Catweazle practices elec-trickery in "The Sun In A Bottle".


After fleeing from Norman soldiers in 1096 the sorcerer Catweazle finds himself transported forward in time nine hundred years into a world of strange magic. Befriended by a teenage boy, Catweazle discovers the wonders of the modern world as he attempts to make his way back home.

Regular Cast 

Catweazle - Geoffrey Bayldon

Mr. Bennet - Charles Tingwell

Sam Woodyard - Neil McCarthy

Edward “Carrot” Bennet - Robin Davies

Regular Crew 

Writer - Richard Carpenter

Director - Quentin Lawrence

Producer - Joy Whitby


Signature Tune: Busy Boy by Ted Dicks


Episode One - The Sun In A Bottle   [15/2/70]

“Know that I am Catweazle. Thou canst not catch me, thou wood-lice!” 

Catweazle, an eleventh-century sorcerer, travels through time, arriving at Hexwood Farm nine hundred years later. There he finds a new friend, whose mighty command of “electrickery” astounds the magician.


Norman Soldiers - Derek Baker, Frank Henson, Terry Mountain, Steve Emerson

Norman Officers - Chris Webb, Dave Griffiths



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones)

Episode Two - Castle Saburac  [22/2/70]

“I don the cloak of darkness. When thou wakest thou shalt not see me.”

Carrot introduces Catweazle to bathing, but they are interrupted by Theda, the cleaning lady. Catweazles weaves an invisibility spell, but still has to contend with Sam.


Theda Watkins - Marjie Lawrence



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones)

Episode Three - The Curse of Rapkyn   [1/3/70]

“Stones hold my power. One in the water, one in the tower.”

Carrot traces the farm’s financial problems to a two-hundred year old curse. Assisted by the curator of the local museum, Catweazle helps search for a solution to Rapkyn’s spell.


Cecil “Stuffy” Gladstone - Peter Sallis  (“Last of the Summer Wine”)

Miss Arthur - Anne Jameson

Schoolgirls -

  Kim Butcher, Sandra Greene, Marianne Poole, Beverley Hill, Catherine Emere, Kim Bryce

Small Boy - Gary Rich



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones)

Episode Four - The Witching Hour  [8/3/70]

Remember Samson. Who hath thy hair hath power over thee.”

Catweazle agrees to cast a spell over an interfering woman who has disrupted life at Hexwood farm, but, before the magic will work, Catweazle must pay a visit to the hairdressers!


Susan Bonnington - June Jago

Mrs. Willoughby - Ruth Kettlewell

Doris - Ursula Smith

Audrey - Carmen Cryan

Mrs. Peters - Rosalind Atkinson



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Day Trip (M. Vickers)

Episode Five - The Eye of Time   [15/3/70]

“Catweazle’s going to tell us all the winners. We just can’t lose!”

Sam’s racing tips from fortune teller Madam Rosa are dismal failures, because she’s actually in league with the local bookmaker! What are the odds that Catweazle will have better luck?


Madam Rosa (Betty) - Hattie Jaques  (“Carry On...”, “Sykes”, etc.)

Albert - Ellis Dale

Woman at Bus Stop - Betty Woolfe



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Babylon (Albert Sendrey), Gong (Burns / Stephens), Sandscrape (Burns / Stephens)

Episode Six - The Magic Face  [22/3/70]

“If she has my image I am her slave!”

Whilst scavenging for useful objects in a ramshackle cottage Catweazle is caught on film by a rich American woman. How will things develop now that Catweazle thinks that he is under her spell?


Eleanor Derringer - Marcella Markham

Maud - Zulema Dene



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones)

Episode Seven - The Telling Bone  [29/3/70]

“Come, telling bone, whisper to me all the magic of this strange time.”

After being talked down from the church spire, Catweazle is befriended by the local vicar. He attempts to send him back to Hexwood farm, but the sorcerer is far more interested in the vicar’s magical device for conjuring voices from the air...


Mr. Potts, The Vicar of Bardon - Brian Wilde  (“Last of the Summer Wine”)

Mrs. Woodyard - Hazel Coppen

Wilkins - Harry Hutchinson



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones)

Episode Eight - The Power of Adamcos  [5/4/70]

“Without Adamcos I shall die. It holds the power of life.”

In his haste to flee from two Norman soldiers in the woods - actually actors rehearsing for a play - Catweazle loses his magic knife, Adamcos, and has to retrieve it from the clutches of the local antiques dealer.


Leslie Milton - Aubrey Morris

Fred - David Ellison  (“Juliet Bravo”)

Dick - Andrew Bradford



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), The Morning After (Graham Lyons)

Episode Nine - The Demi Devil  [12/4/70]

“Mock me now, thou hairy thing!”

Catweazle casts a spell over Carrot that will change his form. When Colonel Upshaw’s pet monkey escapes, Catweazle is convinced that, for once, his magic has worked, and is most concerned when he cannot undo his monkey business.


Colonel Upshaw - Peter Butterworth  (“Carry On...”)

Miss Coote - Dorothy Frere



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), Sweet and Sickly (Graham Lyons), You're Joking (Ray Jones), The Morning After (Graham Lyons), Royal March Past (Wilfred Burns)

Episode Ten - The House of the Sorcerer  [19/4/70]

“Thy Sam is no more. The foul fiend hath devoured him!”

Sam has disappeared, and Catweazle believes that he’s been murdered. His investigations lead him deep into the woods, where “a savage sorcerer with big ears” has Sam’s boots and disembodied voice.


Cyril Fitton - Bernard Hepton  (“Secret Army”)



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), You're Joking (Ray Jones), Rule Britannia (arr. Warren), Eight Incendiary Musick (Graham Lyons)

Episode Eleven - The Flying Broom-Sticks  [26/4/70]

“Leap through fire to fly away. Salmay, Dalmay, Adonay.”  *

A series of broomsticks have gone missing, and suspicions point the ever vigilant Sergeant Bottle towards Hexwood Farm, and Sam. Of course the real culprit is Catweazle, but how will Carrot convince the police of Sam’s innocence?


Sergeant Bottle - John Junkin  (“Junkin”, etc.)

Charley - John Tordoff



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), The Morning After (Graham Lyons), Sweet and Sickly (Graham Lyons), You're Joking (Ray Jones)

Episode Twelve - The Wisdom of Solomon  [3/5/70]

“Now thou shalt enchanted be. Let thy crooked tongues wag free!”

A new domestic help and her obnoxious son, Arthur, have arrived at Hexwood Farm. When Arthur comes dangerously close to discovering Catweazle’s secret, will a little potion draw out their poison?


Mrs. Skinner - Patricia Hayes (“Till Death Us Do Part”, “Edna The Inebriate Woman”)

Arthur Skinner - Freddie Foote



Busy Boy (Ted Dicks), Mosaic (Ted Dicks / Ray Jones), You're Joking (Ray Jones)

Episode Thirteen - The Trickery Lantern   [10/5/70]

“Nine hundred years are waiting. Fare thee well...”

Mr. Bennet is celebrating his birthday, despite having an injured foot. Catweazle is preparing for his journey home, and has taken a shining to Carrot’s birthday present.


Aunt Flo - Hilda Braid  (“Citizen Smith”)

Jane Mathews - Eileen Moore

Music: no details available.

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