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Anthony Head (Anthony Stewart Head) ("Laws and Usages of War") Barbara Ewing ("V For Victory") Ray Smith ("After The Ball") Pam St. Clement ("Laws and Usages of War")
Paul Jericho and "The Bill" star Tony Scannell ("After The Ball") William Simons ("Rules and Usages of War") John Nettles ("Officers of the Law") Alun Armstrong ("Officers of the Law")
David Gwillim ("After The Ball") Joss Ackland ("Treason") Robert Flemyng ("Polish Affaire") James Maxwell  ("Treason")
Peter Woodward ("V For Victory") David Hayman ("Committee Man") David Wood ("Angels That Soar Above")
Kenneth Cranham ("The Education of Nils Borg") Martin Jarvis ("The Education of Nils Borg") John Rhys-Davies  ("Committee Man") Richard Hurndall ("Committee Man")
Barry Jackson  ("Post Mortem") Georgine Anderson ("Jealousy") Neil McCarthy  ("Escape") Ann Bell  ("Jealousy")
Ian Ireland ("Post Mortem") David Calder  ("No Quarter Given") David Ryall  ("Reception For The General") Richard Pearson  ("Jealousy")
Kenneth Gilbert  ("Reception For The General") Ivor Roberts  ("War Game") Gary Waldhorn ("Post Mortem") Elizabeth Adare ("No Quarter Given")
Hubert Rees ("Judgement of Solomon") Terrence Hardiman ("The Prussian Officer") Gerry Cowper (Geraldine Cowper) ("From a View to a Death") John Normington ("Pains and Penalties")
Clive Francis  ("The Right Blood")

Eugene Lipinski  ("From a View to a Death")

Stephanie Cole  ("From a View to a Death")

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