and Stephen Jones, an extended Lost Souls sequence, an image gallery, trivia and a collectable booklet (does anyone collect booklets?) The press release also mentions five unique lobby cards, but it's not clear if these are on the disc, in the booklet, or replicated in miniature form as something resembling postcards. The film will have a choice of Dolby Digital 2.0 or 5.1 audio tracks.

Amityville III: The Demon will be presented as a two-disc Special Edition, with the regular version of the film on one disc, and a 3D version of the film on the other (two pairs of 3D glasses will be included in the pack). The film will be presented in anamorphic 2.35:1 ratio, with re-mastered 2.0 or 5.1 audio. RRP is £15.99.

Full details of Momentum's first CSI: Miami - Series 1 Episodes 1-12 box set are now available. The three-disc set features the first twelve episodes from the first season.

The episodes are presented in 1,78:1 anamorphic widescreen format, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio (at 448kbps). The episodes have English subtitles, but the bonus features do not.

Bonus features are a commentary track, by director Joe Chappelle and writer Steven Maeda, for the first episode, Golden Parachute (about a jet plane that crashes in the Everglades); a twelve-minute Creating CSI: Miami featurette, which contains interviews with key crew members, discussing the fundamental differences between CSI: Miami and its parent show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (now sometimes referred to as CSI: Vegas to avoid confusion); and CSI Miami: Uncovered, which focuses on the actors and their characters. The set also includes a short generic CSI: Miami trailer.

The set is due on sale on September the 6th. The seven-disc US set contains the complete first season, and also includes the episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that introduced the Miami characters, Cross Jurisdictions. Momentum has confirmed that this episode will not be included on the Series 1 - Episodes 13-24 half of the season in the UK. The episode is, of course, available as part of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Series 2 - Episodes 2.13-2.23 set.

You can see menu screens from the set here.

2nd August 2004

A two-disc, re-mastered edition of Goodfellas is the star attraction of The Scorsese Collection DVD box set, which is being released by Warner Home Video on October the 25th.

The set will also include three other Scorsese features currently unavailable on DVD: After Hours, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore and his 1967 feature debut, Who's That Knocking at My Door.

The long-overdue re-mastered version of Goodfellas - which will also be available separately, with an RRP of £19.99 - will feature a new anamorphic transfer with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. The film will be accompanied by a commentary by Scorsese, plus cast members Ray Liotta, Lorraine Braco, Paul Sorvino, Frank Vincent, co-screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi, producers Irwin Winkler and Barbara De Fina, cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and editor Thelma Schoonmaker. The first disc will also feature a Cop and Crook Commentary by ex-gangster Henry Hill and Ex-FBI agent Edward McDonald.

The second disc will contain four new featurettes: Getting Made ("a penetrating look at the making of this modern classic"); Made Men: The Goodfellas Legacy (about the film's influence on other filmmakers, including contributions from John Turturro, Jon Favreau, Jim Carnahan, Antoine Fuqua and... er... McG); The Workaday Gangster (writer Nick Pileggi, actors Frank Vincent, Paul Sorvino and others on growing up in neighbourhoods where small-time hoods were commonplace); Paper is Cheaper Than Film (a glimpse into Scorsese's creative process, including rarely-seen sketches). The disc will also contain a theatrical trailer.

The After Hours disc will feature a commentary by Martin Scorsese, star Griffin Dunne, editor Thelma Schoonmaker and cinematographer Michael Ballhaus. There's also a retrospective making of... documentary, titled Filming For Your Life; deleted scenes and a theatrical trailer.

The Academy Award-winning Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore will be accompanied by a commentary track, by Scorsese, and lead actors Ellen Burstyn and Kris Kristofferson, a documentary, Second Chances, and the theatrical trailer.

Scorsese's dark romance Who's That Knocking at My Door, will feature a commentary by Scorsese and director's assistant Mardik Martin, and a making of... featurette, From The Classroom to the Streets.

RRP for the set is £44.99. A similar set is being released in the US in a couple of weeks' time. It's roughly two-thirds the price, and will feature an additional film, a Special Edition version of his early masterpiece Mean Streets.

Columbia Tristar has announced the first of their November releases: Dan Ireland's romantic comedy Passionada.

The disc will feature a commentary track (by the director, cast, the writer and executive producer, an alternate ending (with optional commentary), deleted scenes (with optional commentary) and a theatrical trailer. The film will be in 2.35:1 ratio, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. The disc will have English and English HoH subtitles.

The film will be released on November 28th, with an RRP of £19.99.

We have a new DVD review for you today, of the BFI's release of the 1935 film La Kermesse Héroïque. Considering that the film is almost seventy years old, the BFI have done a remarkable job in transferring it to disc. Mark Frost has reviewed the disc, and you can find his review by clicking on the sleeve image (right) or here.

And now, here's Ceri with his weekly roundup of all the news that's been gleaned from his cadre of undercover spies, who sneak around the marketing departments of the DVD companies while the staff are having meetings about how they can continue to frustrate and annoy their customers. At least, that's what Ceri tells me, anyway. Personally I suspect he just spends every waking hour surfing the net trying to find news snippets and bargains for your edification and benefit.

Hey everyone, I’m back again with more of the usual stuff going on at the retailers and the BBFC in this week’s additions to Incoming as well as the Offers page having a much needed overhaul…

We’ll start with the films again, and I have a bee in my bonnet…

Following the news last week, that supplementary material for the Spanish version of Dracula was cleared at the BBFC for Universal, Play are listing a whopping fifteen-disc Universal Monsters Legacy Collection box set for October the 11th, featuring The Dracula Legacy, The Frankenstein Legacy, The Wolf Man Legacy and The Monster Legacy collections. The full break down of these collections is:

The Dracula Legacy:

1. Dracula

2. Son of Dracula and House of Dracula

3. Dracula (Spanish language version) and Dracula's Daughter, plus bonus footage

The Frankenstein Legacy:

1. Frankenstein

2. The Bride Of Frankenstein

3. Son Of Frankenstein and Ghost Of Frankenstein

4. House Of Frankenstein, plus bonus footage

The Wolf Man Legacy:

1. The Wolf Man

2. Werewolf of London and She Wolf of London

3. Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, plus bonus footage

4. A documentary of horror from the Universal studio, narrated by Kenneth Branagh

The Monster Legacy:

1. The Mummy

2. The Invisible Man

3. Phantom Of The Opera

4. Creature From The Black Lagoon.

This release highlights further the general disregard to the Region 2 market by Universal UK, when it comes to these films. In terms of the films contained within the Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man Legacy sets these new R2 releases replicate the Region 1 releases that appeared earlier in the year – when at the same time Universal UK put out double bill releases of Dracula/House of Dracula, Frankenstein / The Bride of Frankenstein and The Wolf Man / Werewolf of London. The bonus features that appeared on the Region 1 sets relating to each of the two films were ported onto these double bill releases. Whether or not they will feature again along with the features associated with the other films that appeared on the Region 1 sets is yet to be seen, but the Kenneth Branagh narrated documentary was not included in the US box sets. Neither was there a release of a The Monster Legacy collection featuring The Mummy, The Invisible Man, Phantom of the Opera and Creature From The Black Lagoon, which is a further insult to the UK market as around the time this 15 disc set is scheduled to be released here there with be The Mummy, The Invisible Man, and Creature From The Black Lagoon Legacy Collections (featuring all the films in these series and no doubt some juicy special features similar to the ones that were included in the first batch of Legacy Collections) released in the US.

The RRP of the UK box set is extortionate as well – £129.99! You can import the collection of all three Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man Legacy sets for under £50 (although, this is assisted by the favourable exchange rate, but only slightly so). It’s an RRP which isn’t justifiable at all because of this, but also as The Monster Legacy set contained with in it is completely redundant. The forthcoming Region 1 releases will far outstrip the set and on the strength of this 15 disc release don’t be surprised if Universal UK to put out the three new collections at some point next year as well. The outstanding film in The Monster Legacy - the 1943 version of The Phantom of the Opera - was previously released, but has since been deleted. However, Amazon still has copies (here) as do (here). The four Legacy sets that make up these 15 disc set will also probably be available individually although there is not confirmation of this yet, but it’ll be interesting to see what RRP they are set at to compared against the US pricing.

Play’s entry is also showing the Region 1 packaging for the Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man Legacy Collection which features the three busts included in that set. Whether or not this is what the Region 2 package will be like also remains to be seen, as Play may have just lifted an image of the US set.

Now on Twentieth Century Fox’s Star Wars Trilogy box set which has had some clearances at the BBFC. As compared to the three previous submissions for the Special Edition versions of the films (for the VHS releases) - A New Hope has the same runtime, The Empire Strikes Back is 22s longer and Return of the Jedi is 6s longer – which gives credence to the rumour that Lucas has further messed about with the films to provide better connection to his three prequels. It’s thought that The Empire Strikes back has a new or extended scene featuring the Emperor, and that Return of the Jedi includes a new shot of the denizens of Naboo celebrating in the final montage. Material for the Bonus Disc has also been cleared –

Empire of Dreams­ – The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy (150m40s)

The Characters of Star Wars featurette (18m55s)

The Birth of the Lightsaber featurette (15m32s)

The Force is with Them – The Legacy of Star Wars featurette (13m21s)

Star Wars III – Behind the Scenes Preview – The Return of Darth Vader (9m5s)

Star Wars III - Making the Game (6m8s)

Easter Egg: Gag Reel / Disc Credits (4m29s).

Amazon are also listing that the set will feature the following commentaries - A New Hope: with George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher; The Empire Strikes Back: with George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Lawrence Kasdan, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher; Return of the Jedi: with George Lucas, Lawrence Kasdan, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher.

The set has a date of the 20th of September and an RRP of £44.99. Amazon is offering the set on pre-order at £26.99, with the option of free first class P&P – click here if you wish to order.

An as-yet unknown label is to release a wealth of Merchant Ivory titles on the 6th of September, as one complete box set and three smaller sub box sets - The Merchant Ivory Connoisseur Collection, Merchant Ivory In America and Merchant Ivory In India. The films contain within these three sub box sets are…

The Merchant Ivory Connoisseur Collection:

Contains: Autobiography of a Princess, Howard’s End, Hullabaloo Over George and Bonnie’s Pictures, Maurice, Quartet and Savages.

Merchant Ivory In America:

Contains: The Ballad of The Sad Cafe, Roseland, The Proprietor, Jane Austin in Manhattan, The Bostonians and The Europeans.

Merchant Ivory In India:

Contains: Bombay Talkie, The Courtesans of Bombay, The Deceivers, Heat And Dust, In Custody and Shakespeare Wallah.

The complete box set has an RRP of £169.99, with the three sub sets at £49.99. All the films will also be available individually at £12.99 each.

A new special edition version of Kevin Costner’s tale of self discovery set in the heart of the Black Country - Dances With Wolves ­– has appeared for the 11th of October, with an RRP of £24.99. So far, it’s label and the content isn’t confirmed, but Pathe submitted 48m57s worth of material to the BBFC in May of 2003. This was a The Making of Dances with Wolves (20m56s); Photo Montage (9m19s); Music Video (3m51s);  and 5 Easter Eggs: #1 Second Wind (5m16s), #2 Confederate March and Music (2m10s), #3 Getting the Point (3m55s), #4 Burying the Hatchet (1m10s), #5 Animatronic Buffalo (2m16s). So it may be Pathe’s release making an appearance. More news when we get it.

Extras for Momentum’s special edition release of The Producers are being listed as The Making of The Producers featurette; Playhouse outtake; Peter Sellers' statement, read by Paul Mazursky; Sketch gallery; and Trailer. It has a date of October the 25th and RRP of £19.99.

Warner Home Video’s release of the The Goonies for the 4th of October is listed as containing The Making Of The Goonies (6 Minutes); Deleted Scenes (6 Minutes); and The Goonies 'r' Good Enough Music Video By Cyndi Lauper (12 Minutes). It has an RRP of £12.99.

Also from Warner Home Video is an Ealing Comedy - Complete Box Set (presumably a repackaging of the films contained within their previous two Ealing Comedy box sets, which have just be re-issued as individual volumes) for a date of November the 1st. It has an RRP of £69.99.

Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan’s Around the World in 80 Days has appeared for November the 22nd from Entertainment in Video. No word on any special features yet but it has an RRP of £19.99.

Now the TV releases….

Over on The Mausoleum Club Forum full details of of Network’s The Sweeney – The Complete Series Three have been posted. The set, which is released on August the 9th, will feature all 13 episodes of the 1976 third series digitally- restored, with two episodes - Visiting Firemen and Taste of Fear – also including reinstated footage. Special features for the set will be episode introductions by guest stars George Sweeney, Geraldine James, Steven Pacey, Tina Heath, John Lyons and Nadim Sawalha; an extract from a 1976 programme ITV This is Your Life; an Evening News Awards clip from 1977; The Sweeney Annual 1977 PDF; the very first episode of John Thaw’s series Redcap, from 1964, entitled It's What Comes After; The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show 1976 20 minute sketch featuring Kate O'Mara, John Thaw and Dennis Waterman; an early 1980's Thames Trailer; and the episode of  Strange Report from 1968 – Revenge, which features John Thaw in a guest role. (This was recently released in the Strange Report – The Complete Series box set).

Highlights of the extras have to be the Morecambe and Wise sketch (which led to the comedy duo making an appearance in a fourth series episode of The Sweeney) and the first episode of the John Thaw starring Redcap (made by ITV region ABC). Both particularly welcome, but the latter especially so. Its inclusion here is hopefully an indication Network might consider a full release of the series. Only one episode is known to be missing out of the 26 that form the two series that were made, so a full release at some point would be possible, and very welcome.

The Sweeney – The Complete Series Three has an RRP of £39.99. If you are interested in the box set, Amazon are offering it are £29.99 – click here!

Details on DD Video’s Secret Army – Series 3 and Fall of Eagles box set releases (both of which are due in October) have been put up on the superb Survivors website.

Secret Army – Series 3 will include a Remembering Secret Army featurette – a fifteen-minute retrospective with Viktors Ritelis (who directed more episodes of Secret Army than anyone else), and about an hour's worth of interviews with actors Clifford Rose, Terrence Hardman, Angela Richards, Hazel McBride and Juliette Hammond.

For the Fall of Eagles box set some interviews having been recorded with stars Gayle Hunnicutt, Charles Kay and director David Cunliffe. A 40-page full-colour historical companion booklet is also in preparation to be included in the set.

For further information and future updates have a look at the individual pages on the website - Secret Army – Series 3 (which also features photos from the recording session for the interviews) and Fall of Eagles (which features photo portraits of the characters from the serial).

The Fall of Eagles box set is also listed as having an RRP of £39.99. The previous two Secret Army box sets were set at £49.99, so expect the Series 3 box set to follow suit. Choices Direct have just listed Survivors – Series 2 confirming the date of October the 4th and RRP of £49.99. Secret Army - Series 3 and Fall of Eagles should appear shortly afterwards. We will, of course, let you know.

Special features for Red Dwarf – Series 5 from BBC Worldwide are now showing on some of the retailers. We knew about one of the featurettes, through it’s clearance at the BBFC, but the full list is: the obligatory cast commentary; the also known-about and scary-sounding fan commentary on episode Back To Reality; together with fan profiles; Heavy Science – the main Series 5 documentary; Weblink, Dwarfing USA featurette (possibly covering the aborted US version of the series); The SFX of Red Dwarf; Deleted Scenes; Smeg Ups; Trailers, BBC2 / Skutter Channel idents; Lister introduction to "Best Episode Ever"; Bad Guys music featurette; Photo Gallery; Raw Effects Footage; Isolated Music Cues; Dave Hollins Radio Sketch; 3 Easter Eggs including an animated sequence that was cut from Back To Reality. Also now appeared is a Limited Edition Gift Set (featuring a Corgi model of Starbug) of Series 5. This replicates the standard version, but with special packaging which includes the Corgi model. The standard version retails at £19.99, with the Limited Edition at £24.99. Both are due on the same day – November the 8th.

More extras now being listed on some of BBC Worldwide’s releases include a Pebble Mill at One clip on Alistair Cooke's America box set (due October the 18th at £39.99) and the Pilot Episode on Big Train - Series 1 & 2 (due October 25th for £24.99).

There are four new titles showing from Acorn all for December the 27th. These are two more Midsomer Murders Market For Murder and Tainted Fruit and Parts 1 and 2 of Monarch Of The Glen - Series 5. All four have an RRP of £16.99 each.

Following on from the previous report of A Touch Of Frost – Series 6 being listed from Carlton, a complete Series 6-10 box set is now also showing for October the 18th. It is also from Carlton and has an RRP of £69.99.

Sex and the City - The Complete Series 6, the final series, has appeared from Paramount for October the 25th, with £39.99 as its RRP.

And finally for Incoming...

Paramount is to release a complete box set, as they did with The Next Generation in the Borg Cube, of all seven seasons of Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. It has an RRP of £449.99 and is expected on the 27th of September. Don’t forget that Amazon is currently offering the individual Deep Space Nine season box sets at £44.97 each – click here if you are interested!

Now onto the Offers page, which as I say has had a bit of an overhaul…

Amazon is offering Bad Girls - Season 5 at £36.99, Heimat at £74.99, Jonathan Creek - The Complete Series at £56.24 (£18.75 off), Star Trek: The Original Series - Series 1 at £51.99 and The Worzel Gummidge Collection - Volume 1 at £22.49 all on pre-order. They also have Anchor Bay’s Trilogy Of The Dead box set at £13.97 and the two Cinema Club titles, Lillie - The Complete Collection at £15.97 and Duty Free - The Complete Collection at £13.97.

They also have two books at good pre-order prices - BBC Books’ reprint of The Authorised Biography of Ronnie Barker at £13.29 and Richard Webber’s Fifty Years of Hancock's Half Hour at £12.59. A few week’s ago I listed some out-of-print books from author Roger Wilmut (who’s mainly known for definitive works on British Comedy from the 1950s trough the 1980s), available courtesy of Amazon’s Marketplace. This week I’ve added some more. This time I’ve listed some paperbacks which were adaptations of TV series, or were adapted into TV series. These include the Public Eye adaptation (for any of you who have got Network’s wonderful recent DVD box set of The 1969 Series) entitled Cross That Palm When I Come To It; Richard Carpenter's two Dick Turpin paperbacks: Dick Turpin and Turpin and Swiftnick; the two Shoestring books: Shoestring and Shoestring's Finest Hour; and Peter Lovesay's Sergeant Cribb series which were adapted for the excellent Alan Dobie starring series recently released on DVD by Acorn: Wobble to Death, The Detective Wore Silk Drawers, Abracadaver, Mad Hatter's Holiday, Invitation to a Dynamite Party, A Case of Spirits, Swing, Swing Together and Waxwork.

Benson’s World has Network’s forthcoming The Life And Loves of a She-Devil - The Complete Series at £12.99 and Till Death Do Us Part - The Complete 1974 Series at £10.99.

Choices Direct have mis-priced the Red Dwarf – Series 1-4 box set at £24.17 (it’s RRP is £54.99!)

Both Sendit and Play have The Best of Not the Nine O’Clock News – Volume 2 and Bottom – Series 2 at £10.99 each (£5.00 off). Play are also offering some of Second Sight’s telefantasy titles at bargain prices – The Tripods – Series 1 at £8.99, the three Chocky serials at £5.99 each and the Children of the Stones at £6.99.

One last point before I go. Rowdys has decided to go back to offering free P&P on their orders, so they have new pricing to reflect this.

Phew! That’s it from me - see you next time!

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Unless explicitly stated, DVD screen captures used in the reviews are for illustrative purposes only, and are not intended to be accurate representations of the DVD image.   While screen captures are generally in their correct aspect ratio, there will often have been changes made to the resolution, contrast, hue and sharpness, to optimise them for web display.

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