Director: Brian Yuzna

Starring: Mark Frost, Isabel Brook, Jennifer Rope

Faust: Love of the Damned is Brian (Re-Animator) Yuzna’s best directorial effort in more than a decade. The film, the story of a young artist who sells his soul to a mysterious stranger (the Wishmaster himself, Andrew Divoff), features more blood, guts and – dammit – gratuitous nudity than half a dozen Urban Legend / I Know What You Did Last Summer clones, so is to be commended for that. 

The film belatedly made its UK DVD debut courtesy of Mosaic, and the results (which include a noisy 5.1 audio mix and pretty decent 16:9-enhanced 1.78:1 transfer) are surprisingly good. The disc features a behind-the-scenes featurette (5 minutes), interviews (5m) a trailer and a photo’ gallery. Although otherwise bereft of tangible extras, the American disc features two commentary tracks, and might perhaps offer a more worthwhile package.











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