The Collector’s Edition boasts two discs containing bonus materials:


  • A behind-the-scenes documentary Les Entrailles de la Bête [The Guts of the Beast] (78 minutes), which is broken down into seven sections (Genesis, Casting, Artistic Direction, The Fight Scenes, The Beast, Digital Effects and Epilogue). About thirty-five minutes of deleted scenes are offered (with introductions by Gans), as is a tantalising montage of other deleted material and alternate footage, running about 5 minutes.

  • La Legend [The Legend], an interesting eighteen-minute interview with naturalist Michel Louis about the true story behind the film - the only extra featured on the UK rental and single-disc retail versions, incidentally – outstays its welcome because the presentation is so mundane.  

  •  Filmographies.  

  • A theatrical trailer (1’43”, in English).

  • DVD Rom material: a link to the official website, and interviews and filmographies, in English or French. (This is in addition to the terrific 16-page booklet that comes with the set).


  • Another behind-the-scenes documentary, Les Coulisses du Tournage [The Making of…] (also 78 minutes). The section titles on this documentary are more oblique, so aren’t worth reporting. It offers a similar blend of interviews, on-set footage to Les Entrailles…, but this time it’s presented more like a production diary, and focuses on the filming about ten key scenes (including the spectacular fight scene at the beginning of the film), devoting about ten minutes to each.

  • Storyboards for twelve sequences, shown in slideshow format.

  • A gallery of a couple of dozen sketches, photo’s and poster designs. The DVD Rom section offers an annotated version of the screenplay (apparently in French only).

Combined, this impressive array of material forms a comprehensive examination of how the film was created. It’s far more than someone who’s not starting to become obsessive about the movie will need, and more than its dedicated fans could have hoped for.

There are two versions available in the UK: a simple one-disc version with minimal bonus materials, and a two-disc version exclusively available through HMV. Both discs are fundamentally flawed, however, because the original French audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 format only. (To add insult to injury, there's a 5.1 English track, for the yahoos). The HMV version contains a subset of the Canadian disc's extras: the deleted scenes, Les Entrailles de la Bête [The Guts of the Beast], La Legende, the trailer, six of the storyboard sequences and the filmographies. This version also has one exclusive feature: interviews with the cast and crew (48 minutes). The single-disc UK version only has La Legende.

Obviously, only dedicated fans of the film (or DTS purists) will need to get the Canadian Collector’s Edition release. Less devoted viewers should be content with the American Region 1 disc, or (if they don’t mind having the French mix in 2.0) either of the UK versions.

A four-disc set Ultimate Edition is scheduled for release in France, containing an additional feature: the obscure 1967 TV movie that inspired Gans, Tribunal de l'impossible: La bête du Gévaudan. Once again, though, this set won’t offer English subtitles.












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