Regular Cast 

Oberst Doktor-Major Dieter Richter - Alfred Burke

Doctor Philip Martel - Bernard Horsfall  [Returns in Angels That Soar Above]

Olive Martel - Antonia Pemberton

Clare Martel - Emily Richard

Hauptsturmführer Reinicke - Simon Cadell

Major Ernst Freidel - Simon Lack

Oberleutnant Otto Kluge - John Malcolm

Generalmajor Müller - David Waller

Peter Porteous - Richard Heffer  [Returns in Post Mortem]

Doctor John Forbes - Patrick Godfrey

Regular Crew 

Theme Music - Wilfred Josephs

Story Editor - Michael Chapman

Executive Producer - Tony Wharmby

Producer - Jonathan Alwyn

Haunted by the past: Emily Richard as Clare Martel

Taking up arms: Clare Martel (Emily Richard)

Episode 1: 

Call of the Dead

Original TX date: 5/1/80


Writer - Michael Chapman

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Bill Bain


When World War II invades quiet Guernsey in the British Channel Islands in the form of German rule, even the serene ocean lapping the shore feeds feelings of hopelessness and despair. It is March, 1942 and conflict chokes the air. Hungry residents chafe at rigid edicts as infighting erupts within the German ranks. Haunting memories drive Clare Martel to defy the present to pay penance for the past. Now her future is in jeopardy. Major Richter intervened once. Yet he is the enemy and his Nazi colleague makes it clear that acts of compassion are a sign of weakness.


Additional cast:

Hauptmann Heim - Michael Cashman

Leutnant Willie Kessler - Martyn Jacobs

German Sentry - Keith Hazemore

1st Riding Officer - Nick Wilkinson

2nd Riding Officer - Gareth Milne

The Germans prepare to search the cold store used by the black marketeers.

Partners in crime: Pierre Masservy (Kenneth Gilbert) and Tom Foster-Smythe (David Ryall)

Episode 2: 

Reception for the General

Original TX date: 12/1/80


Writer - Michael Chapman

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Bill Bain


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Guernsey locals are starving, yet the German military has ample supplies. It's not fair. To even the score, respected businessman Captain Tom Foster-Smythe risks it all to steal from the German military. The plan requires impeccable timing, steely resolve and lies. Clare continues her downward spiral of self-destruction with a shocking move that no one anticipates.


Additional cast:

Captain Tom Foster-Smythe - David Ryall

Pierre Masservy - Kenneth Gilbert

Unterwachtmeister Klaas - John Rolfe

Ralph Richard - Ivan Beavis

Waitress - Debbie Farrington

Hospital Sister - Linda Renwick

Stores Feldwebel - Jason James

Stores Gefreite - Mark Holmes


Note: according to Debbie Farrington's CV, her character was called Jeanne.

A defiant Doctor Martel returns to the island to face Oberst Richter (Alfred Burke).

Oberleutnant Kluge (John Malcolm) questions Hauptmann Anders (David Wood)

Episode 3: 

Angels That Soar Above

Original TX date: 19/1/80


Writer - Michael Chapman

Designer - Michael Oxley

Director - Jonathan Alwyn


April, 1942. No one survives 179 days in a wartime prison without being changed least of all Dr. Philip Martel. His joyous reunion with his wife, Olive, turns bittersweet as worries of Clare tumble out. So much has changed in so little time, but Dr. Martel is the angel that soars above by doing what he believes is right even if it means an innocent man goes to prison. Hauptmann Anders' innocence becomes a war of words as confessions mingle with denial and accusations. Anders could be the military's scapegoat. He could be guilty. Or the truth could lie somewhere in between.


Additional cast:

Hauptmann Franz Otto Anders - David Wood

Mother Superior - Jeanne Watts

Gerfreite Schmidt - Jamie Cowell-Parker

Stabsfeldwebel - Max Faulkner

Sturmbannführer Reinicke (Simon Cadell) questions Hoffman's  loyalty (David Calder).

Domestic bliss: Captain Foster-Smythe (David Ryall) and Lily (Elizabeth Adare).

Episode 4: 

No Quarter Given

Original TX date: 26/1/80


Writer - James Doran

Designer - Rodney Cammish

Director - Jonathan Alwyn


June, 1942. Captain Foster-Smythe continues taunting the German military with his defiance of their rules. He's making powerful enemies now on both sides. It'll cost him more dearly than he can imagine. The Nazi soldiers believe they are above the law. Harassing locals and confiscating their radios is one thing. But when their reckless actions turn to murder that goes unpunished, Foster-Smythe knows the only way out is to take matters into his own hands. He forms an alliance with two equally damned men. They've all been wronged and must escape for their salvation. In the process, they will lose everything but the one thing that matters most: their freedom.


Additional cast:

Lily - Elizabeth Adare

Hoffman - David Calder

Marriott - Robert Gary

Fat Molly - Pam St Clement

Hellmuth - Michael Osborne

SS Men - Stephen Gordon and Tony Stephens

Feldwebel - Norman Hartley

Buckner - David Mallinson

Transport Sergeant - Jay Neill

Gefreite - Giles Melville

Orderly - Geoffrey Snell

Clerk - Michael Finbarr

John Ambrose (Richard Hurndall) is asked to get Doctor Martel back on the  island's Advisory Controlling Committee.

Awkward patient: Doctor Martel (Bernard Horsfall) treats market gardener George Trenett (John Rhys-Davies), while Mrs Trenett (Shirley Dixon) watches on.

Episode 5: 

Committee Man

Original TX date: 2/2/80


Writer - John Kershaw

Designer - Michael Oxley

Director - Mike Vardy


Doctor Martel is emphatic. He will not rejoin the Advisory Controlling Committee. There is nothing that will change his mind. Or is there? When sabotage hits George Trenett's facility, German military officials retaliate by ordering that the local water be shut off. To make matters worse, locals hate Trenett for supplying food to the German military, and profiting quite nicely from the arrangement. A Lack of water would cripple Guernsey, Dr. Martel rages at officials. His appeals are powerless. The only hope he has of changing their minds is to approach them as a member of the Controlling Committee. And he does. The fate of Guernsey's water supply rests on Dr. Martel's passionate plea before Generalmajor Müller.


Additional cast:

John Ambrose - Richard Hurndall

Oberleutnant Hellman - David Hayman

George Trenett - John Rhys-Davies

Mrs Trenett - Shirley Dixon

Saboteur - Derek Chafer

Oderly - Clive Wood

Doctor Martel (Bernard Horsfall) visits Peter Porteous (Richard Heffer) in his cell.

Oberleutnant Kluge (John Malcolm) questions Feldwebel Heller (Ian Ireland) about his relationship with black-marketeer Teddy Lupus.

Episode 6: 

Post Mortem

Original TX date: 9/2/80


Writer - N.J, Crisp

Designer - Michael Oxley

Director - Terence WIlliams


Teddy Lupus is a smooth operator. He's your friend, but watch your back. Lupus will betray you to the Germans if it gets him out of trouble. He profits from the German military, and runs a flourishing black market business all in a day's work. But now the tables are about to turn. Peter Porteous makes Lupus' business his first stop after being released from prison. Kind, considerate Porteous returns to Guernsey a different man. He's bitter and angry when he confronts Lupus about his vile deeds. There's a heated argument and a wrench. Porteous is charged with murder. It's Dr. Martel's job to perform the autopsy. The findings could either free Porteous…or doom him.


Additional cast:

Detective Sergeant Corbett - Barry Jackson

Teddy Lupus - Gary Waldhorn

Feldwebel Heller - Ian Ireland

Louis Brossard - Brian Grellis

Eileeen Mercer - Valerie Phillips

Doctor Walter - Peter Godfrey

Jacques Roussel - Robert Fyfe

Stabsfeldwebel - Ken Barker

The military brass from Guernsey arrives on Sark to visit their new communications centre.

Oberstleutnant Koerner (Michael Sheard).

British commandos advance on the German's new military installation.


Episode 7: 

The Raid

Original TX date: 16/2/80


Writer - Michael Chapman

Designer - Rodney Cammish

Director - Martyn Friend


September, 1942. Picturesque Sark finds itself the center of attention. German military brass arrive from Guernsey to tour state-of-the-art air defense equipment located on the small island. The officials' tour veers terribly off course when commandos from the Royal Army Service Corps slip ashore. They've meticulously planned a surprise attack. Their targets: the sophisticated high frequency position aircraft detector and a generator. Timing is everything. Suspense fills the air as the men begin the raid. There's no turning back now. The mission's success depends on making sacrifices, even when it means men's lives.


Additional cast:

Oberstleutnant Koerner - Michael Sheard

Heinrich Kessel - Richard Moore

Mary Robertson - Diana Davies

Jamie Robertson - Andrew Berezowski

Eric Le Page - Steve Hodson

Commando Captain - Andrew Seear

2nd Lieutenant Rivers - William Lindsay

Sergeant Peters - Leo Dolan

Flight Sergeant Gibbs - Vincent Brimble

Bombadier Cameron - Iain Lauchlan

Private Hoskins - Philip Martin Brown

Private Lake - Martin Black

Private Carter - Robert Duncan

Private Stephens - Steven Ismay

'German' Sentry - Charles Cork

Oberfunker - Alan Leith

Ground Controller - Gregory de Polnay

Obergefreite - David Gillies

Hauptmann - Adam Kirakin

Feldwebel - Stephen Churchett

Gefreite - Peter Holt

Unteroffizier - Terry Gurry

Luftwaffe Major Frick - Peter Forbes-Robertson

Flak Major Schimer - Terence Ward

Kapitan-Leutnant Voss - Ronald Gregory

Signals Major Strasser - David Roy Paul

Engineer Major Diehls - Jay McGrath

A.D.C. - Rodney Cardiff


Note: this episode has an atypical end credits sequence, presumably to accommodate a much larger than usual list of cast members. Instead of the usual cards superimposed over a shot of a German flag, this episode has them scrolling over an overhead shot of the bay where the last scene of the episode is located.

The talented Leutnant Helmut Wulf (Christopher Bramwell) plays piano for Hertha Clifford (Ann Bell) and her dinner guests.

Green with envy: Marjory and William Clifford (Georgine Anderson and Richard Pearson).

Episode 8: 


Original TX date: 23/2/80


Writer - John Kershaw

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Bill Bain


September, 1942. Words devastate lives more swiftly than bullets, everyone learns. Marjory Clifford writes an anonymous letter, which accuses Hertha Clifford of black marketeering. Seems she's spending a great deal of time with Leutnant Helmut Wulf and has a stock of prized cigars to sell at her tea room. The plan to discredit Clifford goes awry as the letter writer learns that the spear of jealousy can hit the wrong target. When it does, the pain is almost unbearable. Wulf's opinion is taken as an insult. As a result, he'll find out the hard way that you can't open a closed mind. Rumors circulate that residents who weren't born on Guernsey will be deported. It's up to Doctor Martel to discover the truth.


Additional cast:

Hertha Clifford - Ann Bell

William Clifford - Richard Pearson

Marjory Clifford - Georgine Anderson

Leutnant Helmut Wulf - Christopher Bramwell

Oberfunker - John Curless

Haunted by the past: chess champion Arthur Gardner (Tony Church).

George de Villefort (Ivor Roberts) officiates at the inter-island chess tournament match between Louise Gardner (Jane Wenham) and  Generalmajor Müller (David Waller).

Episode 9: 

War Game

Original TX date: 1/3/80


Writer - John Brason

Designer - Rodney Cammish

Director - Martyn Friend


Chess is a game of strategy and skill. As in war, every move is calculated. It's telling that German officials choose to reinstate a popular Inter-Island Chess Tournament to improve the locals' moral. In this tournament, locals compete with German officers, both on and off the chessboard. There's a great deal riding on this tournament. Whoever wins will have long-lasting political ramifications. Arthur Gardner becomes an unwitting pawn in Sturmbamfiihrer Reinicke's game, where cold-hearted scheming overshadows fair play. Deceit is a powerful opponent outside the game but so is honor. A surprise awaits Generalmajor Müller in the finals. He's at the top of his form, and so is his opponent. The results of their challenging match will have you cheering.


Additional cast:

Arthur Rupert Gardner - Tony Church

Louise Gardner - Jane Wenham

George de Villefort - Ivor Roberts

Untersturmführer Kleist - Dominic Kleist

Ernst Steiger - Paul Ridley

Bailiff - Bill Boazman

Under-Hotel Manager - David Rolfe

Clive Richmond - Donald Meyer

Le Gallais - George Ronanov

Albert Gupy - Ronald Musgrove


Note: The Martel family were also seen playing chess in the first season episode After The Ball.

Blood ties: Standartenführer Grunwald (Clive Francis) pays Betty Ridge (Norma Streader) and unwelcome visit.

Standartenführer Grunwald (Clive Francis) tries to persuade Betty Ridge (Norma Streader) to give up custody of her son.

Episode 10: 

The Right Blood

Original TX date: 8/3/80


Writer - N.J, Crisp

Designer - Michael Oxley

Director - Terence Williams

A mother's love is tested beyond all conceivable limits. Betty Ridge must decide whether to give up her illegitimate son, Eric, to secure a better future for him or keep him, knowing he will always be poor and viewed as a bastard. It is the most excruciating decision she will ever make. Standartenfiihrer Grunwald is in Guernsey on official business but has a very private agenda. He's Eric's uncle, and wants to take the boy back to Germany to raise him as the wealthy family's sole male heir. Ridge has every right to refuse. Sturmbannführer Reinicke sees the situation as the perfect political ploy to further his ambitious goals. And he'll stop at nothing to get his way.


Additional cast:

Standartenführer Grunwald - Clive Francis

Betty Ridge - Norma Streader

Will - Richard Owens

Mrs. Banks - Ann Tirard

Eric Ridge - Luke Dolan


Note: This episode is a direct sequel to the first season episode The Jerrybag.

One of the todt workers is punished.

Sturmbannführer Reinicke (Simon Cadell) taunts Kiril Kamerovsky (Eugene Lipinski).

Episode 11: 

From a View to a Death

Original TX date: 15/3/80


Writer - James Doran

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Bill Bain


Sturmbannführer Reinicke doesn't like Bolsheviks. So when prisoner of war Kiril Kamerovsky assaults a brutal Nazi guard and runs, Reinicke vows that this Russian must not get away. Unthinkable punishment awaits Kamerovsky - if he's caught. Compassionate Jenny Glover lets him into her family's home. It's dangerous harboring a fugitive, but it's a risk the Glover family is willing to take. Tempers flare as the German military wages a fierce competition with the Nazis to re-capture the prisoner. Both forces prove to be no match for Guernnsey locals who are adept at playing hide and seek. Until now. Sturmbannführer Reinicke's men get to Kamerovsky first. Too late they learn about his powerful connections. Pity the captured German soldiers because they may suffer the consequences.


Additional cast:

Feldwebel Fellner - Alan David

Dan Glover - Patrick O'Connell

Alice Glover - Stephanie Cole

Kiril Kamerovsky - Eugene Lipinski

Jenny Glover - Geraldine Cowper  [Gerry Cowper]

Miss Jones [Librarian] - Margaret Anderson

Feldwebel Lang - Malcolm Hughes

German Guard - Martyn Whitby

Todt Worker - Alan Norburn

Todt Officer - Guy Standeven

The illicit anti-German newsletter being published by Jack Foster and his group.

Swedish reporter Nils Borg (Martin Jarvis) discovers that he has been compromised.

Episode 12: 

The Education of Nils Borg

Original TX date: 22/3/80


Writer - James Doran

Designer - Andrew Gardner

Director - Bill Bain


April, 1943. Neutral Swedish newspaper reporter Nils Borg comes to Guernsey at the personal invitation of Doctor Goebbells, to write about how the Germans and Islanders - wartime enemies - live and work together. He wants the truth. Beautiful Trudi Engel  of the Ministry of Propaganda has a different agenda. She wants to make every story flattering to Germany, and will use her feminine wiles to make it happen. Through some chance contacts, Borg uncovers scandalous details that would embarrass the German military. It seems hundreds of forced laborers were worked to death at a German-run plant in Alderney. News of this cannot get out. Whoever leaked the story must be punished. Borg refuses to reveal his source. So does his local counterpart, Jack Foster. In a world where ethics are secondary, these men will stand alone with their principles.


Additional cast:

Nils Borg - Martin Jarvis

Trudi Engel - Cassandra Harris

Jack Foster - Kenneth Cranham

Patrick (Paddy) Burke - John Nolan

Hauptmann Rilke - John Cunningham

Obersturmführer - Philip Trewinnard

Note: Oberst Richter's wife, Anna, is mentioned in this episode. 

Walter Nicolle (Neil McCarthy) confronts the German soldier who's been stealing from his farm.

Walter Nicolle (Neil McCarthy) digs a grave for the German soldier.

Episode 13: 


Original TX date: 29/3/80


Writer - James Andrew Hall

Designer - Rodney Cammish

Director - Martyn Friend


April, 1943. Thieves have pillaged Walter Nicolle's farm six times. He's angry and willing to take the law into his own hands, no matter the consequences. The opportunity presents itself when Nicolle corners a German soldier in the barn. The ensuing fight leaves one man dead and the other left to hide the body. Peter Porteous feels marooned on Guernsey. He can't leave his past behind, so he can't move into his future. Only joining the war effort will set him free. But first he must escape from Guernsey, and all the boats have been confiscated. Porteous realizes he can save another man's life in exchange for his own. He doesn't know that his fate lies in suspicious hands. So just how far Porteous will get is out of his control.


Additional cast:

Walter Nicolle - Neil McCarthy

Jean Nicolle - Patricia Healey

Schneider - Nick Chilvers

Weiss - John Golightly

Hans Vogel - Harry Fielder

Unteroffizier - Nicholas Owen

Don Ballein - Derek Moss


Synopses courtesy Goldhil Video.


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