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Zeta Minor is a UK-based site created by - and for - DVD and Blu-ray enthusiasts. Our aim is to bring you the latest news about forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases, disc reviews, and information on cult and neglected TV series.

The site is also host to Roobarb's Forum


The latest UK DVD release information and sleeve art.

Here you'll find news about forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases. We cover both films and television material, ranging from recent Hollywood blockbusters to relatively obscure cult classics, from specialist labels like Acorn and Network. You'll also find news about interesting new books and soundtracks.  The site does not aim to be comprehensive, but we will guarantee that you'll often find news here first, and - unlike many sites - we promise to differentiate between PR company spin and editorial!


Disc reviews, upcoming releases and current online offers. 

Here you’ll find an archive of DVD reviews, a calendar of forthcoming releases, a list of offers from online retailers and a guide to films from the Hammer studios, all helping you make an informed choice as a consumer. This was the first site to publish reviews of best-selling discs like Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, the Manhunter Director's Cut, Resident Evil and 28 Days Later, but its also where you'll find reviews of discs that no-one else has been interested in featuring! The site also features related book, film and audio reviews, which can be found here.


Information about neglected and cult TV shows.

There are about a zillion sites where you'll find information about TV shows like Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this is the only place where you'll find detailed episode guides for more obscure classics like When The Boat Comes In and Enemy at the Door. The aim is to feature material that you'll not find elsewhere. This might mean precious scraps of information about something obscure, or access to unique resources or research notes.


Discuss DVD, movies, TV and more at Roobarb's Forum!

Roobarb's Forum was established in 2000, and is now one of the leading sources of information about British TV and movies on DVD. You'll find plenty of like-minded souls here, with similar interests and a wealth of knowledge. You'll also find lots of useful advice about recommended releases, or warnings about poor-quality discs! The Forum will also help you find the best High Street or online bargains, and keep you informed about interesting DVD titles.

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