Director:  Ridley Scott

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore, Ray Liotta, Giancarlo Giannini

Some Silence of the Lambs fans may have been put off seeing Ridley Scott’s sequel due to mixed reviews. Suffice to say that Hannibal is not the equal of its Oscar-laden predecessor, but neither does it dishonour it. It should also be noted that Hannibal’s Grand Guignol finale is more palatable than the heady ending to Thomas Harris’ novel.

Hannibal has received an outstanding presentation on a stunning two-disc set from Columbia Tristar. The only minor caveat is the crippled-bitrate of the Dolby Digital audio tracks, (at 384kbps). Since most home cinema fans will be using the notably superior (754kbps) DTS mix, this is not really an issue. The disc also offers all the extra features anyone could wish for, covering every aspect of the film’s production and marketing, and offering viewers the chance to totally immerse themselves in the movie-making process. The extra features include a masterly commentary track; a good selection of deleted and extended scenes (including a more straightforward alternative ending); a polished, seventy-three minute documentary titled Breaking The Silence; four sequences with multiple angles and /or audio mixes; various trailers and TV spots; and stills and artwork galleries (including some breathtaking prospective poster designs). Look out, too, for a beautiful and unique hidden feature!


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