Here are a few photo's taken at the press photo-call for the 1996 BBC TV series Neverwhere.

The series was devised by Neil Gaiman (who was present at the photo-call, and was interviewed by a friend of mine for Starburst magazine), and Lenny Henry (who wasn't).

The photo-shoot took place in The Earl's Court - a throne room inside a London Underground tube train carriage.

Most of the series' key cast members were present, with the notable exceptions of Trevor Peacock (who played Old Bailey), Hywel Bennett and Clive Russell (who played the villainous Mr Croup and Mr Vandemaar, respectively). My thanks to those who patiently posed for the photo's!

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The beautiful Laura Fraser as The Lady Door. Gary Bakewell as Richard Mayhew. Paterson Joseph as The Marquis de Carabas.
Bored extra number one. Bored extra number two. Bored extra number three.
Arthur Whybrow as Tooley The Earl's throne. Gary Bakewell and Laura Fraser. Did I mention how gorgeous she was?
The far end of the Earl's chamber, leading to the store-room. Terrific costume work for the Tooley (Arthur Whybrow). Note the Underground map trousers, the Tube roundel badges, the ticket collector's straps across his chest, and the adapted Action Men dolls incorporated into his rattle.
Propped up against the exterior of the tube carriage set, an old-style sign for British Museum station (which doesn't exist any more - don't go looking for it!) The exterior of the tube carriage set.
The fireplace in the Earl's chamber - note the underground roundel motif. The great Timothy Bateson (as Halvard), the great Freddie Jones (as The Earl), Arthur Whybrow (as Tooley), and Paterson Joseph (as The Marquis).
Back row: Tanya Moodie (as Hunter), Timothy Bateson (as Halvard), Freddie Jones (as The Earl), Arthur Whybrow (as Tooley), Paterson Joseph (as The Marquis). Foreground: Gary Bakewell (as Richard), Laura Fraser (as Door). The clutter assembled by the props department, for the storage room on the Earl's tube train.

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The series is available on DVD in the US (at for example), and in the UK (see Incoming).

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