After fleeing from Norman soldiers in 1096 the sorcerer Catweazle and his toad, Touchwood, find themselves transported forward in time nine hundred years into a world of strange magic. Befriended by a teenage boy, Catweazle discovers the wonders of the modern world as he attempts to make his way back home.

Regular Cast 

Catweazle - Geoffrey Bayldon

Cedric - Gary Warren

Lord Collingford - Moray Watson

Lady Collingford - Elspet Gray

Groome - Peter Butterworth

Regular Crew 

Writer / Creator - Richard Carpenter

Director - David Reid

Producer - Carl Mannin



Note - these synopses are from contemporary LWT documentation.

Episode One - The Magic Riddle  [10/1/71]

Catweazle is back. Inevitably the return of the 11th century wizard for a new series of 20th century adventures spells trouble. Especially for Cedric, the 12 year old son of Lord and Lady Collingford who finds the magician hiding in his bedroom.


Mrs Gowdie - Gwen Nelson



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), The Morning After (Graham Lyons), You're Joking (Ray Jones)

Episode Two - Duck Halt  [17/1/71]

Now that Catweazle has been introduced to life in King's Farthing, he needs somewhere to live. But where? And why is he so interested in the sign swinging before the Bull Inn? The sign of Taurus.


Pickle - Bill Owen (Last of the Summer Wine)

Publican - Jerold Willis



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Sweet and Sickly (Graham Lyons), Day Trip (M. Vickers), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Buttered Crumpet (Ron Grainer)

Episode Three - The Heavenly Twins  [24/1/71]

"Magic is magic" says Catweazle in one of his more profound moments. But even he seems confused when he meets a modern-day magician at a children's party.


Vadanti - Paul Eddington  (Yes, Minister)



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Buttered Crumpet (Ron Grainer), Sad Moment (Sam Fonteyn), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Modern Development (Alan Braden), Class Conscious (Sam Fonteyn), Spooky (Sam Fonteyn), Shock Chord (Sam Fonteyn), Rambling Vamp (Milton Hunter), Jaunty (Sam Fonteyn), Monkey Business (Sam Fonteyn), Sweet and Sickly (Graham Lyons), Moving Bus (Ron Grainer)

Episode Four - The Sign of the Crab  [31/1/71]

When burglars raid King's Farthing there are no prizes for guessing into whose hands the stolen property falls. Now Cedric tries to persuade the police that Catweazle is not the thief.


Inspector Pugh - Derek Francis

Tearful Ted - Ronald Lacey

Policeman - Tim Pearce



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Spooky (Sam Fonteyn), The Spook (Alan Tew), PC Flatfoot (Sam Fonteyn), Shock Chord (Sam Fonteyn), Hurry Hurry (Sam Fonteyn)

Episode Five - The Black Wheels  [7/2/71]

When Groome loses his voice, Catweazle's efforts to find it reduce the residents of King's Farthing to a state of near hysteria.


Doctor Hawkins - Jonathan Elsom



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Sidewalk Stroll (Sam Fonteyn), Buttered Crumpet (Ron Grainer), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Tyrol Waltz (Peter Moore), Comedy Link (Tony Russell), Treasure Hunt (Don Jackson), Magnificat (Johann Sebastian Bach), Hurry Hurry (Sam Fonteyn), The Morning After (Graham Lyons), Sad Moment (Sam Fonteyn), Shock Chord (Sam Fonteyn), Day Trip (Mike Vickers), Back in a Flash (Sam Fonteyn), Tishomingo Blues (Spencer Williams)

Episode Six -The Wogle Stone  [14/2/71]

Lord Collingford is tempted to sell King's Farthing and Duck Halt to an up-and-coming property tycoon. Luckily for Catweazle, the tycoon turns out to be very very superstitious.


Jack Victor - Kenneth Cope  (Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Coronation Street)

Richardson - Tony Caunter  (Eastenders)



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), The Morning After (Graham Lyons), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Comic Point (K. Papworth), Slinky and Sexy (Sam Fonteyn), Chaplin Chase (K. Papworth), Red-Nosed Clown (F. Funiere), Jaunty (Sam Fonteyn), Hurry Hurry (Sam Fonteyn), Back in a Flash (Sam Fonteyn)

Episode Seven - The Enchanted King  [21/2/71]

A local sculptor is mistaken by Catweazle for a demon who "turns people into stone". Is Catweazle's magic as strong as the demon's? And where is Groome when the plaster flies?


Gobbling - Graham Crowden

The Storyteller - Peter Bayliss

Mayor - Richard Caldicott



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Dance of the Reeds (George Martin), You're Joking (Ray Jones), The Morning After (Graham Lyons), Spooky (Sam Fonteyn), Monkey Business (Sam Fonteyn), Comic Link (Tony Russell), Jaunty (Sam Fonteyn), Piffle and Pomp (Sam Fonteyn), Chaplin Chase (K. Papworth), Hurry Hurry (Sam Fonteyn)

Episode Eight  - The Familiar Spirit  [28/2/71]

Touchwood the toad is sick. Two identical twins, both local toad experts are consulted by Cedric, but things get out of hand when they discover their patient is 900 years old.


Oscar and Otto Habbleman - John Ringham

Mrs Habbleman - Hanna-Maria Pravda



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Sad Moments (Sam Fonteyn), Toy Soldier Tag (J. Hawksworth), Luva Duck (R. Reno), Tyrol Waltz (Peter Moore), Down in the Forest (G. Lyons), Comic Link (T. Russell), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Comic Point (Keith Papworth), Hurry Hurry (Sam Fonteyn), PC Flatfoot (Sam Fonteyn), Dance of the Reeds (George Martin), Class Conscious (Sam Fonteyn), Comic Caper Link 2 (Keith Papworth), Olive Oil (P. Reno)

Episode Nine - The Ghost Hunters  [7/3/71]

Lady Collingford commands ghost hunters to be called to King's Farthing to investigate things which go bump in the night. Catweazle, of course, is doing some investigating himself. 


Kenley - Dudley Foster

Hackforth - David Cook



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Comical Link 5 (Tony Russell), Comic Link 1 (Tony Russell), Comic Point (Keith Papworth), Mystery Tag (P. Reno), Dinky Doo (Keith Papworth), Comic Caper (Keith Papworth), The Spook (Alan Tew), Spooky (Sam Fonteyn), Dark Alley (Max Harris), Shock Chord (Sam Fonteyn), Plodantic (Tim Mycroft), Comedy Snatch (Keith Papworth), Bat Flight (Tim Mycroft), Chaplin Chase (Keith Papworth), Down in the Forest (Graham Lyons), Score 181 (Alan Tew)

Episode Ten - The Walking Trees  [14/3/71]

Is Catweazle a spy? The army thinks so, and not even Cedric can save his friend from a military interrogation, which has disastrous consequences - for the army, that is!


Colonel Dickenson - John Welsh

Sergeant Jones - Tony Selby



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Army Game (P. Reno), Dance of Balloon Men (John Gregory), Toy Soldier Tag (John Hawksworth), Down in the Forest (Graham Lyons), Military Two Beat (Milton Hunter), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Comic Link (T. Russell), Big Bang Battle (P. Reno), Shock Chord (Sam Fonteyn), March of the Soldiers (John Hawksworth), Morning After (Graham Lyons)

Episode Eleven - The Battle of the Giants  [21/3/71]

Excitement grows as the local flower show gets under way in King's Farthing. But nobody is prepared for the effect of Catweazle's marrow-growing potion.


Archie Goodwin - Arthur Lovegrove



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Dance of the Reeds (George Martin), Comic Caper Link (Keith Papworth), Court Dance (arr. Ivor Slaney), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Piffle and Pomp (Sam Fonteyn), Comic Link (Tony Russell), Court Dance (Pat Shaw)

Episode Twelve - The Magic Circle  [28/3/71]

Groome is seeing things - or is he? A London doctor is consulted, but he finds Catweazle a far more interesting case than Groome.


Doctor Wenik - Derek Godfrey



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Apparition of Fear (J. Hawksworth), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Alpine Melody (Alfred Kluten), Laughter Makers (Ron Hammer), Comic Caper Link (Keith Papworth)

Episode Thirteen - The Thirteenth Sign  [4/4/71]

Catweazle has now collected all 12 signs of the zodiac. But he still needs to discover the 13th before he can fly. Will the great quest succeed in this last episode of the series?


Boris - Roger Hammond



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Ta Ra Ra Boom Diay (Sayers)


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