Director: Nick Hamm

Starring: Thora Birch, Desmond Harrington, Keira Knightley

The theatrical trailers might have pushed this film as Yet Another Teen Slasher Movie, but Hammís film, based on Guy Burtís novel about a group of young people who become trapped underground in a disused bunker for eighteen days, is far more interesting than that, even though, with due respect to Hamm, the film plays like a lengthy episode of the Urban Gothic TV series. Viewers will probably have difficulty separating whatís real from the various twisted versions presented by the leading characters, but Hammís lecture-like commentary track will help to clarify things and add to the viewerís appreciation. 

Patheís Region 2 disc is much better than the Region 1 version currently available: it offers 5.1 audio (at 448kbps), adding ambience, and weight to Clint Mansellís brooding synth score); a selection of deleted and extended scenes including a teasing coda set a year after the movie (totalling about ten minutes). It also has unnecessarily elaborate animated menus and a couple of trailers. The 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer is especially good considering that much of the film takes place in gloomy shadows. The film also has a narrated English soundtrack for the visually impaired, but Patheís largess sadly doesnít extend to the deleted scenes, which donít have English subtitles.







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